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Rectal foreign bodies are large foreign items found inside the rectum that can be assumed to have been inserted from the asshole instead of the mouth. Smaller ingested foreign bodies, such as bones eaten with food, can sometimes be stuck in the rectum upon x-ray. Rectal foreign bodies, along with amateur attempts to remove them, can result in perforation of the bowel, which is a life-threatening medical emergency. Rectal foreign objects are also the subject of a number of urban legends.


A common american tradition.
An emergency hospital visit
A known condition that seems to affect only homosexual men
This was claimed as a "construction" accident between two extremely gay guys
  • An Alien Fleshlight (Don't ask how)
  • A toy car
  • The complete series of the Oxford Dictionaries.
  • The Giant dildo of death; the result: Goatse.
  • A glass jar
  • Seven light bulbs
  • A knife sharpener
  • 3 Dragon Dildos
  • Your Mom
  • A pair of mice
  • A cat
  • A hat
  • numerous cases of bottles
  • vegetables
  • a broomstick
  • ax handles
  • curtain rods
  • toothbrushes
  • drug packets
  • Cocaine
  • Cigars
  • Gas lighter refillers
  • Butt plugs
  • Plastic love toy
  • Deodorant bottles
  • Zucchinis
  • A rubber fist
  • A pestle
  • An orange
  • Fly-spray cans
  • Instant Coffee jars
  • an external hard drive
  • a Nintendo Entertainment System, dating to 1987.
  • an AR-15 Rifle.
  • A wire spring
  • A tin cup
  • A diary of 17 eggs. Freshly bought from the local Farmer's Market.
  • A frozen pig's tail
  • A jeweler's saw
  • A pre-order copy of Assassin's Creed III
  • Eleven different forms of fruit, vegetables, and other foodstuffs.
  • An oil can with a potato stopper
  • Two flashlights
  • A few Orlando flight tickets
  • An authentic flintlock pistol, dating to 1738 A.D.
  • A 0.85m long rapier, dating to 1488 A.D.
  • Several rubber ducks
  • The Bible
  • A collection of spectacles, a suitcase key, a tobacco pouch, and a magazine
  • A DVD box of Family Guy, season 8.
  • A VHS tape
  • A pipe
  • An XBOX 360 controller

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