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This page contains an hero.
Innocent until proven guilty!
Not so innocent...
The campaign of posters supporting the boys was removed by the rape-assumers.

Rehtaeh (that's Heather in dyslexic) Parsons was a teenage girl who got fucked by 4 dudes, then decided to cry rape when a picture that was taken during the gangbang started circulating around her school. Nobody believed her, as there was no evidence, so she did what any normal teenager in her situation would do.


The mother's an out right bitch so who's to say the daughter wouldn't turn out the same way.
I didn't even keep the picture.


—Mackenzie Walker, a classmate, wanting to be applauded for not keeping images of a 14 year old fucking a 15 year old on her cell phone.

I wish I would have known that she actually had had enough guts to do that.


—Ashley Maclean, Rehtaeh's friend who wanted to an hero merely 3 weeks prior to the hanging, angry that Rehtaeh tricked her out of doing it first.

I was furious because it just painted all the youth as we all are such rude people. We all go on Twitter and gang up on people and do all this horrendous stuff. When in reality that’s not what happened.


—16-year-old Shannon Barry, a classmate, angry about how Rehtaeh's storytelling makes teens look bad.

do you think a 15-year-old girl wants to have sex with four boys? No. That’s not what she went there for. It’s deplorable the fact that they weren’t charged with distributing that photo. It was child pornography. My daughter wasn’t bullied to death, she was disappointed to death. Disappointed in people she thought she could trust, her school, and the police.


—Leah Parsons, Rehtaeh's mom, a week after her daughter was hospitalized, 4 days after she murdered her daughter

The worst thing that could happen would be charges. That they would be found guilty, and that Rehtaeh would sit on a court bench and listen in utter disbelief as they were given parole, or a suspended sentence, or community service. All for completely destroying her life while they laughed.


—Glen Canning, her dad, April 10, revealing through his choice of language that rape "destroys" a life, the very attitude that leads rape victims to attempt suicide.

let the justice system do its job. I know that justice tried to do its job before and seemed to fail


—Jason Barnes, Rehtaeh's stepfather

The tone was that, ‘There’s nothing we can do. Kids will be kids, they do this stuff. How can we change all that?’ And I just didn't buy it. If Martin Luther King said that, where would we be today?


—Heather Hughes, one of Rehtaeh's teachers, who believes it is entirely reasonable to make analogies to MLK "saying" something when in reality, when she is the one coining the statement, not to paraphrase something actually said, but to describe a tone

*Rehtaeh Parsons 'was raped by four classmates when she was 15'
  • They 'took a photo of the attack and circulated it around the school'
  • Photo shows 'rapist smiling as he has sex with Rehtaeh while she drunkenly vomits out of window'
  • Classmates and friends shunned her and she was forced to leave
  • Rehtaeh hanged herself on April 4 after a constant campaign of bullying on the Internet that lasted a staggering 17 months
  • Police investigated but did not press charges due to insufficient evidence
  • Her mother, Leah, says insulting comments have been posted to a Facebook remembrance page
  • The mother has spoken of her agony after sick internet trolls have continued to trash her memory even in death.



—Daniel Bates, Daily Mail reporter, April 11

I really do not care what , or how some one lives- But what you do to help them- others - this is what makes us human... you are scum... I hope the families find you!!!!!!! I hope your name is is added to the list of names- and you get what you get!!! RAPE IS WRONG- THERE IS NO REASON TO BE HARMING THE OTHER HUMANS!!!!! WEAK people RAPE good people!!!


—Verbowski Angela

Assuming by the photo, the sick bastard that created this site is implying that smoking weed makes someone a "bad" person or deserving of violence, you need to go drink bleach! Marijuana, a natural (proven healing/relieving) herb did not, doesnot and never would make anyone "deserving" of rape! It is this fucked up mindset that is setting the world back. This young woman did not deserve to be raped, nor does the situation warrant any ridicule.


—Rebecca Smith

I don’t support whores, sorry
(in response to challenge) The news told me different. Pfft



—Jerica Jane Cary

Uh oh!

It would seem this page is being edited by the loving family members of the deceased! They've made threats to "dox" the creator of the page. Careful guys! We got a live one!


Too bad we can't put the boys names on the internet and shame them.


Carol Wood

terrible what they did to this poor girl, however, their souls will forever be haunted by such horrendous acts against her!


—Joan Mcbride-harlan

she's a beautiful young lady how could someone bully her what a sin


—Chrissy Mercer, informing us that it's not a sin to bully ladies who are ugly or old.

