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ANY kind of Roll Thread on /s4s/ will get you banned.

/s4s/, often referred to as [s4s] by its users, is a family-friendly board about dedicated ironic shitposting ("funposting") that was added to 4chan on April Fool's Day in 2013. It was made as a jab at the paranoid /pol/tards and /b/tards who believed that mods from Reddit's /r/SRS, (a known down-voting invasion base for 3rd-wave-Feminazis) had infiltrated the boards as mods (despite the fact that 4chan's mods are site-wide). /s4s/'s original layout was the appearance of a regular board, but was later changed to ape Reddit's look, complete with faux downvote arrows, before being changed back again.

First ever thread on /s4s/.
Fortune has once again returned.

The board quickly, within hours of its creation, turned from a board for ironic "checking privileges" threads to a dedicated ironic shitposting ground for "check 'em" threads, GETs, and funposting/quality threadcrafting in general.

In general, [s4s] users, who often refer to themselves as /shitp4sters/ or slut/s4s/ale frown upon 3DPD/IRL pr0n. In order to post on /s4s/, one must first check their privilege. No, seriously.

/s4s/ is also property of Gippo Dudee.

Hey that's pretty cool. Everyone told me though when I had a mustache I let it be too wide. Do you have a grooming guide for them

/s4s/ lingo

  • "Newfig/fignewton" = Newfag
  • "Oldfig" = Oldfag
  • "*fig" = *fag
  • "Figgotry" = Faggotry
  • "Who are you quoting?" = The proper response to ANY greentext
  • "Kek" = See topkek.
  • "Lel/Lole" = When lol just isn't enough.
  • "Toplel" = When lel just isn't enough.
  • "/shitp4sters/" = One of the terms used by users of /s4s/ to refer to themselves. Originates from what the header/title of the board was temporarily changed to in its early days: "/shitp4sters/".
  • "Purple palm tree man/palm tree man" = Mods
  • "Mot" = Mootykins
  • "nice to see someone using my oc :^)" - Use this when you see someone using your OC. :^)
  • "Cade/Kot" - Cat
  • "Wew" - Wow

Rules of /s4s/

On April 3rd, /s4s/ decided to make to make and write their own version of the Rules of the Internet, specifically for /s4s/.

Below are the first 50 rules of /s4s/.

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Rules of S4S.png
The Rules of /s4s/.

A few days after the first 50 were decided upon, the final 50 rules were decided upon...

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S4s rules 51 - 100.png
The Rules of /s4s/.

Remember: Only newfigs care about these rules.

Constitution of /s4s/

The same night that the rules of /s4s/ were written, a /shitp4ster/ had the idea to begin ArchiveToday-favicon.pnga thread about writing a Constitution for /s4s/.

/s4s/ Constitution

  1. Right to freedom of dubs, and all forms of gets.
  2. Protects an individual’s right to bear dubs.
  3. Prohibits the forced quartering of dubs during singles time.
  4. Prohibits unreasonable searches and seizures and sets out requirements for such warrants based on probable dubs.
  5. Sets out rules for dubs by grand jury and eminent domain, protects the right to dubs process, and prohibits self-incriminated singles, and double jeopardy in the case of not getting dubs.
  6. Protects the right to fair and speed dubs, by post numbers, including the rights to be notified of the accusations of dubs, the confront to dubs, and obtain witnesses to retain dubs.
  7. Provides for the right to dubs by post count in certain dubs cases, according to common recurring digits.
  8. Prohibits excessive singles and ensures that there are a reasonable amount of dubs gets.
  9. Protects dubs rights not enumerated in the constitution.
  10. Limits the powers of the mods to those delegated to it by the Constitution.
  11. Immunity of /s4s/ from suits from out-of-state boards, not posting within /s4s/.
  12. Revises moderator's election procedures, ensuring that all mods are elected by a dubs get.
  13. Abolishes slavery of members who are forced to be pertained to one thread until achieving dubs.
  14. Defines dubs, containing the right to get dubs, the dubs process clause, the dubs protection clause, and deals with post-dubs issues (such as bans from corrupt moderators).
  15. Allows the mods to get fucked for banning dubs.
  16. Prohibits the denial of dubs based on race, color, or previous conditions of singles.
  17. Establishes the direct election of janitors of /s4s/ by achieving dubs.
  18. Establishes prohibition of dubs (repealed by the twenty-second Amendment).
  19. Establishes women's suffering, as they are inferior and cannot achieve dubs.
  20. Fixes the dubs for the term commencements for dubs, and the dubs.
  21. Every clause of the constitution must contain the word "dubs"
  22. Repeals the Eighteenth Amendment which prohibited dubs, therefore allowing dubs once again.
  23. Limits the amount of times one person can be elected mods by achieving dubs. A person cannot be elected Mod more than once, as dubs are only 2 recurring digits.
  24. Provides for representation of Dubs, in the Electoral dubs.
  25. Prohibits the revocation of dubs rights due to not previously achieving dubs.
  26. Establishes the right to get dubs for all those old enough to use a computer.
  27. Prevents laws affecting the Constitutional right to achieve dubs.

Additional sections

The right to dubs is inalienable.

Do not talk about /s4s/.

Rape culture is high culture.

Freedom to bare(sic) dubs.

Right to fair dubs.

Protect your privilege.

All women are whores.

Trannies are no longer human.

Thy check 'em, Therefore I am 'em.

A well checked Dubs, being necessary to the security of a free /s4s/, the right of the people to check and roll Dubs, shall not be infringed.

