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YouTube and their poster boy, never ones to miss an OBVIOUS opportunity.
A babyface that's all about baby faces. Lock your drawers.
"more e-famous than the drummer..."
Renetto is a very busy man, the internet is srs bsns.
Found on, someone is polluting your internets

Renetto, aka Paul Robinett, is member of the YouTube a-list and a poster boy for unwarranted self-importance. He seems to think placing photos of his underage children in bathing suits as screen caps in his videos is okay, as long as it's used to achieve a higher moral ground. He is also known as the "Stalin of Yougle." [1] He was a basement dwelling freak who now looks like what he exploits [except homelier and older]. According to Renetto, he has a secret as to why he hasn't updated for an extended period of time. Most assume the secret is called "drugs." In addition, Renetto is currently looking for black people on YouTube, and seeking sobriety. More recently, Renetto was rumored to not have been officially invited to the secret celebrity YouTube gathering in New York so he got mad and uploaded his I am leaving video, which turned out to be just more attention whoring, something Renetto is perhaps most famous for on the intarwebs.

Typical Renetto

The average reaction to the above video.

Renetto the Profit Pedo ?!

thedramatube turned him in

The only thing worse than [email protected] is a closet pedo who enjoys placing his very own children on a very public YouTube channel for the world to see. Worse yet, Renetto basically uses his full name at will; many of his users knows where he lives at, which further puts these children and himself at risk!

So, feel free to go assrape him and kidnap his children.

In conclusion, the ED Research team has decided upon the fact that Renetto will feel "kind of bad" about exploiting children for profit.

Renetto was actually contacted by members of Perverted Justice, and informed that pictures of his kids were indeed showing up on pedophile forums. Faced with the tough choice between subscriptions and the safety of his children, Renetto did what most YouTube attention whores would do, he left the videos of his kids up.

Caring by not caring

Hi itz Paul Robinett Renetto's conscience here, I'm too busy IRL for YouTube, despite the fact it takes 20 minutes to post a shitty video, and also the trivial fact that my products are advertised through it. I'm so busy making money, I need to go make another video about family values, controversy, or world hunger . . . Maybe they beginning to find out I'm a fake, so I'll make a video with my silly voice, or my face covered! OH, better yet, I'll donate a % of my money to starving african children! Oh, speaking of children...

"Hey YouTube, as you well know by now I'm having to multitask so I can fit YouTube into my new life style. Which means less YouTube, so, once again I apologize for the circumstances. But, it does make my life a little easier to do two things at once."

I'll get my point across, gain notoriety, and make money, at my children's expense.

In perhaps the most blatant display of unwarranted self importance, and general fucktardery, Renetto has dared to go where few have gone before: posting a video response to his own video. This action catapulted Renetto to such levels of douchebaggery that he could give George Clooney a run for his money:

TheRedSkull, sends a message to Renetto
Proof, if needed, of Renetto's Satanic influence

Here are the money quotes from YouTube Evangelist Renetto:

I'm definitely a "why-not-er", and when I made the decision to put my kids on the Internet, it was because I personally couldn't find any reason why not to.


—Renetto, justifying his glorious mission to PROVIDE WANK MATERIAL FOR PEDOS.

If you're sharing your YouTube experience with your children and putting them online, there is no danger in that.



Renetto's Wife

Renetto's Wife, as per Argent009
Paul Robinett's biggest fan; Filthywhore

Renetto's wife has been in a long standing rivalry with Argent009. This debate began over who has a better "one on one special connection" with Chad Hurley (Not to be confused with Steve Hurley). Argent009 has denied all claims, even though he has made videos publicly denouncing Renetto. This image to the right was found on the front page of YourTubeCommunity by The Mole, although he has taken it down.

Renetto's Fans

Renetto's mostly ghey fans consist of lame-ass fucktards who take personal offense at any criticism of their bald, bespectacled Lord and Savior of the Internets. Most fans of Renetto (also known as sheep) tend to either have self-promoting ulterior motives or just want to tap Renetto's ass for their own sick, loser pleasure.

Renetto pretends to love the endangered creature known as "nigra"

Renetto shows the nigras a little love by subscribing to them, simply because they are black. Beforehand, apparently, he had one "10% black" person, also Steve Chen "who is neither black nor white." He also cuts the video halfway through, because his phone rings. Without even looking at it, Renetto stated "My phone is ringing, I think that's one of my black friends." He seems like a nice man with an open mind! BUT ED KNOWS THE TRUTH!

After dispatching top ED spies to a KKK meeting in Ohio, the image to the right was captured.

Renetto attending KKK summit.

Further proof that Renetto is a lying fuck.

Mr. Pregnant, a kind black fellow, responds in a very mild, nice manner to Renetto's black people rant.

Andrea, Paul's Wife

  • From Renetto's wife channel [2]: "Guys the whole thing with renetto has been blown way out of proportion. I love him dearly we are having some personal issues and need some time alone out of the spotlight. I appreciate all the support. The phone call was initiated by Casey (thedramatube) due to a kidnapping threat. I had no idea this would blow up like this. We are going to work things out please don't fan the flame. The less comments and attention to this the better. Feel free to leave comments or email me. Andrea Robinette."