Four males were accused of gang-raping her, although none are convicted (charges haven't even been pressed) and should be assumed innocent until proven guilty. Anonymous claims that 2 other males were associated with the event mistakenly. The male pictured in the sexual photograph described by media was 14, a year younger than the 15 year old Rehtaeh, in 2011.

Not every person has jumped to conclusions, some explore the possibility of innocence and have a semblance of faith in due process.

I realize it probably helps you to feel better to have someone to blame, but did you ever think about how you could be ruining the lives of these boys in the chance that Rehtaeh wasn't being honest about the origins of the photo?


—The only sane person on Facebook, naturally this person was attacked and threatened death upon.

They don't think they did anything wrong.


—Kelsey Patterson

Just keep your heads up guys, this will go away in time and just keep in mind everybody that knows you, knows you didn’t do anything.


—Poster supporting the accused, quickly taken down by the censorship police in the area.

Feminist backlash

The hatred aimed towards the boys accused of rape quickly turned into cause for mothers to engage in elaborate fantasies about how they would discipline their own sons, who would also inevitably become rapists.

my son would NEVER get away with this!!!! Its my responsibility as a mom to make sure you own your actions!! Come on Parents of these boys,,,step the hell up,,,make your boys own it!!! God Im Mad!!!!! The last thing I would teach my son to be is a COWARD! How embarrassing!!!


Debra Lee Kelly Bland

I agree as a Mother of two Boys(25 and 11) I would not let my sons get away with something like this.They want to act like Men then stand your stand and walk the walk like a "Man"....


Janine Strecke

|I've been teaching my son since age 2 that you respect girls. One day at a park I saw my son, a young age of 4 grab a little girl by her arm. I rushed over in front of everyone screaming " YOU KNOW YOU DON'T PUT YOUR HANDS ON A GIRL."

My son then explained he was garbing her to have her follow him. I then told him he simply needed to ask her to follow and NEVER EVER grab her. A few mothers cried and the father of that little girl hugged me and said "thank you for showing him how to treat girls."

My sons father abused me, held me against my will for years! I vow every day that my son grows into a loving man. A man his mommy will be proud of. I couldn't be prouder of my amazing 11 year old son! I hope More will STOP this with boys and to promote the love of the women of our Feature!|Carey Beard-Smith}}


The bullying that continued after Rehtaeh’s death was one of the reasons that Anonymous stepped in to demand that the RCMP charge the boys with something or if their demands weren't met, they would make the four boys' identities public. The hacking group is also organizing a protest outside the police HQ in Halifax this weekend.

April 12 message

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE -- April 12, 2013 - 12PM GMT

Greetings from Anonymous.

Please be aware of the following facts:

  1. One of the alleged rapists has made several public statements admitting that he did have sex with Raetaeh on the night in question. He admits she was inebriated at the time, also that she was throwing up during the act.
  2. During his confession, he names three other boys and admits that they too took turns having sex with Rahtaeh that night as well. The names match with those we have confirmed during our investigation.
  3. The individual making this confession is the same boy identified in the photograph. He has also admitted to being in the photograph and named the accomplice who took the picture.
  4. All information, including screenshots of the confession, have been made available to the police.
  5. Two boys have been implicated repeatedly whom we believe are innocent based on numerous testimonies given by individuals with first hand knowledge of the surrounding events.
  6. There are multiple witnesses who were classmates of the alleged rapists that can confirm they were shown the photograph of Rehtaeh by them.
  7. At the very least, there was a house with a minimum of half a dozen underage students consuming alcohol and engaging in sexual intercourse. What happened in this house resulting in the spread of child pornography. This much the police will agree to. No charges have been filed in regards to this.

Why is Anonymous involved in this case? We are involved because the facts above clearly illustrate that several crimes have been committed in Nova Scotia. A 17-year-old girl killed herself because the police failed to do their jobs and charge a single person for any of them.

Is it necessary for Anonymous to be involved in this case? Yes. For a moment lets set aside the theatrics, the masks and the labels. We are group of concerned citizens that have recognized an injustice in the system. We have taken it upon ourselves to point out that injustice to the public and we are asking the police to correct their incompetent handling of this case--a young girl has already died from it.

An image of a 15-year-old girl having sex was viral in Cole Harbour District High School. Neither the school nor the police dispute this. By legal definition that image was child pornography. By some estimates, hundreds of individuals have already seen the photograph, including many adults. The police have seen the photograph. The fact that this evidence was disregarded as inappropriate for any kind of arrest by the police is unconscionable.

