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Raping Little Suzy is a charming story written in late 1997 by a sick fuck on a Usenet group devoted to sex stories, which was then archived on asstr.org. Raping Little Suzy went by mostly forgotten after 1997, only recently resurfacing as /b/ copypasta in an epic thread, which was never forgotten.

Posting the story anywhere produces a lulzy effect, similar to that of Zippocat. This works best by including only the rape scene.

Evidence suggests Little Suzy was actually a Mudkip.

The TL;DR story

There is some fucked up disease that kills all women that are able to bleed out their vagina, unless they are pregnant. This results in a shitload of incest and pedophilia.

The story is still reposted everywhere, and being fapped to, as it is the primal dream of every /b/tard.

The Disease is actually a nanobot network that is designed by a Muslim Brit named Nathaniel, who sees that the Western World is decadent and immoral, and the designed nanobots are supposed to heal all Cancer, AIDS and potential diseases for gaining popularity, but they also have secret programs installed that ensure and enforce an Islamic way of life. Every man can have up to 4 wives, and after first sex the wives get saved in nanobot system as a wife. If she doesn't have (without condom) sex with his husband for a while, or commits adultery, the bots tear her veins apart and prevent medical aid. During pregnancy the program is paused, but after postnatal weakness, it goes on.

It would still be OK that far, except one problem. The nanobots were tested on lab rats, which are more inbred than a white American. And the system spreads via air and water.

The result? Everyone that isn't doing incest dies, and those that do must forever commit incest by the time they reach 4 or 5 or die horribly. Everyone on Earth is doomed to babyfuck,paedophilia and incest forever, bound to a system created by a Muslim.

Continue reading at your own peril.

[-+]The Story

"Daddy," said my daughter Karen, trying to get my attention. I was sucking on the little girl's swollen titties, while my little sister kept my cock hard by giving it an occasional lick, so it'd be ready when our daughter was. "Yes, Honey?" I turned my attention to the 12 year old girl's other nipple. In spite of her distraction, I could tell that the child was getting aroused.

"Isn't it about time, you raped Suzy?" The little girl's voice was getting ragged, as I started licking my way down her smooth little tummy.

This attracted my attention. I stopped licking the little girl's navel, and used my hands to stimulate her, while I answered.

"Gee, Honey," I said, "our daughter's only 4 years old! Give the little girl a chance. I didn't rape you, until you were over 6 years old, you know. Even then, I was a little bit early. You didn't get pregnant, until you were 7, and didn't keep one, until you were 8. Even your sister. . ." I was interrupted by Diane, as she told her own story.

"Daddy raped me for the first time, when I was 5," she said proudly. At my stern glance, she continued, "Well, OK. 5 and a half. But I got pregnant with Jason, when I was only 6." She looked over at me, and amended, "OK, almost 7. And Daddy raped Ginny, for the first time, just last year. I think our daughter's already pregnant. Anyway, she's already starting to like it. Even she's only 6." Diane shifted her swollen belly, to a more comfortable position, as she continued, "So what makes you think Suzy needs it?"

"She's been playing around with Jason," said Karen, as I got ready to mount the little girl.

"So?" I asked. "Jason doesn't cum yet, and even if he did, do you care if your nephew gets Suzy pregnant? What's so different if I did?"

"The trouble is," said Karen, arching her back, to take my engorged penis up inside her, "what if he doesn't? When Jason was finished, he had red on his cock, and it wasn't her virginity. She lost that 2 years ago, when Jason did his first rape-training session. You remember? Suzy was the only one small enough, and who still had her virginity then. Of course, there's Keri, and Tracy now."

"Oh Shit!" said my little sister, at our daughter's words.

"You think she's already having periods?"

Karen was getting carried away; as the stimulation of my cock inside her made her forget the conversation for a moment. "Unh! unnngh! Augghh. Oh Daddy! Daddy. Fuck me! Get me pregnant, Daddy. I want another baby. Please Daddy! Knock me up?"

