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Home to many high-profile websites such as 4chan, eRepublik, and more.


—Rizon, not understanding what 4chan is

Rizon (aka irc.rizon.net) is among the largest, and by extension shittiest, irc networks on the internet, operating similarly to its cousin Freenode. However, rather than being a home for open-source Autism, Rizon is a breeding ground for all things weeaboo, from 4chan to timecop. Aside from the obviously laughable userbase, Rizon also has a specially trained crew of incompetent operators who can't figure out basic regex or iptables (much like Rizon's little sister irchighway).


Founded in 2002 because there obviously weren't enough small networks for weeaboos at the time, Rizon later stole traffic from mIRCX and everywhere else that Nessun, Rizon's former owner (read: brb, fbi) packeted offline. Krashed also tried stealing some credit for said attacks, but everyone knows this is bullshit.

Good job opers

Rizon ops not knowing how to ban

Rizon opers have an astonishing track record of amazing methods to keep the network secure and free from spam, here are only a few of these saintly tasks:

  • Banning an entire isp to keep one person off the network
  • Zlining for invites
  • Zlining for hueg.pl
  • Coding an amazing anti-spam bot that is so advanced it does not stop spam
  • Zlining people just because

Everyday occurrences

  • Anime translated
  • Anime discussed
  • Anime watched
  • Autism discussed
  • Memes
  • Dongforce and/or GNAA floods and/or nicklist hilights
  • Numerous spam complains filed, the majority ignored
  • yhl hueg scrolls
  • Ircop Autism

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