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Why wouldn't you trust this man?

Ray "Chester the Molester" McBerry is a batshit insane fundie Christfag currently running for governor of Georgia as a Republican. McBerry is a known troll in the race as the other candidates wish that he would fuck off because politics is Serious Business.

McBerry is known for his love of state's rights, Jesus, the Confederate flag and under-aged girls. He is also known for his hatred of abortion (which he's against even though it keeps the crime rate down by killing baby niggers), blacks, Jews, fags, Yankees, atheists and pretty much everyone else who isn't a Southern white. Much drama has insured in the McBerry campaign including allegations of his being a pornographer, his refusal to say the pledge of allegiance due to massive butthurt over The War of Northern Aggression and best of all, the revelation that he had sex with a 15 year old girl when he was her teacher. McBerry is a fine example of a Christian gentleman in every way and the only tr00 conservative in the race.

This is not the first time Ray McBerry has run for governor as he also did it back in 2006 because the current governor Sonny Purdue turned out be be a fucking scalawag who wouldn't let the good people of Georgia vote on bringing back the Confederate flag on the state flag, so McBerry ran against him in the GOP primary for the lulz. Now in 2010 Mr. McBerry is back at it again to make sure Georgia and the rest of the South can rise again and be once again known as the land of cotton and coat hangers.


I am no longer asking politely; I am giving you instructions


— Ray McBerry on sex

Pedobear supports Ray McBerry for governor
Roman Polanski too!

Ray McBerry used to be a high school history teacher until last Thursday when it came out that he had had a relationship with one of his students even though she wasn't interested. That did not deter Mr. McBerry as being the Bible thumper he is, he knows women have no choice in the matter. The girl's parents wanted to keep them away, but McBerry kept on at it, even buying the girl a cell phone so her parents couldn't track he phone calls. If that wasn't enough, one day da police found him and the girl alone on a dirt road. After the cops came busting in, ol' Ray flipped his shit, punching his car because a hunk of metal made in either Detroit or Japan is the reason why a man in his 40's can't have sex with a high school girl.

Amazingly enough, Ray suffered from so much troll's remorse he issued a press release denying it even before the story had made its way through teh internets. Bravo Ray! Way to make yourself look not guilty. For even more lulz, another Gubernatorial candidate for Georgia and high school drop out, Karen Handle decided to run a counter trolling on McBerry by refusing to appear with him in any functions, thus not only making McBerry look even more like a guilty sick fuck, but also giving her more time to be in the kitchen with her good buddy Sarah Palin, which is where they both belong.

What's even more ironic is that McBerry would teach his class that drinking and dancing were the gateway to eternal damnation, but apparently having sex with an under-aged girl is a-OK, which according to the Bible is true as Mary was married when she was around 12 years old. McBerry sticks to this part of the Bible very well as his ex-wife was a former student of his also.

McBerry isn't just a lover of the youngins as he also tried to have an affair with his MILF campaign director. After she told him to fuck off, he banned her ass and spread a rumor around the state that she was spending just a wee bit too much time with the lobbyists, so he fired her to help keep his campaign's stellar moral record.

The girl is reportedly scared from this whole ordeal, much like Megan Schroeder, and will not be voting for McBerry come election time. As it turns out, this girl wasn't the only one as several other girls he taught have come out and said that McBerry would do things like giving his female students his phone number, telling them they were pretty, trying to walk them to class and generally being a creep. According to other students, McBerry was also a racist prick with views that would shock anyone with a belief in civil rights.

The girl is now 24 and married, but according to her husband she enjoys teh pussy along with teh c0ck and will often share her girlfriends with her husband. So not only is this guy the luckiest bastard in the world, it just more so proves what classy people Ray Mcberry associates himself with and why he should be the next governor of the great state of Georgia.

Porno King

After McBerry got banned from being a high school teacher following his youthful indiscretion, he opened an advertising agency in south Atlanta. Things were going well until a fellow Christian found out that Ray had briefly worked with Sports Illustrated on their swim suit issue for a feature known as "The Girls of Dixie" and called Ray a pornographer. Now, to everyone but Christfags and ugo feminists, SI's swim suit issue doesn't count as porn as you can see the same thing walking down a public beach, but this is Georgia we're talking about. After much drama, several supporters resigned and much lulz ensued.

He won't say the fucking pledge

The way McBerry wishes the pledge was said. 14/88!