The whole family was getting exited, watching me get ready to impregnate my second-oldest daughter. "Do it Daddy," they all chorused, almost in unison, "make a baby in Karen."

I couldn't help it. In spite of wanting it to last, so my daughter could feel me inside her for a nice long time, the stimulation of my daughter's 12 year old cunny squeezing on my penis was too much. I gave my little girl what she wanted. A belly full of baby-juice. Squirt after squirt of my sperm went into my daughter's fertile young womb. We had planned this carefully, and if we were careful, the little girl would be pregnant again by tomorrow, leaving me free to take care of my other duties.

Damn! I'd have to take care of Suzy too. If the little girl was having periods already, I'd have to be sure she got fucked properly, at least once a month, until she got pregnant. Oh well, along with the pleasures of the job, come a few harsh duties.

I extracted my shining penis from Karen's belly. My sister came over, and handed our daughter a round rubber disk to use to hold my sperm inside her. Carefully, not wasting a drop, they made sure that every bit of the sperm I had expended in her, stayed inside. When they were finished, Karen looked over at me.

"Thanks Daddy," she said, "I hope I'm pregnant now."

I agreed. It was so much trouble, when you were working to make sure. Rarely these days, did either of us have the time or energy to just fuck for the fun of it any more. I gave my daughter a kiss, as I left. Already, I was trying to figure a way to fit raping little Suzy into my schedule. I knew, that somehow I'd make it fit. As I said, with the pleasures, came the duties.

I knew that SOME men didn't see raping their little girls as a chore, in fact, I'd heard some of them say they liked the sound of children screaming in pain underneath them. To me, they were unfeeling clods. It might be necessary, but that doesn't mean we should like it. I finally decided that I'd have to do it tonight. If the little girl had been having periods already. . . I shuddered at the possibilities, if I didn't get my daughter inseminated properly, and in time. I checked my schedule again. No, I couldn't do it earlier. I called Karen back, and told her to have Suzy ready at 8:00 that night. To act like it was just another "tie-down" practice for the little girl, and for heaven's sake, don't give her anything special tonight, as she might get suspicious, like my sister Kelly had. I shuddered at the reminder.

My sister Kelly had been almost 8, when she had her first period. She thought she knew all the reason's for the "tie-downs," as she'd watched her two little sisters get raped once a month, for over a year. She wasn't old enough to be told the true reason yet. When Momma made that pumpkin pie, on a "tie-down" night, Kelly figured that it was for her, and she hid. The precocious girl managed somehow to stay hidden for 10 days, and by then it was too late. Daddy tried to do his best. He fucked my little sister for three straight nights, but it didn't do any good. I'll never forget Kelly. She only lived two more weeks, and it wasn't nice. I can still hear her screams. What's especially bad, is that painkillers don't help.

The doctors tried everything, but knew in advance, that it wouldn't help. Only if she'd been one of those lucky enough to be living her whole life, in the sealed cities, would she have had a chance. Even there, I hear they occasionally have a case. Out here, the chances are 100 per cent.

I shuddered again. That wouldn't happen to Suzy. Even if I accidentally killed the little girl, it would be better than what happened to Kelly. Long ago, I'd made up my mind, that I would personally choke my daughter to death, rather than see her face what my sister Kelly did. I let another shudder go through my frame, as I went to work.

When I told the boss, that I had to rape my daughter that night, for her first time, she sympathetically let me go an hour earlier. I didn't make the mistake of coming home early though, as that might tip the little girl off. I didn't want any repeats, of what happened to my little sister. I went over to my sister's grave, and threw some flowers down on it from the bridge. They don't let you get too close, unless you're wearing protective gear.