What the police are saying to the citizens of Nova Scotia is clear: Having underage students drinking and having sex in your home is not a crime in our community. Photographs of 15-year-old girls having sex is not child pornography, but if it is, the distribution of that child pornography is not a crime. A 15-year-old girl is capable of giving her consent to sex even after she is inebriated to the point that she vomits while hanging out of a window--it is not sexual assault.

We urge the RCMP to act like guardians , set the proper example for the young men of Nova Scotia and send a clear message: This behavior will not be tolerated in our communities. The women and young girls of Nova Scotia should not have to live in fear or be forced to hide evidence of a rape because they will be called whores.

As we have previously warned, the identities of these individuals have already began to circulate online independent of our own actions. We have done our best to keep those names from being released. Two young men are being implicated in a crime we know they did not commit. Is it illegal for us to release their identities and let the world know that they are innocent? What justice will be made available to them once their names are slandered throughout the world and for all time?

It is not for the police to decide the facts presented here do not constitute a crime. That is the responsibility of a jury. A claim of sexual assault has been made. There is photographic evidence of it. There is an admission that child pornography was distributed throughout the community. One of the individuals who should be charged hasn't even disputed these facts. We are asking--no, we are demanding: Let a jury decide. Follow your own procedures and protect the innocent.

We do not seek vigilante justice. If those who we believe are guilty are exonerated in a court of law, Anonymous will disappear from Nova Scotia.

If we decide to release the names a deadline will be declared at least one week in advance.

Jon Blanchard

As interviewed by CBC:

Nova Scotian Telecomix AncientFag Jon Blanchard explained that many different Anonymous Communities were working together.
Blanchard condemned his government's handling of the Parsons case as reminding many Telecomix Anon's of neglectful bureaucracies in the developing world.
Blanchard explained the case has attracted the collective's attention because of a perceived lack of official concern.
Blanchard explained that specific crew leading #Op hoped that Rehtaeh’s legacy might be to bring about change.


Some facebook accounts using Guy Fawkes masks as their images also attempted to represent anonymous' opinions, although whether or not they represent consensus or not remains to be seen. The loose grasp of grammar and floating towards religious wishing reflects poorly, if so.

We are a Family. All of Us. Mask or Not. That being said, why haven't the police realized this yet. I would like them to tell us who this 'real' anonymous is... There is no 'real' anonymous, it's a loose organization with multiple chapters across the globe. An online Global family if you will, and we have entered this goal for Justice.


—Devin Hernandez

Hi! I have always supported Anonymous actions because this is a good exemple of their action. They re not hackers or pirates, they defend our rights and our freedom on internet, and they try to protect people from predators . Rehtaeh has been harassed, let them do the same thing with them ... I pray for her parents and have thoughts for her...


—Fred Botman

Bless you.


—Jyoti Walia

Assertions versus facts

  • Parents assert that Rehtaeh was raped, although this was merely an allegation that was never proven in court.
  • Vomiting during sex doesn't mean it was rape, it only implies that they were drunk (or gluttons who ate too many Lays)
  • Being shunned by classmates doesn't force you to change schools, lots of people don't even have friends and get by.
  • It isn't necessarily "trolling" to debate popular opinion on the internet, as long as the criticism is honest in nature and doesn't involve lying.
    • Even bullying and harassment aren't trolling, so long as they're done with honest intentions. Uncovering the truth may hurt, but it's not a lie.

Biased reporting

Daniel Bates throws out 'allegedly' here and there in his reporting, probably for liability purposes, but frequently omits it, clearly taking Leah & Rehtaeh's side of things and presuming the boy's guilt.

  • "a teenage girl who hanged herself because a picture of her being raped was sent to all her friends" assumes she was raped
  • "Parsons also revealed that the boy who allegedly raped her daughter then circulated the picture of the assault has admitted to her that he sent it to his friends because he was just ‘bragging’." "Picture of the assault" isn't coupled with a repeat of 'alleged' use
  • "killed herself after allegedly being gang-raped and then bullied" allegedly not repeated for bullied, assumes bullying
  • "He also denied being a rapist even though the photo shows him smiling as he has sex" apparently smiling as you have sex makes you a rapist
  • "It was on November 12, 2011 that the rape is said to have taken place" alleged not repeat before rape
  • "The boys clearly had what they thought was good time - along with the picture of one of the boys allegedly raping her upstairs, the 14-year-old ‘was smirking and had his thumbs up’ after taking advantage of her downstairs." Alleged precedes raping but not 'taking advantage' which assumes she was 'taken advantage of'.
  • "Miss Parsons was actually contacted by the boy who raped her daughter. He wanted a face to face meeting but she refused." Allegedly not used here, implies he did rape her, which was not concluded in court. Could be innocent person wanting to face their accuser.