Amazingly enough, Ray is even more anti-American than Osama Obama as he won't say the pledge of allegiance because he's still pissed the Yankees trolled the South over 100 years ago. Yet, irony of all ironies this guy is running as a Republican even though Lincoln was a Republican. Perhaps McBerry is mad that the pledge is missing the words "white people" at the end of the phrase "with liberty and justice for all".

Some have suggested that this is a brilliant trolling of the GOP (Goofy Old Pedophiles) on McBerry's part, but those people take it up the ass.

Ray vs. the Fags

Despite being a flaming homosexual himself who loves having buttsecks with Ron Paul and Pat Buchanan, McBerry hates fags, much like his heroes God and Fred Phelps. Ray even has a plan to make gaydom illegal in the state of Georgia. Recently, his ex-boyfriend attacked Ray because he was still upset Ray dumped him for being the whinny little faggot that he is.

Ray vs. the Jigaboos

Ray McBerry’s only objective is to bring back the old state flag, and to return African-Americans, my most loyal supporters, back to slavery. As governor, these things will never happen in a Barnes administration.


— Some nigger pretending to be the ex-governor

White citizens must join together under the banner of the Republican party to take this country back for those who founded it.


— A McBerry supporter

Ray is in love with the South and all things Southern like slavery, segregation and good old fashioned lynchings. Many of the Negros in Georgia don't like him and are planning to vote against him, but this will not matter as they are only 3/5th of a human being and are therefore not allowed to vote. Still, they will be a demonstrating and yelling as they often do. Regardless, most of McBerry's supporters are illiterate, so there is some fear that they will accidentally vote for someone else by mistake.

New Zelanders for McBerry

Ray vs. the Libertarians

Now, at first glace, this might not seem like a big deal as most people have problems getting along with libertarians unless they're retarded (and thus a libertarian). But Ray tried to get to get the Ron Paul vote, most of whom are libertarians. Many All of Ray's supporter's believe that all these stories about him are spread by a libertarian conspiracy to hurt his campaign even though he's currently polling at around 2%. Besides, getting libertarians to collaborate on anything is a lot like herding cats, so some sort of conspiracy is pretty much out. Conspiracies are set up by the Jews and the Jews aren't libertarians, but rather Communists, Socialists, Liberals or Neo-Cons.

Ray vs. the Beaners

Ray hates Beaners too and wishes they'd all get sent back to Mexico where they belong. He constantly talks about going around and rounding them all up, completely ignoring important concepts like civil liberties. Ray wants to do an even worse trolling on the wetbacks than Arizona is currently doing, so should Herr McBerry get elected, expect much BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWS ahead on the account of the Mexican Papist scum.

The lulz continue

All you people speaking against Ray McBerry including Karen Handel are hypocrites. There has been nothing to prove that Ray is lying or the girl is telling the truth. In fact the girl has changed her story on four different occasions. If you can show me conclusive evidence to this then I will agree. The reason this country has lost it’s way is because of people like you. You have to understand this is strictly political. You people need to get your head’s out of the sand and understand that. I personally think it is the libertarian party that is creating this mess, it has already been admitted that Jim Galloway and several of the negative bloggers are Libertarians. They want to steal Ray McBerry’s votes. I will never vote for Kare Handel or any Libertarian.


— Typical McBerry supporter

Now McBerry, in all of his brilliance is planning to sue any media outlet or fellow candidate repeating the allegations he had sex with an under-aged girl for libel. Yeah, nothing suspicious looking there. What he fails to realize that in order to sue for libel he must first prove the allegations were false and that who ever made the allegations knew that they were false. This is hard to do under normal conditions and is damn near impossible for public figures to successfully sue for libel/ slander. This guy claims to love the Constitution almost as much as he does Jesus yet has apparently never read the 1st Amendment. Either that or he has read it, but is just willing to place his feelings above free speech. Ray is even a bigger drama queen than VenomFangX and it should only be a matter of time before he discovers this page and tries to take down ED, which will result in massive lulz to be had for all. Someone should send it to him.

How to Troll (this works with his supporters too)

  1. Show him this article
  2. Tell him God loves gay people too
  3. Tell him the Civil War was about slavery
  4. Talk about the allegations he had sex with an under-aged girl
  5. Tell him that illegal immigrants make America more diverse and great
  6. Tell him he is the descendant of immigrants
  7. Tell him evolution is true
  8. ????

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People who don't support Ray McBerry

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