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Super Tard: It is a scientific fact that retards contain superhuman strength.

Not to be confused with: You.

The only cure for retards and the burdens they plague on society is euthanasia.


— Bill Clinton

For this one it's the X, you retarded?/Cause I grab the mic and get Down like Syndrome!


— Eminem, "Remember Me," 2000

I don't get it. You can put a dog or a cat down when they're sick or wild. We execute violent, murdering criminals with the needle. In some countries and states, you can even offer euthanasia to terminally ill cancer patients. So why not put down all retarded people at birth?


— YouTube comment

Studies indicate that over 90% of pregnant European women who screened for Down's Syndrome underwent abortion. That's a good thing.


— Forum post

A retard is a term of endearment for the genetically inferior, stupid, and ugly sub-human species put on this earth from God solely for the entertainment of normal people, due to their handicap of being incredibly funny. A retard is anyone with an IQ of 110 or lower, which points to the obvious conclusion that approximately 99.8% of Americans are, in truth, retards. Just barely below niggers, Jews and homosexuals on the human evolutionary scale, it is commonly believed that retards are created by fucktarded, mouth breather sperm.

Other than laughing at the way that they look and act, tards are biologically cursed, wastes of space, time, and the taxpayer's money. Failed abortions, many bleeding heart liberals feel the need to "adopt" these parasites to keep them as beloved pets to entertain them for 20-30 years and dump them into housing institutions for states to fund them.

A proven, common cause of retardation is your mother getting stuck in the stink, forgetting to wipe the tard-infested shit off your father's dick, then getting stuck in the pink thus conceiving your retarded ass (for great justice). Check science. There are some new developments that indicate that some forms of autism may be linked to early television viewing.

A common tell-tale sign of being a retard is trying to use the plugs from Hot Topic to pleasure yourself, shitting your underwear, being a faggot, masturbating over fictional pink and sparkling ponies, or all of the theories listed.

Alternative theories suggest that retardation is also caused by punching pregnant women in the stomach, or by a man using a condom, as some Durex factories carry headlice, stringrays and AIDS. Though, if you consider yourself one of those Bible-fucking, religious Christ fags, you could argue that a retard is the way they are thanks to a trolling God sticking His mighty, all powerful middle finger up the cunt of the pregnant woman and cursing the womb.


Since you are special, watch this. When you are done, click on the X at the upper right side of the window and then go take a nap.

Retards can be distracted with the use of Animu. Depending on which you choose, it could backfire and cause them to go Crazy. If you want to be safe, stick with Pokémon.

Note that many Japanese fit the profile of Asperger's Syndrome, and Japanese people, like Aspies love this JAP-pop-disco-techno-shit.


How retards communicate to others of their kind.
Here we find Claire in a state of self exploration.

Discerning a retard is very easy - simply find someone who is saying retarded shit, and then you respond with "O rly?". The typical retard's response will be huh?, "yes orly", or "what's orly?" retarded cunts will confuse O rly? for Orally and will either be offended or proceed with the perceived command, a win/win.

Another method of retard detection, as is employed by General Bethlehem, can be used for more accurate confirmation of retards in a close-quarters encounter with an actual retard.

1) Get a good visual confirmation of the mongoloid, from a reasonable distance.

2) Approach the mongoloid slowly, preferably from the side. Do not take your eyes off the mongoloid.

3) With your index finger, press on the soft skin tissue that is located just under the eye of the mongoloid.

"People" with Down syndrome also have a certain appearance. Here are some people with Down syndrome - note the way they hold their mouths open with their tongue slopping over their lower lips, and their ears, which God made when he was high on weed. In addition, they usually only know Simple English.

Retards also cannot let a random die.aka typical devianTART users. This is not English. It was probably written by a retard.

Spotting a retard at a dance party can be pretty easy. [1]

You can also spot retards on ED if they don't sign their own posts.

In civilized times, retards were kept hidden in sheds and other institutions.

