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What happens when you take a Microshit fanboy, add the LOL SO NERDY culture of The Big Bang Theory, throw in some weebs, some Tumblrettes, and for good measure, let's throw in some Smosh. The results from you playing god creates the garbled mess known as Rooster Teeth.

Rooster Teeth is a Machinima comedy multi-million dollar internet media conglomerate located in Little San Francisco, otherwise known as Austin, Texas.

Starting out as just a small website for Machinima laughs, Rooster Teeth over a decade quickly evolved into an Internet juggernaut, only rivaling the cancer causing Pewdiepie. And with anything that becomes big on the Internet, it instant becomes shit, as Rooster Teeth now shills out it's own products on a daily basis. They're so big, they now have their own convention.

In AD 2003, War was Beginning

It all began on April 1st, 2003, with a little video called "Why are we here?" This was the first episode of "Red vs Blue," a Halo Machinima series that followed the life of these color coded Spartans as they end up in different wacky hi jinks and other bullshit. The series became an accidental hit, spawning a cult phenomenon that put Roosterteeth on the map. What started as just a hobby project between a group of Xbox LAN party friends, quickly became a business, a profitable business.

As the years went on, Roosterteeth expanded from just a small room in a house, to a full studio, with Red vs Blue being their flagship series. But as time went on, their flagship began to sink as people were beginning to move onto other things, and as other Halo Machinima series started forming, Roosterteeth needed to fight for relevancy. So, each season got bigger and bigger, as with each new season, came an upgrade in their production. By 2010, Roosterteeth now had a full blown fucking CGI studio, and they started moving away from Machinimas in favor of CGI action movies. It's to the point where they don't even want anything to do with the series that put them on the map to begin with, as Red vs Blue isn't even on their main channel anymore, and sectioned off on it's own, left forgotten. But it's not the only project of theirs they want left forgotten...

Act 1: Welcome to the Strangerhood

During the Machinima Boom of 2005-2010, machinimas were in such high demand. Roosterteeth was leading the charge with Red vs Blue, they were profiting off the boom with a shitload of merchandise and DVD sales. As they expanded their business, they began to expand to other machinimas in an attempt to create a new Red vs Blue moneytree. Those series being:

  • P.A.N.I.C.S (People Acting Normal In Crazy-Ass Situations): A four episode miniseries set in F.E.A.R. 1 where a squad argues whether ghosts are real or not, while everyone of them are slowly killed by one.
  • 1-800-Magic: Another miniseries, this time set in Shadowrun, which tried to be Red vs Blue, but in Shadowrun instead of Halo.
  • Captain Dynamic: A live action miniseries where a superhero pitches a video game.

But the series that was their biggest regret, was "The Strangerhood." Back in 2006, Rooster Teeth was getting a lot of traction, and were commissioned by EA to create a comedy machinima series set in The Sims 2. The series was designed to be a parody of television, from reality competition shows, to sitcoms, to dramas, and more, filled with random racist stereotypes as they try to live in the Strangerhood and figure out where they were. The series was a massive flop, so bad that Strangerhood DVDs are sold for a dollar on their online store. As a joke for their Indiegogo, they even made The Strangerhood Season 2 as a stretch goal, which somehow, they made it to that goal.

After all these failures, Red vs Blue would be their only machinima series, and their only smash success, if it wasn't for a group of five idiots.


After the Machinima Boom, Roosterteeth needed new shows, as their influence began to shrink, with only Microsoft promotion deals keeping them afloat. But then, they caught a lucky break with the arrival of an angry Jew Brony named Michael Jones. Roosterteeth found this smalltime Let's Player as he had a passion for getting angry at him sucking ass at video games, and flew him out of New Jersey to Austin to make him their next big thing, starting the series "Rage Quit." Rage Quit episodes followed the same formula:

Michael plays a video game --> Michael sucks at said video game --> Michael spills his spaghetti --> Repeat

Rage Quit helped them get the ad revenue they needed to expand even more, which lead to the creation of Achievement Hunter. Originally a guide for normie Xbox achievements, Achievement Hunter was later rebranded as a Let's Play channel when Egoraptor made his own with Game Grumps, and Roosterteeth seeing it as an easy way to print money. Let's Play began small with short videos of Xbox games they've been paid to shill, but then came 2012, with the release of Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition. With the Minecraft fad in full effect, Roosterteeth found their golden ticket, and their weekly Minecraft let's plays were an easy money market. Overtime they explored other games for one offs, mainly to try to find more moneysinks as they always do. In 2013, they found their next one, with their weekly Grand Theft Auto series, in which they just drive around in expensive cars they bought using microtransactions, and flex all the pay to win garbage they have in game.

All was going well, that was until one of their most popular let players, a spic named Ray, decided to leave the conglomerate. With Ray's departure, Let's Play lost their golden ticket, as their new videos don't even break one million views, and the majority of their subscribers are just dead subs. They try to make themselves relevant again, by playing the newest hits, even now doing a THIRD weekly let's play series with the buggy asset flip Playerunknown's Battlegrounds. However, it wasn't to be, and Let's Play suffered the same fate as Red vs. Blue.

With two moneysinks gone, there's only one source of income left: Weeaboos.

