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Released2006; (2004: private alpha)
Key PeopleDavid Baszucki
John Shitletsky
Erik Casserole
Slogans"If you can imagine it, you can build it."
"Be anything, Build anything."
"Powering Imagination"
HeadquartersSan Mateo, California
IndustryVidya games
What everyone thinks.
Rococks Goatse.
Typical Rococks player.
Another fucking furry. at least most of them are banned.
An example of CFraming on Roblox.
A great example of how superior the mod's spelling is.


—The Jews of Rococks in search of money.

Roblox (also known as Dynablox, Shitblox, Gayblox, Gooblox, Rococks and a whole plethora of other shit) is a shitty Lego knockoff (which roblox wasn't intended to be a shitty Lego knockoff) made in 2005 by a few Jews with too much extra time and money. Given how autistic the game truly is, and its allure to autistic children, it should come as no surprise that 99% of the people who play this game are fucking retarded. The "objective" of Rococks is to make cool shit, but since doing so requires having a brain in your fucking skull, this is a goal that is, and forever will be, unattainable by the shitcocks cummunity. Instead what you'll see is endless and perpetual stealing of game assets that the .01% of the community created, spam to hoax/CP/warez sites to get "free Rocucks, and general copying shit somebody else made, to get attention from the community.

You can also buy premium membership, called Builders Club that is very overpriced for what you actually get and only lasts for a certain amount of time. When the subscription ends, you are stripped from a lot of the features, forcing you to buy it again. Of course, this is purely intentional by the admins, as they don't give a single fuck about you, but are only interested in your money.

The Community

Referring to the death sound effect.

The community is composed mainly of 10-12 year olds, although the game was designed for 8-18 year olds, "trolls", Columbiners, and online daters. With this combination of people, the result is a very cancerous gaming community that is not that great.

"Hackers" and Spammers

The kids in the game think they're so funny by spamming their sad attempts at forcing memes all over the forums that Roblox removed in 2017, and pretending to be "hackers" who will take over Roblox and hack your account, or some shit. However, this "hacking" they speak of is nothing more than using Cheat Engine to insert giant penises in sword fighting games. If you piss them off they will threaten to hack your account, even though these kids wouldn't know code even if it came up behind them and started to rape them up the ass. These are the same kids who spam links to their shitty places all over the site with the hope of getting place visits, all the while not realizing that nobody gives a fuck about them, or their shitty places.








—Typical n00b spamming his shitty place.

"Trolls" on Roblox

The "trolls" on Roblox are not really trolls at all, but rather dumb little kids who don't even know what trolling is, or even how to execute it properly. As with most of the kids on this game, they think spamming ASCII images of Hitler and nigger will lower them to /b/'s standards, as seen on the cesspool forums, before they got nuked by the staff. What usually happens is 1) an admin gets butthurt/offended and, 2) lays down the banhammer, ending the kid's "trolling spree" immediately. As Roblox has no way of detecting sockpuppet accounts, they simply create alternate accounts and resuming what they were doing before they got banned.

Rapists, Sexual Predators, and Everyone Else Who Plays The Game

Aside from the failtrolls, stupid prepubsencent fucks, and "hackers", the rest of the community are 60 year old predators who want to groom and fuck children, whether online or IRL.

The online daters (often referred to by the community as "ODers") are sick fucks who "roleplay" as a couple, pretend to kiss, have sex, etc. with their in-game characters. Rarely, some of them of them are 60-year-old internet predators who spend most of their time attempting to bait little kids online and fulfil their sick-ass sexual fantasies with children, but most of them are horny 10 year old boys who have nothing better to do. According to the Rococks Community Rules and Guidelines, online dating is against the rules, yet this "rule" never ever seems to be enforced. Truth be told, people rarely get banned for online dating, even though it's a bannable offense on Roblox's terms.

Notable People

ErmeyPointingAngry.jpg STOP RIGHT THERE, FAGGOT!
ED does NOT need a huge list of absolute nobodies, nor does it give a shit about your petty forum feud with that bitch who doesn't agree with your Zutara OTP. Rather than spreading your butthurt vendetta over to this site, how about you read ED:101 and ED:A User's Guide to Article Building. And while you're at it, how about contributing to some actual drama you fucking idiot?
Builderfaggot IRL.
One of the head Jews of Rococks, John Shitletsky.
  • David Baszucki or Builderman - The four-eyed, bumbling fool founder and CEO of Shitblox. All of the money from Builders Club sales goes directly to him, should you be stupid enough to buy it. As a typical Jew, he only gives a fuck about money, which is why Roblox turned to shit since around 2010.
  • Erik Casserole (Erik Cassel) - A former admin who died of cancer. Unsurprising, considering this is Roblox. Many people regard him as "the only good admin" of Roblox, while the rest are supposed idiots fucking up the site; the community even blamed Roblox's shitty updates on Cassel's death.
  • John Shitletsky, Shitletsky or Telamoron - The former Uncreative Director of Rococks. He began working for Roblox in 2006 after he graduated from Stanford University, but eventually got bored with everything, so he resigned from Roblox in 2013 to start his own company. This faggot also decided to change his name from "Telamon" to his real-life surname, Shedletsky, for unknown reasons. What's most likely the reason for this is he wanted to look intelligent among Roblox's retarded community, but it only just made him look like more of a self-obsessed faggot with a too much USI. He had a record
  • Vaktus (formerly known as "XDHAPPYXD") - Runs the Third Reich of Roblox. He uses admin commands to "defeat" his opponents during group raids. If you lose to him in a raid, he will take over your group and replace your emblem with his "This group has been shut down by the Vaktovian Empire" emblem. Apparently, he has friends who know how to exploit Roblox's shitty MySQL system and "claim groups", though this has yet to be confirmed. He also enjoys making shitty YouTube videos making fun of his enemies.
  • ColourTheory - The owner of RAT and long-term enemy of Vaktus. His name used to be "donkeyo04" until an admin fucked up and accidentally deleted his account; he was given the opportunity to change his name as compensation by Roblox for the stupidity of one of their admins and decided to change his name to ColourTheory.
  • SONICTHEHEDGEHOGXX - Owns FEAR, an island resort, a Christfag group, and several USI-infested fan groups. He is one of the most hated people on this game for encouraging online dating through his places, being a typical over-the-top Christfag, and owning a group filled with immature little kids. It is also rumored that be bribed the admins into unbanning his account which seemingly only contributed to his hatred. SONIC has an alternate account called "SHADOWTHEHEDGEHOGXX", which he has claimed numerous times that it's actually his brother's account.
  • XiaoXiaoMan - The supposed AVGN of Roblox. He is in his 20s and plays a game intended for 7-9 year olds. He owns a YouTube channel] that contains a bunch of shitty rant videos protesting Roblox updates, a Roblox game-reviewing series called "Raging Roblox Reviewer", as well as several shitty Gmod animation videos intended to be funny to his audience. Once shat on a little girl's dreams over some place review bullshit].
  • SharpTH - A fat Jew who makes semi-shitty videos and boring places. Made the first version of this article, which was a giant rage-fest.
  • Fleshkjerta/Blathers - Random Swedish guy who made this game popular back in 2007/6 with shitty youtube videos with Homer Simpson voices put in everywhere. He really likes hentai and his name probably meant buttsecks in another language. He got banned and everyone cried, screamed, and bawwwwed. Some people still think about him, but other than that he is forgotten. Goes by the name Blathers and pretends to be a mod by threatening to ban CoD Kiddies for saying "Fyuk you Facgot", Still less of a disgrace to Sweden than PewDiePie.
Angsty futa
  • Lemurboy12/07 - Mario fanboy and Sonic asshat. Made shitty videos using Powerpoint because he didn't know how to pan/crop in Sony Vegas. He was like Fleshkjerta 2.0, minus the Homer Simpson and buttsecks. He quit about 2 years ago and gave away his Roblox account to some random faggot. Now he dumps video game prototypes on the website Hidden Palace.
  • Julius Coles - A nigger who steals shit and claims it as his own, like any other nigger. His favorite place is Welcome to the town of Robloxia so he stole it and renamed it "The different town of Robloxia" which gained over 5,000,000 visits from Roblox's ever-so-gullible userbase. Niggerus Coles also has a YouTube channel] where he rants about Roblox and his boring life. Claims that he wants all the Roblox admins to get cancer, despite that he fucking loves Roblox.
  • MisterObvious - A "Rococks animator" who later turned out to be a sexual predator, one of the people in the aforementioned above. Went to child grooming games, aka "online dating" games, and tried to fuck children with their shiny virtual plastic avatars.


