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Rodger Holtom, while still a free man.

Riverman72 (aka Rodger Sinclair Holtom) is an unfortunate pedophile. He is in total denial about being a pedophile but proof has been ascertained in the process of pwning him. This case is still ongoing.

The Man

I cannot be gay, cos the Bible forbids it, as does the Qu'ran.

Rodger Holtom is far too Christian. He doesn't appear to have had much stable employment and tends to move from place to place. He'd love to relocate to Singapore, next to all the child tourism places, but he doesn't know a word of Malay. Instead he spends his time in a rather grotty looking flat, taking photos of the cockroaches he calls his roommates and desperately trying to get some kind of education so he can seem wise to little kids. He does not recognize himself as a pedophile and thinks his communications with children are paternal and loving. He has a fixation with kids covered in mud and barefooted kids, but denies that this has any fetishistic nature and insists he's just a nice guy. His emails tell a different story. He also appears to use naturism as a cover for looking at naked kids.

Jesus might touch the hearts of children, but that doesn't mean you can touch their genitals.

Our Investigation

Don't let him come up to you in the Youth Club.
Captain Fantastic

One day, an intrepid internet vigilante was browsing Wikisposure, where they read about a 13-year-old boy called Ninja who was a grooming target for hairy old men. On this kid's website, one of his biggest fans was a bloke called "Riverman72", who loved to remind the young boy just how special he was.

I understand what you mean Ninja, it maybe scary if someone you didnt know just came up to you and kissed you on the chest. Now if it was me, who you've known for a good 6 years. I wouldn't be that intimate with you on the first meeting. I'd wait until you knew me better.


— [Cache]

Yes, of course the boy was just looking good for Ninja Wink - and I'm sure that Karl wants to explore your sensitive areas... but he knows that only Teddy gets to do that kinda stuff Wink



I've known many kids over the years who were not worried about their bodies. Many from soccer and didn't care who saw them. Sometimes parents tell kids that nudity is bad or evil, when its really the body that God gave you, so why be ashamed of it.



Ninja, u fantasies are worse than mine!


—[Cache] (remember Ninja is a little kid)

Turban video is very kewl, yeah you do look good topless...



I was reading yesterday on a Naturism website (yes a legal one)... that children take to nudity like ducks to water. And they have no fear seeing neke adults with bits hanging out. Well if u've been to many Naturist camps' you'd be screaming get em on, nothing worse than 70 year old droppy bits (and thats just the women)


— [Cache]

You can post boy shirtless, but not girls... I don't think there has ever been a single gurl photo here...


— [Cache]

As I said in one of my first posts, Ninja is probably fairly busy and is online when he can... But how many of you can say they had a "phone call" from Ninja ??? I got one about a year ago, for about 10 mins or more. He's polite, well spoken and very friendly... And the call was international! :D


— [Cache]


Wouldn't it be great if you were totally cured and never needed those meds again..... find a decent church if you can, surely Jesus can help.


—[Retard] thinks that Jesus cures illness

Since we're on the subject, lol, I think the first thing I'd like to do with Ninja is give him a huge hug.... I got no complaints about that idea - Ninja can hug me all day, as long as Teddy doesn't mind. But what the heck, I'd hug him too. Big Smile



Well, its my first time here, didnt know about the update till ninka told me tonight on MSN, so have a lot to see and a lot of posting to do. I'm sure Ninja's been really busy recently, which is why maybe he hasnt posted much. But he's a kewl kid and I love him.



The new pics are really kewl. I've known Ninja for about 6 years or more, he's a really great kid, as everyone here already knows :)



Not had the opportunity to watch this series yet, i don't have cable, therefore no Nickelodeon. Also typing Naked Brothers into a search engine might bring up more eye opening results than the movie itself :o



I used to get picked on by gurls when i was a kid. One gang (of gurls) even wanted to see my middle bits and laughed.... maybe thats why i'm still single??



I'd take you to the Demolition Derby Ninja, if I was in the States, but we'd have to get the bus as I don't drive. I'll buy the popcorn and hot-dogs too.


—[Lovely date with a little boy]

I have to itch every now and then, but as for exploring internal regions... I tend to avoid that at all costs... :p


—[cache] about fingering his bumhole

Chris hansen watchingyoumirror.jpg

However, Riverman72 was the master of DELETE FUCKING EVERYTHING and it was hard to find any definite proof of his perverseness; quotes would disappear the day after discovery; sure his Flickr had lots of photos of young boys and all his YouTube friends were young boys, but maybe he's just nice. Our investigator posted his username on an anti-pedophile channel, and, unfortunately, there was something good on TV for about 10 months, because Riverman72 was forgotten, free to molest as much as he could.

