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The late Tom Ciancio
REX, or as he has also been known for trillions of years, XER
Rex really wants to know.
Tom used to think Rex was a pretty cool guy, for a Scilon
Rex's "thetan" was unharmed in the suicide attempt.
Rex is not only a Scilon, but he's also a Paultard.
Now Rex will never get to be a "rich dad."

Rex Fowler is an OT-8 Scilon software businessman in Colorado, USA who flipped out and killed his employee Tom Ciancio on 30 December 2009. After shooting Tom many times in the head with a Glock, Rex shot himself a few times too, but failed to die. Indeed, he was even able to walk to the ambulance.

At first, Rex tried to say that Tom had tried to shoot HIM, but the murderous truth soon began to come out.

Rex says

Every Scientologist is required to have a cheezy 1998-tech Scilon web page. Here's what Rex has to say about himself:

Scientology helped me remember and revitalize my natural immortality.

Incidental to recovering my true self and many abilities long neglected, my life is happier and I am more capable at everything I do. I had gains from the first year I studied Scientology and those gains have built and expanded over the years since.

The first thing I read by L. Ron Hubbard in 1974 was the Aims of Scientology. He said Scientology aims for a world without war, crime, and insanity. I was an angry young man looking for a group that might help solve the problems of this world, so I looked into Scientology. I'm not angry anymore. As more and more people rediscover their true selves through Scientology, together we WILL achieve a world without war, crime, and insanity

Possibly, unless Rex decides to kill you.

How did Tom get involved?

When Tom got the job as Chief Operations Officer at Rex's place a couple of years ago, he didn't realize that Rex and everyone else at the company were Scilons. He knew that they used words like "data" and "technology" in unusual ways, but he didn't worry about it too much. It wasn't long, though, before Tom began to feel uncomfortable. Every time they had a staff meeting, Rex and his crew would pick up their styrofoam coffee cups and drink a toast "to LRH." Whenever there was disaster or tragedy in the news, the Scilon colleagues would stomp around the office in a rage, murmuring about "the Psychs." Bizarrely, Rex tried to force Tom to start smoking. Soon, the Scilons began to pressure Tom to go down to the "Org" on weekends for "auditing," and even brought a bunch of expensive books to the office, which they insisted he buy. But Tom was a hardcore Catholic, and he refused to go for that bullshit.

Why did Rex do it?

Like all Scientology businesses, Rex's company was a member of the World Institute of Scientology Businesses (WISE). As with all WISE businesses, the key points of the business plan call for intense recruiting of new Scilons. Meanwhile, the unwritten parts of all WISE business plans call for the business to operate at a minimally-functional level, and eventually fail completely. After a while, Tom got sick and tired of Rex and the crew constantly putting the Scilon moves on him, and decided to quit. On 30 December, the birthday of his 7 year old son, after trying for weeks to get his last paycheck from Rex, Tom went down to the office to talk to Rex in person. The wheels began to spin in Rex's mind: As an OT-8, he had already spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on Scientology, and in the past year had given nearly all of the company's revenue to Scientology as "donations." He had no money at all for Tom's paycheck. But here comes this suppressive Tom, demanding money. The nerve of this wog! LRH's data flowed into what was left of Rex's mind. "Never fail to hurt another in a just cause." "Use R2-45 with a Smith & Wesson to deal with SPs." Better just kill Tom and solve this problem. After all, Rex was an OT-8, with complete control over matter, energy, space and time (MEST)! There was no way he could get in trouble for this.

But after shooting Tom several times in the head, Rex had a sudden realization: "ERROR! ERROR!" Time to an hero.

As a Scilon, Rex failed yet again. He is presently in the hospital, whining that it was all Tom's fault. At first, the cops believed him, but then they saw that Tom had 3 massive bullet wounds in the head, which would have been impossible for him to do. Later this week, Rex will be transferred to the Denver jail.


In response to questions from journalists, all Scientology offices have been instructed to say that they never heard of Rex, no, what are you talking about, he couldn't possibly be a Scilon.

However, behind the scenes, Wogs and Marcab Confederacy members can rest assured that it's business as usual... Sec Checks are being applied at full force, are being sent to the RPF in droves, an "All Hands" has been issued for this "Hill 10 PR Flap" and our good friends at OSA are devising a web of lies, mis-truths, deceptions and utter bullshit to whitewash the dregs of humanity known as "SPs" with.

For the true believers behind the razor wire and in the insular grip of our dear, reviled happy fun cult, one can only imagine the shitastic torrent of spin doctoring taking place, as higher ups attempt to turn this PR shitstorm into a "WIN" by pointing out that OT VIII must work, because only an enlightened Thetan could shoot himself multiple times and still not fucking die, thus "proving" OT VIII mastery over meaningless MEST.

Psychs did it?

Scientologists everywhere were auditing themselves like crazy in a vain effort to dream up some kind of way the Psychs could be to blame for this.


To no-one's surprise, Rex was eventually charged with first-degree murder. The funny part was that Police also found a briefcase and a typed note, dated December 30 and signed by Fowler. The note said nothing confidential was in the satchel and that it should be given to his wife, Janet. If we are to believe the Denver Post, Rex apparently shot himself in the head with a Glock and then typed up the note.

When Janet Fowler was interviewed by detectives, she demanded the briefcase.

"It is important to me and my church. It is religious material and I want it now," she said to investigators. "Even if you looked at it, and read it, you would not understand anything in it. Because it is way above a normal person and you would not know what it meant. I want it back right now."

High-level Scientology materials are always kept in a special locked briefcase.

Yo homie! Is that my briefcase?


Tom Cruise

I want it back right now


—'Jan' Fowler

Janet Fowler also reportedly told investigators that her husband "is a Scientologist and would not have gone without a fight. He would have grabbed a gun in a struggle and would not have let someone shoot him."

Rex apparently fought with himself, and grabbed his own gun in the struggle, thus saving himself from being killed by himself.

Furthermore, just because your suspect might coincidentally be a Scientologist I don't think it's fair to place Scientology itself under suspicion. In fact, if you continue to do so, we may have to regard this harassment as a form of discrimination and sue you to the fullest extent of, but in full accordance with, the law.




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