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Rick and Morty is Adult Swim's barely disguised ripoff of American Dad—which was itself a ripoff of Family Guy, complete with idiotic pop-culture references, forced memes and constant sex jokes for cheap laughs. While Family Guy stole its main characters from The Simpsons and made them even more tiring and boring to watch, Rick and Morty stole its main characters from "Back to the Future", but instead of learning how to make interesting and lovable characters who can go fantastic adventures, this show prefers to show dysfunctional characters yelling and screaming at each other for half an hour, feigning clever and realsitic relationships.

The show panders to a fanbase of mentally-challenged pseudo-intellectuals who actually believe that the show is extremely deep and highly scientific in its depiction of convoluted sci-fi garbage and constant poop jokes. The show has also done a shout-out to the plethora of sick fucks who draw incest porn of the show's characters and then post it on DevianTART.

As with all other Adult Swim shows, it has the child appeal equivalent to that of anything airing on Disney XD, animation that isn't much above what high-school, first year art students could make in their personal deviantART doodlebooks, along with repetitive episodes which entail many sexual, mutated, gore-filled adventures that are too fucked up to air on any other basic cable channel.

The show stars a batshit-insane, drunken grandpa; named Rick, and his queer 14-year-old grandson; Morty and the retarded catastrophic abominations they create on their time-wasting journeys across the universe. It was originally just a merciful film short before Cartoon Network found out they had too much FGT, so they threw it at this and boom, we have our new show, 21-minute-long episodes of pure shitfests and scientific failure.

There's currently 5 seasons of this shit; and counting. The fanbase is emotionally stunted, cuntilicious and beefcurtainy beyond all belief. Go and look at some of the FB fan groups for extra-deep blood sodomy with a portal gun. And don't forget the pickles.


The Smith Family

Beth and Jerry's relationship
is often a topic of discussion
  • Rick Sanchez - A drunken mad scientist diagnosed with several mental illnesses, who wastes his elderly life in the family garage building pointless crappy inventions that should never see the light of day. He's constantly intoxicated, and doesn't give a single fuck about his grandson and family unless he's dragging his virgin grandson into his escapades to help him fix his own problems. Probably out of a desire to maintain loyalty with Morty, Rick has thrown him a Bone or two either out of sympathy, grandfatherly duty or a psychpathic desire to control everything because Rick's son-in-law Jerry wouldn't have the first clue how to get laid without 3 hours of crying first. Rick bought Morty the alien Fuck-bot that spawned Morty's freak son and even took Morty to Atlantis where the two of them got Mermaid pussy. He has been flanderized in recent seasons into an OP Gary Stu.
  • Morty Smith - Rick's permavirgin loser grandson that can only get laid with a lot of assistance from Rick. Morty is always tagging along with him to fix his problems, often times against his will. Morty is a stammering mess as a result of all the trauma he gets put through whenever his batshit-insane grandpa reels him into one of his adventures where he gets assraped by an aliens voiced by Tom Kenny. He has had giant seeds stuck up his ass, shrunk down to microscopic size and forced into a dead hobo's body, but on the plus side he did get to finger bang Annie, become a father to a half-alien half-human abomination born from a sex robot, and many more oddities only a mental hospital patient could remotely relate to. He also happens to be on a never-ending love-quest, desperate to get laid by any slut willing to spread their legs for his micropenis. Morty will likely kill himself by the end of the series due to the trauma his grandfather has put him through or became a bat shit crazy psychopath with less respect for life than his Grandfather.
  • Jerry Smith - A boring, jobless, egocentric father that is more concerned for himself and the family punching bag ala Meg Griffin. He keeps trying his best to think Rick doesn't exist or is some crackhead playing with duct-tape and wire and not the genius inventor capable of intersteller flight due to his inflated ego. Because of this, his wife leaves him constantly for real men who actually pay attention to the shit around them and have a pair of balls bigger than peas. Morty gets his pussy personality from him.
  • Beth Smith - The only one that has the balls, making Jerry the bottom, in the relationship. A cardiac surgeon for horses, she gives them both beating hearts and enraged boners at the sight of her swaying ass. The handjobs, fellatio and anal sex she gives them is just an after-surgery check-up list to see if their new hearts work, she swears! Constantly cucks her husband in favor of the equines or her male nurses.
  • Summer Smith - A typical "social media obsessed" 16-year-old whore who always wishes to rebel against her family, wanting to do whatever she can to be the most popular girl in school and to her friends. She actually gets pissed off and tries to win back her ex-boyfriend by using a Rick invention to grow ridiculously bigger boobs rather then dropping the dime that his older brother ass raped him when he was a kid. Her angst comes from the fact that she has realized that she ruined both her parents lives when she was conceived during a drunken, prom night, High School stupor in a dirty motel. If she haven't been born, her mother would have went on to be world famous heart surgeon and her father would be a cocaine addicted, Roman Polanski type Academy Award winning actor.


