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Like all sluts, she is asking for it

YouTube Favicon.png SSSniperWolf (Real name: Alia Shelesh) is a fake bitch who should be in the kitchen where she belongs. The only worthwhile trait about her is her ass that is most likely fake. She has a history of being a liar as well as scamming multiple people and even went as far as removing an "exposed" video about her. She currently lives in Pheonix, Arizona and her "social status" forum can be found here. In her photos, she has a resting bitch face and just from looking at her, you can instantly tell she is a dumb blonde in disguise. Male fans simp on her because they all want to fuck her.


Her fan base consists of little kids and virgins who all deep inside desire to fuck her. If you go on her channel, her thumbnails will almost always contain a shot of her ass to get all the Jew Gold. Somehow, as annoying as this bitch is, she managed to get 11 million brainless kids to watch her videos. A trip into the comment section will show you what goes on in the minds of her fans and is guaranteed to give you cancer. Her fans are naive enough to not pay attention to her hidden past and will always believe her because she is the victim.


I wasn't lying when I said she was a slut

Her videos consist of screaming at video games and somehow manage to be more annoying that JewDiePie. Aside from her gaming videos, her other videos consist of showing off her ass and crappy cosplay ripoffs. Like every other youtuber in existance, she plays games like COD,,, and other shit that little kids hang out on. The only reason her videos get attention is because of her body and if she was any different, she would have under 500k subscribers. It was recently discovered that she was faking her videos and her boyfriend was the one who would play all of the games featured in her videos.

Even with the evidence and facts against her, her fans would still take her side and she would take extra measures to delete any evidence of her being exposed. Only a few months ago, she had deleted a video that exposed her for who she truly was and threatened to take legal action if the video was re-uploaded.

Scams and Crime

Note the evil look on the boyfriends face. He is probably hiding something...

Despite acting like a friendly and naive person, she has had a history of crime and scamming people. It was actually confirmed that the sluts boyfriend was actually the one playing the games and she would pretend to play them. As she tries to make females look as capable as men, she then gets exposed and reminds us where women belong.

This girl named Alia Shelesh aka SSSniperWolf thinks she is some sort of internet celebrity and runs a Youtube channel with gaming videos, pretending to be playing the videos herself. However, everyone knows it is her husband that plays those games. BTW, she does not want anyone to know she is married and often flirts with guys online and who knows what else she does. She is the big scam. Not only that she has armed robbery record along with her husband Evan John Young. Anyone Googling her name could find these records. Alia Shelesh recently scammed a good friend of mine online. She bought a $1300 purse from her and then after it was shipped to her, she disputed the paypal charge and told paypal it was a fraud. Unfortunately, for my friend, she lost the case since Paypal is stupid like that and takes the buyers side. My friend has proof of delivery and signature evidence, but paypal does not want to hear it. People should be careful of these innocent looking girls. It is the innocent ones that are the hoes. What do you think?


—The Dirty.



Essentially, Lia is a giant fake and a liar. As previously stated, Lia pretends to act like a naive and friendly person in her videos but has proved over the course of her career to be anything but. The reality and the truth is that Lia is extremely insecure and lives a fake, pathetic life; in fact Lia had admitted that she's insecure. Lia is insecure in that she trashes on every girl with e-fame, whether they are a gamer like she claims to be, or not. She projects her insecurities onto them. She has claimed that said girls have gotten work done on their bodies when in fact SHE has gotten said work done. You can tell this simply by finding and looking for tweets where she calls other girls out and by also watching her old videos and her new ones and comparing the two. She again has scammed her gullible fans into thinking that she plays her games when in fact it is her neckbeard husband Sausage that plays for her in order to keep her in the top 500 and compensate for her shittiness at playing said games. Her antics have attracted way more detractors than they have admirers, as anyone who is outside her little gaggle of 12 year old virgin retards views her with scorn. Basically, nobody wants to collaborate with her as they see right through her for what she actually is, a snake, who's channel is slowly dwindling and she will end up being nothing but a sad, plastic loser yearning for the good ole days when she was actually a hit, before turning into shit.

Ultimate Expedition & Fear Factor

At the end of 2017 and beginning of 2018, Lia participated in two shows, Ultimate Expedition and Fear Factor. She lost very early on in both. In Ultimate Expedition, Lia and a few other YouTubers and media personalities were tasked with climbing a 20,000 foot mountain. To be fair, there was a lack of oxygen at said altitude, causing sickness which led Lia to leave on the first day and ultimately be one of the first ones to be eliminated.

Lia tried competing again on and went on Fear Factor and lost in the first round as well. That's right, despite already failing at gaming she thought that it would be a good idea to go on a TV show where she tried to face her fear only to completely fail and be eliminated in the first round anyway. Sad.

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