Various lulzers on YouTube (such as thedramatube himself) have referred to Mrs. Robinett as "beautiful," even though she clearly resembles a corpse left out in the sun and pecked by vultures.

Thedramatube and Renetto's wife Andrea

One EDiot had contact with thedramatube throughout the period when Casey was banned. The EDiot asked if Casey wanted ED to mirror the videos that Renetto obviously doesn't want you to see. Casey, sensing that opportunity which he had been lusting for: namely, to shove his size 10 boot up Renetto's ass, immediately made his DO WANT clear. From this point on, lulz ensued.

Since the videos were deleted OVERNIGHT by Jewtube admins - most liekly due to some gay TOS violation - they were put on RapidShare:

You can see Renetto also saying in his video his wife indeed did talk to Casey. The thing is, in these tapes you can hear what she talks about, and it isn't nice . . . Obviously Renetto would shit brix were his fans to see these videos.

thedramatube beats off

Casey, after a solid 10 minutes of Renetto's BAAAAAWWWWWWWing, posted an email he supposedly received from a neighbor of Renetto's outlining him as a wife-beater.

However, it's more of the Hurricane's ridiculous attempt of shining knight syndrome, while secretly masturbating to Andrea's videos and fantasizing about raping her in the ass with his minuscule dick.

The "email" is as follows:

"From: Sent: 3/27/2007 8:14:38 PM Subject: Anonymous Donation. Body: Hello.

I’ve noticed the fuss on You Tube about Paul and Andrea. I’ll tell you this; I am one who does slightly know Paul and Andrea. I live across the street more... from them. When I first moved in the house, they had given my family and I a warm welcome. We had dinner a few times over each others' house. They are such a nice couple. Very loving, caring and incredibly considerate. Their kids even behaved nicely. I actually made an account on You Tube so I could see their videos and share mine with them.

Though, I never did mention to anyone about the nightly terrors coming from that home. Cries and muffled screams can sometimes be heard across the street, from their house. In the early morning, when I go out to get my daily paper, sometimes I see Andrea getting hers as well. We’ll occasionally stop and have a nice chitchat. I have noticed the bruises on her arms, as if some one had gripped so tightly on her wrists, cutting off the circulation. Once, I noticed under her heavy foundation, a purplish color. Yes, she had a black eye. She did cover it quite well, only concealing a small area of the bruise.

A few nights ago, my son was coming home, walking down the street passed Paul and Andrea’s house. My son heard some strange noises, so he peered from the sidewalk to their window. He had then witnessed Paul hitting Andrea over the head with a measuring stick. My son didn’t stay around much longer, soon came home and told me what he had seen. I then walked myself over to their home and knocked on the door. Paul had answered, and I asked if Andrea was available. He said she had gone to bed, though it was only around 8pm, Friday night.

The days I see Andrea, she doesn’t show her misery or say anything of the sort, about what goes on inside their home. I’m not sure what Paul does to their kids or if he does anything at all. Andrea’s bruises seem to tell more than what she’ll say or imply about what goes on with her and Paul. I’ve never asked for myself, since it is none of my business.

I have contacted the police about this. I have no proof or any idea of what happens inside their house. So, they can only do nothing, but wait until I possibly come up with proof.

I only ask of one favor; please do not mention my username or any information as to where you have received this message from. It is none of my business of what happens between this couple, nor is it anyone else's."

However, we know that this can't be true for a couple of reasons. A: Casey is a fag with unwarranted self-importance issues and B: Renetto is too much of a weak pussy with an even bigger sense of unwarranted self-importance to beat on anything - with the exception of Casey's dick.

Paul told me that he didn't care what I did. He didn't care if I killed myself...


— Andrea "Renetta" Robinette

Renetto's Blacklist

The Judas YouTube blacklist — moar properly the Internet YouTube entertainment industry blacklist into which it expanded — was a 21st century list of real people, actors, directors, musicians, and other entertainment non-professionals who were denied being featured on YouTube because of their political activites in THE PROMISED LAND or associations, real or suspected.

Contributors of YouTube were barred from work on the basis of their alleged membership in or sympathy toward LiveVideo, involvement in liberal or simply hyprocritical political causes that enforcers of the blacklist associated with argentism, and/or refusal to assist federal investigations into YouTube activities; some were blacklisted merely because their names came up at during Renettos' unoffical e-hearing. Even during the period of its strictest enforcement, the late oughts through the early ones', the Judas blacklist was rarely made explicit and verifiable, but it caused direct damage to the non-careers of scores of YouTubers, often made betrayal of friendship (not to mention principle) the price for a livelihood, and promoted ideological censorship across the entire E-community.