That night, I tried to act normal, playing with Suzy, no more, and no less, than I usually did. It was a strain, not reaching out and hugging her like I wanted to. Just before bedtime, Suzy came over, gave ME a hug, a kiss, and whispered in my ear, "It's OK, Daddy. Really!" and trotted off, to be tied down. My jaw dropped. Suzy knew! Somehow the little girl knew. And she had gone to her room quietly, with no fighting. Tears ran down my cheeks, as I thought of my love for the little girl. Well, in spite of (or because of) my love for my child, I wouldn't stint on her tonight. Suzy would get it all, even if she was only 4 years old. I remembered Jake next door, who had killed himself, after his little girl had died on her first night. Shelly had been only 5, and it had been too much. His brother had to take over the duties for the family, until Jake's son was 14. That had been 10 years of extra duty for him. I wouldn't do that to MY brother. If my little girl died tonight, too torn up, then I would die too, but only inside. I'd keep working, but I'd only be a husk. Too many people depended on me, for me to take my own life.

For the next hour, I tried to lose myself in watching TV, but the news made it hard to forget. Especially, when the commentator mentioned how the lone survivor of the Hass riots was expected to take her own life next month, as soon as her baby was born. Everyone knew that in spite of all the medical knowledge at her disposal, there was nothing anyone could do to save her, now that her last male cousin had died. The nano-engineers were still years away from a solution to the plague.

Finally, it was time. At 20:00, I knew I had put it off long enough. I heaved myself out of my chair, and headed down to pick up the pill, that would enable me to do the job that I had to do. I knew that without the bio-engineered helper-pills, I wouldn't even be able to have an erection at the thought of what my little girl would go through, let alone be able to rape her properly.

Karen was waiting for me by the door to the "safe" room. She already had my pill, and a glass of milk to wash it down with, in her hand. "Thanks dear," I said, as I picked up the yellow and gold pill, and gave her a kiss. This might be the last kiss I ever had, without guilt overpowering me.

Suddenly I looked down at the distinctively colored pill in my hand. "A FIVE?" I asked. "My God Karen. She's only 4 years old! I only needed a three, for YOU!" I was almost crying.

Karen was crying. After all, the little girl was HER daughter too. Still she nodded, before replying. "You love her too much," she said. "If you go in there and can't get it up. . ."

I gave up. My daughter knew me too well. The thought of what would happen, if I failed, was too terrible. Not only Suzy would die, but I would too. And along with me, any female relatives that my brother couldn't fit into his already overworked schedule. Ever since our father got killed in the big fire, too far gone for even the plague-bots to save, Brian and I hadn't had a decent vacation for three years. At least, we had managed to save all of our immediate family, only losing one cousin to the plague. We might have been able to save even her, if we had known Daddy was going to die in time. I shuddered, and took the pill from her hand.

"Remember, don't take it, until the door is shut," she reminded me. I shuddered again, at the reminder of what might happen if I did. I didn't want to rape the wrong woman (girl). Not that Karen would object if I took her, but if Suzy didn't get what she needed pretty soon. . . I nodded.

"Make sure the room is sealed," I said. This time it was Karen's turn to nod. We all knew the drill. We'd soon be dead, if we forgot. I entered the "safe" room.

Unusually, in our case, it actually was a converted safe. The building had at one time been a bank, and we used the old safe, as a "safe" room. Funny isn't it? One thing for sure, I'd never be able to break out, unless the monitors said it was OK. Not with three-inch thick steel walls. We didn't even need soundproofing like most "safe" rooms, as the thickness of the walls precluded the need. I felt the pressure change, as Karen shut the door, and the life-support system took over. There was a final-sounding "thoom," as the big door sealed. I knew there would be no exit now, for three hours. By which time, either everything would be OK, or Suzy, or me, or both of us would be dead. It was a sobering thought. I looked over at the little girl tied spread-eagled on the bed/rack. Only four years old. She hadn't even had a chance to go to kindergarten yet. The crying shame, was that she was so precocious in so many ways. She was already reading grown-up novels, why did she have to be precocious in this manner also? I took what might be my last sane, loving look at my little daughter, sleeping quietly in her restraints. The blackout hood absorbed every trace of light, so as far as Suzy knew, the room was in complete darkness. She had obviously been sleeping for some time.