The separation of singles and dubs threads should be ensured in our constitution.

It is to be recognized that if you are underage, the rest of the board must tell you to go to bed.

If any citizen of /s4s/ shall accept, claim, receive or retain, any title of honour, or shall, without the consent of Dubs, accept and retain any pension, office or emolument of any kind whatever, from any moderator, moot, singles, or foreign board, such person shall cease to be a citizen of /s4s/, and shall be incapable of holding any Dubs of trust or profit under them, or either of them.

Anybody who is from the Fempire is to be considered a second class citizen without the right to vote or bear arms and harassing them is highly encouraged.

Conclusion of /s4s/ constitution

Dubs bless /s4s/;
One nation under dubs,
With Trips and Quads for All.

Notable Famous Namefigs of /s4s/'s history

prime minister face

Namefig from ylilauta who created the original kek thread which had over 6000 replies until its death. Then made a second kek thread which had another 6000 replies. Indirectly, this man can be blamed for the abortion that was kekistan.


Not soon after the board was created, the citizens of [s4s] for whatever reason declared Gippo Dudee as their lord and savior.

However, on June 10, Gippo made his final post on his property that is [s4s] where he announced his retirement:

Gippo Dudee's imposter later spammed the board with reminders having over 90% board control.

Mari Makinami™

Mari Makinami™

Self-proclaimed chemo of /s4s/. Presently known as Mari Makinami Illustrious™ due to troles constantly imitating him.

Last Thursday, Mari also posted a thread where he claimed he will stop trying to "save" the board.

Whether or not this was an impersonator or not remains unclear.


President of [s4s] after winning the royal election as moose/scrub'13 in a landslide victory. Held the record for most posts on [s4s] (Nearly 8000) until the archives death.


Hard funposter™ on [s4s]. Started (spammed) froge and made other epic OC which got stickied. Also one of the presidents of [s4s] and Ananamoose's running mate in the royal election.


A very active poster who runs the /s4s/ Dispatch, a newspaper of the boards events, spamming froge, and an autistic obsession with another /s4s/ poster, Miki.

Captain Kek

One of the most impersonated namefigs and is noted for his prediction of the death of the kek thread. "The coming of kek was foretold in the prophecy. His coming will be signified by a new board, conceived in the spring, a board unlike any other. People from all around the world of chan will come to marvel at its brilliance, the conception. Then in its youth a thread will be started, signified by a great snack in the East, this thread will reside on the front page for longer than any other and the chosen ones will pay homage to it daily. Lel's reign is nigh, a new age of kek is among us, an age of revelry, dubs, and OC unlike any before. One day topkek will be betrayed by one of his 12 global mods, and it will die for our dubs, but he has left his covenant, his chosen people, to revel in this promised land. An angel is up in the sky, and with a loud voice o'er the lands he shouts, this is the supper of the chosen kek!!!"

eternal samefig

Stole a lot of gets in the name of [s4s] and noted for breaking the 4chan reply record.


He is a pretty cool guy and sometimes posts in comic sans or papyrus. "rumored" to be a mod.


Created the first newspaper on [s4s] called The Kekington Post which eventually paved the way for larger more detail oriented newspaper such as the /s4s/ tribune and the [s4s] Dispatch and is a mod on Lupchan.


Spammed [s4s] everyday and was suspected of botting. Later was banned for a month.

┬─┬ ︵ /(.□. \)™

Known for general funposting.


Avatar fig with high activity. Known for his eccentric personality and relationship with other namefigs


Avatar posts and gets drunk while hanging out on [s4s].


(pronounciation: nanashi, sometimes written nanasi) - Proud worst poster (possibly tied with Mari Makinami™), general figgot and creator of Lupchan. Also known as "chinky" "chinese characters guy", "supreme+liker+of+lolis" and "Nanasi Desu".

Urist McDwarf

Wrote for the Tribune, created the [s4s] Dispatch, created the [s4s] game, the first OC album and made other OC. Hung himself in November 2013. Srsly ArchiveToday-favicon.pngArchive 2


An actual girl that has short hair and looks like a boy. Posts nice posts.


Comemenist. Wants to create a new user created rules.

Le ruse bird

Has made a ton of OC for the board, notable for the proliferation of flowre and le ruse bird itself, appearing on [s4s] music albums a lot, Pokémon Clover, and even SiIvaGunner in 2016 before being booted off for putting shock images of harlequin babies in videos. Nowadays, ditched esfores in favour of normie sites like twatter to post about TF2 and whatever else.

post peeker

He peeks posts.


A well known namefig that spams screenshots, webms, fanart and watch along threads of the magical girl anime Ojamajo Doremi. On [s4s] he has the persona of a nicefren, often scolding people for being rude with catchphrases such as "be nice pumpkin spice" or "dond swear polar bear" but behind closed doors he's actually drawn things that most of the board and society in general considers messed up, his obscure /v/ comic being the biggest example.

"/s4s/ has changed"

S4S header 4-5-13.png

On 4-5-13 the board quit being "touted" as a permanent board on banner/site-wide announcements, except for on /b/. That same day the reddit-like board style, and downvotes disappeared. Also, the boardname being displayed was changed to "Shitposting 4n Steriods."

S4S header 4-7-13.png

Later, on the 7th of April, the description was changed, and the name being displayed was changed to "Shitp4sters." A few days later, it was changed back to "Shit 4chan Says."

/s4s/ Board Simulator


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