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Rove at Belinda's funeral.
Rove is close friends with Cockmongler, very close.

Rove McManus a.k.a. Rove McmANUS, is an Australian IRL troll and Homosexual famous for deliberately marrying a dying cancer patient to fool the public into believing he's a breeder.

The Lies

For at least 100 years Rove has terrorised the Australian television industry with his unfunny IRL memes and terrible Jokes. On the most part this was accepted by the public until November 11 2006 when his wife Belinda Emmett died of cancer. It was soon spread throughout the media that he had always known she had the illness and it was soon blatantly obvious that he had married her to hide his flamboyant sexuality.

The Proof

  • Breeders don't like Fags, Rove needed appear straight, Belinda = the perfect victim.
  • Breeders love boobs, Belinda Emmett had breast cancer, ergo, Rove is gay.
  • His wife was too sick to have sex with him, ergo, Rove is gay.
  • Rove was born in Cocklebiddy in Western Australia. If you carefully examine the town of his birth you will notice the word cock which is a term for Penis. Gay men have penises. They stick them in each others poopers, ergo, Rove is gay

Rove Killed Belinda

All the carefully orchestrated media attention gained by the joyful event of his wife's death gave Rove millions of pity points with the public. This is perfect timing as 2006 was the first time in years that he didn't win the gold logie. It is guaranteed that his TV rating will dramatically rise next year thus making him God of Australia again. It is highly probable that Rove pulled the cord on Belinda just to benefit his career.

Rove is a murderer and the truth must be told. It is blatantly obvious that he killed both his wife and Steve Irwin, the police need to immediately arrest this evil faggot son of a bitch before he kills us all.

The Final Blasphemy

Immediately after Belinda's death Rove released a song by his dead wife titled "Less than perfect" on his internets site. The message of this song is that she was not perfect for Rove due to not having a penis. This earned him a shitload of money six months later when he released it as an IRL single and it hit the Australian top 10 and raped the pockets of innocent idiots everywhere.

Internets replies to this Article

Well I am all for humour..but anything that makes the majority of its readers pull back in disgust is just poor taste and the people who made that, plus anyone who finds that funny, must have serious issues in their own lives. For a start..its way too soon, plus there is never anything funny about making fun of the dead, or their grieving matter who it is. - ch1-1 on IMDb

Meme machine

As one of Australia's most prominent retards everything Rove says is immediately lapped up into the their vocabulary like santorum in a bath house. These retarded sayings have of course spread their legs wide open and came all over these fine internets tubes becoming memes both IRL and on the tubes.

  • What the? - Not initially created by Rove but popularized by him, What the? was a segment where people would send in stupid shit/pictures of it many of said pictures would be spread widely around the internets. +"What the"+"Rove" generates 1.25 million hits on the Google.
  • Say hi to your mum for me - Roves goodbye phrase and special little way of expressing his wish to do your mother and perpetrate the huge lie that is his breederhood. Typing say hi to your mum for me in the Google generates 1.4 million hits.
  • A little bit of wee came out - Said every time Rove becomes excited, this phrase is clearly purported to cover up the fact that he just came. Entering A little bit of wee came out into the Googles search bar will get you 1.4 million results.

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