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Riboflavin is the only azn on ED. Which also makes him the most tarded azn on ED.

Riboflavin is the EDiot who invented rainbow blinkies. He does not believe in Indigo and is a faggot Charlie for doing so. His mother actually does do manicures, because stereotypes don't lie. He was also once infected with Otherkin this led him to thoughts of an heroism.

Although this EDiot and possible b/tard (the usual suspects) is so ronery and an angry Asian man it has been disputed that the fact that he goes to Virginia Tech is a total coincidence.

Ribo runs most of ED behind the scenes and is known to manage one of Joseph Evers many sweatshops where over 10,000 Air Jordan's are produced a day!

Ribo was DMCA'd in 2006 after his Jewmate downloaded a shit off Limewire. The DMCA claimed he downloaded thehalfbloodprince.exe. Ribo and his Jewmate both had to take an instructive course as people lulzed at Ribo's expense daily.

<@sherr0d>: omg riboazn is SO azn!!!!
<@sherr0d>: jajajajaja
<@sherr0d>: classic azn

Nothing But The Truth!?!
Rank the events/actions in order from the most harmful/inappropriate (1) to the least harmful/inappropriate (20).
____ You’re home for winter break and your parents gave you a curfew. You said you understand. You decide to sneak out later through the basement.
____ Your friend tells you something in confidence and asks you not to tell anyone else. You said okay. This info was too good to keep to yourself, so you told another friend who promised not to tell anyone else.
____ You’re at an apartment party that the police bust. An officer asks you for your name and information and you decide to give your roommate’s name.
____ One of your professors takes attendance at every class. You and your friend have a pact that when one of you skips, the other writes both names down.
____ You got the mail one day and stuck the phone bill in your bag. You forgot the bill was in your bag. Three weeks later your phone got cut off. Your roommate asked you if you ever got the bill and you said no, but you would fix the problem.
____ You’re 22 and driving home from downtown and get stopped by a sobriety checkpoint. The police officer asks you if you’ve had anything to drink. You say you’ve had 1 drink when you actually had 4. You are the most sober person in the car.
____ Your door leaves a scratch and dent in the car parked next to you at the grocery store. You get back in your car and move to another spot, not leaving a note.
____ You are driving your friend to the store. You forgot your drivers license at home. The passenger asks if you have your license and say, “Oh, I have my wallet.” They say, “Good, cool.”
____ You switch price tags on two books at the bookstore because the one you have to buy is overpriced.
____ Before you graduate you buy a set of student season tickets for the following year’s football season and use your old student ID to get into the games.
____ Your friend asks you if she looks fat in that outfit and you tell her “no” even though she does.
____ You give your student football ticket and ID for a non-student to use.
____ You tell everyone your designer knockoff bag is real.
____ You need a few more days to study for an exam so you tell your professor that your grandmother died and need to go to the funeral, even though she is alive and well.
____ You are under 21 and you have someone else ID in your wallet who is 21years of age. You are not currently “using” it.
____ On a closed book take home test, you use your class notes to complete the test.
By signing below you are stating that the answers you have given are your own work and not the product of someone Else’s efforts.
Date of Class:_______________________

Pika Pika.gif Riboflavin is related to a series on AZNS. [Domo ArigatoHerrow]
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