"In the end...she did find love!" -Leah Parsons, Rehtaeh's mother

The April 13 edition of the Toronto Star finally reported that her boyfriend was 20 year old Mike Wells.

There's two sides. Some say, no, she wasn't raped. Other people say yeah, she was. She told me she was, and she wouldn't lie to me, and I know it's the truth.


—Mike Wells, who knows girlfriends never mislead boyfriends about their sexual past.

He is feeling the same thing she was.


—Anthony Buzzin

Stephen, She did not have her boyfriend back in November 2011. He has been her strength and support since they met. Please do not say anything about him. He was wonderful to Rehtaeh and I am grateful she had him in her life.


—Leah, Rehtaeh's mom

Stephen Muggah, please reserve judgement and post only positive comments on this tribute page. Her boyfriend would not want to have to defend himself. You and I do not have all the facts, so why speculate if you are saying something that could hurt someone's feelings?


—Sonya D Higgins

Well said Sonya d Higgins .


—Kimberlea McDonald

why he dont help she?


—Jonathan Calcaño, mastering English

I hope those rapists see this picture everyday and it tastes like acid in there mouth


—Corey Hanham, assuming there were rapists

To young for any of that including having a boyfriend. She was still a child.


—LeaAnn Scribner Colis, informing us that being 17 means you shouldn't have a boyfriend.

B friend


B- I know how much you loved spending time with her, and you were a good friend. This picture made me smile through all this horror and sadness.


—Sherry Annand

One of her friends' names begins with "B" and has only been shown getting along with her, unlike some others, like the one who appears to have spiked Rehtaeh's Pepsi with Captain Morgan Rum.

Leo Lessard

It's amazing how one girls suffering triggers 20 other people to share their story. News flash ppl, this isn't about you, what you've done to teach your boys respect, how you raise your kids or what you've went through in previous relationships

this is about a young woman who was brutally assaulted(raped) and left alone to fend for herself.

The community knew it, her 'friends' around her knew it, and every one turned on her. Now all of a sudden we all show support to her family like its supposed to mean something? Maybe if all this support came sooner she wouldn't have hung herself

The people in her community should feel ashamed and it sickens me to know that people let others get away with this kind of thing, but this is the world we live in. Again, instead of showing all this support after the fact, maybe open up some eyes, look around the community you live in, and make sure this support is also shown for future victims



—Leo Lessard, sticking it to the mourners for their hypocrisy while himself being hypocritical by default-assuming the boys to be guilty of rape without even considering Rehtaeh could also be guilty of false accusations.

Lisa Grant

Lisa Grant is a concerned Facebook poster who knows exactly what to say.

she is gods angle an she may R.I.P. an all you horrible crule people out there an the ones that did this to this beautifal young lady who had her whole life ahead of her should really pay justice, an i hope this eats away at you four boys that did this to her along with the others how are to blame for this , i know what this family is going threw an its not fair. for her family an friends and her boyfriend who show deep compashion for her

im glad she got to meet the love of her life before god choose to take her to be his theese boys need to serve justice now how many others did they do this to besides this beautifual young angle....she is beautifal


—Lisa Grant



"Miss Parsons thinks that Rehtaeh did not mean to hang herself in the bathroom of the house they shared, and said it was an ‘impulsive’ act that went wrong."

The 17-year-old was put on life support after she hanged herself at her home on April 4. Her parents turned off her life support machine three days later, on Sunday April 7.

Rehtaeh Parsons was my daughter. Rehtaeh died April 7th at 11:15 PM. She was 17 years old.

She died struggling to live, much as she spent the last 18 months.
She hung on right to the very end, when the nurses were telling us if she couldn’t be declared brain dead soon they couldn’t use her as an organ donor.
We couldn’t wait any longer. She couldn’t live any longer.
It was so like her to hang on right up until the very last second.

She knew she had to leave. It was time to let go and find peace.
I found out this afternoon my daughter saved the life of a young woman with her heart. How fitting. She also gave someone a new liver, a kidney, saved the lives of four people with her final gift of life.



—Glen Canning, April 10th, pretending he didn't just co-operate in killing his daughter so that her organs could be harvested, pretends she actually made a choice to 'gift' them to others while in a coma.