  • Ethan - Summer's needy, stalker type boyfriend that was Ass raped by his brother on a fishing trip. Mostly in the show so the creators can look edgy and pro-feminist by blaming men for giving wimmins body-dismorphia and issues by telling them the truth when they say that they're tits are too small or that they're too fat. No real value to the show. Annie has more importance than he does.
  • Jessica - Morty's crush. Apart from being a soulless ginger, she has literally no personality whatsoever and only exists for Morty to have something to want to stick his dick inside. But that'll never happen because she's too busy sucking nigger cock to even know that he exists. In one episode, Morty gives her what basically amounts to roofies, which more or less ends up destroying the world, so Rick and Morty have to restart in another reality. She actually starts getting wet for Morty when Rick removes his pussy half and Morty's balls drop enough to tell Jessica to get into the kitchen and make him a sammich. Seeing that he ain't the Omega level bitch that can be led around by the promise of an over the shirt and bra tit touch, she helps Rick trick Morty into taking back his loser half. All in all, she's you're basic teenage girl that wants to be seen as a whore and will openly talk about getting pissed on and doing Cleveland Steamers but will cry up a storm the second someone calls her a whore.
  • Snuffles/Snowball - The only character in the show with any balls - Ironic since he's been clipped and is Morty's dog. Attains super intelligence thanks to Jerry whining to Rick about Snuffles being too dumb to know to piss outside and not on the rug which motivates Rick to create a brain amplifier for Snuffles. This sets off a series of events where snuffles attains consciousness and creates more brain amplifiers for other dogs that become his Army and help in his taking over the world.
There are many Rick and Morty tattoos out there and they are all shit
  • Brad - Jessica's boyfriend. Just as bland as her, and serves as the show's resident "jock bully" stereotype. His other primary function is to take all the white wimminz so omega pussies like Morty can't have them. Most likely will be that 45-year-old loser who sits at a bar, in his letterman jacket, boring people with stories about the days when he meant something.
  • Mr. Goldenfold - A middle-aged nigger who does what niggers do best - being loud, obnoxious, lusting after underaged white girls, making no sense whatsoever and being an all around lazy piece of shit that only wants to put out the least amount of effort that is expected from him.
  • Mr. Meeseeks - One of Rick's garbage associates, whose soul purpose is to fix everyone's problems and then die. Mr. Meeseeks is a blue humanoid Muppet with an incredibly annoying voice, more insufferable than LeafyIsHere's whenever he's on a fit of nerd-rage. Mr. Meeseeks is spawned from a box with a button on it, and can use this box to create clones of himself which leads to an absolute fucking disaster.
  • Mr PoopyButtHole - A character that was created simply to be merchandised and sold as plushies to Trendy Fuckers that are slowly creeping into their 30s, that still feel the need to shop at HotTopic, as can be seen by the simple design. Like every one-shot character in the show he has one line that he repeats over and over to hide the writers lack of skills. "OOOOOHHHWEEE"

All the background characters look either still or unnaturally zombified, and the main ones sounding bored as hell when they're not getting themselves killed by whatever Rick pulls out of his ass that week.

Catchphrases And One-Liners

Not having the talent to properly develop a one time character and use it in such a way that it displays its own personality and differentiates themselves from the other characters in an episode, the creators would rather resort to trying to be a wannabe meme generator disguised as a cartoon. After all, this is how the Executives at Cartoon Network know that you're watching their shows. The more a person like You repeats these lines over and over on the internet, the more popular they know it is with idiots.

  • Snuffles/Snowball: "Where are my Testicles, Summer?"
  • Mr. Poopybutthole: "Oooooohhhhhweeee"
  • Mr. Meseeks: "I'm Mr. Meseeks!"
  • Birdperson: "In Bird culture this is considered a dick move."
  • Tammy: "I love watching bukkake. I mean, like, I don't know if I would personally ever do it."
  • Abradolf Lincler: "Prepare to be emancipated from your own inferior genes!"

