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Raymond45154 (AKA MY.gif Raymond Gregoire, AKA NinjaMaster637, AKA Sniperjoe865, AKA FooFighterFanGamefaq, AKA Treecko Foo, AKA TreanchCoatguy) is a child who, as you may have guessed from that ridiculously long string of ridiculous aliases, is a bona fide master of disguise on our beloved Internet. Claiming to be the recurring victim of an obsessive hacker and relentless trolls, Raymond would have his loyal fans believe he moves from account to account in a desperate attempt to evade his enemies. However, the truth behind his many closed accounts and deleted videos is far lulzier than the work of legitimate trolls: Raymond Gregoire is his own "worst enemy", both figuratively and quite literally.

Let's Player

Raymond mimicking the typical viewer's reaction to his own videos. That or he's hiding his acne.

Ray began his reign of terror as a "Lets Player"; posting video game playthroughs at poor resolutions and choppy framerates YouTube Favicon.png on his original YouTube channel as far back as June of 2008. To this very day, Ray has never managed to complete an LP that took more than two episodes to complete, always claiming some sort of technical problem to be the reason why. Of course, the true reason is that Ray shares the perfectionist's compulsion to put his playthroughs on hold after a single negative comment. Ray would later move to YouTube Favicon.png a new channel (closed as of December 31, 2009) in February of 2009, leaving nearly 10 fans behind without letting them know where he had run off to.

Several failed LPs later, Ray decided that enough was enough, and that he was sick and tired of not being the center of everyone's attention. Desperate for the attention he felt he deserved, he "hacked" his own channel, claiming to be a code-breaking criminal mastermind by the name of "My_Hotdog", and set up shop yet again on the "Gamerguy45154" channel (Since "hacked" and closed down). Although he may have lost half of his subscribers who didn't even notice him disappear, the half that followed gave their condolences and deepest sympathies, and vowed to follow him to the ends of or end of the Earth. Satisfied with the reaction, Ray remained on this channel for about a month, before being hacked yet again and moving to the "NinjaMaster637" channel (Since "hacked" and closed down as well). Here, he continued to post his bland brand of crap for about a month, before unveiling a new project in association with a few of his buddies from his favorite Let's Play forum.

Deciding to cash in on the Let's Play With YouTube fad, Raymond opened up a channel by the name of "MrRetsupurae" (Since shut down against Ray's will, ironically enough), hoping to recruit confused goons looking for the Retsupurae channel. Commenting over easy targets, such as videos recorded off of the submitter's screen by camcorders and videos with the Hypercam2 watermark in the top-left hand corner, Ray and his band of merry men were able to steal attention away from other LPers and convince them that their personal videos were far superior. Naturally, the scheme would have fallen apart by the time curious onlookers would discover that Raymond's LPs were just as bad [if not worse] than the trash he talked over. Luckily, the channel didn't last long enough for any potential victims viewers to dig that deep.

Initial Trolling

A fearsome aspie battlecry.
Raymond attempting to justify his project.
A fan's response to the channel's being shut down.

YouTube Favicon.png A group of YouTube trolls discovered the MrRetsupurae channel while on their crusade to force crap commentary channels to shut down. They released an "Exposé" video, and within two days, MrRetsupurae had lost nearly half of it's subscribers and half of it's own members.

<video type="viddler" id="464d179" width="425" height="350" position="center"/>

Eventually, the troll's message broke through the thick skulls of the remaining members of the group. To atone for their sins, they locked Raymond out of the channel, took down their own videos, and reposted the exposé while requesting that all their subscribers promptly unsub and get on with their miserable lives. Raymond's scheme to leech off of retsupurae's fame was thwarted, and he soon returned to producing LP videos that nobody cared to watch. But little did he know that he was being watched by the forces of good.


"Nothing is over! Nothing! You just don't turn it off!"

It seemed that Raymond had yet to learn his lesson: That his attempts at commentary were terrible, and that proper commentary channels would not stand for it. Shortly after the MrRetsupurae channel was closed, he announced MY.gif on his Myspace that he would be backing up his commentaries on a new channel titled "DreafulPlays" (Would you be surprised to hear that this channel was also the victim of a vicious hacking attack?). Of course, by "Backup", Raymond actually meant new commentaries, as well as some unfunny prank phone call that was up by the time the channel was discovered. All it took was a single comment from the trolls who had released the exposé to scare Raymond off, and to cry "hacker" once again.

Sick and tired of having to pretend to be hacked, Ray decided to start up yet another new channel, and to create an entirely new persona along with it in order to combat the hackers and dispense valuable life advice. And so, the "treanchcoatguy" [sic] channel was born (I'll give you three guesses as to why Ray claims this channel was closed), and this lulzy video was posted to explain his new sense of purpose. Once again, a single comment was all it took for Raymond to close up shop and return to his main channel, where he stayed put for a month quietly posting his LPs. Of course, that couldn't last long now, could it?

The Final Hack

Ray gave into temptation and shut down his NinjaMaster637 account, claiming to be a hacker by the name of "Treecko Foo" (No relation to his FooFighterFanGamefaq channel, obviously). In what would be a dangerously stupid move if he were the victim of an actual hacker, he advertised his new "Sniperjoe865" channel on the comments of his post-hack channel. Sure enough, his fans followed, and so did the trolls. Less than a week later, Ray hacked himself for the final time, before restoring and returning to his original Raymond45154 channel, where he currently resides today LOL HE CLOSED HIS ACCOUNT.