I let my looks linger over her small body one last time. How could a man get excited at this? Smooth boyish hips. Not even bumps on her little chest. Well maybe tiny ones, she WAS precocious. Her tiny little slit wasn't even tempting. She looked almost sexless. I knew, that in a short while, my viewpoint would change drastically.

I wanted to go over and kiss the little girl one last time, and reassure her, but I didn't dare. Time to go. I popped the pill in my mouth, and washed it down with milk. Then I stood, and waited. I knew that the nano-robots on the cover were primed by milk, and were already stripping the cover off, as it made its way down my throat. The new fast-acting pills made it easier to take. I shuddered for one last time. A Five!

Suddenly, I remembered. I had better hurry, before it was too late. I barely managed to strip my clothes off, tossing the last sock into the bin, when the pill (or the nano-factory actually) hit me.

Suddenly, I was no longer scared. I was a MAN, and I knew what needed doing, and I was going to DO it. I looked over at the sexy young thing tied up for my pleasure. GOOD! She couldn't move, so I wouldn't have to worry about getting hurt by flying fists, or raking nails. (The thought, that it would be harder to hurt HER, if she couldn't be bent out of shape, didn't occur to me.) I went over, and sniffed at the child's crack.

The smell hit me like a ton of bricks. THIS was what I needed. I suddenly had no control over my body, as I started licking the crack of the little girl, like a man fresh from the desert would go for ice-cream. The pheromones emanating from the little-girl body almost drove me insane. (Of course, I WAS technically insane at that moment anyway.) It was definitely the "right-time-of-month" for the little-girl/woman. (Somewhere in the back of my mind, a sigh of relief went unheard.)

I ate, and slobbered, and rasped my tongue up and down the little girl's slit, trying to drink more and more of her sweet juices, before I lost control. My slobbering must have woken Suzy up.

"Daddy?" she asked, hesitantly.

Thank God for the pill. I was unable to answer intelligently. I let out a loud, "Grraauuugh!" My arousal had reached a point, where I HAD to do something. I grabbed my engorged penis, and tried to shove it up inside the tiny little hole that I had been slobbering over. It wouldn't go.

My drugged body couldn't believe it. I tried again, pushing harder. Surprisingly, the little girl didn't resist, and actually pushed back! It still wouldn't go. I don't know what would have happened, if Suzy hadn't spoken up, not in pain, or fear, but sensibly. "Lube," she said.

Even my sex-crazed mind made sense out of this. In my neglect, I had wasted time, I should have had the little girl all lubricated BEFORE I took the pill. Luckily, the tube was right to hand, and I hurriedly smeared it on my cock, and barely as an afterthought, on the little girl as well. This time, when I pushed, my cock started in.

I looked down, at where my big cock was entering the little-girl body. Eleven and a half inches of cock were somehow going to go into that little forty-two inch body. By the time you subtracted a foot and a half for her legs. . . My cock was going to be halfway up in her chest, when I bottomed out. I felt proud, that I had such a big cock. The contrast was something.

"Aghh!" gasped Suzy, when my cock first entered her. Then gasps and whimpers as I went deeper. Next a loud, "Ow!" as I broke through the remnants of her hymen. Her cousin had been too small to complete the job. I pushed in still deeper, until over four inches had penetrated the child's body, and I was at the end of her vagina. By this time, Suzy was crying steadily. I could see blood dripping out around the tightly stretched lips of her vagina, and I knew I had torn her when I went inside. I was proud of myself. Not many men could tear a girl, just by sticking his cock inside her. I couldn't wait, until I got it all the way inside!

This goaty thought, was enough to make me climax for the first time. My overexcited cock began spewing baby-juice all over the inside of the little girl's vagina. Knowing that she could get pregnant was an extra thrill. I imagined the little girl's belly swollen with my baby inside, and I pushed even harder trying to impregnate her, while I continued to send spasm after spasm of potent sperm into the little girl's tiny belly.