The Episodes

Season 1

The precursor to the infamous incest baby.
  • Pilot: The introduction of Rick and Morty, this episode establishes the important dynamic and ideas of the show, for example the pair's incestuous homoerotic relationship. The first minute is a misdirection in which Rick decides to blow up the world in a drunken and nihilistic haze, this foreshadowing the descent into reddit humour and glorification of mental illness the show would become infamous for later. Rick ends the episode by having Morty shove fruit up his ass, a clever metaphor for Morty accepting his degenerate nature.
  • Lawnmower Dog: Justin Roiland gets petty revenge against Cartoon Network by writing an episode all about his failed projects before Rick and Morty, specifically his furry-paradise, "Dogworld", a show which Rick and Morty cannibalized in order to become successful, reusing it's intro song and repurposing all of the voices. The story of this episode is that Dogs would be dictators if they were smart, and that maths teachers are paedophiles; a boring concept and a fact already known by everyone above the age of 5.
  • Anatomy Park: "What if Jurrasic Park was about people instead of dinosaurs!" cried one of the writers. "Brilliant!" cried another writer, "That definitely sounds like a funny premise with lots of inherent humour, and not just a dumb idea that will inevitably rely on references to the original source material.". This episode also introduces a blonde love interest for Morty that is forgotten about as soon as the episode ends. The only redeeming part of this episode is when half of America is literally flattened by a bbc.
  • M. Night Shaym-Aliens!: Rick realizes he lives inside a simulation. Assuming he is alone in this virtual world, he immediately undresses his grandson and tries to force himself on the poor boy. Some nearby aliens try to stop Rick, but he blows their ship up, killing their families, their children, just so he won't be caught.
  • Meeseeks and Destroy: To celebrate Black History Month, Rick gives everyone in the family a space-slave to show them just how bad slavery really is. High-jinks and hilarity follows as the family slowly realizes that slavery is the tops and some races really are just meant to rule over others.
  • Rick Potion #9: Rick gives Morty a date-rape drug, so he can his way with all the women at his school. Morty quickly realizes that he isn't fulfilled after having his way with most of the attractive girls. He quickly goes running back to Rick, begging him for forgiveness, and they quickly become a couple again. To escape his past, Rick has them swap reality and kill their alternate selves, taking over their lives, a move that Reddit-spergs to this day will point to as a clear indicator of how "smart" the show is.
  • Raising Gazorpazorp: Morty is having his way with some whore when he realizes the condom has ripped. Now left with his Interracial baby, Morty learns that some babies deserve to be abandoned, and so he leaves the kid with its mother and fakes his death to escape having to pay child support. Meanwhile, Rick and Summer are trapped in a utopian society ran by only teh wimminz to shoehorn some female empowerment into the series. Regarded by some as one of the worst episodes.
  • Rixty Minutes: The writers are locked in the office for a week with nothing but cocaine and beer, and after screaming and shouting some of the worst improvisational comedy ever, a team of animators have to actually give life to their terrible creations. Only worth watching this if you have maggots for brains.
  • Something Ricked This Way Comes: Rick fights the devil, only to discover he might be worse. This was a desperate attempt of the shows to pretend its characters are deep and flawed. Instead, it only made the pseudo-intellectuals love Rick more and see him as their version of God, or a substitute for their lack of father figures.
  • Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind: Rick and Morty get held hostage by their alternative-universe selves, as the show creates so many plot-holes and leaps in logic that anyone even slightly invested in the story loses any enthusiasm they might have. This is the start of the show creating a very loose and inconsistent story that connects each season with an "Evil Morty", who is slowly established as their greatest villain, except not really as Rick is too overpowered to be threatened by anything.
  • Ricksy Business: Rick, Morty and Summer throw a party where they do space-drugs and dance to space-music. Most comparable to attending a child's birthday party and being the only adult in attendance. The parents are off on a Titanic-themed cruise, continuing the shows pathetic attempt at reference humour which is lost on the child fans. The episode ends on a "tense" cliff hanger, as Morty might be grounded unless he can clear up the house before his parents get back. With Rick being established as a god-like Mary Sue the audience already knows nothing is at risk.

Season 2

The showrunners can't decide if they want to lampoon consumerism or sell out so they just do both.
Even the most minor female characters are bound to attract r34 aplenty.
  • A Rickle in Time: Rick stops time so the trio can clean up the house before the parents get home. After they’ve cleaned the house and resumed time, they start tearing apart reality due to vague and unrealistic sci-fi bullshit. The bland art style is tested to its limit as a grid of different Rick and Morty’s start fucking in different positions, destroying time, or the universe, or something along those lines.
  • Mortynight Run: Morty drops off his father in a day-care for normies, where every computer has Facebook and Reddit bookmarked and the TVs show endless reruns of Friends. Meanwhile Rick and Morty become international terrorists, kill their competition, and then murder innocent civilians in the name of Allah.
  • Auto Erotic Assimilation: Morty learns what it really means to be heartbroken as it’s revealed Rick use to have straight sex, with strangers he wasn’t related to. While Rick starts banging young redheads with his shrivelled prune of a penis, Summer helps kick off a race war to keep Morty’s mind off Rick’s betrayal. Beth and Jerry scream at each other, keeping up the shows habit of depicting a failing marriage that remains inconsistent for narrative purposes, meaning no one really if they threaten to leave each other or not.
  • Total Rickall: Relying almost entirely on tiring reference humour, Rick locks down the family as he suspects shapeshifting aliens are hiding among them in the house. Half an hour of dated references and boring “fight scenes” then follow.
  • Get Schwifty: Earth is held at gunpoint by space-Jews, who demand reparations for the holocaust by tasking them to create the best snuff movie of all time or their planet will be cooked in a giant oven. While Rick and Morty start a genocide on camera to save what will remain of Earth’s population, the rest of the family join a cult so the cavemen watching the show can claim that religion is dumb and stupid because a cartoon said so.
  • The Ricks Must Be Crazy: Continuing the “clever and witty” bible bashing trend, Rick reveals that his car is run on a tiny planet he’s created, populated entirely by black slaves. Being their creator, Rick feels there’s nothing wrong with his ethnic-engine, but Morty starts preaching they should be free or something. The two resolve their differences by experiencing a little Buck Breaking.
  • Big Trouble in Little Sanchez: Beth and Jerry go to a space relationship councillors to reference the Alien movies, while Rick turns himself into a teenager so he can legally fuck all the young attractive men at Morty’s high school. The episode ends with Rick learning he’s a beta male, and in his anger shooting up the school before killing himself.
  • Interdimensional Cable 2: Tempting Fate: If the first seasons awful regurgitation of drunken ramblings didn’t already turn you off the show, this episode sure will with its ifunny-tier comedy and dull side plot with Jerry having surgery to get a bbc to finally make his wife happy.
  • Look Who's Purging Now: Rick and Morty visit a planet full of furries and end up getting stuck there overnight. The episode quickly devolves into references towards the Purge movies, saying “wow isn’t the Purge a dumb idea”, before reminding the audience how overpowered Rick is as he massacres endless goons for half an hour, turning the furry planet into a genocidal representation of modern-day Syria.
  • The Wedding Squanchers: Summer's bitch-ass friend is getting married to a 40-something-year-old featherfag called Birdperson, and the Smith family is invited to the wedding. Rick quickly learns it's a trap and Birdperson’s bride is actually a groom. Birdperson is killed, everyone's online messages get leaked so now they're considered terrorists, and the party goes ballistic with Rick making an escape with the family to a tiny, linear world full of different biomes. Rick later experiences troll's remorse and turns himself into the police for extreme assfucking. The entire episode is an overdramatic and edgy ordeal, with Rick ranting about how dumb and stupid weddings are so the preteens watching can clap their hands like mindless drones and declare Rick is so epic and just like them.