Since Roblox is a building game, you'd probably think that the people on the site make cool shit out of Lego bricks, right? Wrong. The Roblox community is terrible with building and coding, and will often copy something decent that somebody else has made in order to gain attention from their fellow community. These stolen versions of games seemingly get more attention and exposure than the original versions. Rarely, something of quality is created; however, it usually doesn't get noticed at all by anyone of significance, considering that it's usually buried under several copies of Welcome to the town of Robloxia.

Common Types of Places

These, for the most part, are the types of places you would see on Rococks:

  • Club [insert subject here] - Places that are often strip clubs for young pedophiles. Here's one popular example!
  • Survive the [insert subject here] - Often a generic apocalypse/disaster such as zombies and lava.
  • Cart ride into [insert subject here] - Places that consist of pre-made mine carts and cart track pieces, and are often made by people who are too lazy to make anything themselves.
  • [adjective] Murderer - A game type that copies Gmod-based games and all of their mechanics. Just think of a funny adjective, make a baseplate with free models on it, insert a knife that people can slash each other to death with, and spam your newly-created shitbox on the forums. Bingo! You've just made a murder game.
  • [Subject] Simulator - A waste of your time.
  • Build to survive the [insert subject here] - Very similar to the "Survive the [insert subject here]", but with crappy building tools and shit to "build" with.
  • [insert subject here] obby - If the creator of the place is lazy or too much of a fucking retard to spell "obstacle course" properly, then you'd probably be better off staying away from these shitty places. These are the most popular types of places on Rococks, and have served as the ultimate downfall of creativity on this game.
  • Free Robux place - These are places that claim to give away free Robux upon visiting. Often used by faggots who are desperate for place visits, so they spam their shitty places all over the site with a hope of getting people to visit. Of course, you don't actually obtain anything from these places and will most likely feel like an idiot for even going to them in the first place.
  • Have a kid and raise a Family - Or more commonly used: Adopt a kid and raise a Family. People tend to use this one more often because "having a kid" implies that secks was involved, and to the Rococks admins, this is an absolute no-no, even though people do it all the time via role-playing. Often hotspots for online dating, a rule that the admins never enforce. (you can't forget erotic roleplayers on Roblox High School and ROBLOXian High School, too.)
  • [Literally anything] simulator - Shitty clicker games that often have very little to do with the subject in the title. Somehow, little kids like them, likely because you don't need to be old enough to keep even remotely complicated mechanics in mind just to click anywhere on your monitor repeatedly until you get a number to go up enough to get an upgrade. These excuses of games can be easily cheated using an AutoClicker software. Barely any of them deviate from this, and even then, basically none of them actually simulate what their subject is.

Popular Games on Roblox

  • Jailbreak - More of a GTA V ripoff but with cops and robbers. Once you arrest a criminal, he or she will always fucking spam the words "Noob" or "Hacker" at you. Normally you will find too many 8 year olds who listen to loud rap music and furries in penguin outfits speed glitching with their fat bellies all over the map. After arresting criminals/camping in the prison to get EZ xd epic arrests, you can either kill yourself or become a criminal. Either option is boring and the game is overplayed and overrated. Sadly, at the time of writing, 45,000 kids are still playing the game, mostly because they're Mexican coke-addicted children that don't know of better games, and therefore, Badimo, the shitty studio, makes more money from kids buying shitty gamepasses in the pay-to-win style of Jailbreak.
  • Phantom Forces - A somewhat decent blend-clone of FPS games sadly ruined by its shit community and Dicksword server. It's at least 100 times less overrated than Jailbreak is. Also, use the COLT SMG 635 and run M9 as secondary. You'll thank me later. If you're too much of a newbie to have that, use the MP5K and M9.
  • MeepCity - A place that rips off both Club Penguin and ToonTown but with a special feature to invite you over sex parties.
  • The Normal Elevator - You stand in an elevator and witness floors that have outdated memes like Peanut butter Jelly Time, Do You Like Waffles, IT's Raining Tacos, & Snoop Dogg. Also there's an ARG with some fuckass that no one cares about called, Gavin.
  • Work at a Pizza Place - This used to be about making and delivering pizza, but it's now about neglecting your job to just party in your house while the rest of the players, who are actually trying to play the game, suffer. It's even worse because if one person from the team is missing, the entire place goes to shambles, not unlike a freshly blown-up meth lab.
  • Hide and Seek Extreme - More like Wait and Stand Extreme.
  • Wolves' Life 2 - It's a game where you make your bestiality wolf fantasies come true! Don't trust the game description, it's lying.
  • Apocalypse Rising - A Dayz ripoff. Nothing more that needs to be said. (except for the fact that it will make you rage.)
  • Natural Disaster Survival - A game that teaches 11 year olds how to survive a tornado, volcano, tsunami, acid rain, and what not. Is there a blizzard coming? Go to higher ground. Is there a fire that's going out of control? Go to higher ground. Is there a tsunami coming? Go to - wait, that actually makes sense.
  • Robloxian Highschool - A game that is similar to other Roblox Highschool Roleplays, but you can customize your character in-game without having to use Robux. Despite the possibilities with this feature, most people choose to roleplay as midgets with monstrously obese legs, and names that 50% of the time begin with "Li'l." These particular characters seem to always have an obsession with "Oreo'z. 49.99% of the other players run around the server using a joke character such as the Despacito Spider and some guy with a Frenemy for a cock. The other 0.01% of the players are actually decent joke characters and actual roleplayers. Almost everyone in this game speaks nothing but Spanish."

"Users have a choice of over 8,000,000 (eight million) possible games to play, (based on number of users, as of 5-17-2010) varying in design from what the creators of the places want to make. Most of them are made from the free models."


—Even Wikipedia acknowledges Roblox's lack of originality.

Catalog Items

You pay for these with Roblox's e-currency, known as "ROBUX". Most of the stuff in the game is completely overpriced, with a very few no actual good items.

Degrees of Items

  • BC only - Only people with Builders Club can buy this shit.
  • Limited - Items that last for a certain amount of time. When they run out, people bitch and complain about not being able to get one.
  • Limited unique - Same as above, but with serial numbers.
  • Timed - Items that have a counter attached to them showing how long the item will be available. As is the case with Limited items, people will bitch and complain about not being able to get one after the timer runs out.
  • Presents - Items that are only given out during the holidays. To get one, you usually have to do a relatively stupid task. These tasks have ranged from having premium membership for over a year to making a forum post containing the word "ice" to being a long-term registrant. Pretty fucking simple, but since many ROtards (genius) won't look at the blog to see how to get them, they bitch and complain about not "owning" one. Sound familiar? I think we're seeing a pattern here...
  • IOS only - You have to be using an Apple device with Robloc'x shitty IOS app to purchase these.
  • XBOX only - You have to be playing Roblox on Shitbox One to obtain these.
  • Promotional - Shitty free items that hold little to no value. Usually released to sponsor a movie and you get those by sometimes playing certain games that promote the movie or getting them in the catalog for free. To add an extra kick in the nuts, or cunt, we're not sexist here, they are usually rental-only.