As my ejaculations slowed, the stimulation of the little girl's vagina squeezing on the end of my cock made me want more. I needed more! I pushed more of my cock into my daughter's tiny little belly. There was a tearing/ripping sensation, and Suzy screamed! Ahhh! It felt soo good! Another 3 inches of my cock slid into the tight sleeve. By now, it was clear up inside the little girl's womb, and I was STILL squirting sperm inside her. I withdrew a half-inch, and pushed back in. Suzy screamed again. Boy that felt good! Out, and In again. More screaming from Suzy, as my cock went even farther inside. By now, 2/3 of my cock was buried in the little girl's belly. The screaming intensified, as I pushed in even harder. I was going to plant the rest of my seed, as far up inside the little girl's belly as I could. Her screams by now were almost continuous, as she tore a little each time I pushed forward. The little girl's screams were becoming associated in my mind, with the pleasure I was getting from the little girl's body sliding down my cock. I had to get the rest in! Grabbing the little girl's hips, I pushed forward with all my might, as I pushed my cock up into the little girl, like a man coring a pineapple. There was a final tearing sensation, and all but the last two inches of my cock slid up inside my tiny little daughter's torn belly. I could feel the little girl's liver move out of the way, as the tip of my cock forced its way through the torn walls of her womb, and up inside her belly, until it came to rest against the diaphragm separating her chest cavity from her stomach. I could feel the little girl's heart beating wildly against the head of my penis, as I forced the last two inches up into and THROUGH her diaphragm!

Suzy fainted, as the pain must have finally been too much. I was somewhat disappointed, when the screaming stopped, as I had begun to associate it with the pleasure. However, the feeling of the little girl's heart beating against the tip of my penis, while her lungs massaged it, caused me so much OTHER pleasure that I felt it was a fair exchange.

I began spewing still another load of sperm inside the little girl. Only this time, it squirted against the little girl's heart and lungs, from the inside.

I worked my cock in and out, for a bit, enjoying the feel of the little girl's bare pussy rubbing against the base of my cock while her whole body massaged the length of it, like a sock drawn on over my foot.

After a while, the limp little body no longer provided me with the same pleasure. It had felt so much better, (and tighter) when the little girl had been screaming, and fighting back. I still needed more release! Three times now, I had ejaculated my seed into various parts of the little girl's body, but I needed at least two more. Hurriedly, I withdrew from the child's vagina, and forced my swollen member up the child's defenseless anus.

Suzy would have screamed again, I'm sure, if she had still been conscious, as my 11-inch cock slid up into her poor little rectum. The lubrication of my sperm, and her blood made it go in easily, and it wasn't until the last three inches went inside her, that I tore open her intestines, and forced my penis the rest of the way up into her guts, so that it went through the same hole as before in her chest cavity. Pulling the little girl's body on and off my engorged cock, I jacked off inside her, enjoying the feeling of her body resisting me, as I pleasured my self in her. This was great. This was what a man was FOR! I ejaculate another generous helping of my incestuous sperm inside the little girl's torn body.

After a while, the lack of resistance began to pall. I needed MORE stimulation! Removing my penis from her ravaged behind; I pulled the bottom of the hood from her chin, and tried to insert my blood, sperm and shit-covered cock into the child's mouth. It wouldn't go, more than an inch, before slamming against the back of her mouth. I was frantic now. I had to get inside her! Madly, I ripped at the restraints holding the hood, and her head in place; ones designed to prevent this very thing. They weren't designed to stand up a 200 pound man's frantic yanking though. Intentionally so; as I would have mashed her head, in my frantic need, if I had to, to remove it from the straps.