Season 3

Put Elon Musk in the Show for le epic Reddit points with one letter in his name changed = comedy gold.
  • The Rickshank Rickdemption: Earth is taken over aliens and now the government is just like that book I never read. Morty and Summer contact the alternate universe Rick and Morty ask them to help break their grandfather out of prison, but Rick has already escaped by body-swapping with his captors and later one of his alternate selves. He then destroys the entire intergalactic government which leads to Earth being saved. Rick then forces Jerry to divorce Beth and kicks him out of the family. Yet another episode with no stakes, tension or intrigue, it's almost as if a perfect, godlike main character makes your show shit.
  • Rickmancing the Stone: Parody episode, this time making surface level jabs at Mad Max, and Fallout to an extent. Summer becomes a child bride and kills people because she's an angsty teen and Morty just beats people up for therapy, it's nothing ground-breaking. This episode is one of the first that started the trend of simplifying the main cast as just angry people who hate each other, instead of writing them as real people with complicated relationships. It's easier for your character to just say they hate life and be angry then have them be interesting or relatable.
  • Pickle Rick: The episode that made it cool and mainstream to hate Rick and Morty. Rick becomes a pickle so he doesn't have to go to therapy, and then parodies Iron Man and John Wick. With the reference humour taking up a majority of the episode, the only "joke" to take away was Rick shouting "I'm pickle Rick!", a phrase that was screeched and shouted by fans to recognise each other, and quickly became a subject of ridicule as people realized how tiring and lazy the show truly was.
  • Vindicators 3: The Return of Worldender: Avengers parody that came out 4 years too late. The ending is a confusing mess with the message seeming to be, "let evil people get away with crimes sometimes". Nothing is learnt or gained besides the writers implying Rick no longer cares about Morty.
  • The Whirly Dirly Conspiracy: Rick takes Jerry to a space resort where no one can die so they can hash out their differences. A wage cuck tells Jerry to kill Rick, and even though Jerry has no way to get home without Rick's help, he agrees to go along with it anyway because the writers are lazy hacks. Episode ends with Rick telling Jerry to stop being a faggot. It's boring.
  • Rest and Ricklaxation: Rick and Morty have their toxic masculinity removed from their bodies, only for the toxic residue to become villains who want to turn everyone on Earth into angry incels. More lazy bible bashing with a priest having to say out loud "God is fake we made him up for money" because writing comedy is hard work. It might interest you to know that Season 3 is when women were signed onto the writing staff, which might explain why so many of these later episodes were so much worse.
  • The Ricklantis Mixup: The alternate Ricks and Morty regroup and build a society, where Morty's are treated like second-class citizens in an incredibly shitty racism metaphor. Episode ends with the Evil Morty from season 1 in charge, giving this show a vague sense of continuity.
  • Morty's Mind Blowers: Replacing the dreadful drunk television episodes, this episode is a clip show of shitty gimmicks and lame jokes the writers clearly though were funnier than they truly are. The end is a shitty Men In Black reference and a "joke" that men treat women horribly, (again, women were writing this shit by this point.).
  • The ABC's of Beth: Game of Thrones parody episode, Beth has to acknowledge that as a kid she was an autist with violent tendencies, who cares. Jerry has an alien girlfriend who he only dates for her big boobs, and the ending is yet another shitty racism metaphor as Jerry tries to breakup with her because he hates her skin colour, but can't admit it.
  • The Rickchurian Mortydate: Rick fights an Obama caricature, and while Rick uses sci-fi ray guns and shitty Marvel joke weapons, the Obama clone uses Men In Black weapons instead of drone strikes. Meanwhile Beth reunites with Jerry, completely ruining the slight intrigue of how the divorce would effect the show, and killing re-watchability for viewers who know that the divorce is now just a big waste of time.