Item Types

  • Hats - A piece of shit you wear on your head. Sound familiar? Most of them are shit that shouldn't have been created in the first place. The only good hats are the Dominus hoods; however, those cost a fuck ton of Robux, and are Limited.
  • Gear - A bunch of shitty knick-knack items that you can't even use in most games. These range from powerful weapons, to useless shit such as "bubble gum" and Easter baskets. No kidding. Of course, the only good weapon is the Darkheart, which does a shit-ton of damage and sometimes even kills in one hit. However, it's a Limited item which means you're never getting your fucking hands on it because people are selling it for 999,999,999 ROBUX just to show it off. Funny, considering that the original price was only 2000 ROBUX.
  • Faces - Transparent decals on your face that change the way it looks. Very overpriced for what you actually get. The only good one is the Awesome Face, but requires you to connect your Rococks account to your Failbook account, and show everyone what a fag you are for playing Rococks.
  • T-shirts - Same as faces, but on your front torso. Free users can make them, but not sell them. If Roblox gives free accounts any privileges, this would be the only one.
  • Shirts and pants - Textures for your character. Most of them look like thot outfits and gay supreme hoodies. You'll find tons of this shit being cloned and resold at the catalog because kids that spam them with their cheap bots are nothing but money-hungry cucks. Only BC users can make them, let alone sell them.
  • Packages - Changes the 3D body shape of your character. Now with a shitty Rthro line of packages, which look super fucking ugly and are rarely used for legitimate avatars, also so called "trolls" try to look funny by buying the Penguin because that is comedy AM I RITE?
  • Animation Packs - Sets of animations that change the way your ugly Lego character moves but can only be equipped with R15.


Advertising is a feature on Roblox that is often overlooked by many of its users. You pay your hard earned cash, which has now been converted into ROBUX to run your ad in an allotted amount of time, but since nobody wants to waste money on that, people resort to spamming their shitty places on the forums and comment sections of other places. You can also customize your banner ad that links directly to your game (or whatever) upon clicking on it. Most of these "ads" look like they've been made in 5 minutes with MS Paint by dyslexic 9 year olds. Nowadays, ads are nothing but high quality rendered images of a Lego pornstar advising you to join a fucking clothing group or a restaurant in which these 9 year old fucktards pretend that they have a job and tell people of how much of a Jake Paul fan they are. Here are a few examples, sampled from the deep archives of Roblox:


Holy fuck! These are even worse than the spam!


Lifting 3303.JPG
GirlAds 3305.JPG
Stupidadsass 3306.JPG
ArianaAd 3309.JPG
A pornstar displayed on your ad will always attract kids!

By the way, you can get rid of such garbage ads by using AdBlock.


In 2009, the group feature was released to make it easier to communicate among its users. Most groups on Roblox are filled with stolen and unoriginal clothing designs for sale, and little kids who think they're fighting an actual war, hence the reason for all the "war clans". They are very cancerous and anyone who sets foot in them will develop cancer.

Notable Groups

  • Kavra Fan Group - Based on it's name, it is a group made for lesbians who worship a white faggot that got into JewTube fame for keeping on making videos that include stolen copyrighted music and two hookers fighting to death. Most of his shitty videos will always come with the name "Bully Story" even though they have nothing to do with bullying whatsoever.
  • True Colors - A group known for faggotry and suppression of "unsafe" conversation, such as how there are no more than two genders and that the "fact" that at least 76 of them exist is a lie. No joke, "other gender identity" is an actual rank there. Fuck us.
  • Frappe - A group that is based on a shitty cafe game where you basically do nothing but act like you are in a coffee shop and pretend that you are drinking with plastic Lego cups. Did I mention that games like this keep getting invaded by trolls? Tangent: guide to trolling Frappe; just have a lot of alternate accounts and act/be retarded. Another way is to just sit at a line and do nothing, then wait for the staff to type !help. When they do that, start providing your order. They'll probably be buttraeped for calling !help with no evidence by chatlog of you trolling.
  • First Encounter Assault Recon - A group consisted mainly of people who are dumb enough to think that the commercials for FEAR they see on TV are actually for this group. The group was originally a fan club, but was later turned into a war group, with shitty bases that were built by some noobs with no building skills whatsoever.
  • Roblox Assault Team - A group that was started by stealthmatt, who thought he had a brain and told everyone who joined his bitch ass group that they would bring their IQ out of the negatives. By that point, their collective IQs got in to the negative thousands. The group has a long-term vendetta against VAK, a group known for its admin abuse and its shitty places. DEAD
  • Vaktovian Empire - Full of retards who typically tend to attack other groups in game to feel badass and impress their leader. The owner is some Irish faggot with a superiority complex. His original name was XDHAPPYXD, but he changed his name to Vaktus after begging the admins to give him a name change.
  • Sly Bloxxers - Owned by greatswordpwner after bobathe-gay-man gave it to him. Greatswordpwner takes this game more seriously than life, and all he does is spaz out at his members about how they suck, and as a result, he gets massively flamed for it. When he's butthurt, he cried to his parents about getting "cyberbullied", even though no such thing ever happened. Does this still exist?
  • John's Cobras - A group that causes drama, and doesn't actually fight any wars. The group is owned by some Britfag known as pspjohn1. All the high ranking officials were complete retards (ex. TheWaffleTruck, Hammer124, Imperatos, etc.) but hosted many of the most popular clanners of the site. Fort Fang was a shitty free modeled fort made by a 12 year old that the garden snakes used to defend from raids. In the event of the raid, the HRs would admin abuse to ensure victory. Dead, although some autists are trying to make a revival. They sucked at fighting anyways, as they lost 90 defences in one day in early January 2013, leading to lulz.
  • X-101st - An old group of online daters that spend their time jacking off in each others' faces and committing faggotry with their leader. The leader is a lifeless loser who spends most of his time on this game. Shutdown since a bunch of retarded high ranks thought some shitty game of thrones group was more important than keeping a group from 2008,before the groups feature was even added, active.
  • Frost Clan - A group that went through three ownerships: starting with the creator, Pizzaman1000, then to Dignatio, and now it's owned by a user "jjjakey". They often end up getting their asses handed to them in a raid, unsurprisingly. How many fucking groups on this list have to be dead?
  • United Clan of Roblox - The largest group on Roblox that was created when groups were first announced. Like any war clan, it consists of little kids who think they're in an actual army. Fortunately, an overwhelmingly majority of those immature wannabe navy seal kids (present in LITERALLY EVERY FUCKING CLAN) don't know how to be active enough to matter in the grand scheme of things, so at least you don't have to see them on a daily basis when interacting with them (as well as most other clans). Somehow still active enough to not be considered dead.
  • [USA]The United States of America - Also known as NUSA, is a group of autists and Americunts who are dedicated to LARPing as politicians on Blowcocks.

ROBLOX TV Commericals

In the time-span of 2011-2012, ROCOCKS released two "TV commercials" to market their shitty game. Note that these shouldn't even be called TV commercials, considering that they never actually aired on real television. Following the release of these "commercials" several community members noticed the commercials weren't even filmed in Roblox, but were done using shooping, video editing and green screen effects. The reason for this being is ROCOCKS was (and still is) too buggy to make a high quality advertisement and would likely lag up and crash if they tried to film in it. For the most part, the ads looked too good for a shitty game such as ROBLOX as most people on the site are terrible at building, ironically even the admins.

