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Ronnie MCNutt demonstrating why aspies shouldn’t play with guns when they’re drunk AF.

Ronnie McNutt, aka Ronald McButt, is a faggot that anheroed himself because he was a pathetic loser that nobody cared about. In an effort to get some attention and feel like he mattered for 5 minutes he shot himself while live streaming on Facebook like a 12-year-old girl. Thanks to Facebook being run by short-bussing special ed kids his video wasn’t taken down during his livestream leading up to his death. The video then remained online afterward for hours which allowed trolls to spread it across the internet for lulz while they created fake accounts in his name pretending to be him.

McNutt in the Butt Himself

Ronnie McNutt was famous for having one of the gayest last names in history that also served as his porn name when he starred in various gay skat videos. He was also known for streaming on Facebook and arguing with his audience about everything from theology to pop culture. In other words, he was a loser with no life.

Born on May 23, 1987, Ronald "Ronnie" McNutt was an Army Reserve “veteran” who lived in the American anus known as New Albany, Mississippi, (if you lived there you would probably want to kill yourself too). He had some crap job at a Toyota plant and was a well-known local theater queer. He also co-hosted a shitty podcast called JustUs Geeks where he and another loser named Joshua Steen would talk about shit no one cares about. He was also a regular church fag, a member of a Comicons club (dork), and wrote comic book reviews (that nobody read) for JustUs Geeks’ lame website.

According to his butt-buddy Joshua Steen, McButt “struggled with depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after serving in the Iraq War between June 2007 and March 2008.” This basically means he was a crybaby that somehow thinks a single year in Iraq during the “war”, (hardly even a war since the US basically mowed the place in a matter of days), counts as a reason to be a whiny fag for the rest of your life. Like most homos with “depression”, he was really just a loser desperate for attention that took his cozy American life for granted by complaining about how much it sucked, usually on Facebook where he was always streaming for attention.

”I spent many a late night in our studio, via text message, and in-person talking with him about life and his struggles.”


— - Joshua Steen talking about how much of his time Ronnie used to waste. You’re free now, Josh!

The Suicide

Whether Ronnie actually meant to kill himself, or he was just a drunk retard playing with a rifle that he accidentally the whole trigger, has yet to be determined. It’s most likely the latter. His aspie friends and family responded to his stream by doing nothing. All they had to do was pretend to love and care about him, or maybe kick his door down and stop him after it was obvious what he was doing, but apparently, they didn’t care enough to do anything except trying to call him and messaging him on Facebook in an effort to stop him from Kurt Cobaning himself.

If anyone is to blame, besides Jim Beam, it would be the dipshit police standing outside of his apartment who could have easily broken his door down and saved his life. Since he had already fired the gun once before by accident, putting his surrounding neighbors’ lives at risk, they had clear reason to bust into his apartment and stop him. Instead, they stood outside watching his live stream while laughing hysterically at how much of an autistic drunk retard he was. It was pretty obvious by then that no one really gave a shit about this asshole and that he would not be missed.

Hey guys! I guess that's it.


Ronnie McNutt

Facebook’s Response

File:Facebook Trolling Ronnie McNutt.jpg
Facebook trolling Ron’s brother.

Facebook decided to troll Ronnie's brother who repeatedly asked them to take down the video while Ron was drunk ranting, playing with his gun (and misfiring it at his surrounding neighbors) while talking about offing himself. That apparently doesn’t count as “encouraging suicide or self-harm” according to the trolls over at Facebook. They then proceeded to laugh in his family’s face after his death while avoiding any and all responsibility for not doing their jobs.

On top of refusing to take down the video when they obviously should have, they also left the video up for hours after his death. This led to several trolls (probably Facebook employees) copying it and sharing it across the internet. This resulted in many lulz online as children on apps like TikTok got to see a graphic video of a man shooting himself with a rifle as they were scrolling through comments on various cat videos. This caused many parents to chimp out, blaming Facebook for their precious child being traumatized for life.

Ronnie’s Resurrection

File:Ronnie Resurrection.jpg
Ronnie will rise again!

Since Ronnie was clearly such a lovable person everyone enjoyed listening to, the many trolls that were harassing his family by posting his suicide video everywhere online refused to let him stay dead. Shortly after his death video went viral they proceeded to resurrect him by creating a fake Facebook account in his name pretending to be him. It was there that they claimed the video was actually a hoax put on by Ronnie so that he could get away from it all for a while. This resulted in ever more lulz online as people really believed these hilarious lies.

Needless to say, Ronnie will go down in history as one of the lulziest an-heroes of all time. Now he’s annoying Satan in hell by talking about comics and dildos on his new podcast. Rest in peace, retard.

External Links

If you're feeling brave and have an iron stomach, you can see the video and pics of Ronnie killing himself here. It's more graphic than most suicides since he used a pretty big gun to do it, splitting his head/face wide open.

If that link is broken/baleeted then the wayback machine has it here.

His RIP Facebook page. The fake one got baleeted.


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