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InternetAristocrat comments on a picture of a social justice convention
I'm so much more oppressed than you!
Pictured: a generic privileged white man.

The internet has long been a haven for circlejerking and subhuman freak circuses. However, with the rise of feel-good propaganda campaigns and rampant white guilt, various special snowflakes have begun to crawl out of the woodwork demanding their very own asspat.

In a world where every blogger, facebook soapboaxer and overly opinionated suburban white person feels they can change the world with a tweet, a new phenomena has been born: the Social Justice Warrior.

Social justice warriors are best described as a bunch of "activists" who sit around all day and bitch and moan about how everyone and everything is "racist/sexist/homophobic/transphobic/misogynist/fatphobic/ableist/bigoted/oppressive/problematic."

Ironically, as people who claim to want "progress" in society, Social Justice Warriors are currently the biggest hindrance to the arts, and are overall a cancer to society that needs to be extinguished. They consider everyone who disagrees even in the slightest to be "white cis-het scum", even if the ones disagreeing with them are ethnic minorities, gays, bisexuals, etc.

Pretty much 99% of the time, social justice warriors on Tumblr never get the fuck off their ass and actually do something, as they're too busy telling people to "check their privilege" while at the same time not noticing their own privilege as they're able to afford a computer, live in an affluent suburb within range of a major city, or their own innate hypocrisy as they will inevitably rage against well-off white cisgendered people all the while having a significant amount of well-off white cisgendered people making up their numbers. Of course, what more can be expected from millennials?

The History of Internet Oppression


Social Justice began as a relatively benign game of hipsters and art students attempting to one up one another over how much more politically active they liked to pretend to be until they got faced with a gun. By posting and re-blogging photos of themselves at Occupy Wall Street protests surrounded by PoliSci nerds they could achieve highly sought-after pseudo-intellectual cred. This allowed them to brag and boast to their peers about how counterculture they were totes being and uploading their smug faces to Facebook.

Despite living off their parents' money and having no real clue what working class people actually go through they felt this was enough to TRULY understand the disenfranchised. After completing their thesis on why painting flying dongs is going to overthrow the US government, they promptly fucked off. Unfortunately, the smug attitude they helped forge did not, and it began to ingrain itself into American culture (i.e., world culture, suck it eurofags).

After all the tents had been demolished and Instagrams posted, the Internet felt like it hadn't gone far enough. Sure, the overly filtered man-children had their fun protesting greedy jews, but the pudgy glasses wearing hipster degenerates weren't fulfilled.

They decided to take their fucked cluster to a wider audience and began furiously re-blogging tumblr posts to fill the void in their hearts.

Fortunately for them, the nets are filled with hugbox shielding faggots who feel their lives are unfairly shitty. Said group consists of gays, the non-whites, the women, and the ugly; these were people in need of perpetual protest. (Even women aren't a minority, and there exist plenty of girls women, especially tomboys, who just want to be taken seriously as individuals and not be pigeonholed into there gender.)

It was a match meant to be, and quickly started to gain a following among hags who think of their cats as children, people who are afraid they don't love black people enough to qualify as NOT RACIST, and impassioned Kony 2012 Youtube commenters. The careless suburban dwellers would be able to rage all they wanted about injustice, and crybabies would get their fabled white knight. This slowly growing groundswell eventually became popular and migrated off of tumblr to the rest of the internet, plaguing and decaying it as a whole.

Their other website of choice is DeviantArt. Their habits there include typing everything in small text, and drawing fugly gory characters that look like the bastard child of Raggedy Anne and a blow-up sex doll. When they have nothing intelligent to say participate in an argument, they will either post something totally random and irrelevant or accuse you of being 2edgy4me.


Nuvola apps xmag.png Moar info: Check Your Privilege.

A white cis male, checking his privilege.
How to fit right in on Tumblr

The main purpose of SOCIAL JUSTICE is not to enact actual change or forward progress. If it were, no one would give a fuck. In fact the primary reason for its existence is to allow white people to impress other white people with how accepting and totally sensitive they are.

Due to being over-privileged teenagers with too much time on their e-hands, they have never actually experienced OPPRESSION. So, they merely wing it. They do this by utilizing their caresonas to yell at others about how they are ruining other peoples lives with harmful blog posts. It accomplishes very little, but why do something useful when you can have your ego stroked?

Social Justice is both an ivory tower to yell accusations of MANSPLAINING TRANSHATING FAGBASHING SHITHEADS down on lowly plebes and a gated castle to protect fragile internet denizens. For many people, it's both. Angry at years of poor treatment at the hands of CIS SCUM, they use the label to aggressively blog about how being trans/feminist/gay/bi is clearly superior to the regular no homo man's world.

The best way to win at Social Justice is to be the most oppressed, discriminated against person with the shittiest life in the world. This is a proven fact.