Rococks' first video advertisement.

The second video advertisement.

At the end of the first commercial, they say "IT'S FREE" when it's clearly not, at least if you want to have fun. This caused a lot of butthurt and rage among ROBLOX players, and there were even people who threatened to quit ROBLOX because of it, BECAUSE EVERYTHING ON COCKBLOX HAS AND WILL BE FREE AM I RIGHT?

Builders Club

In August 2007, Builders club was introduced, along with more shitty features that nobody even wanted to begin with. When it was first introduced, everyone lost all of their Robux and went into an intense rage, demanding that the admins revert the update. The admins, being as fucktarded as they are, failed to listen to their userbase requests and went along with it anyway. In 2008, the original BC was the only type of premium membership available, with the addition of Turbo Builders Club in 2009. They also introduced another premium membership type, this time "Outrageous Builders Club", which was completely insane and unreasonable, with its ridiculous features that very few people will ever use.

Regular Builders Club

  • A yellow and light blue "free" shitty hat.
  • 10 places.
  • 15 Robux per day.
  • No external ads. The most pointless and stupid feature of all. Haven't these people ever heard of AdBlock?
  • The ability to make and sell shirts.
  • Less chance you'll get banned.
  • Access to shitty beta features.
  • Make badges for your shitty places.
  • 10 groups.
  • Create groups.

Turbo Builders Club

  • A recolored version of the shitty hat, this time it's black and orange.
  • 25 places.
  • A piece of bubble gum. No kidding.
  • 20 groups.
  • Even less chance you'll get banned.
  • 35 Robux per day.
  • The chance to suck the cocks of Cockblox admins.

Outrageous Builders Club

  • 60 Robux per day.
  • A third variant of the shitty hat, yellow and black.
  • 100 places.
  • A cool dark theme which can no longer be fucking used.
  • 100 groups.
  • No likelihood of getting banned, especially if you bought lifetime OBC.
  • Fellatio from the admins around the clock.
  • A free abortion.
  • Sucking the cock of Roblox staff and admins.

Roblox Ban Appeal

Your typical ROCOCKS ban

If you get banned from ROBLOX, which you likely will, you can send the admins an "appeal" email if you believe the ban was improperly placed. You may be thinking, "Hmmm. Maybe they will look into the ban, see it from my point of view, and lift it. I better send them an email." Well unfortunately, you are 200% wrong, faggot. The admins really don't give a fuck about you or your account and nine out of ten times, appealed accounts usually stay banned. Should you send them an email, you'll get a reply from some message bot that doesn't even address you, or the ban on your account. The message is the same for all users who send appeal emails for their account. It's just a bunch of bullshit that reads something to the effect of: "Thank you for providing feedback about our moderation system. We have reviewed your ban and have decided that it will not be lifted, etc. etc." Many people then proceed to leave Roblox in utter rage, often accompanied by a flounce video.

Also when YouTubers that have their videos dead-fucking centered get banned from Roblox, the fickle and impressionable 10 year old fanbase gets super fucking butthurt mode, throwing rocks on Roblox HQ and taking everything off in public as if they are in a fucking revolt.

Roblox Forums

/!\ oy vey the mods shut down the forums because the admins knew the forums were a complete cesspool in the first place /!\

The forums the biggest source of cancer and AIDS on Rococks. This shithole is home to some of the biggest retards on the site. Forums are broken down into sections, and several sub-sections that are spammed constantly by newfags who try to force memes and so called "trolls" who try to act cool. They are notorious for online dating, flame wars, spam, and internet sissy fights. Usually, when such events occur, the admins are forced to intervene and ban anyone who posts in these threads as a result.

Types of people on the Forums

  • Top Posters - People who have no lives and spend all of their time on the forums. They actually worked hard to show everyone else how pathetic they are for spending all of their time in this shithole. They can easily be identified with a "Top X Poster" message attributed to their posts.
  • Spammers - People who spam shit everywhere for the lulz and often end up getting banned. These are the most common type of people that inhabit Roblox, and are not just restricted to the forums.
  • Trolls - People who think the Roblox forums are a second 4chan. Whenever they post, there is almost no doubt that they will be banned immediately afterwards.
  • Role-Players - Those who are classified with this shouldn't be allowed to exist, almost all of them are weeaboos, wiggers, and furfags and are very easy to fuck with. A lot of these fuckers have fetishes about wolves and vampires and often proclaim this all over the forums, mainly on Off-Topic.
  • Forum moderators - Roblox's sysops who patrol the forums and ban just about anyone who violates their shitty rules. Most of the time, people get banned for the stupidest of reasons, and end up quitting Rococks because of it due to massive butthurt. They try to appeal their ban, but considering that Roblox doesn't give a fuck about anything but itself, anyone who was once banned, stays banned. Forever.
  • Super forum moderators - No longer exist.

Forum Sections

Typical forum thread.
Example of 10 year old kids thinking they're cool for talking about dicks.
A typical post from a britfag who forums on Roblox, notice he has less than 1200 posts.
Typical shitty troll thread on the forums.
  • Roblox Talk - Faggots who think they are the "4chan of ROBLOX" when they are just a shitty OT ripoff. They don't even talk about Roblox. They mostly just spam shitty memes and show off their shitty places and host "RT parties", even though these faggots don't know what party means. Many of the members would just post shitty copied stories for clout.
  • Let's Make a Deal - These kiddies sit around and will do anything just to get a virtual item. Usually, they get scammed and get fuck all. Anyone with half a brain would be able to detect these scams that the Roblox community seemingly always falls for.
  • Off-Topic - You're going to get the worst fucking kind of cancer on the planet if you even step foot here. It's more than off topic, its a fucking shithole of weeaboos, gays, furries and bronies. This is the biggest shithole forum section on this site.
  • Role-playing Forum - Everyone here is either a furry, emo, twilight faggot or all of the above.
  • Clans & Guilds - The flaming epicenter of Roblox. Everyone here is either banned, or is going to be within a month. Most people on here dig shit up on some random group that they declared enemies with and post long forum posts about how said group is a bunch of cheaters, etc.
  • Global Chat - Consists of little kids who think they're cool for swearing in another language on the forum.
  • Builders and scripters - Nobody who actually builds or scripts goes to this forum. It's mostly little kids who like pretending to be hackers.

All of the other forums are shit no one cares about and aren't listed.

Trolling on Roblox

Due to Roblox's young and immature community, trolling is very easy. As many little kids take the game so seriously, pissing them off is easier than making porn.

