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Representation for White People.
Roy doing his signature act.

Roy Kevin West (With a Touch of Greek), is the BNP council candidate for the Dukinfield ward of Tameside which is to the East of Greater Manchester, England, UK. He is currently unemployed, but used to be a professional Freddie Mercury tribute act. Since dropping his trademark moustache, work has dried up. Even though Roy is unemployed, he can still afford to surf the internets.

Roy likes to spend most of his day as an unemployed bum trolling local blogs, namely Tameside Citizen, where he preeches representation for all. That is if you are not a black person or Jew.

For some serious lulz start sending emails to [email protected] or make a comment on any post on Tameside Citizen calling yourself Fireman Sam, Posting photos of Freddie Mercury or asking Roy what his job is.

Pre BNP Days

Kevin Hamilton

West has admitted for previously going under the name as Kevin Hamilton for two years a few years back. Many have speculated that "Kevin Hamilton" was on the sex offenders register.

Hyde Town Hall Campaign

Thugz vandalizing Roy's face.
Roy West's Council House in Hyde

Roy lived in a council house in Hyde which was falling to bits due local yobs throwing sticks and stones at Roy's windows. Even though Roy was a closet BNP member, people still clocked on to the fact that he is a prick.

West complained to New Charter Housing Group, an arms length quango linked in with Tameside Council and numerous Labour Party councillors. However New Charter ignored Roy West, so West went outside Hyde Town Hall protesting to get relocated to somewhere nicer. He took down the crumbling bits from his windows as evidence, to which he should have got done by the feds for criminal damage to public property. A disturbed Councillor Sean Parker-Perry who works in the Hyde Town Hall offices for James Purnell MP told West to fuck off otherwise he would kick the shit out him for some serious lulz. West said he would set himself on fire, hence people going around commenting to Roy West as Fireman Sam.

West attended a Hyde District Assembly meeting where he had a say on things. Mad Maggie Oldham aka Councillor Margaret Oldham for Hyde Newton and wife of Tameside Council Leader, Roy said something along the lines of "If everyone was like Roy West, there would be no crime". Srsly!!!!!

Because of Labour failing to meet West's demands, he then joined the British National Party.

BNP Days

West vs. Taylor 2007

West stood in the local elections in 2007 as the BNP candidate for Dukinfield and sorely lost. He came a bottom second with 520 votes verus Councillor John Taylor's 1364 votes.

West got major chufties over this and has pledged to continue his campaign for representation, but unfortunately for West, nobody was listening.

COUNCILLOR John Taylor is srsly pissed that West is still around, so he goes on Tameside Citizen under the name of "Wag" to spread filthy muck on poor Roy West.

Post BNP Days - Independent Nationalist

West vs. Wild 2008

Councillors Brian Wild and John Taylor preparing for the election with pea soup!!

West has declared himself as no longer being a member of the Bristish National Party due to internal conflict. He has rebranded himself as a "independent nationalist" but he is still a racist!!! He still intends to fight the seat for Dukinfield on the 1st of May 2008 against Councillor Brian Wild. West thinks he is actually going to do win. He is actually going to lose. Many local critics are closely watching the Wild vs. West campaign and have dubbed it the Wild West fight.

West claims he has sent out a total of 196,000 leaflets and 27,000 newspapers across Dukinfield which has a population of 18,000 people. about 2,000 of those go out and bother to vote. Leaflets are funded by his dole allowance which is handed to him by the government.

Rey set up a Youtube channel which nobody watched, so it got BALEETED.


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