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An example of getting rekt beyond all repair online.

Rekt is the kewl kids way of saying "wrecked" on the internets and via text messages. In this respect, it's part of the grand tradition of typing like a retard online, falling in with words such as: srsly, ne1, wut, fgt, m8, suk, no1, moar, u, teh, prolly, and literally hundreds of others. While it can be used to describe a condition of drunkenness or stoneditude, it's more commonly used as a synonym for being "pwnt" or "pwned" online, as in you just got e-raped and now your e-butt is sore from good old fashioned e-buttsecks. People getting rekt on Encyclopedia Dramatica is a common occurrence, and getting rekt on EDF2 is not only expected: it's encouraged.


The various stages of rekt.

Like a lot of internet words, the exact origins of "rekt" remain obscure, although Google reports that search interest in the word began around 2009 with search interest in the word really taking off around 2014. The phrasing "get rekt" appears to popup in 2012, with one of the earliest usages on a WoW forum and taking off in, probably unrelated, dozens of other places online. Usages now include: "u got rekt m8," #rekt, "lololol we fuking rekt u fgt," "Tyrannosaurus rekt" (for ultimate pwnage), "get rekt noob," among others.

Rekt Videos

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Feminists getting Rekt
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SJW gets Rekt

Short List of People Rekt by Encyclopedia Dramatica

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