Game Trolling

  • See two people online dating? Say that the "girl" is a guy, for there are no girls on the internet. The guy, and the other guy will get butthurt.
  • Call everyone a n00b.
  • Spawnkill. People will then try to report you and spam "0MG H4CKER!!1!1" in the chat.
  • Insert a giant penis with the word "nigger" on it in insert games.
  • Find the most OP weapons on the server and ass ræp everyone.
  • Look at the groups that one of the faggots in the server your are in. If they are in any large groups like FEAR (First Encounter Assault Ræp) then say you are a high rank in that group and you will demote them unless they do whatever you say.
  • Make swastikas on building games.
  • Say that Roblox is filled with autistic, fatass and unproductive people who will never do something productive in real life.
  • Tell everyone to go to this page. Watch as people start reading 3 sentences, get butthurt and try to get rid of it.
  • If you ever get a boombox, play loud songs or ear-piercing songs so everyone turns to ALL CAPS to complain about your trolling.
  • Talk about how Minecraft or honestly any other game is better than Roblox, you will see idiots trying to prove you wrong by calling you a noob or some shit.
  • Say that the Pal Hair (or bacon hair as all the Robloxfags call it) is better than every other hat in the catalog. Watch as every faggot that spent their ROBUX on virtual shit get butthurt and will try to prove you wrong.
  • If you get admin on a shitty game or joined a free admin game, abuse the absolute shit out of it. Kill, fling, blind, strobe everyone as much as possible before some faggot higher rank than you catch on to what you are doing (because they are a gigantic faggot) and fuck you up.
  • In roleplaying games, say that online daters will never find actual girls in real life. Watch every retard get insanely butturt.
  • Say that Roblox ripped off Lego. Everyone will get butthurt.
  • Say that people that keep playing Roblox are sad losers and will never do anything productive in their lives. Watch as everyone will get butthurt and say that it is for ""fun"". No it's not, retard, for fun there is porn.
  • On building games, say that everyone's buildings are shit. Everyone will become butthurt and try to find as many insults to throw on you.
  • On building games, destroy someone's shitty building while someone other than you is near it. Watch as the two faggots start arguing.
  • Swear on games. To do this you can space out the word, use alternatives or change the letters a bit to not get your message hashtagged. E.g. "YOU PEOPLE ARE ALL NIGHARZ" or "FUHXCK ALL YOU NOOBS LOL".
  • On tycoon games, use [[Cheating|Cheat Engine] to change everyone's money to 0. Since Rococks Developers are so afraid of the concept of Exploiting Software, they patch it 24/7 to make sure NO LEET HACKING RUINS THE LIVES OF PEOPLE IN SERVERS.
  • Use unpatched exploiting tools to make all the faggots on your server complain.
  • Spam in chat things like "DEATH TO NIGHARZ & JEWS"
  • Call a Roblox YouTuber gay or a nighar or whatever insult in chat. Watch as butthurt people start building up defending their gods.
  • Say that groups have no purpose other than being a fucking waste. People from FEAR or teh United States Roblox Group or every group will get butthurt.

Group Trolling

  • Do you have promotion/demotion powers? Demote everyone to the lowest rank and watch the owner shit bricks.
  • Do you have exile powers? Exile everyone in the group.
  • Go to UCR and say you have a good idea for a new logo. The members will get butthurt and say you're destroying clan history.
  • Go to RAT and say "Sorry, black and white cant be added to the rainbow, I know how much you guys love both". You may want to spam this, because RAT high ranks take this game seriously.
  • Go to FEAR and say that SONIC uses free models. The members will then get insanely butthurt.
  • Go to WIJ and say that they caused WWII, as the owner is German.
  • Steal an ownerless group, change all rank names to *insert name here* sucks, add the name of player to description, check manual approval, kick all members, and leave the group.
  • Find a group that allows non-members to post comments to the wall. Say the group sucks and tell everyone to go kill themselves.
  • Have admin powers at a group's place? Admin Abuse the fuck out of it like JC always did.
  • Want to troll JC? Go to fort fang and spam "AA" with no end. Bonus points if other raiders join your spamming.

Forum Trolling

This is probably the easiest type of trolling in Rococks. Since many newfags, raging kids and easily offended admins on the forums take it so seriously, it should be no surprise that these people are the easiest to fuck with. Here are some ways to piss them off:

  • Spam.
  • On OT, say MW2 is the best game ever.
  • Talk about Blockland and Minecraft.
  • Make random [insert admin's name here]'s Bonus. The mods will have a hissy fit.
  • Protest Roblox updates. As Roblox is an e-dictatorship, you do not have the right to your own opinion, and will likely be b& for it.
  • Anything you do is trolling in a forum mod's eye, so knock yourself out.
  • Make fun of Christianity and 13 year old boys.
  • Spam links to the offended page.
  • Post alt 0173 between each letter of a curse word and put it on the forums.
  • Post a thread saying God doesn't exist. Everybody who sees the thread will get butthurt. This works in every forum, considering that the Roblox community is just that fucking gullible.
  • Use a small text generator to post whatever you want
  • Post ASCII images of Hitler and cocks.
  • Say the admins are total fucking retards.
  • Say "get out" on legitimate threads.
  • Say Jews did WTC.
  • Post these symbols: 卐, ☭, æ, 8========D


Incidents on the forum

  • In June 2013, a user named "Raychel1010" posted a topic about why people hated her on the forums. Because of this, it caused a massive chimpout on the forums.
  • On July 18, 2015, two users named "Tzah" and "vampire" made clickbaits about Russia bombing the US, in which one of them said that he saw war jets fly by his house and the other saying that he saw a Russian plane landing to the ground with troops coming out of it.
  • On January 5, 2017, a faggot named "michaellyers8" posted a picture of two of his guns and the coordinates to a high school in Texas, saying that he was going to shoot up his school on April 20, 2017 (the 18th anniversary of Columbine).
  • In late May 2017, a neo-Nazi aspie named "PlanetMofo"Fedora icon.png trolled the forums, got banned multiple times, and made other accounts such as "Kid2040" and "PattiMayonnaiseDoug".

Roblox is edutainable

Hello my name is gmf23 and i em the 5 star general encharge of the united states military group and your contry needs you to join we have branchs including army,navy,airforce,and marines, and we also include an international branch if your not american we even have a special forces unit that if i think your up for the task you might get in we also have a space branch or NASA that you can join as well as the normal branchs we also offer medals you can earn as well as real military ranks you will recive as you move up in them

Steps: to join
1: pm me back saying what branch you want to join army,navymarine,or airforce,
2: join the united states military branch found in group search
3: reqwest to join the united states military group
4: stay active so you know when trainings and meetings are
5: if your this far good job you read all this thank you for listening ............



—Some fag advertising his group

come to my obby!! when u win try to stop ppl from winning by killing them with a Uzi or M4A1 form my place


—Another faggot advertising his place

Wanna join my group The ROBLOXiane Army???





—Half of the 10 year olds on there.

The Forums

The next time you see me, you will see a fist with me as well. 5 seconds later, BAM. Then you'll wake up, BAM. YOU'LL WAKE UP AGAIN, BAM. I'll keep doing it over again until you stop waking up.


—butthurt faggot after being trolled

A typical thread on the roblox forums.
This does not apply to the Roblox Forum.


The WWC forum is currently developing cancer.

The forums are a big pile of ignorance, filled with some of the biggest dumbasses on this site. There are a few classifications:

  • Forumers - Yes, they have a word for the dumbfuck users who use their oh-so fucking "fab" forum
  • Top Posters - The biggest losers on the site, they generally spend all their time on the computer while they can help the real community and flip out when they get this badge of shame.
  • Spammers - People who Shitstorm their site for the lulz and get banned.
  • Trolls - Undoubtedly the only redeeming feature of the forums, these trolls are still immature and inexperienced. But their day will come.
  • Role-Players - Generally those who are classified with this can't post in the right forum, almost all of these idiots are Weaboos, Wiggers and Furries and are EASY to troll. If anything, they'll wack out and become lolcows. All of 'em fuckers have fetishes to vampires/dragons/wolves.
  • Bronies - The forums are overrun by furfags who think My Little Pony is manly. These fags have several things in common: they all have assburgers, all are gay, all are basement-dwellers, all are cancer and none have any friends. This probably reminds you of someone, doesn't it?
  • Forum moderators - Complete douchebags who take it up the ass from high administrators. Oh wait, they all got removed. Yay! *Lemon party*
  • Super forum moderators - The admins testicular bottom feeders. The only faggots left to patrol the buttfuck orgy know as the forums. Please take into account that they are all 12 years old, don't go outside and are complete lolcows.