The Place of the Retard

E-tards are the second strongest vegetable, just behind the potato. (Most recent google fight - Saturday, August 07, 2010) The strongest vegetable on the Internets remains the potato, prolly something to do with Dan Quayle and spell check.


It is important that the mainstream community do their part in involving those who are not as capable or gifted as we are. We must teach our children the healthiest way to interact with their handicapped peers as much as possible:

We're on our own, cousin...

Not All Retards Are Tards

The general, common belief amongst society is that all retards are tards; this is simply untrue. Retard can indicate a variety of handicapped individuals. For instance, people with certain birth defects that make them physically inferior can still make them retards.

Retarded women with Spinal Bifida may have normal IQs and may be able to sort some files and type shit on a computer, they still aren't able to participate in many sexual positions. But they probably could give great head.

Retards in Hollywood

This tasty wee hoor was in the 1932 Hollywood smash hit 'Freaks'.

The majority of the people who work in and inhabit Hollywood are, in fact, retards. This is displayed in numerous autobiographical features about prominent Hollytards:

Hollytards in Motion
The Other Sister - Carla & Daniel - Juliette Lewis and Giovanni Ribisi


Leonardo DiCaprio


Sean Penn


Tom Hanks plays his alter-ego Forrest Gump


One of ABC's latest hit shitcoms centres around Courtney Cox' life as she gives birth to and raises a retarded son.


Retards in the Music Industry

Kids of Widney High - Pretty Girls
I Snort (prelude to Mongoloid) NEXT VIDEO
Mongoloid - by Devo

As with Mariah Carey, Jim Carey, Carrot Top, Jerry Lewis, and Ringo Starr it is often the case that a talentless person is allowed in to the music industry based entirely on the fact that they are an adorable retard. Also, this is the reason why the entire cast of an old 70's musical Television sitcom known as "Hee Haw" and poor black children alike almost always stand in the front row of a church choir while singing songs about delicious fried chickens and Chitlings.

Quotes from the Moralfags

You are obviously disgusting people that God failed at giving a heart. How dare you say such horrid things about mentally handicapped people! They have brains, hearts and feelings, just like you and I do. Nobody is born perfect, not even you. You all should be ashamed of yourselves for saying such hurtful things. I swear to Christ, if I met any one of you HEARTLESS JACKASSES on the street, I wouldn't hesitate in beating the ever-loving shit outta you!


— Some random faggot

People who make fun of the mentally or physically impaired and claim that they are worthless should look in the mirror and take a look into their own soul. My daughter has Autism and she also has cerebral palsy. She is the sweetest, happiest little girl anyone could meet. She's the coolest and most talented kid one could ever have. Honestly I wouldn't change her for the world. She is my child and I love her very dearly. She means everything to me and I wouldn't have her any other way. Some people are just so ignorant.


— Urban Dictionary comment

I am the proud Father of three children, one of whom has Downs Syndrome.This is a genetic defect in which the child has an extra chromosome.

My son is labled by society as being retarded. This is measured by standard I.Q. tests that have been developed for many purposes but for too long now have been used to simply lable people. If you met my son I would hope that you would get to see the person that I see. I don't see the physical characterisitics that might cause you to be uneasy around him or to avoid him but I see the perfection of what was intended for people to be. My son will greet you with a smile that can light up the world. If he has met you once he will remember your name and be geniunely glad to see you. He knows your moods before you do and wants to see you happy. My son will easily tell you he loves you if that is how he really fells and he greets people with the best hugs you'll ever get from anyone. My sons emotional intelligence is off the charts. He loves people and when some are rude to him he forgives and moves on. To meet him once is to never forget him and to meet him twice is to always be in love with him. He is excited by life and to many times life tries to beat him down, take his spirit, and turn him into societys label of what he should be. My Son is better then what society wants for him and he fights it back like no one else I have ever seen. So my defintion of Retarded is not one of something negative but of something to be celebrated. My defintion of Retarded is 'Love in it's purest form.'