Season 4

Can the writers resist making an incest joke every five seconds? (They can't).
Never Ricking Morty: How not to do meta commentary
  • Edge of Tomorty: Rick Die Rickpeat: Morty starts huffing glue and finds out he can see how he's going to die. He kills Rick and starts acting differently so he can die surrounded by young, buff, naked black men. Rick meanwhile has to borrow replacement bodies from his alternate selves, and the show uses this to complain about episodic adventures which seems quite petty since they relied on this formula to become popular in the first place. The ending is a reference to Akira (no other show has made an Akira reference evar!!) with lines delivered so poorly and with such little self-awareness you'd think it was your dad trying to sound hip and cool.
  • The Old Man and the Seat: The writers try to pretend they understand mental health and depression and fail miserably. Rick creates a fake planet where he can shit himself in peace, without being judged by anyone. One day he realizes someone's been recording him and making money off his poop fetish and so Rick tracks his stalker down, only to realise they're both degenerates with mental issues, and the show tells the audience it's better to kill yourself and act like a caveman than get help.
  • One Crew over the Crewcoo's Morty: The show tries to make fun of heist movies like Oceans 11, only to instead, prove to the audience how awesome those movies are and what hack writers are in charge of Rick and Morty. The ending is purposefully over complicated and stupid, making it a bore to watch. There's also a useless Elon Musk cameo to appeal to the Redditors for the 100th time.
  • Claw and Hoarder: Special Ricktim's Morty: Rick and Morty make fun of fantasy films and games like Lord of the Rings and DnD. Morty gets a dragon who would rather smoke ganja with Rick than hang out with a dorky kid. This might be funny but the show quickly devolves into lazy sex jokes, and after this episode aired the show tried to make a quick buck by shitting out their own Rick and Morty themed DnD adventure kits, devaluing any criticism or jokes they made about how stupid the genre is. This episode also devolves into incest like so many episodes before.
  • Rattlestar Ricklactica: A Terminator parody but with snakes instead of people. It's hard to make fun of something that's so draining and boring on it's own. Basically it's like having to listen to your drunk friend recount the first two Terminator films, except he's really drunk so he think he's funny, but he only watches day time TV so his every joke is a shitty reference to something you haven't seen.
  • Never Ricking Morty: A mind-fuck episode that confuses the audience to hide how clueless the show is on what to do next. The ending makes fun of online fan fiction as Jesus Christ himself, comes down from the heavens and saves the pair. The last line is a lazy capitalist and consumerism joke but given how much merchandise crap has been released for this show at this point, they don't look all that clever making these jabs.
  • Promortyus: Rick and Morty get taken over by face-huggers. They help build these monsters civilizations, and Rick and Morty finally have gay sex on camera. Once they finally break free of their monsters, there's a shitty 9/11 joke, as well as a Peal Harbour joke and then a preachy feminist speech at the end. It's boring and half of the jokes don't land.
  • The Vat of Acid Episode: Morty makes fun of Rick, and then uses one of his inventions to save his place in time like a videogame, with him using it to reload everytime he fucks up. Rick then tells Morty off and has him fake his death so the universe forgives him for all the shitty things he did before reloading. The episode makes constant jokes about how boring it is, trying to pretend it's clever so you feel stupid for criticizing it, but don't fall for it. This is one of their laziest episodes, but only because nothing interesting happens, not because it is bad.
  • Childrick of Mort: The show pats itself on the back for 30 minutes by having the whole story be "lol what if you could have sex with a planet xD.". Rick and Beth build a new society for the endless abandoned children flying out of the whore planets rock vagina, and after making basic jokes about influencers and celebrities, Rick literally fights a Greek God and kills him with the power of weed and videogames, I wish I was joking.
  • Star Mort Rickturn of the Jerri: A parody episode about Star Wars. The show constantly mentions, "Ha ha we're doing a Star Wars", as if this shields their lazy, plagiarized script. Beth has a clone who looks like your mum doing a samus cosplay and they team up with Rick to kill Birdperson again and his shitty trap wife. The giant death star rip off explodes and nothing of importance is learned or gained.