There are a few stupid shitty topics here:

  • Roblox Talk (RT) - Whiny cunts who care about the latest hats or the scrotum of the moderators, trying to suck their dicks or underaged cunts as soon as possible to get twenty different hats while you can get a REAL hat. They mostly show off their stupid ass free modeled places and call "RT parties" when they don't know the meaning of "party" and to make themselves feel better.
  • Let's Make a Deal (LMaD) - A bunch of crunk prostitutes who will pay anything, including their virginity, just to make a little virtual fucking money. This forum is filled with Builders club members who waste their real life money on a fucking virtual game just to improve their slutty looking characters with ZOMG! Expensive hats! *3xpl0d3s* Too bad IT'S JUST FUCKING PIXELS! These autistic trannies are all fucking minimods.
  • Off-Topic (OT) - The forum section that is the best for trolling full of lolcows, furries, niggers, Asians, and even KKK. A bunch of fucking newfag trolls try to patrol the place as the actual redeeming feature, the GOOD trolls, come in and fail troll everyone, making this place the shit of Roblox (shit of shit). Fags who post here use the shittiest memes the internet has ever been able to offer. Has been slightly redeemed ever since they started banning PewDieCry's butt-buddies and any mention of the unholy faggot from the forum.
  • Role-playing Forum (RP) - The biggest furry orgy on the site. Everyone here is either a furry, emo, twi-fag or all of the above.
  • Clans & Guilds (C&G) - Basically the flaming HQ of ROBLOX. Everyone here is either banned, or is going to be within a month. However, C&G, along with scripers is probably the only two most idiotic forums on ROBLOX. Basically, the people there have an IQ lower than 10 and are full of hypocrites.
  • Forum 34 (ID=34) - A bunch of homosexual fish came in and started 'sploring the forum section. After a while, they found this forum, and released it to RT and OT. The admins got butthurt and 14 or 7 day ban all the people who posted here. This forum has nothing to do with Rule 34, because everyone on this site has chlamydia, and are pre-pubescent little children with assburgers.
  • World Wide Chat (WWC) - The place that all the niggers, pollocks, spics and shitskins hang out. Quite like the Blue Oyster. Mainly involves self-important americunts and enraged britfags fighting over which tectonic plate their ass rests on.
  • Scripters - Possibly the only fucking people in the shitty site (besides Clans & Guilds) who have IQ's lower than 10, considering "10" is the smallest possible unit above an infinitely negative value.

All the other forums are shit nobody cares about and aren't listed.

Get out.



—Orobos, some fucking douche with over 10,000 posts and 10,001 less lives than that.'

lol dragon ball dumbshits ftw!!!



—Spydeman340. Some kid who whined about his RS account being hacked to the almighty brother of Orobos, that dumb kid in the quote above.'

dont'n maka fun of dyleicx pepleo!



—orangecorn10, a dyslexic 12 year old kid.

Stop being mean to Anna just because you're not as cool as her.



—LunaScamander, Anna200's lesbo lover.

You cyber bully'd a mod like a little wimp. And now, she quit. Who cares if she hated communism. It's an opinion, and you guys have to shove it down each other's throats. Honestly, it's pretty freaking pathetic. Now that I think about it, maybe it would be a good thing if OT ended up getting deleted.



—MrRetextureGuy, a faggot who is commonly considered superior in arguments by only himself.'

you people are a enemy to me so i quit but not forever.



—A retarded queef whose name isn't worth mentioning.

Your account is mine tomorrow T^T.



—This is commonly said by anime-fags who threaten to hack peoples worthless accounts.

great story tell it again.



—conerkorod, a fag forumer.

whats your best mario kart score? last? HAHAH get served.



—LeeGrant72hd, a faggot who calls himself mature.

You aren't an OTer if you don't have as much posts as me and didn't join before me!



—Vunro, some dumbass Faggot. Oh, wait, he got deleted, yay.

In 10-20 years, you guys will have fun playing your "roblox", when I actually have a life and you

pieces of DIRT STILL PLAY ROBLOX!!!!!!!!!!!


—Some mentally retarded 10 year old that OD's

NO IM NOT PERMA BANND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


—FastPager200, the dumbest and most butthurt user to ever exist.




—A Typical jewish forumer.

Apparently, some douchebag by the name of Lobolego committed suicide because of the forum. His butthurt girlfriend who misses his rape so, Fuzzyperson, is apparently saddened by that, so she ragequit and got laughed at my moar retards. What a bitch.

Off topic/World Wide Chat and the Roblox Wikia

When the polifags of World Wide Chat and the fucktards of Off-Topic found out there was a Wiki about their useless game, most of them shat bricks and started vandalising the wikia, in a shitty attempt to be funny. Half of them were IP banned from the site, so they can't fuck it up any more. None of them even know what a fucking proxxy is.

But you, however, are already addicted to your computer since its like god to you. And you're reading ED. Why not vandalize the Roblox wikia yourself? [2]

PROTIP: Add ASCII images of Hitler to pages about moderators


Short-hand form for Developer Exchange. Now, you can actually make real money off of your shitty Rococks games. If you make a minimum of 1,000 Robux off of your terrible games, you can cash in your earnings and obtain real life money for them through a validated Paypal account. Sounds like a good idea, right? Wrong. The rate for Robux to USD is 1,000 Robux to every $1.00 USD. Aside from the shitty exchange rate, the Rococks admins also tax you on your earnings, so instead of earning $1.00 USD, you'd probably only get about $0.70 USD. This is a completely unnecessary update, considering that nobody actually makes any "real" money, despite that the admins have written several blog stories about certain users making up to $300,000.00 a year.

You fucking sad sad faggot. Why are you trying to get money from a shitty game platform for mentally and physically deformed man-children? How about getting a job? Is that too hard for you. Probably.

Roblox Admins get Fired

On October 24, 2014, three admins were fired from Rococks for swearing during a 24-hour livestream that nobody important cared enough to watch. Apparently, their power got cut, and therefore their camera's video feed died, but the microphone remained on and caught them swearing about their game and saying it sucks. No video footage of this event is available. As it turns out, their power didn't go out at all; they just forgot to turn off the camera's microphone and were too stupid to realize it until it was too late. It is revealed that the admin's names were JacksSmirkingRevenge, B1tsh1ft, and Snowbl0x. Nobody really cares about this, except for Roblox themselves, who thought the best solution to the incident was to fire them, bringing a whole lot of controversy, lulz and drama into the matter.

The Banhammer Falls


Apparently, the mods hate Rick Astley. You even get banned for saying shit such as PINGAS.


One day, a person got drunk and high so he decided to join RoCOCKS. When he joined, everyone was surprised that he actually had a fucking brain that wasn't in the negatives. Since ROBLOX is full of idiots, they thought that this person must be a hacker, for having a brain and playing ROBLOX is impossible. Telamon, being jealous of 1x1x1x1's brain, decided to ban him for hacking. Two years later, Telamon claimed to be 1x1x1x1 to look good among the retarded community. But even ROBLOX knows that Telamon is a gay ass fuck.

Anonymous and ROBLOX

ROBLOX is paranoid about Anonymous. They will instantly delete your account if you talk about it. They should not worry however. A true Anon does not know what ROBLOX is nor do they give a fuck. Crisis aborted.