It Just Gets Worse

A year later, the anti-pedophile contacted our investigator back - he'd been very busy - and after sufficient evidence was shared, the investigation sped up dramatically. A store of images on a Russian webserver under his name consisted of literally hundreds of photographs of different young boys. It was discovered that he was the admin of Muddy Kids on Flickr, had dozens of YouTube favorites of kids in mudfights, and was desperate to encourage the kids in his church to join in and play in the mud. One may consider this to be a wet and messy fetish, but Riverman72 would deny this outright; he is convinced he is a normal heterosexual.

It was also ascertained that he had a foot fetish but was even in denial about this.

Was gonna guess which of your kids this was....but not going to incase i make things worse...Its a shame that relaxing photos are viewed in a way that gets people's heart rates pumping....If things get tooo creepy, just f&f protect the pic :)


—[proof] - honestly, to a picture of a boy's feet.

Did u get my email??? My 14yo brother wanted in on the action ;)


—[proof] Riverman, on not being subtle

You see more of him when he goes to the fridge, topless and barefoot, wow :p I'm a fan already.


—[Rodger is easily pleased.]

Excellent video, looks a bit like Salsa or Latin American dancing. He's wearing an Arsenal FC soccer top (UK team), Brazil shorts and barefoot.... I've not seen Ninja barefoot since that picture of him aged 9 on the chair ;) time for an update maybe :p... I'm not overly a fan of feet in a freaky way, just think its more natural, like Huckleberry Finn, Tom Sawyer kinda way.


—[Cache], like he's also not a fan of Ninja in a freaky way.

His Yahoo mail was very easy to access and this unleashed a torrent of proof, dox, hilarity, and every single bit of information he had told his keyboard. Many screencaps were taken, each one with the potential to ruin his life. His Flickr was full of messages to pedos and from pedos, discussing the finer points of being a scumbag. He'd even emailed himself a conversation where he discussed being a pervert, for some reason:

Hall of Shame



Discussion between Rodger and allegedly his friend Richard Lewington, who appears to be a pedo enabler.

<Tillandsia usneosides> B4 I went, I was speaking to an American actor from NY about Mudboy.

<RICARD0> cool

<Tillandsia usneosides> The guy is 23yo, does a lot of acting in small screen etc, along with his 2 yf's that he knows from drama school

<Tillandsia usneosides> (yes, yf as in he's BL)

<Tillandsia usneosides> btw ru at home or somewhere else?

<RICARD0> oh right

<RICARD0> im at home

<RICARD0> yeah always check out where I am before talking about sensitive stuff

<Tillandsia usneosides> He's sent me pics (clean) of his yf's who are 12 & 13 yo, also actors and cousins of each other, he's known them since they were 5 & 6yo. He's quite involved with the older one, who actually started the interaction!

<Tillandsia usneosides> well apart from that, he likes the idea of mudboy

<RICARD0> wow

<RICARD0> That's good then

<Tillandsia usneosides> they are both photogenic kids


<Tillandsia usneosides> Had my 1st trip to a Naturist Camp yesterday, mainly older ppl staying there, all the kids are at school and only visit in the summer

<RICARD0> oh right

<RICARD0> probably best otherwise people would have noticed if you were checking out a young boy

<Tillandsia usneosides> Im told naturist families are very protective of their kids, would probably spot a lurker a mile away. I dont get physical reactions to nudity, seen to many young and old to bother me


<RICARD0> I saw Ed's cock

<RICARD0> Eleanor tasted it!

<RICARD0> hahahahahahaha

<Tillandsia usneosides> ewww...

<RICARD0> not your type?

<Tillandsia usneosides> to old gave up on that stuff when Tony got me to touch his years ago...

<RICARD0> lol oh yeah

<RICARD0> he was weird


The innards of his emails About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]


The Flickr Pedo Cabal About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]


Hard to find work nowadays.
Informing the police.

When Rodger discovered he was having difficulty accessing his emails, he realized what had happened and again tried to delete fucking everything - his YouTube, LiveJournal, PayPal, Amazon - he even attempted to close down his Facebook, but this was salvaged by the noobs who had broken in, so fortunately his real life friends have been informed.

His full name and address are now available to the internet, which has passed them on to the local police, his ex-employers, and the managers of that Butlins job in Bognor Regis he was going for. The ball is now in motion.

This is still in progress; indeed most of this shit happened today.

What can you learn from this? Don't use security questions. In fact, don't use Yahoo Mail. Especially if you're a pedophile.

Use scrollbar to see the full image

pwning complete


Drop him a line.

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