I came to this service today first and foremost as a father trying to imagine what kind of incredible, unfathomable grief could be visited upon a family


—Nova Scotia Premier Darrell Dexter, using the funeral as an excuse to skip the Montreal NDP policy convention

Politicians were quick to capitalize on the media frenzy so as to make them look caring, to win votes in the next election.

This is obviously a matter that is taking up the bulk of people's attention


—Darrel Dexter


500 mourners packed into Rehtaeh's funeral at Saint Mark's Anglican Church that began around 11 a.m. local time.


—CBC News

The family's religious views may be why Leah insists on viewing the suicide as accidental, since in Christianity, if you an hero, you can't repent that sin and can't get into heaven. I guess god forgives you if you are only trying suicide to get attention, even if you accidentally do it for reals.

Leah Parsons and Glen Canning...The Twat and the Troll

Now here's a bitch that can literally suck the chrome off a trailer hitch.
SJW and softcore pornographer, Glen Cannning

In the months and years since Rehtaeh's death; her negligent, self-righteous "parents" Leah Parsons and Glen Canning rode the media cock carousel for fifteen minutes of fame. It seems her father, Glen, just wanted to ride it a little harder.

Then seventeen year old Rehtaeh Parsons was high on drugs and truant when she had a fight with her twenty-three year old boyfriend... and raced to her "mother's house" to hang herself. A contrived and false story of rape, and persecution was not even a contributory factor in her self demise...Rehtaeh Parsons was a drug addict, promiscuous and uneducated. Her parents uneducated criminals.

These two criminals have with great alacrity have tried to shut up people with differing opinions, shut down blogs, threaten women at work with violence and disseminated soft core pornography. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you...the twat and the troll!

Glen Canning

In the public spotlight: he's portrayed as a grieving father, a SJW, a poster man-boy champion of feminism. This internet white knight media whore is actually a vicious, donkey-punchable internet troll who polices public opinion and tries to manipulate the most gullible ranks of Anonymous to do his fuckery for him. When even those busybody morons wanted nothing to do with his idiotic attempts to stop some old fart from talking about him. It has since then escalated to him impersonating people on the internet and then tweeting out a former MSVU instructor's dick pic to keep his name in the newspapers.

Called Out By The Mad Shangi

After being criticized for policing public opinion, Glen Canning trolled the comments section under the moniker "Vengeance" in a lousy attempt to intimidate/silence his critics. As detailed here in a blog post entitled "A Response From Mr. Vengeance: Glen Canning's Dark Alter-Ego"

And here we have the fucker resort to using my own real name to respond back to me. Was that to provoke an emotional response? Isn't this starting to resemble the behavior of a basic internet troll. That's what, in my opinion, Glen Canning has become: a troll. Using lame intimidation tactics and toothless threats of using his "Anonymous buddies" to hack people's blogs and expose their personal information to the public.


The Mad Shangi, A Response From Mr. Vengeance: Glen Canning's Dark Alter-Ego

Called Out On The Jake Pentland Show

During an interview on "The Jake Pentland Show" (a shitty podcast starring Roseanne Barr's son), Glen was called out for his Gestapo tactics. Specifically using Anonymous to go after his critics. The Mad Shangi called in and was promptly muted several times.

Exposed As A Pervert

Victim 1
Victim 2
Victim 3
Victim 4

While impersonating one of his critics on the internet, a blogger named Phillip Rose traced several aliases to Glen Canning's IP address where the blogger found Glen Canning's net-model page with some very interesting glamour shots. So this is what the deadbeat dad was doing while his wayward daughter was getting gangbanged at house parties. This wannabe Lothario has got some seriously creepy Roman Polanski-ish vibes. Can't be a responsible dad when you're too busy trying to get into the pants of barely legal teens. Naughty boy, Glen. It's pretty clear why young Rehtaeh would engage in such reckless and promiscuous behavior. The wayward teen tried to fill the void of paternal abandonment with as much cock as she could get. She just wanted Daddy's attention, but Daddy was just too busy trying to make art American Beauty style.

From Glen Canning's Net Model Page: [1]

While these photos, taken by amateur photoprahpher Glen, were all presumably shared with the consent of their subjects, there's something terribly off-putting about a grieving father who crusades against the exploitation or young women posting photos of young girls that would make an American Apparel marketing agent blush. That some of the women appear to be minors is even more disturbing.


