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Rob's Law or Graves' Law states that the amount of pain or humiliation in any life event is directly proportional to the entertainment value of the subsequent story.

This can be seen in LiveJournal communities such as Lj-favicon.png bad_sex and Lj-favicon.png customers_suck, in the crap drama our friends start, and on the venerable LJDrama. The law is named after the Ball State student who is credited with creating the law. The Germans already had a word for it, but that doesn't matter where internets credit is concerned.

One can add their own examples and proof of Rob's Law in Lj-favicon.png robslaw.

Rob's Law IRL

A non-internet example of Rob's Law can be found in the blues, where the most depressing or affecting songs are considered the best. Rob's Law is also demonstrated on television in the form of trashy soap operas, humiliating reality TV series, and Maury Povich.

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