Super LP Bros

Ray, unable to even admit that he's responsible for getting himself banned.

During his LP career, Raymond consulted and confided in the members of the Super LP Bros forums, who provided feedback and constructive criticism [which went largely ignored by Ray] instead of telling him that his shit simply fucking sucked and that he should quit.

Luckily, two heroic users came to put Ray in his place, and remind the people of SLPB that it's okay to call someone a faggot if they have it coming. A successful smear campaign lead to Raymond being banned for two weeks, which most figured would be bad enough news to convince him to hang himself.

His reaction to getting banned for two weeks?

Ray suicide1.jpg


During his two weeks of SLPB downtime, trolls infiltrated his Myspace (Which was invite only at this point) in order to nab screencaps of his status updates and his profile as well as his public photo galleries. Though they expected to find some humorous and incriminating quotations here and there, there was no preparing for the laugh riot that arose from a reading of his status updates.

Not only does Ray have a history of frequently threatening to become an hero: He's also responsible for operating a second account by the name of Habermann (The alias of the troll who began initial trolling), which he used to stage fake arguments with himself and to convince himself that suicide was, in fact, the answer. Notice his trademark "three exclamation points" when he pretends to shout, and the fact that he continued to allow the account to be a friend so he can continue to post on his status updates. For a guy who operates under so many assumed aliases, you'd think he'd be better at it by now.

Status Updates

Profile Screencaps
Photo Gallery About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

Unfortunately, shortly after these screencaps were taken, Ray discovered that the troll's accounts he had befriended were not who they claimed they were (Names taken from buddies on SLPB), and locked them out. At this point in time, Ray seems to be rejecting all incoming requests, so it's doubtful we'll have access to more glamor shots of his pizza face in the near future.

Raymond Registers on ED

The title may say "Super LP Bros", but half of the fucking article is about himself. Nice self-insertion, Napoleon!

At some point during his two week ban, Raymond created an account on ED, and wrote an article about those who had wronged him: The same board that had just banned him for two weeks time. Srsly.

As the legend goes, having submitted his work, he promptly contacted members of the SLPB administration to let them know that "someone" had written an article about them. The administration found it suspicious that Ray had found the article within a mere hour of it having been created, and were made more suspicious by Raymond's claiming that his whistle-blowing to be grounds for being un-banned. So, instead of lifting his two week ban, the administration slapped him with a permanent ban from their boards, driving Ray into yet another deep depression.

A depression, of course, which he documented on his Myspace status.

Ray suicide2.gif

The article was soon deleted, and his hopes of getting back onto his favorite forum with it. He posted "An update video" on his channel, to let his fans know that his LPs were to be put on hold (Read also; "Less than a fucking week") and that he is now seeing a shrink.

Recent Activity

File:Raymond fanlol.png
A typical fan of Ray: Blissfully ignorant to the world outside his channel.
File:Lostlper cap1.jpg
Ray using a known sock of his to promote himself as his own homeboy.
File:Raymond sockconfirm.jpg
Confirmation of the sock account mentioned above.

Raymond is still trying to cash in on the commentary fad, and has recently released a series of shitty videos where he has talked over ancient videos we've all seen a dozen times already. Be sure to express nothing but praise and positive comments on his hilarious videos: The kid's depressed, after all, and we wouldn't want to make things any worse for him than they are now, would we?

Showing Chad Warden the error of his ways, 2 years too late.
JoshU2uber totally isn't overplayed!
More JoshU2uber.
Even more fucking JoshU2uber.
Guess who? JoshU2uber!

A phone call was recently made to his place of residence by a fan of his, who had seen his number on this article and who wished to congratulate him on having reached 64 subscribers (despite his only having 62 subscribers at the time the video was released). During the call, Ray is particularly rude, accuses his fan of being a troll, and hangs up the phone when asked a simple question. Perhaps more "fans" should give him a ring, and see for themselves the rage of Raymond Gregoire.

Play the recorded conversation

<video type="youtube" id="Q2qHXCEMX1A" width="425" height="25" position="center"/>

Game Over

With any luck, Ray might start his New Year off with a bang.

Less than 24 hours after this article went live, Raymond closed his Raymond45154 account, perhaps hoping that his videos would disappear with him.

Unfortunately for him, and to the delight of everyone else, all his videos have been backed up and are to be reposted on this channel. He will no doubt return to YouTube in the near future, perhaps on a new account with the same familiar five digits in it's name as well. Whatever it may be, and whenever he may create it, it will only be a matter of time until he is found again.

In the meantime, his Myspace will continue to be monitored for any lulzy public status updates, and his currently existed socks will be checked for any signs of activity on their respective ends.


Greetings, from scenic New Caney Texas!

Name: Raymond Gregoire
Date of Birth: August 1st, 1994
Parents: David H & Jo A Gregoire

Home Address: 25776 Peach Creek Dr, New Caney, TX 77357-6830
Phone Number: 281-399-2089
E-mail Address: [email protected]
Skype: Raymond45154

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