Act 3: Now it's time to say goodbye...

Remember that CGI studio mentioned earlier in the article? That wasn't just meant for Red vs Blue. Needing a new moneysink, Roosterteeth worked to make an all CGI action show. To make this show, they hired famous Youtube CGI action animator, Monty Oum, creator of animations such as Haloid. Under Roosterteeth, he worked tirelessly to create a series that would become an even bigger success then Red vs Blue: RWBY.

RWBY was Monty's dream. A full story action RPG anime series. RWBY is set in a fantasy world that has scifi tech, as every weapon, and I mean EVERY weapon is a Final Fantasy style weapon that can transform into a gun, because America. The series has horrible pacing, terrible sound design, and a silly plot. It's clear all the effort was put into the fight scenes, as evidenced by the first two seasons. But that didn't stop weebs from signing onto this show in droves. RWBY became x10 more popular then Red vs Blue, even gaining popularity in Japan. It got so popular it even spawned it's own video games, having it's own standalone game, and the RWBY main characters appearing in Blazblue Cross Tag Battle.

But then, tragedy struck in 2015 when RWBY's creator Monty Oum passed away from "doctor complications." With Monty dead, Roosterteeth now had full creative and licensing rights to RWBY, so they could do whatever they pleased. But with it's creator gone, so did what little quality the series had, and dear god it shows. Post-Monty RWBY had slower fight scenes, less fight scenes and more exposition, and the writing took a nosedive. Season 3 is regarded by all RWBY fans as the worst, when what was a good season was ruined in the last few episodes, when out of nowhere they decided to take the Game of Thrones route and kill off two extremely loved fan favorite characters, in the most bullshit ways possible. The feels and fan outrage was extremely massive, and Roosterteeth didn't know what to do with the series after that, so they decided to time skip Season 3-4, which was the final straw for the majority of RWBY fans. Longtime Roosterteeth fans and casual RWBY fans abandoned the series after Season 3, leading RWBY into the same downward spiral of Red vs. Blue and Let's Play.

Other series

Besides the big three as mentioned, there are other lesser niche series of Roosterteeth that they did in between: some successful, some just blatant Roosterteeth trash. Here are some of those series:

  • RT Shorts: One off live actions shorts set in the Roosterteeth Office. Nothing to write home about, but it should be noted some of these series are blatant commercials commissioned by game publishers.
  • RT-ES: A playon of Nintendo Entertainment System, Roosterteeth Entertainment System was a shortlived skit comedy show...that was exclusive only to those who bought membership subs. The show panned worse then Strangerhood did, and died the year it was made.. That'll surely get people to buy your pointless subscriptions.
  • Camp Camp: An animated cartoon about kids in a shitty summer camp. Nothing special either.
  • RT Animated Adventures: Cartoons using audio from their podcast, which we'll cover later in the article.
Truly quality entertainment worth paying for.

Notable Controversies

Besides their failed moneysinks, Roosterteeth is known for a lot of other shady shit and controversies. Notable events that where swept under the rug by their legion of child cultists, able to shill away any and all criticism of Roosterteeth. Below are the most notable events.

Connect the Hots

A series the Let's Play channel used to do was called Let's Build, which was a Minecraft video in which they build their next let's play, and they just talk about whatever. Well for one video, they were discussing a game they would play when driving to work called "Connect the Hots," in which they would stalk a woman they'd find attractive, then stop stalking her if they found someone more attractive.

Roosterteeth deleted the video and were forced to issue a public apology over it, not that it mattered anyway. The incident was swept under the rug and it was as if it never happened, and their blind child fans defend their blatant stalking.

Hey kid, wanna see my General Ironwood?

Thumb ltd a189.gif
This faggot waits for the child to make the first move in a sexual situation.
You can help by contacting Federal Authorities and alerting Chris Hansen.

So what's more fucked up then self-admitted stalkers in Roosterteeth? How about pedophiles? Last Thursday, Tumblr user TheRealAgentTexas brought some Harvey Weinstein tier accusations against RWBY voice actor Jason Rose, known for playing the character General Ironwood. Below is the statement and DMs from the accuser herself.

File:TheRealAgentTexas Accusation.png

Below is the full DMs.

File:GeneralIronwood Pedo DMs.jpg

RWBY Plagiarism

File:RWBY Plagarism.png


Back in 2015, well known game critic (((Jeff Gerstmann))), did a review of Fallout 4 where he had the gall to not give it a perfect 10 and say it's not the best game evar! This lead to Roosterteeth slandering him on their podcast for not submitting to the groupthink, which lead to drama against other critics.

The Slow Mo Guys almost get Selena'd.

Budd Dwyer.gif
Lose an iPod?

This page contains an hero.

Last Thursday, Christopher Giles, a Slow Mo Guys fan who was dying alone, wanted to go reenact one of the Slow Mo Guys's slow bullet videos on Gavin Free's wife, so he drove all the way from New Mexico to Texas, and broke into their house in the middle of the night to pitch his super awesome video idea. However, Gavin and his wife thought his idea was shit and hid away from him in their bedroom closet, and Chris being too much of a cuck to get Gavin to come out of the closet, decided to do his own stunts and perform the slow mo video on himself.

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