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With Jews, you lose!
File:RS the kike.jpeg
The kike and whore in the flesh.

To any "normal" observer Rebbeca Sugar is a strong, independent woman. She's a middle age animator who has worked on Adventure Time and she is currently working on Steven Universe. (A show of her own creation) Steven Universe is an overrated show, and it is not nearly the groundbreaking, PERFECT SHOW every kike and SJW makes it out to be. even though there are clear flaws in both the woman and her work, her fellow Hollywood kikes gave her 4 Primetime Emmy Nominations.

She also worked on another, much better Cartoon Network show, OK K.O! Let's Be Heroes which was made by her token retarded animal boyfriend. OK K.O! is a creative, self-aware show which is better than Steven Universe in every considerable way. You know that you must be bad at your job when a stupid animal can make a better cartoon than you. She is also a carpet munching bisexual, she regularly injects feminism and LGBTQAI + other nonsense themes into her show and all the SJWs suck her metaphorical dick for it.

She also ruins her own show in other ways, like you have to forgive the evil bad guys who kill and torture millions(the diamonds), having a master x slave(Pink Diamond and Pearl) shipping and having the crew defend it, praising Pink Diamond for commit identity fraud,faking her death and lie to everyone around her to "save" Earth, didn't hire any writers or a editor and made the storyboarders, the "writers", barely planning her poor excuse of a plot/characters/worldbuilding before hand(but plans shit that noone really cares about), and stating the 'fusion' aspect of her show is metaphor for sex, thereby suggesting that sex 'empowers' woman, as fusion occurring among the mostly female cast leads to more powerful creatures, but not really tho because most of the characters capable of fusion are actually amorphous and just look like woman. The list goes on.

Before all the fame

According to Sugar's father Rob, Rebecca Sugar and her brother Steven (her show's namesake) were raised with what he called "Jewish sensibilities". Sugar and her brother still observe the lighting of kike candles with their parents via Skype. She simultaneously attended Montgomery Blair High School and the Visual Arts Center at Albert Einstein High School, this explains where all of her unwarranted self importance comes from. She went on to attend the School of Visual Arts in New York, where she grabbed an art degree. She then must have taken that art degree along with all of her art skill and shoved it up her ass because she is a faggot, and faggots love nothing more than shoving things up their asses. She also found plenty of time to draw some cartoon CP and the sick fuck managed not to get caught by %V but I'll elaborate on that later.

Sex Life (or lack thereof)

Image of Sugar's wife-Ian Jones-Quartey (currently the creator of OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes)

There's not much to say about this really, She identifies as bisexual and the only person willing to engage in physical intimacy with her is aforementioned stupid animal Ian Jones-Quartey. Way back when she also drew some CP to masturbate to while she watched her jew parents drink the blood of innocent children in order to produce more kike larvae. Now she came out as also being a "non-binary woman"(even though she was BORN as a woman) because guess being Bi is not enough for her fanbase and way to cater to her cancerous tumblr fanbase even more than she already has and not have people criticize her and her shit cartoon even more(remember folks, she's in her 30s and acting like a teen on tumblr looking for even more special attention!).

File:Thicc amorphus space rock.png
An original image of the redrawn character.

Spicy Drama (CP explained)

The fandom of Steven Universe good ol' Bekky Sugar's show is known to be one of the most toxic fandoms of all time. Their well known antics include, Harassing cosplayers for being the wrong race when dressing up as a character (Even if the character is an amorphous space rock), Harassing one of the show's storyboard artists off of Twitter for a minor continuity error involving a slice of pie, throwing a fit about the moral of one of the episodes (the moral being "Don't commit genocide on those who disagree with you"), and saving the best for last I will tell you a story. There was an artist on Tumblr who drew two of the show's many obese characters(Rose) as attractive in a surprisingly wholesome piece of fanart. This immediately started a shitstorm with waves of posts to the artist's Tumblr and Twitter telling her to hill herself. Even after she attempted to kill herself the harassment didn't let up. After that retarded wild animal Ian Jones-Quartey made a post via Twitter saying people can make whatever fanart they want. Protip: Rose was really the skinny Pink Diamond, so the artist was right the whole time. Because the artist was a master at producing lulz she decided to dig up a bunch of CP Sugar had drawn and retweeted it on the animal's post. Sugar has drawn disgusting abominations using characters from the following shows: Ratatouille, Mystery Science Theater 3000, and last (the CP) Ed, Edd n Eddy. I would show you how horrible it is but I can't cause even Encyclopedia Dramatica has higher standards than Rebecca Sugar.

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