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In the world of drug use, research chemicals (or RCs), are a loosely organized group of mostly legal substances whose effects, pharmacology, and mode of action remain vastly unknown. Such substances have grown in popularity with college-aged liberal arts students over the course of the past few years due to their unscheduled status, as well as cheap prices (mainly because of their main method of production being in ghetto labs in suburban basements China). Many RCs are referred to by the media as "designer drugs" due to their changing forms to remain legal.

2C Series

2C-B, it turns you into an animu character

The 2C series (aka smilies) includes Erowid.gif 2C-B at Erowid, Erowid.gif 2C-C at Erowid, Erowid.gif 2C-D at Erowid, Erowid.gif 2C-E at Erowid, and the infamous, and most common, Erowid.gif 2C-I at Erowid. All 2C drugs generally cause effects similar to LSA in the sense that they create both stimulant-like and hallucinogen-like effects, however, they are much stronger than any HBR or Morning Glory seeds, and are often reported as being more powerful than LSD.



Erowid.gif 3-Meo-PCP at Erowid is a PCP analogue, developed in the late 70s that's similar to PCP, with a few differences. It's slightly less potent, cleaner, and with a lot less insanity. So if you expected to become the hulk and rip apart police men, while naked, you'll be very disappointed.


  • Euphoria
  • Colors look saturated
  • Feeling detached from surroundings and reality
  • Time slowing down
  • Objects morphing
  • Drooling like retard
  • Delusions
  • Feeling to big or too small for the room

JWH/Synthetic Cannabinoids

Erowid.gif JWH at Erowid is a synthetic cannabinoid which aims to mimic the effects of marijuana, but does so badly and acts as more of a disassociative that makes you wanna die more than anything. It is primarily used in the production of "herbal smoking blends" – cheap imitation weed which is made by spraying dangerously inconsistent amounts of JWH onto mullein and other dry herbs, which would have been put to much better use in the making of a nice, fat 28-inch Chicago-style pizza. Being technically not illegal, these mixtures are sold in headshops globally under various brand names, such as Spice, White Rhino, Space Cadet, and K2. Although, considering how easy it is to get your hands on actual weed these days for around the same price, you probably shouldn't bother with the inevitable heart attack.


  • Ability to see through time and/or communicate with the dead via the Abyss.
  • Psychosis
  • Death


Erowid.gif MXE at Erowid (aka Methoxetamine) is a derivative of ketamine and thus acts as a disassociate. Analogs of this drug include Erowid.gif MXP at Erowid, Erowid.gif diphenidine at Erowid, and Erowid.gif methoxyketamine at Erowid.


  • Euphoria
  • "Dream-like" state
  • Addiction
  • Brain-rotting
  • Going on 420chan's /dis/ board and raving about how good MXE is
  • Potential serious bladder damage


Erowid.gif NBOMe at Erowid is a series of analogue drugs based on the chemical structure of mainly the 2c-x series (2c-b becomes 25B-NBOMe, 2c-e becomes 25E-NBOMe etc.) that are said to have similar effects to their 2c-x counterparts, although this claim is widely disputed in the form of extensive flamewars on 420chan's /psy/. They can cause death at comparatively low doses, although any /psy/ fanboy will be quick to deny any and all toxicology reports.


  • Physical and mental stimulation
  • Hallucinations
  • Distortion of time
  • Hospitalization


Nuvola apps xmag.png Moar info: Meow Meow.

Erowid.gif Mephedrone at Erowid (aka Meow Meow, 4-MMC, M-Cat, and Drone) is a stimulant similar to amphetamines that is essentially the UK's version of Bath Salts.


  • Physical and mental stimulation
  • Squirming around on the floor for a few hours



Nuvola apps xmag.png Moar info: Bath Salts.

Erowid.gif MDPV at Erowid (3,4-methylenedioxypyrovalerone) and Erowid.gif BZP at Erowid (1-benzylpiperazine) are synthetic amphetamines which are usually sold and marketed as "Bath Salts", and may be found under other names of commonly household products. MDPV is a particularly lulzy drug that sees regular media coverage due to the strange, violent, batshit insane behaviors that MDPV incites in its users; essentially, it's this generation's PCP. The most famous example of this is the case of Rudy Eugene, an IRL zombie and Florida Man who checked out completely and irreversibly from reality after consuming the drug, giving him superhuman-strength and leading him to throw away his clothes and identification before sinking his nasty, mung-stained teeth into the wrinkly face of an elderly, unsuspecting homeless man in broad daylight. The assault lasted for about 18 minutes until first responders arrived and put a stop to the attack, as well as Rudy himself with five bullets piercing through his vitals.


  • Physical and mental hyperstimulation
  • Possible hallucinations
  • Delusions
  • Face-eating

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