Yanking at the girl's head, I bent it backwards, and forced my cock down her throat. It STILL wouldn't go far enough. Yanking even harder, I bent the child's head backwards even farther, until I had a straight shot down her oral cavity, barely hearing the sickening "snap" of her neck. The shudders of the girl's lower body suddenly ceased. I didn't notice. I finally had managed to push my swollen penis down the little girl's throat. Her gasps for air, stimulated my cock to new heights. God it felt good!

Trying to get even more stimulation, the next time I felt Suzy sucking for breath, I rammed my cock down her throat, into her windpipe! This was wonderful! The girl's body began thrashing, as the air was cut off. The suction on my penis was incredible, as her body tried desperately to get air. I began spewing great gobs of sperm into the little girl's lungs, as her body gave a last climactic shudder, and then became still.

For what seemed like hours, I rested there, feeling the last sticky drops of cum flow from the end of my penis, coating the inside of the little girl's now quiet lungs. Finally, satisfied, I withdrew.

I felt wonderful, satisfied as never before. I had proved my maleness on this insignificant female form. I was magnificent. I was a MAN! I was. . . . I was. . . . I was a man who had just brutally murdered his own little 4-year-old daughter.

I felt like cutting my own throat, as I came down from the effects of the pill, and looked at the terribly ravaged figure of my little girl. Blood, Shit, and sperm were everywhere, somehow accentuating the innocence of the tiny body. Now that the pill's effects had worn off, I could remember the code needed to remove the child's restraints. I did this, and then picked up the rag-doll-like body, and cuddled it, while tears streamed down my cheeks. I knew that too much time had passed to help her now. I wondered just how I was going to explain that, to Karen. Carefully, I wiped the little girl's face clean, trying to keep from wincing at the sight of the drool of blood and sperm that dripped out. My sorrowful meditation was interrupted by a faint, "beep".

It couldn't be! I had strangled the little girl with my cock for over 10 minutes. I knew it! Still, hoping against hope, I looked over at the monitor. "Beep." One minute and 20 seconds. One minute and 22 seconds. 23. 24. 25. "Beep."

A cold flow of adrenaline ran through my veins like ice-water. The time-dilation. I had forgotten the time-dilation! Suddenly, the drills trained into me for hours each day over a period of months took control of my body like a robot.

"First check for arterial bleeding. If necessary tie off the artery with whatever comes handy. Just don't tie it around the victim's neck! (Ha ha.)"

Frantically I searched for the flow that would endanger all other measures. I ignored the broken neck, that made the little girl's head flop like a dead chicken. No sign of the heavy flow that a broken artery would have produced. "Beep," went the monitor. One minute 35 seconds.

"Next, look for puncture-wounds in the chest." I shivered, as I remembered the terrible hole I had put inside the little girl's body earlier. Still, I didn't think I had damaged her lungs. "Beep." One minute 50 seconds.

"Finally, before starting, drain as much as possible, of any fluid from the victim's lungs." I shuddered, as I remembered just how much thick sticky cum I had ejaculated inside the child's lungs. My body ignored my mental despair, and proceeded to turn the child over, head down, face down, and pushed HARD on her back. I noticed, and tried not to disturb a mysteriously broken arm, as I did so. Only a small amount of drool, and cum dripped out. "Beep." Two minutes 10 seconds.

"Then, and only then, administer CPR, using the oxygen mask clipped to the side of the tie-down table."

Thankfully, the oxygen mask was already pre-set to administer to a child of Suzy's size. I mentally thanked Karen for doing her job. Grabbing the mask, I squirted two puffs of oxygen in the little girl's lungs, making sure the chest rose. Then push-push-push-push-push, on the chest, and another puff with the oxygen. Push-push-push-push-push, on the chest, and another puff with the oxygen. Push-push-push-push-push, on the chest, and another puff with the oxygen. I fell into a rhythm. As I pushed with one hand, I worked out the defib, with the other. "Beep." Two minutes 40 seconds. I breathed a sigh of relief. Well under the four minutes at which brain-damage occurs.