A great way of doing this, is to be a minority. Currently, there are no reports of minorities being able to access the internet, so they couldn't be reached for comment.

If you are fortunate enough not to have been born a nigger (or a PoC, as fags call them) which is likely, since you're on Tumblr/Reddit/Wordpress, a great way of achieving the bragging rights and all the special treatment that comes with being a minority is to become one. By becoming a tranny, sex worker, loony or a fatty, because these things are exactly the same as being born a particular color or sex that you had no control over.

Hilariously, the SJWs fail to realize that they have completely and totally missed the point of the very thing they claim to be fighting for. The pointed goal of 'social justice' is to create a "world without labels", where everyone is equal and no single person is placed into an arbitrary category or caste by virtue of how or where they were born.

Of course, rather than treat everyone the way they would like to be treated, or even taking the fucking high road as was done in any actual successful victory for social justice, they choose instead to create entirely new labels, blame an entire race and/or gender for their problems, and casually use racial slurs themselves.

Ironically, the SJWs in their extremely misguided attempt at, among other things, dissolving classic gender roles, are in fact the ones who enforce the strictest ones.

You see, if ever you do something which does not fit within the super strict definition of male/female traits, that must automatically mean that you're trans, and therefore belong to one or more of the new and interesting genders made up for the occasion (try looking up nan0gender!)

The obvious reason for this is of course to lend a certain lacquer of legitimacy to their drivel and made up genders. This way, you also get to enjoy calling yourself trans and can therefore claim oppression points.

Isn't gender politics fun?

If that sounds to you like a steaming pile of hypocritical, childish, petty dumbfuckery, you're fucking right. Of course, they'll try to rationalize it as claiming "ONLY WHITE PEOPLE CAN BE RACIST" or "ONLY MEN CAN BE SEXIST"!!1 In a way, this makes sense only to people who claim schizophrenia is normal, and this goes above and beyond simply claiming their own shit doesn't stink. They think that because they aren't 'in power' (whatever the fuck that means), they get to unironically respond to oppressors with the very shit they claim they want to stop.

Never mind the fact that women aren't even a minority to begin with, so SJWs are unintentionally being misogynistic by calling them that.


Die Cis Scum

The ass of Die Cis Scum

Die Cis Scum is another popular term coined by Social Justice Scumbags, to fight against the cissies play the victim card as usual. The term first gained popularity with the greasy SJW crowd when a picture of an ugly, pug-faced tranny with the tattoo "Die Cis Scum" appeared on the internet. This lead to another similar looking tranny posting a smug video, dismissing any forms of criticism of the term as "cissies getting their status quo challenged."

After the video went viral, BlackLipstickBuxomBoy quickly deleted their Tumblr and then after a while, deleted the video after it gotten so many hits. It was later revealed that she had, since the incident, stopped being trans* because apparently it was "just a phase".

Since the term first became popular among people to laugh at the foaming-at-the-mouth Tumblrinas, there has been some failed attempt at back-pedaling by other tranny degenerates. The trannies who plaster this phrase all over their Tumblr accounts post faulty, illogical reasons for liking the phrase, such as:

All in all, this phrase has been used exclusively by ugly, butthurt trannies and gets parroted by similar trannies who decorate artery-clogging cakes with it, get this phrase tattooed on their flabby thighs, and would even name one of their kids "Dye Cissie" in the future. Most of them will never have kids, thankfully.

Types of Warriors

Being the all-inclusive community that the Social Justice community is, there are many forms of keyboard warriors. The gamut runs from lesbians who chase nice guys under the guise of acceptance, to fat otherkins with multiple headmates who will react angrily to a majority of the English language. Usually the type of warrior is dependent on various factors including social class, homosexuality, and physical attractiveness (but some exceptions have been seen in the wilds of the net). If you see pastel colours, you're in with a good chance of finding one. You can tell one on Twitter by their profile picture having the shitty Snapchat dog filter on their face.

What Can I Do?

If you are interested in enlightening yourself about the lives of the most marginalized people in society, never ever talk to any that you may know IRL who happen to be happy and secure in themselves, who do not have problems with authority, massive victim complexes or a chip on their shoulder. Because, according to social justice bloggers, these people do not exist at all.

Trannies are murdered and all niggers are poor and they need the help of white, cisgendered males to help them succeed. Instead, go straight to tumblr, and immerse yourself in the insular world of social justice.

But.. be warned, dear reader, like debt, the deeper you get into the social justice movement, the harder it is to get out. This shit will fuck your mind and body up for life. You'll have friends to keep and the only way to do that is to become more hardline no matter how much your new, extreme views may contradict with your own basic principles.

If anybody calls you out on your bullshit, ignore them, because they are just not as educated in the ramblings of butthurt trannies, ugly fat women and liberal whores as you are.

