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Rita will be posted by the same
unfunny newfag until you like it.
Rita endorses Black Jesus.

Rita is an anthropomorphic fox whose cuddly antics were cruelly turned into furry fap material when newfags made her into a 4chan meme that made a Dynamic Entry at least 100 days ago on on the cultural cesspool that is /b/. For a long time, it was debated whether or not Rita was a true meme, or a forced meme, in the vein of Jack Spicer. She originates from the cartoon Jungledyret Hugo, which only people from Scandinavia knew about up until a couple years ago, when the Jungledyret movies were released in the US, due to a severe fap material drought amongst furries.

Like Krystal and Renamon, bullshit motivational posters would fly around /b/, claiming that everyone is furry for Rita. This is a horrid lie, and only existed for the furfags to make themselves feel better about their love of raping small animals. And then, the unthinkable happened.

On August 21st, 2007, Rita became an eternal meme during one of those 'post ending in xx is a meme' threads in /b/. But unlike most of those threads, /b/ humbly accepted it, since it was less faggy the second time around. The meme typically features a picture of Rita, and the words 'enjoy ur aids' next to it.

Moar recently, around January 2009, a group of several /b/tards have made attempts to impeach Boxxy as queen of 4chan in order to replace her as queen with Rita. So far, these attempts have all been in vain, with threads attempting to impeach either being deleted due to size, or reaching page 15 and dying. Of course, this has not stopped them from trying...

English dub, complete with 4Kids-style voice acting.

This is the version that furfags fapped to at fchan.

Youtube Poop

sum dancing

Rita is also a known fan of 300

Evidently, the Danes believe kids getting all touchy feeling is awwwwwwwriiiiiiight.

Trolling the fuck out of the creators of this massive pile of fail comes to mind. Flemming Quist Møller created it, the movies were produced by A. Film A/S (Thanks to the furries at TOW)

Nu graver vi en hule, Hvor vi to kan bo, Et sted hvor vi kan skjule, Os i fred og ro.



—Rita, only a lifeless faggot would pay $225 on Danish Rosetta Stone software just to understand a line from this fucking song.

Some depraved furry faggot on fchan admitted to have wasted his rape dollars on Rosetta Stone software solely so he can understand the above song.

Before the internet had a translated youtube, some asshat paid an excess of $225 for Rosetta Stone programming so he could learn Danish. And not to translate the whole thing, noooo. He wanted to translate ONE, FUCKING, SENTENCE. One short-lived, foreign line of children's dialogue translated for the price of a PS3 today. Yeah.

FUN FACT: He was from 4chan. Can anybody say fail?


—Commentary on the fchan wannabe-danish weeaboo faggot who purchased rosetta stone.

Someone is going to buy that fursuit and have sex in it. with it.

Pro-bestiality Copypasta

Rita secksy.jpg
Oh Rita. Imagine holding her small body in your arms. She presses herself against your chest, straining to be closer. You rub her soft, furry belly and feel her start to shiver. You run your hands along the lengths of her 4 tiny limbs, careful not to hurt her. Hugging her tightly, you press you face into her side. Her heart is beating fast, and her sides are heaving from excitement. You cradle her in your arms and begin to rub her small, aroused clitoris while kissing at her neck. Taking off your pants, you hold her in your arms and gently insert your cock into her wet, tight pussy. It doesn't take long; her body shudders in orgasm as semen erupts from your dick. You embrace her once more and kiss the top of her head, scratching her sensitive ears, as her tongue lolls out in pleasure. Together, Rita, forever.



You slowly push the door open. A shaft of light illuminates the bed inside, revealing the small form of Rita tied upon it.

You can see the fear in her eyes as she struggles futilely against her bonds. Her wild eyes follow you as you walk into the room. Sitting on the bed, you gently stroke her side. A shiver runs down her spine at your touch. Carefully you untie the cloth that covers her mouth. Hot breath escapes her jaws. You notice her hind legs twitching in anticipation. Moving into something of a spooning position, you hug Rita against your stomach, and run your hands across her soft belly. You work your hands down to her small pussy and feel her aroused wetness. You slide your fingers inside of her, first one, then two. With your other hand you slowly massage her clit. You can feel her body quivering against you, her limbs erratically thrashing. Soon she orgasms, thin spurts of liquid coating your hands. You hold her for a few minutes, petting her head.

Then you pull out the big black dildo.


If you read the above and did not shudder in disgust then you are a furry and a sick fuck.



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