Important to Note

  • As the YouTube nation moved into the mid ought sevens, the attitudes and institutions of Renetttoism slowly weakened. Changing public sentiments undoubtedly had a lot to do with this, but one way to chart the decline of Renetto through a series of bullshit accusations and the FilthyWhore sex scandal.
  • Many argue the Judas YouTube blacklist died on Thursday, Feburary 22, 2007. This occurred when YouTube featured the popular Jew-boy, Jackdanyells. Jackdanyells is/was a contributor to LiveVideo; however, shockingly enough YouTube featured Jack again for third time. The only catch was this time, they actually let Jack edit the front page of the site. Thus, many see this as the death of the blacklist [3].
  • Blacklisting sometimes results in a domino effect, as in the case of DiGiTiLsOuL, who was one of the many YouTube traitors blacklisted during the Renetto era.

Further Controversy

  • Both theredskull and GregSolomon owe Renetto a grand, after losing a YouTube battle over who best communicated directly with YouTube co-founder Jawed Karim.

Renetto "defending" the banned

The real Paul Robinette
On March 31st Paul revealed an undetermined disease or illness he'd contracted back in February, which had returned, causing his face and lips to swell to an enormous degree. Speculation abounds as to how he received it but consensus was recently reached that it was either a very bad case of syphilis or some other nasty shit.

Paul has attempted to champion himself as the Jew of banned JewTubers some time ago, engaging in a whole new form of sensationalism by trying to play himself off as a man of the people. Paul (who almost never comments on YouTube) reveals himself in a comment thread here.

Renetto added a new twist to his "I defend the banned" campaign. He threw in his support for the Young Tubers United, and decided it's time to "Free Jesari." In addition to endangering his own children by putting them on the intarwebs, Paul would now like to endanger yours too.

RenettoTube Vloggerheads

Having taken a turn at championing DMCA criticism, this turned out to be yet another shallow and transient scheme for views.

Having had his fill of a renewed (but very anticlimactic) vlogwars with Greg Solomon, Paul, being the perpetual attention whore that he is, is now currently embroiled in a heated defense of his new (and very likely to fail) vloggers website.

It is essentially an online oligarchy for vloggers which is invite only and is supposed to foster a "hater free" environment, free of trolls and drama. Unfortunately, there's one fucking problem: the site was created by the most shameless drama whores on the tubes. The banhammer has already been dropped and huge numbers of people have already left. It's destined to fail and the smart money says it'll be down by the end of the year.

Renetto vloggerheads.jpg Renetto vloggerheads.jpg Renetto vloggerheads.jpg Renetto vloggerheads.jpg
Renetto vloggerheads.jpg Renetto vloggerheads.jpg
Renetto vloggerheads.jpg Renetto vloggerheads.jpg Renetto vloggerheads.jpg Renetto vloggerheads.jpg Renetto vloggerheads.jpg
Renetto vloggerheads.jpg Renetto vloggerheads.jpg
Renetto vloggerheads.jpg Renetto vloggerheads.jpg Renetto vloggerheads.jpg Renetto vloggerheads.jpg

Another month, yet another thing to rant on

As August 2008 (and Vloggerheads) draws to a close, Renetto felt it was time for even more shameless self promotion. It all started when Renetto was sitting his fat ass down on his couch and was flipping channels. Fox News came on with coverage of the 2008 Democratic National Convention. Renetto, being cunning as he is; a vainglorious drama whore; feeling the desperation of a man who has slid off the most-subscribed list, decided it was time for another way to stay relevant and decided the best way to stir things up would be to engage the YouTube community in a well thought out and even-handed debate on political issues troll Democrats:

Renetto took down a video he had made praising Democrats and how Michelle Obama's and Hillary Clinton's speeches made him cry, and how he could stop hating them for one day. On the same day, this video was replaced with a video of Renetto pandering to right wing Christian Americans.

What we learned from his videos:


The mission was a success for Renetto as people shit bricks with 28 video responses in one day:

If you disagree with me, please try to educate, not hate... me. I look forward to a fruitful, healthy debate.


Renetto - Totally trying not to bait people

The reaction sparked moar drama and Renetto creating moar videos that were less and less sane.

After seeing the huge divide on the opinion of commenters (It's usually "I'm a Democrat, you're wrong!" or "I'm a Republican, you're sooo tr00!"), Renetto had found the equivalent of something new to champion that he doesn't believe in or give a shit about. The next day, at about the start of Obama's acceptance speech for the Dem nomination, he uploaded another video. In this video, he went so far as to wear a suit & tie, but that didn't cover up his obvious on-the-spot bullshitting (note the pauses before spouting more ridiculous BS).

Undeniable facts learned from another one of his videos:

(By this point you basically just need to wonder how his children and wife let him do this, let alone put up with his random shouting into a video camera.) |} This video is wildly more successful at baiting than the last one, with over 400 comments in 3 hours.

After second video there were so many comments calling Renetto out on how stupid it was, the video itself got him near the top of the most discussed page on YouTube. This made his case of unwarranted self-importance over nine thousand times worse. Renetto decided to upload another video and lose even more subscribers and respect for fifteen minutes of fame.

This time around we learn (which was removed, lol):


renetto's always been a douche he's a douche bag with fake political ideals...don't be fooled. he lies to himself and therefore lies to you. just trying to stir up drama as usual. cheers!


leafdude - Accurately reflecting on Renetto's YouTube career

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