Push-push-push-push-push, on the chest, and another puff with the oxygen. Using my free left hand, I placed the patches in the proper spots on the little girl. Push-push-push-push-push, on the chest, and another puff with the oxygen. I got the last patch attached, and hit the "RUN" button on the heart-monitor. "BLAAAAAT!" Hastily, I removed my hands for my daughter's body, while the electrodes shocked her heart back into working. "Bee..." 0 minutes 0 seconds. From the monitor. Blip, Blip, blip-blip, blip, blip, blip. My daughter's heart was beating again.

I was crying again; and not in the least bit ashamed, as I watched my daughter come back to life. Already, the plague-bots were doing their intended job, and repairing the terrible damage that I had inflicted on her. As I watched, the tears in the skin around her vagina slowly closed, and the skin knit back together. I knew that inside, even greater marvels were being performed; as the nano-engineered robots repaired the damage wrought by me. Only by repairing great bodily harm, while being injected with a close relative's sperm and male-system 'bots, close to the injury, could a child as young as Suzy's immune system be overcome by the male-portion of the super-microscopic system, and thus give her the benefits, as well as the drawbacks of the plague. Mentally (for the thousandth time) I cursed the religious fanatic who had so ingeniously crafted this system. The benefits, of almost complete immunity to physical harm, or disease, were astounding. The drawbacks were just as bad. A second time, I cursed him, adding to the billions of curses already heaped upon his roasting soul. This time it was for his stupidity, at missing the bug in the 'bots program that was supposed to ensure fidelity.

I managed to remember to hold Suzy's neck straight, while the repair work went on, so we wouldn't have to break it again later. After about 20 minutes, she seemed to be just sleeping, and her feet responded by curling to the pressure of my finger, so I laid her back on the tie-down rack, and after placing new covers on it, I put back the restraints. Hopefully, she would think it was all just a bad dream, when she awoke.

I watched with a heart filled with love, as the little girl's chest rose and fell repeatedly. It would never be this bad again. Next month, unless we were lucky and she got pregnant, she would already be inoculated, and I would only have to fuck her normally. (Of course, even this would be painful for such a little girl, as I was large, she was small, and her vagina would have shrunk back to its little-girl size. Even her virginity would have been repaired.)

I thumbed the intercom, and heard my daughter's quiet sobs. I think Karen figured that she had lost both of us, as it was now over two hours into our isolation period, and she hadn't heard from me. Thankfully, I had good news.

"Karen," I said, barely able to get the words out through my suddenly wish constricted throat, as I thought of how close I had come to never seeing either her OR Suzy again, "we both made it."

I then started weeping uncontrollably, as my thumb dropped from the button.

After you've finished reading it

Congratulations, you are now a sick fuck babyfucking bastard.

Further reading

Yes, the author actually wrote a 'background story' to this, to try to justify his sick fuckery.
[-+]The Background Story

The Background, on "Raping Little Suzy":

The year is 2170. The country is starting to recover from almost 100 years of "The plague" and the subsequent riots.

The plague, isn't really a disease organism. In the year 2070, the country had progressed in micro-manufacturing to almost unbelievable possibilities.

There were loud outcries in the country, about the uncontrolled experiments in "nano-robots," but the many benefits caused the outcries to be almost unheard. Cancer had finally been licked, by nano-'bots programmed to examine a person's DNA, and kill those cells that didn't match to within certain prescribed parameters. One person engaged in such research, in fact a genius in the programming of such self-replicating manufactured devices, saw possibilities for making what he considered a better world. His view of a better world, that is.

Nathaniel Bhedu Jahmain, a recently converted Muslim fanatic, saw a way to actually force the world to follow Mohammed's beliefs (Or at least, Nathaniel's version of them) in the almost living sub-microscopic devices he was working on. These devices were able to carry extremely intricate programs, by sharing the program among many such devices. This was Nathaniel's big contribution. Before him, such devices were limited in scope of operation to minor functions. Even some dangerous robots developed for war had been easy to overcome, because of the size-restraints on their programs. Once he found a way around this limitation, Nathaniel began experimenting in secrecy, to see if how far he could go, only showing enough to his superiors to keep his funding alive.