— Blake Hunsley, Frank Magazine

Called out by Frank Magazine For Being A Dick-Doxxer

The downward spiral for Glen continues when (in another pathetic attempt to get his name in the newspapers) he tweeted out private X-rated photos of Michael Kydd; a former business-ed MSVU instructor who was fired for having an affair with his 40-year-old student. The woman, who was an adult and knowingly got into a relationship with a married man, turned to Captain-Save-A-Hoe Glen Canning for help. What this petty bullshit has to do with his daughter, or his crusade against cyberbullying is a fucking mystery Sherlock Holmes couldn't solve. SOLVED: IT'S BECAUSE HE'S A FAGGOT.

So of course Glen is all butt-hurt now, spending considerable energy trolling Frank Magazine with fake Twitter accounts that are obviously him. Most of the time you can even confirm when it's him, because the idiot never changes his IP address, even when he's really trying so hard to make you think it's a completely different person that also happens to be obsessed with defending Glen Canning from online criticism. No, you dumb shit, we know it's you. Why you crying?

Glen Canning pretending to be Anonymous
Glen Canning pretending to be Anonymous... reacting to his own page!
Glen Canning crying about Frank Magazine
Glen Canning crying about Frank Magazine some more
Glen Canning still crying
Glen Canning takes to Facebook to bitch out Frank Magazine.

Something very strange happened at the hearing held today to sentence the man who shared the infamously 'intimate' photo of Rehtaeh Parsons. When the hearing ended and the assembled representatives of the local press held out their cameras and microphones to receive Glen Canning's latest pronouncements, he walked right past them. Briskly too, without a word or a glance. I'm surprised there wasn't more of an audible gasp in the room. As his appearances on virtually every network and newspaper cover across this nation and beyond have shown again and again, Glen's not one to shrink from publicity. So why today, on such an important day, would he avoid the press entirely? Well it likely has to do with an uncomfortable question he was asked on his way in to court earlier in the day. After a slightly awkward introduction (a hand was extended in friendship, it was not reciprocated), Frank editor Andrew Douglas asked Glen for a comment on his recent unauthorized sharing of an 'intimate image' (see dick pic) belonging to former MSVU sex-ed business instructor Michael Kydd. "Today's about my daughter," Canning replied. When pressed further, Canning's wife Krista attempted to intervene, but Glen reminded us all that he can (and frequently does) speak for himself. "Go fuck yourself," he said, before demanding that another woman in his entourage "Get that dick away from me."


— Blake Hunsley, Frank Magazine

After browsing through Glen's collection of young nubiles, clicking on the link titled "Glen Canning Multimedia Productions" takes you to a website that is dominated by the story of Rehtaeh, and her father's efforts to make the internet a safer place for young women. 'Help prevent sexual exploitation' is the central theme of the second site. 'Check out these fine, young hotties' seems to be the main message of the first. The transition is jarring, to say the least. If Glen Canning can't see the apparent conflict between these two facets of his online presence, then I have to seriously question his judgement. Just like I questioned it when he published Michael Kydd's dick pic. Or when he championed laws that eroded our privacy. Or when he sent Anonymous to chastise his online critics. Or when he took a revisionist history approach to recounting his daughter's tragically short life. Or... The list goes on, and week by week it grows longer. Glen apparently remains unrepentant over the dick pic sharing incident. Messages left with Glen questioning his thoughts on the judge's statements, and the contents of his Model Mayhem account, have not been returned.


— Blake Hunsley (really PWNing the fuck outta Glen), Frank Magazine

Leah Parsons

Blamed everyone in Halifax, the School Board, the Police, The Crown Prosecutor's Office for Rehtaeh's suicide committed a full two years after Rehtaeh's alleged rape that two separate police investigations could not substantiate or lay charges.

Rehtaeh's reality was, she was well on the road to her own self-inflicted demise long before what her "killer parents" described "as that fateful party."

Over two years hence, a seventeen-year old Rehaeh was co-habituating with a well past twenty-something young man. She had not attended school for years yet her "family" didn't know it. In fact after Rehtaeh hanging herself, the Canning / Parsons crime family tried to assign blame to the Halifax School Board for failing to "help" Rehtaeh. They told "the family" and the media that, indeed they did have programs that would have helped Rehtaeh...but she hadn't attended school for years.

On the day Rehtaeh hanged herself in her "Mother's" bathroom she had a row or fight with the young man Leah still claims Rehtaeh found "love with." She raced to her "Mother's" home and hanged herself. The unhappy end, of an unhappy and entirely wasted life.


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  • Archive link needed for "Speak the Truth" Facebook group, had almost 130 members, taken down by curator Monday April 15.
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