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This faggot waits for the child to make the first move in a sexual situation.
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A face like cheese dip (Kim Jong-Un-style)
Mugshot from 2015

Robert L Robinson aka Robert Casio and Casio Dark Moon is a toothless pedophile who stalks children on social media like Youtube, Flickr, etc. so he can satisfy his urges to fuck kids and get attention. When he isn't busy being trying to get his gums on infant genitalia he buys counterfeit North Korea merchandise off Ebay, so he can pretend to hate USA, all while benefiting from its welfare. He has previously been arrested as in the Sex Offender Register in Maine, which is why he claims to hate USA, because in Asia you can legally fuck 13 year old girls, a thought that makes Robert's small dick erect at night, wishing he could save enough of his welfare to move abroad and rape 13 year old ladyboys. He has the following sexual deviances, as he is a sick fuck: Pedophilia, Furry, Incest, Trichophilia, Voyeurism, Exhibitionism, age play, Objectophilia and many more.

2006 to 2015

At some point in 2006, Robert Robinson (aka Robert Casio) raped a 13 year old girl.

Robert spent a year in county jail with 4 years of probation with sex offender probation and lifetime sex offender registration. He then somehow was able to keep his pedophile ass out of jail all the way in to 2015. In early 2015 he was arrested, in a video he claimed that it had something to do with him trying to leave the United States, which could be complete bullshit. In 2015 Casio was also friends with fellow sick fuck Jason Begin, who was shot by the Augusta police department.

Adult Life: Something Sensitive Forum Drama

Something Sensitive MEMBERS GROUP PHOTO

Casio, being a retard, went to Something Sensitive to argue he isn't the sick fuck he's rightfully known as, but none of them were stupid enough to believe his bullshit, which hurt his pedo feelings, especially when they mocked him for trying to rewrite this article as self fellatio.

He was given severe asspain when they outted him because he lied about ever having been to North Korea and when SASS founder GAPO rightfully said Casio was unrepentant about raping a loli.

Being too much in love with his depravity, he complained when another SASS user (Yankees Are Haram) said "I'm with it, the cure for pedos is a bullet in the back of the head." Blood and cum further flowed down his asscheeks as they continued to mock the ever loving hell out of his child molester ass and google bombed his crimes all over the tubes.

Later, after catching him creeping on teenage girls in a laundromat, one of their members tracked down the laundromat, called the owner, informed them they could find out about Casio's bullshit on ED, and he got a visit by the police after his ban from the laundromat, which lead to him trying to parrot his own whitewash from this very article on their forum, which only got him laughed at again by the permabanned SA pantshitter brigade.

Casio claims the charges against him are bullshit, but, then again, he never took responsibility for raping lolis either.

Here's the whole SASS thread detailing his perversion and sick fuckery.


Robert often goes into IRC chatrooms and talks about his past with sick fucks who have not acted on their sexual fantasies yet. He would tell them about how much being a sex offender sucks because the man is now watching his every move to make sure he can't rape anymore little girls.

Fire conspiracy

146 Northern ave augusta maine
36 Northern ave augusta maine
Casio's address

Robert, being the paranoid kiddy diddler he is, shit his pants worrying about a town ordinance a few years ago that restricted where sex offenders could live in the town of Augusta, Maine. The tl;dr version is that any area explained in the ordnance is a GTFO no-pedo zone, though any pedo already living there were grandfathered in as an exception.

Casio lives in one of these areas thanks to this loophole.

Thankfully, the residents who hate childfuckers decided to troll the sick fucks by raising their rent to obscenely high amounts, forcing the pedos to leave anyway, which has the added benefit of raising the property value of those areas since child rapists aren't allowed to live there.

Robert's specific terror is that several places in his neighborhood home to pedophiles like himself mysteriously caught fire, forcing his fellow molesters to have to leave their hunting grounds, other apartment complexes where sex offender live were closed by safety inspectors for the reason of being structurally unsound due to poor maintenance. We can only hope his shithole goes up in flames next.

Why pedophiles should never have porn accounts

Robert Casio's Xtube gallery are full of sick fuck fap fuel. How sick you ask? Let's just say he took doll fucking to new plateaus of horror.

Robert Casio is a SICK FUCK.png Robert Casio is a SICK FUCK 2.png

Casio is still a danger to children

In one of Casio's vandal edits to this very article, he claimed he was cured of his pedophile urges.

Below is Exhibit A why he's full of shit:

Robert Casio Still Wants to Reoffend.png


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