Trolling SJWs

The SJW equivalent of the "kick me" post-it
Schematic diagram of the individual pictured above
National SJW Flag.png

Even though trolling these freaks is about as difficult as sniping lime green manatees on a black tarmac, here's a handy list in case you're too fucking privileged to think up your own.

The general idea in SJW is shit called intersectionality which is literally polylogism. So, according to the logic: to bullshit, answer bollocks, can be created among others:

Use their weapons against them

Use logic

  • Make an offensive blog post on Tumblr and wait for a SJW to argue against you. Instead of actually making a counter argument, just point out the fallacies in their argument. That will make them mad real fast.
  • When they talk about how whitey is keeping everyone down, ask how Obama got elected in a country full of burger-munching hicks.
  • Quote Friedrich Nietzsche, namely, "He who fights monsters" as they became the very same monsters they fought
  • If they mention their 'headmates,' inform them that there's an actual term for hearing voices in your head and advise them to seek help
  • Point out how privileged niggers are because colleges literally have a quota that they must fill with minorities regardless of non-skin color-related qualifications, to the exclusion of more qualified people regardless of race.
  • Quote Arthur Schopenhauer - "What does it mean to "offend someone" at all? “It means calling into question his high opinion of himself."

Appeal to hypocrisy

  • Tell them to get a job and stop complaining about things that don't affect them. Social Justice Warriors are proven basement dwellers.
  • When they call you racist because you are white, say you speak for white people and are not going to listen to people who have never been black. it always pisses off intellectuals because it's snowflakes which are convinced of their own superiority. People like Marx and others like him, who purportedly speak on behalf of the wronged people, despise them in their hearts because they are ordered to do so by intellectual snobbery.


  • Support GamerGate.
  • Don't use tumblr.
  • Use tumblr, but be against their ideology, or just don't constant reblog and jerk off to Social Issues every moment of the day.
  • Remind them that they are, and will be dying alone.
  • Send 'em to this page. It's practically foolproof, and you should know that.
  • Point out black men are four times more likely to beat their wives or girlfriends.

List of contributions SJWs have made to the world



I still feel like everyone saying "rape can be funny" needs to be, in order: tied up in public and tagged as a rape supporter, neutered (by the repeated genital kicks encouraged of the public passersby), and executed (by having a red-hot iron dildo shoved up whatever’s left of their lower orifice(s).


"greymaria": SJW brony

There is also, possibly, sexual intelligence, a human capacity for discerning, manifesting, and constructing sexual integrity. Sexual intelligence could not be measured in numbers of orgasms, erections, or partners; nor could it show itself by posing painted clitoral lips in front of a camera; nor could one measure it by the number of children born; nor would it manifest as addiction. Sexual intelligence, like any other kind of intelligence, would be active and dynamic; it would need the real world, the direct experience of it; it would pose not buttocks but questions, answers, theories, ideas—in the form of desire or act or art or articulation. It would be in the body, but it could never be in an imprisoned, isolated body, a body denied access to the world. It would not be mechanical; nor could it stand to be viewed as inert and stupid; nor could it be exploited by another without diminishing in vigor; and being sold on the marketplace as a commodity would necessarily be anathema to it, a direct affront to its intrinsic need to confront the world in self-defined and self-determining terms. Sexual intelligence would probably be more like moral intelligence than like [...]


"Sexual intelligence"

Do you know how dry pussies get when you say "Social Justice Warrior"?


Gavin McInnes, lecturing CopperCab on how to not be a faggot.

Here is a remarkably stupid statement that is also true: A Facebook page created to distribute memes about garlic bread is now embroiled in controversy after posting a meme (about garlic bread) that some readers considered transphobic.


Thanks Buzzfeed

SJWs become more of a cancer than they already are

On November 18th, 2015, the gentlemen at Koei Tecmo announced that their latest game in the Dead or Alive Xtreme series, Dead or Alive Xtreme3 , will not come to America or Europe. The explanation was that they were embarrassed by us, as they didn't want to hear our bitching and moaning. Great job, America.

But wait! There's more!

If you thought "Well, at least I can just get it off and PlayAsia and enjoy it even if it isn't translated!", Former IGN and Gamespot "journalists" swoop in to try and ruin the fun!


Let it sink in. They don't respect us.

South Park Takes On SJWs

South Park has gone downhill since Season 12, around 2008. However, to the surprise of us all, they finally made a good season; it only took them 7 goddamn years. In Season 19, they dedicated it entirely to the concept of Social Justice and other leftist faggotry such as Political Correctness, yaoi, Bruce Jenner, Hipsters, Blacklivesmatter, etc.

To the surprise of nobody, it brought extreme levels of butthurt to the regressive left (See: tumblr degenerates).


Evidence that the Jews are behind "Social Justice".

Gallery of Privilege

SJ Crocodile Tears About missing Pics
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