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Posted on /b/ after being outed. Rorschach, when reached for comment said: "Co$bitches don't know bout my /b/tards".
Rorschach OTI

4chan Boss Rorschach was a Britfag Internets superhero who had devoted his otherwise empty life to trolling the fuck out of the 'church' of $cientology and giving them teh rAIDS.

So far he did a pretty good job since OSA's quest to find out his powerword, movements, routine and 'crimes' for a dox drop at Party Van central, has yielded little to nothing other than the basics. I mean, what are you gonna 'get' on an unhinged, unemployed, divorced, oldfag /b/tard who blew all his hookers & blow money in the late '90s?

On October 30th, 2010, Rorschach took his own life. He was survived by his Farmville account and his .45.

For more on his life outside of Co$, see OldDirtyBtard.

Out Of The Closet: Anon No Moar

On Thursday 13th 2008, howevar, Co$ decided to emulate another delusional and dysfunctional org, The Bush administration, and go 'public' with the limited intel and Rorschach's V mask was ripped from his face along with two other Project Chanology /b/rothers -NigraJustice and BlvdNights- and the jig was up! Anon no moar >:@!

After some rambling shit (see caps below) making them out to be the Osama bin Laden, Huey P Newton, and Ted Kaczynski of Anon and other crap alluding that if they weren't the perpetrators of the heinous crimes (such as delivering 'death threats' in the form of artery clogging heart attacks induced by ingestion of all the delicious Spam Pizza Anon had kindly sent over), they would be "convicted as accessories" (lol...of what?...helping Co$ call in bomb threats to themselves?) presented in an an accompanying DVD 'documentary' called "Anonymous Crimes".

This srys bidness was rammed home not by Party Van raids as you'd expect from the gravity of the situation, but by a Co$ sponsored lame article writing contest about him and his superfriends BlvdNights and NigraJustice on TOW and ED.


Although many Anons, were shocked and appalled at the outing of these three veteran Marcabian intergalactic startroopers just a day before 3/15, most were simply bemused and amused that a.) Scatology had finally learned to Internets to access the INTERNET PROPAGANDA MACHINE and b.) figured out the math equation required to get an ED account.

Unfortunately, they lost The Game (coincidentally, so have you) when Anon discovered that they still didn't know shit about the Internets and had hired Serbian skiddies to make them look tits.

In the end they did what they do best: they poisoned Rorschach's kitty, Mudkips to get him riled up and primed to troll when he appeared at the Los Angeles protest the next morning. When he arrived he was namefagged by an OSA agent who had filed a complaint with LAPD alleging he'd been criminally flamed and was scooped up by the po-po on the resulting arrest warrant.

My Other Car Is A Longcat

The Marcab away team, Jake & Elwood Blues.

According to the brain trust at The Church of Star Trek $cientology, Rorschach is not of this Earth and does not come in peace. All the tell-tale signs are there for Scilons to see: he wears a dapper black suit with a white dress-shirt and a narrow tie and tools around town in a rocket-powered car. Rorschach and his ilk are an "away team" for the Scilons' bane, the Marcab Confederacy. Either that or they are in a ska band and/or a Blues Brothers tribute band.

Rorschach is in fact the commander Marcab Confederacy's ASF Longcat Deathstar leading the 4th (or 5th) Interstellar Invasion Fleet which is currently behind the moon awaiting his orders.

His Alleged Crimes

The NY post mentions him!

At the 3/15 anti-Co$ demonstration in helLA he was arrested at 2pm after getting namefagged to the cops by Scilons. He was served with an arrest warrant for Code 422 (zOMG FELONY CRIMINAL THREATS) after a bawwwwwing Scilon showed pix from a Tuesday night protest where Rorschach was photographed flipping a placentafag the bird. In fear of his life, said placentafag called the whaaaaambulance and filed a complaint, telling LAPD that Rorschach had threatened to murder him.

Against normal procedure, Rorschach was taken to the local N. Eastern Division rather than downtown to Parker Center central booking. One of the officers then explained that a request had been sent from the brass downtown that he be held for questioning by a detective from the Major Case Squad.

In the middle of questioning said detective produced a phat file on the Final Boss including several Co$ surveillance pix of him dating back to the L.A. protest scouting mission prior to 2/10 and a fake user page from ED featuring a shooped pic of two guns hacked from his photobucket insinuating that the material was threatening and the reason he'd been arrested. To this Rorschach responded: "As an Americunt citizen, I have a right to bear arms, my guns are licensed, and I also have the right to defend myself in my own home".

Oh Shi...The 2nd Amendment! Rorschach was subsequently b& from 4chan for posting this photo on /b/ instead of /k/. Apparently defending yourself from intruders in your own home makes faggot cry since he resides in Washington DC where the 2nd Amendment doesn't exist. Plus, since he's an illegal wetback, it wouldn't apply anyway.

