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Lowti3rgod YouTube Favicon.png sparrow25, (Dale Emanuel Wilson), appropriately renamed "The Black DSP" (or "DarkerSydePhil") for his manchild tendencies, is a sociopathic supreme nigger who got famous for his outbursts of rage (whenever he lost in online video games, mainly Street Fighter) and his grandiose sense of self. Well-known for expressing numerous types of violence and lack of empathy, remorse, shame or guilt towards anyone he encounters, including those close to him, like his raggedy ass hoe of a ex-girlfriend (fuggin dumped). His signature threatening behavior is one of his more known reactions, where he tries to intimidate others with physical and psychological violence mixed with huge quantities of foam at the mouth verbal abuse, aka a chimp. As a bonus, he also confessed of being molested as a young boy which should indicate where all this antisocial attitudes and pseudo-alpha male authoritarian compulsions come from. Instead of seeking help, the moron instead decided to become an impulsive uncontrollable asshole with shallow emotions who not only is a danger to himself but also to society, since he occasionally attends tournaments in order to highlight to everyone how much of a deranged nigger he is. Besides his fascination with animal torture that he likes to constantly share on social media, this sack of shit is a complete pussy bitch and pretender. He adopted a parasitic lifestyle where he uses pathetic excuses and blame-shifting to justify his behavior. Perhaps the only good thing he's managed to achieve is beating DSP in a 1v1, though he most likely won because Phil is incapable of blocking LTG's button mashing, but that's still not saying much, as even you can beat DSP.

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