Lulzy Acts in the Forums

Tel­amon walked in on MSE6 ma­s­­t­u­r­­b­­­a­ting to g­­ay pony po­r­n. After realizing MSE6 was in fact a tra­n­s­ve­­s­t­i­te he got a mega b­o­ner and came so hard he made a hole in his pants. He then looked up at MSE6, who now had a hole in her head because the c­u­m shot through. Telamon panicked and called Builderman into the room. Builderman walked into the room and found Tel­amon putting his pe­­n­is in MSE6's ble­e­d­ing a­s­s­h­o­le. Builderman's pe­­nis slowly started to infl­ate at the sight. Bu­ilderman ran out of the room quickly to grab some l­e­go to jam up his a­­s­­sho­le while he rubbed his pe­­nis in Telamon's as­­sh­o­le. Telamon's as­­sh­o­le started bl­e­eding and bl­o­od was pouring out of it, mixed with c­u­m. MSE6's de­ad body was slowly rotting as Telamon continued to rub his p­e­nis in her as­­sh­o­le. Telamon's c­u­m was pouring out of MSE6's va­g­­i­na; he had ca­me a hole through her a­­s­s­h­o­le. Soon Telamon was blo­ating, being filled by Builder­man's ho­t, st­icky c­u­m. Telamon started moa­ning as the cu­­m inflated him, soon it was pouring out his nose. Then, Builderm­an gave it all he had. Tel­amon popped and c­u­m mixed with blo­od and internal org­ans went all over the room. Having popped his life partner, Buil­derman then stuck his p­e­n­i­s in his own as­­sh­­ole and began to rub it until he filled himself with cu­­m and exploded as well.

This kids, is what goes on at ROBLOX HQ.


—A typical Faggot


If you would like a good laugh head here [3]

Here the Rofags Try their best to counter strike the Trolls and Ediots who deface their precious Fuck Buddy Roblox.

  • A Pretentious Strike to the "young ruffians!" That Ruin our Wonderful Website! (NOTE, the 1337 Grammer)
'A troll are known as the juvaniles of the internet.


They Brainwash "Advise" the Fans of ROcocks, that they are acting mature and calm about trolls rolling in but as explained in the next section, the entire website falls into chaos and anarchy, the moment 4chan or any particular Troll posts something.

  • Believe your glorious leaders!, and you will be protected
Since many forum trolls get banned on the spot


The 4chan Drama

If you live on 4chan, Santa will find you.


—Santa for all Seasons hat

Telamon decided to add 4chan to a description of a hat to fuck with the heads of users, which caused a complete shitstorm of "OMG /b/ IS GOING TO DYSTROI ROBLOXSZ". It has been reported that RT and OT of the forums are going to "fight back against 4chan", even though most /b/tards probably don't know what the fuck "ROBLOX" is and don't give a damn. This just shows that the community takes a small joke and makes it a shitstorm of lulz and drama.

Club Christy

The usual Club Christy ad.

Around the middle of March in 2010, a user made a shitty rip-off of an already shitty place, the Iron Cafe, aka the bowels of ROBLOX. After IronInforcer, the club owner, insulted her, she made over 9,000 advertisements of her place, the forums were shitstormed with "OMG GET THESE **KING ADS OFF TEH FORUMS!!!11!!1!" and, as usual, the god-damned moderators needed to intervene and threatened to ban people who talked about it. Eventually people got so pi­s­­sed off that they revolted and started making parodies of the advertisements.


Christina8787 now sends all the Winnars to the Iron Cafe', and gaining even worse publicity for her pla-HNNNNNGGG! On the day of Wednesday January 5th 2011 she received a 7 day ban for putting marijuana in the place, despite the ROBLOX staff's love for it.

Roblox Email

The only thing that this email is useful for is for cussing out the dumbfuck moderators, and logging into spamming sites with. Below is an excellent example of this.




—a disgruntled kid who repeats the same words in caps to seem tough

One of the prime ways of trolling the hell out of the mods is doing anything fun, including emailing them crap such as:

Their email is [email protected]. Go there and lay waste to their precious site. NOW.

If you for some reason have a Roblox account, it is suggested you do this, as you cannot get banned for this.


The admins invented a new sup3r c00l banning technique which totally fucking blocks the ass out of your IP address. The admins, being the dumbasses they are, didn't realize that this method had more holes in it than a dam made out of swiss cheese. Hopping onto a proxy and posting on the forums "HAHA MODS AIN'T GOT NUTHIN ON MY PROXIES" will make the admins shit bricks in utter fury. Seriously, try it. The admins, being desperate, will attempt to fucking IP ban your proxy. Because there's only one proxy on the whole internet, obviously.

Server Error

403 - Forbidden: Access is denied. You do not have permission to view this directory or page using the credentials that you supplied.


—too bad that won't last for long

Poison Ban

Poison is a bullshit IP ban where it blocks all your proxies. If you're really desperate, you can just goddamn change your IP and make the admins shit bricks.

Poison 5/11/2010 2:45:11 PM sending furry porn images to [email protected]


—this guy seems legit

BC only places

The admins decided to coax more people into buying BC by adding BC only places. Almost every ROfag, including BC members, went into a huge shitstorm over it. The admins did nothing, and in one scenario, a mod even flamed a user trying to rally support against the new update. Instead of realizing that said mod was the exact reason that they should quit ROCLUSTERFUCK, they simply responded things such as "pawned". Since then there have been riots, fights, pointless ads, and people spamming trying to raise a "virtual protest", all of this was around before since the game was always autistic.

ROBLOX Gets Hacked

Last year, and even this year RoCocks' administration panel keeps getting hacked. Users such as caleb244 and Ellernate have hacked the site. RoCocks loves telling their users that they are the greatest of them all at coding.

This is going to make 100000-200000 people quit.


—ROfag in response to the update, not realizing ROBLOX has no more than 99 users who care.

Zorblox AKA Blockz

In 2009, some fag "conceptualized" a game a lot like ROBLOX, as in a complete ripoff. The result was ROBLOX's bastard child, the same thing, but even worse.

A similar shitwad called "BlockCommunity" was made in early 2010, and has been dead aside from some faggots, just go spam the forums with CP, BlockCommunifags then complained about this article on their shitty forums. [4]. Posted in by all four of the people who use the site, who are the same kind of fags who abuse the term "troll" by using it whenever anyone posts anything they don't personally like.

"Dox on Roblox CEO"

David B Baszucki - Owner
221 Erica Way
Portola Valley, CA94028-7441
(650) 854-3700

Relations ...

Christina L Baszucki
151 Mimosa Way
Portola Valley, CA94028-7429
(650) 233-0679

Gregory C Baszucki
151 Mimosa Way
Portola Valley, CA94028-7429
(650) 233-0679

Jane E Baszucki
221 Erica Way
Portola Valley, CA94028-7441
(650) 854-3700

Note that these dox may be outdated, good luck visiting random people house, faggot.


Every year since 2011, Rococks has been hosting these summer events to attract more faggots to their shitty online game. There was nothing out of the ordinary about these events; all they did was talk about the next shitty updates they were going to add to their already-shitty game. It also costed a fuckload of real-life money to travel to them, which is why hardly anybody did.