Season 5

The writers saw how much Summer and Morty incest porn there was on the internet and made it canon.
  • Mort Dinner Rick Andre: Continuing the trend of the show dumbing down complex relationships to just "They hate each other I guess?", Rick punished Morty because he saved their lives, forcing Morty to be a waiter while Rick has a romantic dinner with a partner he found on Grindr. Rick places wine into a dimension where time moves quickly, instructing Morty to grab a bottle when requested. The antagonization continues when the people in the fast dimension bully Morty because he's slower than them. The end of the episode has Morty genocide this other dimension and Rick has gay sex with his date.
  • Mortyplicity: Rick and Morty's start killing other Rick and Mortys. This starts a chain as other Rick and Morty's fear for their lives so they decide to kill the other Rick and Morty before they kill them first. An admittedly cool concept is ruined as cheap blackface jokes and more stupid pop culture references take centre stage. The ending is a shitty joke about continuity and the audience is then left confused as they can't tell what this show has become.
  • A Rickconvenient Mort: Morty falls in love with Captain Planet but at the end realizes dating a gay, vegan, environmentalist means he could never have fun for the rest of his life so Morty kills him. Meanwhile Rick and Summer have constant sex with aliens on planets that are about to die, a very boring premise that plays out with shitty jokes about incest and orgeys that will only get a laugh out of 13 year olds.
  • Rickdependence Spray: Morty's sperm becomes a new race of killer predators, and so one of Summer's eggs is used to lure and trap them, only for them to create a giant incest baby. How on earth this script got made into an episode is mind-blowing, it's so bad and so painful to watch. The message at the end is that men need to stop taking credit for Women's ideas, but Summer's the one who suggested her egg and the incest baby so maybe the shows secret message is to ignore dumb bitches when they open their mouths.
  • Amortycan Grickfitti: Rick takes Jerry to Kiwi Farms and makes money off the neckbeards who want to see pure, free-range cringe. Meanwhile Morty and Summer go on a joyride using Rick's flying car, only for the car to reveal it has a female A.I controlling it, leading to patronising "jokes" about cat calling and trying to pretend women are people with dreams and aspirations, something the audience knows is a clear lie. Your message is already a waste of time when the woman delivering it is a car, an item, something designed to serve a purpose and nothing else.
  • Rick & Morty's Thanksploitation Spectacular:Rick turns everyone into furries, including the president. While he thinks this is an epic troll, Rick quickly realizes this means furfag degeneracy will now become normalized and so he quickly reverses the change before it's too late.
  • Gotron Jerrysis Rickvangelion: A Gundam parody episode, making surface level jokes about anime and brings back the incest baby as a major plot point. The major conflict of the show could be avoided if every character didn't act like such a dick to one another.
  • Rickternal Friendshine of the Spotless Mort: Rick tries to resurrect Birdperson and has to enter his mind to revive his soul. Basically 30 minutes of lore-dumping in a show that has always claimed nothing matters in the story. Thus this episode doesn't matter and is boring to watch.
  • Forgetting Sarick Mortshall: Rick and Morty download Tumblr and are radicalized into believing their relationship is toxic and patriarchal. They split up at the end of this episode, but since this show is a merchandise machine, the audience knows like the divorce plot, this won't last.
  • Rickmurai Jack: Rick and Morty get back together, meaning their split up was five minutes on screen. They confront Evil Morty who reveals Rick's entire backstory, which is boring and surprisingly predictable. Evil Morty genocides millions of Rick and Mortys to farm a portal machine to escape this reality, and Rick and Morty have to stop a thinly veiled slavery metaphor in order to stop the world ending or something.

The Creators

Nigger Rick And Morty.jpg

Dan Harmon - A fat alcoholic nu-male who's actual Asperger (seriously he's an actual aspie) was probably the thing that made his wife leave him. (Lol nope it was because he was creeping on his Community co-writer Megan Ganz) Despite being a feminist, he once screamed at a woman on stage until she cried. He also once devolved into actual autistic screeching at a convention while yelling at a room full of people that they should prove they aren't nazis by going out and stabbing Trump voters to death (AKA illegal incitement to violence). Dan clearly believes in his mind that he is Rick, despite the fact he's so stupid he couldn't win a twitter argument about copyrights against a 16 year old McDonalds employee and had to threaten to block her if she doesn't stop proving him wrong. Infamous for the fact his shows always fall apart because all of his co-workers hate him and refuse to work with him and is currently hiding behind a Wil Wheaton high wall of blocked accounts on twitter, like the one he blocked after spending 3 drunken hours sending him threats after he dared suggest that Dan's idea of a TV show where you rap about your grandmother might not be a good idea. Last Thursday, Harmon's pedophile fantasies were discovered and ArchiveToday-favicon.pngexposed by 4chan for the lulz and graet justice, which led to Harmon deleting his Twitter account. After a public apology which was laughed at by John Oliver, a video of an infant fondling Harmon's crotch was discovered and uploaded to LiveLeak. LiveLeak promptly deleted it as a violation of their TOS, but there are copies on Twitter and in the fap folder of every person on 4chan. Naturally Polygon attributed Harmon's trouble to the "far right" because Polygon loves pedos.

