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If you are looking for Chip Tha Ripper, the creator of Interior Crocodile Alligator, you should probably look for it there.

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04:49: <ripper> I told u I was hardcore
Ripper's final resting place

Ripper was the IRC handle of Brandon Vedas, a guy from Phoenix, Arizona, who committed suicide on the internet via his webcam while his mom was doing crozzwordz in the next room. He told us he was hardcore, and we just didn't believe him. He had a grip of drugs. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~shoa. He was fukcin (sic).

Quite soon after typing the legendary line I told u I was hardcore, he died of COVID and a massive drug overdose.

What He Took

Ripper's hardcore stash


He sometimes contradicts himself. He may have also taken 400mcg LSD, 2g Mescaline, and 100mg 5Meo DMT.

In short, enough to bring down Kurt Cobain, Amy Winehouse and Rush Limballs combined.

<ripper> I got a grip of drugs
<grphish> show us ripper

<ripper> 320mg methadone
<ripper> 24mg klonopin
<ripper> 120mg resotril
<ripper> 1.5 grams KB
<ripper> 4 grams mersh
<Oea> plus the 130mg inderol
<ripper> I drank some 151

<hast> is enough to kill kurt cobain
<Smoke2k> you pussy 
<Smoke2k> you pussy 
<Smoke2k> eat more 

<grphish> i really love you man
<Oea> ripper
<Pnutbot> ripper is a gangster!!!
<Oea> i love you
<grphish> its sad to see you die like this
<grphish> :(
<Oea> byeb ye
<grphish> NOW
<ripper> I told u I was hardcore
<grphish> ripper: we knew that already
<ripper> fuck u
<ripper> pusys
<ripper> u are so fucking stupid

Ripper's last words

<ripper> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~shoa
<ripper> I'm fukcin

Great friends

Like most heavy drug users, Ripper surrounded himself with a wonderful group of brilliant and aspiring peers:

<Oea> Hey
<Oea> If ripper dies
<Oea> i got tabs
<Oea> on hsi drugs

Although ripper requested to have people call 911 if he looked dead, the pussy faggots of his IRC channel were too afraid of getting into trouble. And thus ripper was down for the count like Dracula's homies.

<Oea> i am on line with 911
<Oea> is this the right choice?
<theKat> NO
<Oea> lolol
<Oea> i talked my way out of it

R.I.P. Ripper

See Also

Logs and shit

Ripper's website has since been taken over and converted into "Ask Ripper". Full IRC logs are available there as well.


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