— Another Urban Dictionary comment, someone who ironically misspelled and used incorrect grammar while talking about retards


Retard father.jpg
Typical Hotard.
And rightly so!

Because retard is probably the default insult on the Internets, it has spawned a variety of more specialized variants:

  • Libtard: used by "compassionate conservatives" to describe their opposition. In this instance, "compassionate" means "still uses words like 'retarded' and 'colored' in public."
  • Conservatard: used by Libtards as a lame response to the above, which of course is lame to begin with.
  • Fucktard: a more intense version of retard, with an over-all connotation of "a waste of skin".
  • Special education student: the same thing as a retard, but this one gets a fancier word.
  • Hotard: a retarded slut. Usually a blonde woman. Reserved for women nice guys can't get.
  • loltard: a person who uses the acronym "lol" every 5 words and at the end of every sentence, even though there is nothing funny going on.
  • Internetard: The most common type of retard there is. The average internetards' day consists of posting on 4chan and twitter, blanking ED articles that they feel butthurt about, making shitty videos on KikeTube and last but not least, playing shitty Lego rip-off building games.
  • Mustard: a severe case of retardation, who makes as much sense as its epithet.
  • /b/tard: someone who frequents 4chan's /b/ board. Unlike most -tards, they wear this moniker as a badge of pride.
  • G-tard: a white male who pretends he's poor and from "da hood" even though he's rich and from the suburbs.
  • Handicapped: aka "special" aka "mentally crippled" aka "conveniently parked" aka "mental amputee" aka physically retarded.
  • Dee Dee Dee: A lame ass phrase coined by a fake ass Mexican.
  • Chromosomally Unfortunate: a fancy science-type term for "MAH BAYBEE IS NAHT WEETAHDED".
  • Window Licker: Have been known to trip while sitting down.
  • Loid: This one comes with the approval of special folks and their handlers. No, really. Please use it as often as possible, just to make them happy. Remember, every time you employ loid as a term of abuse, a retarded pixie is born.
  • Fattard: A retarded fatfuck
  • Special olympics: Olympics for retards.
  • And the biggest retards of all, people who don't sign their posts on wikis.
  • Cian Mcgee
  • Caketard
  • Bitchtard
  • Twitard
  • You

Common, but underutilized ways to refer to retards on ED include:

  • Mongoloid, or simply "'Loid"
  • Shit For Brains
  • Re-Re
  • Flapper (in reference to the way retards flap their hands around when running)
  • Special Ed
  • Robert Downey Syndrome
  • Potato Jr.
  • Syndrome of a Down
  • Mental insufficiency
  • Downsie
  • Intellectual insufficiency
  • Tard
  • Retart (a retarded DevianTARTlet)
  • Down's Syndrome
  • Special
  • Dipshit
  • Sloth
  • Hard of Thinking
  • Mouth Breather
  • Helmet Hero
  • Eyebrow
  • Accident
  • Tardis
  • Brainwreck
  • Horndogs

After all of this, you may find yourself wondering "Which one is the worst?" However, there is one more type of tard that has been hidden from us by the higher ups, The Internet Cool Guy. This being infiltrates even the most holy of websites with its vile and false "harcoreness". Avoid at all costs.

Consider these alternatives to retard when trying to create an article that does not fail.

"Going Full Retard"

Going Full Retard” is a phrase stolen from a Kike movie. The original scripted line was

Everybody knows you never do a full retard.

Which was unexpectedly wise advice from a nigger.

The Retard as a Half-Ape

1. Persons of under 40 IQ exhibit behavior not distinctly different from apes. That is, intellectually speaking, apes can do everything they can do.

2. The cutoff for retardation is an IQ of 70.

3. The average IQ is 100 for normal people, who are a type of retard. The only non-retarded people are people with dyslexia with an average IQ of 130, making normal people retarded!


5. No wonder the Nazis put all of them to sleep. T-4!


This down syndrome kid really knows the power of domestic bullying.


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See Also

Self-testing for retards

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