Justin Roiland - Probably a paedophile. Has posted on twitter that in a parallel universe Rick and Morty are in a homosexual relationship (which isn't only paedophilia, but also incest) and when people confronted him about it got super defensive. Fans also like to defend Roiland's pedophilic tendencies by saying that the Scary Terry episode, when Mr. Goldenfield is having a wet dream that includes his students, is a nod to Nabokov's Lolita rather then being some sick shit. This wouldn't be suspicious if it wasn't for the fact HE WAS CAUGHT SOLICITING UNDERAGED GIRLS FOR SEX ONLINE: in a story that was buried by all liberal news outlets and forgotten. The only thing that's good about Roiland is his hate for SJWs, which is probably the thing that keeps triggering Harmon's Aspergers and causing him to miss every one of the show's deadlines.

4 Nameless Whores - R&M hired 4 random women at the end of season 3 as script writers because Dan is a feminist. Subsequently, the third season is considered to be by far worse than the first two.

Jessica Gao - Okay, one of the whores has a name. She's a fat Asian retard who wrote herself into the show so her self insert character could put Rick's "toxic masculinity" in check and so she could have an excuse to force the show to hire an Asian voice actor to voice her Asian self-insert character. This hilariously failed because you don't have to be the same color as the cartoon character you're voicing and they ended up hiring a white person to voice her instead. Gao is also responsible for the cancer that is "Pickle Rick".

Someone on the staff who has a Golden Shower fetish - No clue who this is, but Summer keeps pissing herself in the show and Jessica and her friends had a conversation in the Day Spa episode about getting pissed on so it's probably a fetish of one of the writers: almost definitely Roiland.

The Fanbase

Your everyday R&M fanboy IRL

The R&M fanbase is comprised entirely of smug middle school boys and Reddit MGTOW's in their late 20's. Both think hating god makes you edgy, both are intimidated by women, but at least the 13 year olds bathe.

Sending death threats to the female writers

The RaM fanbase got so butthurt about Harmon hiring women writers that they doxed all of them and sent them death threats, which didn't accomplish anything and only got feminist sites to write articles about it and Dan Harmon to say he is ashamed of them. While usually feminist accusing people of being misogynists is just bullshit, in the case of Rick and Morty fans it is 100% true. Although they ended up being sort of right because season 3 was shit.


When the cringiest fanbase online found the cringiest site online, magic happened. Musical.ly is currently flooded with 12 year olds in poorly made costumes lip-syncing Justin Bieber songs. It's not only amazing, but also the only place the under-aged part of the fanbase go to get away form about the 50% of the adult fanbase of the show who accost them with propaganda about feminism when they just want to talk about their children's cartoon that was made for children, which is what they are. The other 50% of the adult fanbase is inescapable even on Musical.ly because they're pedophiles.

The Sauce Incident

This is the sauce that caused the fans to go batshit insane.

After petitioning McDonald's day and night to bring back a sauce most of them are too young to have ever tasted because the show mentioned it and said it was good, the Rick and Morty fanbase rewarded McDonald's for their kindness by rioting all over the nation because there wasn't enough teriyaki/ketchup mix to go around, in an incident that ended in fights, stabbings, a car accident and one retarded slut trading her car for a 5 cent packet of sauce. In one video a fan jumps onto the McDonald's counter to loudly demand the sauce, squirms on the floor shouting that he is Pickle Rick, then retardedly runs out of the McDonald's (seen at 5:25 to 6:16 here - heavily planned performance art)

Show creator Dan Harmon only made things worse by demanding McDonald's pay him royalties for the free publicity he gave them that they didn't ask for.

Way Too Many References

Damn, this show has even more obscure references than South Park's Member Berries.
Ugly Funko pops has caused countless Rick and Morty Fanfags to cum in their shorts.
Male Redditors want to be him
Female redditors want to fuck him
A pretentious fanbase for a show that thinks its smarter than it really is will run out and buy anything. Nietzsche is rolling in his grave.

Rick and Morty is designed to be another one of those trendy fucker shows where hairy palmed geeks can get together on message boards or head up fan-sites so they can feel superior to the average viewer that only watches the show for amusement, to waste time or bacause there's nothing better on Tv at the moment and not so they can watch each episode in super slo-mo so they catch all the blink and you'll miss them hidden references to earlier episodes or tributes to other shows in every episode.

For instance, in the episode Morty's Mindblowers, when Rick and Morty are in the M.C.Escher style world and Morty is holding the Truth Turtle, they are both running away from Morpheus from Neil Gaiman's Sandman.
What really makes fans cream their shorts is all the Gravity Falls references in show that have fans convinced that Disney will allow a Gravity Falls and Rick And Morty crossover in the future. For instance, in the Atlantis episode you can see a Morty carrying Journal Number 3. Same episode you can see a Morty-styled Mable and a Morty-styled Dipper Pines. In any episode try to not find Bill Cipher, the triangle-shaped Illuminati-styled villain from Gravity Falls. If you have an idea how the artists hide him it gets easy to find him. Look at computer screens or statues that look like they are holding something; Bill will almost always be there.
Probably the most interesting reference is in The Rickshank Redemption when Rick is showing the bug alien how he invented the portal gun his house is the same house as Walter White's in Breaking Bad.