They had six main events so far, including:

  • Roblox Rally 2011 - Their first ever real life event, hosted in San Francisco at the Exploratorium. It was just another piece of shitty Rococks propaganda that the admins used just to attract more faggots to join their shitty site. There's not really much to say about it other than it was just a big waste of time and money.
  • Roblox Game Conference 2012 - Another shitty event, this time it was hosted in Santa Clara, California at the Convention Center. If you bought one of their passes between February 17 and May 14, you got a water bottle and a shitty T-shirt, and a shitty virtual weapon. Again, there was nothing to see.
  • Bloxcon 2013 - Possibly their biggest real life shitstorm of an event yet. This event was hosted in three separate areas all in one time frame, as well as they had a "virtual Bloxcon", which was possibly the shittiest of all. It may be the only good event they hosted, but that's highly unlikely considering the severity of the autism of the admins.
  • Roblox Film Festival 2013 - A complete shitstorm of lulz and drama. Basically, all you had to do was make a shitty Rococks video with the Unregistered Hypercam 2 logo in the top left-hand corner and then shove it right into the admins' submission box faster than they can take a shit. Nobody actually put much effort into making these so called "movies" whatsoever, and as with the usual nature of Roblox, many players resorted to stealing and copying other peoples' videos and claiming them as their own. There were a few people; however, that managed to get the shitty prize at the end, although their movies were just as shitty as most of the others.
  • 2014 Tour - Another fucking event that only showed how burned-out the admins were from last year. How this worked was a few major cities across America would host an exhibiting event known as the Maker Faire. Roblox would have a stake somewhere in this and they would have their own "booth" in the Maker Faire in many of these cities, which required eight people to run. According to the site's shitty blog, if 25 people attended a booth in the Maker Faire, a retarded staff member will show up. This event was nothing out of the ordinary, and nor did it have anything worth seeing, as will most Rococks events.
  • Virtual Bloxcon 2014 - Just another shitty online Cockscon. The only difference between this one and the other one was that VB 2014 was online for the whole convention. The admins even recorded it on their shitty Twitch channel for all to see just how stupid and pointless the whole thing was. Other than the time frame, there's really no difference between the two.

The main focus of the new logo is the the tilted "O" - and it looks like half of the Domino's logo AND a cheez-it. That's all that I need to say.


Roblox "YouTubers"

Oh boy, you thought this shit was over? No. Some people were fucking retarded enough to make a YouTube living off of this garbage. Here are some examples of such JewTubers:

  • Flamingo/AlbertsStuff - Greasy dyke faggot who thinks making their avatar look like shit is pure comedy. Used to swear but doesn't now because god forbid YouTube lets anyone cuss in a video for ad revenue. He also has some fucking shit memes that nobody except of course his fanbase and mentally disabled childrens thinks is funny, like "CHILL", "YO TENGO" (Wow so fucking funny! "I have" in spanish is COMEDY EVERYONE!), "FELIPE" and many more AIDS. He thinks he is a troll because he gets admin commands (or buys to get them) in places. His fanbase is also bad if not worse than Roblox itself. When their god gets called out they will resort to calling them "NOOB" or childish insults.
  • Jayingee - Freind of Flamingo and also equally as worse. They often have sex and admire one another's money that they receive from fanboys binge watching every single one of their videos.
  • KonekoKitten - Another cunt that also complains about Roblox/YouTube's changes and nothing else. He complains and complains and relies on Roblox for his life and income.
  • DanTDM - As if dying his hair blue and making a living off Minecraft videos wasn't enough for him, he also resorted to making Roblox videos also. This resulted in extra AIDS onto Roblox; as if it wasn't shitty enough already.
  • Nathorix - Instead of getting a job at a local McDonalds, this sad excuse of a human instead (like the idiots before him) decided to entertain a bunch of kiddies on this shit platform. Also complains about Roblox updates.
  • Poke - A retard who uses more arrows in his thumbnails than Durv. He loves clickbaiting and also thinks he is a god when he gets admin commands in places. His fanbase is comparable to Flamingo, if not more autistic.
  • Tofuu - Copycat of Poke; a worse one to be accurate. Same YouTube formula as Poke, clickbait, get views, ad revenue, rinse and repeat.
  • InquistorMaster - A 16-year-old girl who also relied on Roblox for his crappy YouTube channel. She used to suck cock online (not IRL because she will never ever get one in real life) and date with kids also, clickbaited and she continues to play Roblox much like anyone on Roblox does; and still sucks cock to this day, online.
  • DenisDaily - Another faggot (comparable to Poke) who also gets chased by his autistic fanbase. Also clickbaits, steals videos from other creators and much more.
  • VuxVux - This guy tried to copy Flamingo but failed miserably as he actually churns out much shittier content than Flamingo can even imagine to make.
  • Remainings - Yet another retard-faggot-combo who complains about Roblox updates and makes videos just on Roblox; and nothing else because that's what his fanbase only wants. Much like all fanbases here, he will get usually chased by fanboys freind requesting him.
  • NicsterV - Mega fatass who makes nothing more than clickbait videos and ad-littering videos and making sure the videos are over 10 minutes.
  • Roblox Minigunner - A LeafyIsHere copycat and a 13-year-old boy who constantly swears and uses text-to-speech about Roblox updates. Also makes shitty movies in Roblox because he thinks he is a fucking master of filmography. Also makes in a nutshell videos in Roblox because that's the only thing he is capable of doing; complaining.
  • Xonnek - Everybody on Roblox fucking hates his ass because every fucking Roblox YouTuber in the world has made a video telling the same shit. Is now a nobody. Lulz
  • Greenlegocats123 - A fucking preacher or the Alex Jones of Roblox. Constantly bitches about Online Dating, and that they are pedophiles, and the fact that Roblox doesn't do shit for Jew Gold. When in fact nobody gives a single shit. Complains about Roblox updates and "trolls" in various places by replacing the music with various sound effects and music so he doesn't get claimed. Also makes conspiracy videos about Online Dating and whatever with Kevin Macleod music so the kid watching it gets tension as if it is the next Ring movie.
  • legobloxian - Does what everyone has done already; COMPLAIN. Also complains about scamming and Roblox updates like everyone else.

If you like or are a fan of any of these YouTubers then what the fuck is wrong with you?

Roblox Is Down & Other new shit throughout the timeline

Roblox is down.png
When the abomination finally comes to an end.
File:Roblox Catalog Sexuality Flags.png
Roblox now allows people to submit these flags items into a catalog page. Are these people seriously mentally ill?
File:Roblox Powering Imagination.png
Have you ever became a waste of sperm? just remember that the people who played "Scented Con" games exist.

To everyone's surprise, Roblox is currently down. This could possibly mean (A) Many autists are still playing the game, which causes the server to crash (B). Roblox hasn't upgraded their servers in 10 years (C). Both of these were the reasons for causing this abomination to die. Of course, the closest answer to fit into this question is definitely C, because Roblox, of course, wants your money from wasting time on playing simulators, seeing dumb shit that other children interact with the platform, and more. Apparently, Roblox's 13-year-old fanbase still acts like cry-babies and wants to bitchfight Roblox for not fixing their server right. Boo-hoo! 

Oh, did we mention that throughout the timeline we didn't mention in this article are basically humiliated from now on? The platform basically now has places where teens and kids can have sexual intercourse with their characters, which have become known as "Scented cons". Similarly, Roblox has its own new style from the community where people dress up as slenders and C&P (specifically, children trying to act gangsters and sluts), which is said by many that most of them online date and that can be described as a monkey fucking a fish. To make matters worse, there's a shit ton of discord servers related to Roblox that started appearing on Pisscord which had to with trading nudes for Robux currency. Can it get any worse? Imagine how the platform started out by building shlongs into a dating platform itself. From now on, Roblox will remain a dating site for children rather than a time-wasting game.

However, the community, which was made up of 12-year-olds acting like obstinate people, wanted to bring Roblox back to where it was. This is odd, considering they're the ones that have fucked up the platform ever since Erik Cassel died from cancer. The people who said it were definitely users who started two years ago or children who had an unhealthy obsession with wars.

If ROBLOX currently is down, then it's everyone's dream come true. I think this page is too long. -renard

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