She then returned him to the custody of LAPD officers who took him to Parker Center and booked him. He was bailed out on $50,000 Canadian (since jail don't chop US dollar bail now) and was supposed to be arraigned in court to answer the charges on April 9th. This would have enabled his legal team - The Honorary Ed Lolington and Phoenix Wright - to get a look at the C0$ complaint that led to his arrest along with all 'discovery' (including the LAPD detective's interview about where he got his haircut and the meaning of his tattoos plus whatever bullshit that Co$fag investigators trumped up against him).

Joe Public then got mighty pissed off at the waste of taxpayer dollars on yet another frivolous Co$ lolsuit. And with the price regular gas in Cali being almost $4 a gallon, we imagine that Co$ got a big bill from the FBI since the Party Van gets lousy mileage.

His Actual Crimes

  • Voted for Ralph Nader in 2000
  • Lieks Mudkips
  • Is a /b/tard
  • Once called his mum a homo and got hit with a shoe.
  • Took his mask off for 5 seconds to scratch his nose.
  • Broke Rule 17 on 2/10

Defamation? In my tubes?


We absolutely made the videos...We have researchers that have found these men


—Scientology shill to NY Post

I wonder how much time you get for providing false testimony and evidence to a judge, thank god the Scilons will find that out for themselves. Enjoy your Party Van, you wankers

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  • Update: Just about every video and user account related to Rorschach has been baleeted.
  • Dailymotion [1] Feel free to flag for great justice!

Co$ killed Rorschach's cat Mudkips NEVAR 4GET

Info non-talk.png The following is, unfortunately, 100% true

On the night of March 13th, shortly after Rorschach's dox were dropped by Scilons, someone poisoned the dry food Rorschach leaves out for the feral cats in his neighborhood by spiking it with ammonia. The cat that died had answered to Mudkips, no, seriously. :(

<Rorschach> you know what
<Rorschach> they killed my fewral cat
<Rorschach> the gloves are off
<Rorschach> *feral
<dlb> who killed your cat?
<Rorschach> cos
<Suzzle> Tom Cruise did
<dlb> srsly?
<dlb> wtf?
<Rorschach> it's not my house cat shorty
<Rorschach> it's a feral cat
<dlb> how do you know they did it?
<Rorschach> and he answered to mudkips
<dlb> awww
<Rorschach> (sadface)
<dlb> :(
<Suzzle> major sadface
<Rorschach> they poisoned the dry food i leave out for him
<dlb> are you fucking serious?
<Rorschach> it was laced with amonia
<Rorschach> cats think amonia is cat piss
<Rorschach> i'm so fucking mad
<Mori> those wankers
<Rorschach> i cant even file a police report
<Rorschach> they dont care about ferals

Longcat personally put out a bounty of over 9000 internets for any information that leads to the arrest and/or sodomy of the cat killer.

Fair Game Policy

Scilons are quick to point out that the "Fair Game" policy set out by L. Ron Hubbard in 1965 stating that "The homes, property, places and abodes of persons who have been active in attempting to: suppress Scientology or Scientologists are all beyond any protection of Scientology Ethics, unless absolved by later Ethics or an amnesty ... this Policy Letter extends to suppressive non-Scientology wives and husbands and parents, or other family members or hostile groups or even close friends" had been rescinded in 1968, meaning of course they are no longer involved in such activities. However, a closer look reveals that L. Ron Jeremy only rescinded the use of the words "Fair Game" and not the tactics. As can be seen after the latest round of extra-legal harassment of law abiding citizens by the Co$ due to the anon protests it is clear to anyone with normal mental capacity (Read: < clear or OT) that the Co$ are still up to their old dirty tricks.

See also: Epic Nose Guy and Stu Wyatt.

Oldfag Legend

Oldfag is old. Carasov nabbed in 1926 suspected of being necrophiliac serial killer The Gorilla Killer.

Rorschach is the oldfag to end all oldfags, and is also the Chemo that is curing /b/. If any of you newfags have a doubt about his lulz credentials, look no further.

In addition to his literary accomplishments, the Captain went on to work in the adult film business; which he found to be less sleazy than working in the music industry. He scouted porn locations and was offered a mainstream publicity gig at Metro. However, he turned it down and went to do the same for Shane's World (it is always good to have something to fall back on). When asked Sean what else he had been up to he said the following: "I was engaged to a porn star, who shot herself in the stomach (she lived). Then I married a stripper at the Graceland Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas. I got DUI's on consecutive nights, which was not as bad as the guy who got two on the same night. And I shot a hole through my pinky with a .22 (just to watch it die).

Removed Co$ DoX Video "Boss of Internets Exposed"

Charges and Court

Anon: 1, Cult of FAIL: Footbullet.
Rorschach's legal defense team is unbeatable.
Teh Lolsuit.
Rorschach on the phone to his lawyer
demanding great justice a MacBook Air

Message To $cientology: Fair Game? Moar like FAIL GAME

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