The sad part about all of this is that 90% of the references exist only in the fan's minds. Striving to gain some sense of superiority for watching this show, the autistic audience of this shit pile constantly imagines deep philosophical meanings and obscure literary references into the show. To the point they convinced themselves that "WABA LUBBA DUB DUB" is actually a deeply meaningful allusion to an 18th century russian novel about nihilism.


Pickle Rick - Is a forced meme and another cancer infecting the internets because 12-year-old boys think they're being clever repeating something over and over until it has the same mental impact as repeating multiplication tables in 3rd grade math class.

WUBBA LUBBA DUB DUB - Was, like all memes in this show, intended as an ironic criticism of how stupid catchphrases and things like that actually are. Instead of getting that, R&M's highly evolved fanbase all either ascribed some hidden meaning to literal gibberish, or started yelling it at people on the street while insisting they are being ironic but only proving to the cringing spectators they don't know what that phrase means.

Get Schwifty - Again, intended to be cringy and ironic. Again, this went over the fans' heads.

SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT - Nobody actually uses this meme.

EVERYTHING ELSE - Look, this isn't KYM. We aren't here to document every retarded moment in the show that it's downie fans post over and over on every website hoping it will eventually become funny. All you need to know is that any meme related to Rick and Mort is shit and anyone that posts them (yes, even "ironically") is a faggot that should be trolled off whatever website you happen to see him on.

"To Be Fair" Copypasta

The only good Rick and Moarty "meme" is the one dedicated to mocking them with this copypasta of an honest-to-god real facebook post by a real R&M fan.

To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Rick and Morty. The humour is extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of theoretical physics most of the jokes will go over a typical viewer’s head. There’s also Rick’s nihilistic outlook, which is deftly woven into his characterisation- his personal philosophy draws heavily from Narodnaya Volya literature, for instance. The fans understand this stuff; they have the intellectual capacity to truly appreciate the depths of these jokes, to realise that they’re not just funny- they say something deep about LIFE. As a consequence people who dislike Rick & Morty truly ARE idiots- of course they wouldn’t appreciate, for instance, the humour in Rick’s existential catchphrase “Wubba Lubba Dub Dub,” which itself is a cryptic reference to Turgenev’s Russian epic Fathers and Sons. I’m smirking right now just imagining one of those addlepated simpletons scratching their heads in confusion as Dan Harmon’s genius wit unfolds itself on their television screens. What fools.. how I pity them. 😂

And yes, by the way, i DO have a Rick & Morty tattoo. And no, you cannot see it. It’s for the ladies’ eyes only- and even then they have to demonstrate that they’re within 5 IQ points of my own (preferably lower) beforehand. Nothin personnel kid 😎


A sizeable amount of Rick and Morty fans are connoisseurs of scat pornography; in response to being questioned about liking weird porn, a fan wrote the following:

Oh sure, let's just post penises penetrating vaginas...let's continue to perpetuate the most basic expression of sexuality as it has been for the past 2 million years of human evolution with no regard for expanding your potential scope of turn-ons.

We're incredibly lucky to be living in an era when we've got an understanding of technology and how the universe functions. We've only just left the dark ages of scientific ignorance. The most basic form of sexuality is something that has to go with it.

Yes, we still have the human instinct of aversion towards feces. But you've gotten over the instinct to smash your rivals' head in with a rock and scat is also something you're fully capable of integrating into your library of sexual turn-ons, as the rest of us already have. Looking at scat pics won't give you a transmittable diseases, as the most primitive part of your brain is falsely signalling to you. Realize this. Get used to scat porn. Learn yourself to like it. Then embrace the scat fetish. Stop being an antagonist to a fetish that's only going to keep growing in popularity.


Is It Misogynistic? Isn't EVERYTHING?

No shit, you Tumblr idiot

Do you think only intelligent people can understand the show in general?

I'm not comfortable saying that, especially because philosophy and philosophers have a reputation – not undeserved – of being elitist and making philosophy so abstract and removed from the daily questions of life that people find it alienating. That's really too bad, because as originally practiced by the ancient Greeks, like Plato and Socrates, philosophy was an activity aimed at living a good life. This isn't a conception of philosophy that Rick and Morty engage, so I'd welcome a little more moral philosophy into their world. It might be a way to tack into the male dominance and misogyny that runs throughout the show.



Splutter splutter


I’m extrapolating a lot, here — neither Roiland nor Harmon actually said any of that. I don’t know for sure whether there were more scripts sent in overall this time, or if these men just coincidentally chose more women’s scripts. How are the scripts chosen, exactly? Because it really doesn’t sound like Roiland or Harmon have the actual numbers, nor does it sound like they much care; they seem okay with leaving all of this up to “coincidence.” And perhaps that’s because of the “budget” comment Harmon makes; maybe he doesn’t think they’re paid enough to care. In which case, my condolences. For real. Because I would love to see their bosses devote some time and money to this exact problem.


Splutter splutter

The show's famous cynicism and misanthropy might just be a cover for a deeper misogyny and that misogyny might just be a cover for something worse.



Rule 34

You know you want these, you sick fuck:
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This is Quality content WHEEE!
Woah watch out for that FUCKING edge!

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