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ths artcle is shrt. u cn hlp by mkin it lngr

txt msgs r typcly n other languages as the us is way far behind n techn coz the internetz makes typng on phones dum

a txt msg iz a small msg sent from 1 cell phn to 1 cell phn also clled sms or sumthing home to l33t-sp33k msgs bad drections drunk posting nd no punc2ashn they r usd 2 say in a expnsive n usles way wen intrnt comncshn is jst as gud bt free

tulz of the devl hptps r oftn usd 4 txt msging as they hav a full keybrd mking txting eazier 4 emo kids lik stephen hwking n ppl 2 lazy 2 tlk

Efcts f txtng

As texting becomes more and more accessible to young children with no knowledge about the internet, a decrease in the collective intelligence of the human race is imminent. Not surprisingly, most texting goes down in the United States. The type of parents that allow their children to text uncontrollably are usually white, fat, ungrateful shits that grew up living sheltered lives (all obvious traits among honkeys). This lifestyle subsequently led to a fear of black people, so they send their kids to private or home school, efficiently providing mobile carriers and drug dealers with more money. Texters and their parents are arguably the cancer that is killing America.

In short, texting turns you into this fucking abomination.



i jst wntd 2 see th msg

txt br8kups mk pr bichs brsrk

z also

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