He finally decided on a five-step approach, programmed into his devices. First, and hardest, he made them self-replicating. This wasn't as hard then, as it seems now, as the devices were almost small enough, and sensitive enough to handle individual atoms. Almost. Large molecules were no problem, and he built them out of common materials, almost cell-like in appearance.

The next step, he figured, was to enforce "chastity," or what he perceived it to be. He wanted women to submit to their husbands, not only willingly, but with great fervor. So, part of the robots' program was set to check on a woman's menstrual- cycle, and if the woman did not receive a complementary injection of her husband's male-oriented robots, between the start of her menstruation, and her ovulation, the robots started to dis-assemble her from within. It was a nasty death, and the robots were programmed to counteract any painkilling drugs once they started, and they left the nervous system alone, leaving the poor victim to feel each tiny increment of their death. This, he figured would ensure extreme eagerness on the woman's part. No more, "Not tonight dear, I have a headache." It was surmised, that Nathaniel had just such a wife. Pregnancy suppressed the menstrual-cycle check for 12 menstrual cycles after there was no longer any fetus in the womb. If the baby terminated early (either spontaneous, or deliberate abortion, in less than 8 months) the program started IMMEDIATELY, just as if the woman had her period.

After menopause, the program deactivated.

The third step, also to ensure chastity, checked the individual semen samples in the woman's vagina, against those present last time. If the first time, then a separate program stored the sample, instead of comparing it. If the semen samples did not match, then BOTH the man and the woman got the termination program. There being enough on the surface of the male penis to signal the man's robots to start their program also. If nothing else, while the woman would die, if she got raped, so would the man. So would any adulterer of any kind.

The fourth step, was to try to enforce what Nathaniel perceived to be a perfect world, where every man could have four wives. He set the robots to have an internal counter. Every male fertilized egg was not allowed to implant in the woman's womb, until four female babies had been carried to term. Only then, would one be allowed to implant, and this reset the counter. The trouble was, that his arithmetic was TERRIBLE. If he had set the counter to one in two, then he MIGHT have been close to his goal. What actually happened, was that most women never HAD more than 4 babies. Second, when they did, there was still an even chance, that it would be female. The final result was closer to 1 in 16, than 1 in 4. This may seem like a man's wet dream, but it was closer to a nightmare.

Because Nathaniel perceived himself as a savior of mankind, he didn't release his devices, until he managed to complete step 4, which monitored the DNA of the host body, and actively destroyed any device, cell or organism, which either didn't match the host DNA to within very narrow limits, or match the programming checksum built into all of his robots. This was also the robots' defense-mechanism, to destroy any counter-robots built. Without his large-program capability, none could match the deviousness of his design. This also made almost any normal method of birth-control fail, as chemicals were neutralized, and condoms were quickly full of holes.

The fifth step was sheer genius. Somehow, when he was designing the program to check the host DNA, he found he could actually make his robots read the DNA program, and interpret it. This enabled him to actually have the 'bots REPAIR the body, as well as protect it. He decided, that this benefit should not be free, so he used it to further ensure female submission to men. The mechanism would only be activated, when a woman lost her virginity. (Presumably, when she got married, as who would even TRY to beat this system) The system was activated by a man's semen, mixing with a woman's blood, in her vagina, and the male- counterpart robots mixing with the female. (There were slightly different versions for both men and women.) At this point, The man would also be protected, so it was to his advantage to get married also.

Of course, not being COMPLETELY stupid (Well, he WAS a genius, even if blind in certain spots), he checked prototypes of his creations out, before releasing them on an unsuspecting world. The trouble really came out of WHAT he used to check them out on. Like any self-respecting researcher, he used laboratory white-mice. After several generations of robots, he finally got one that seemed to produce the desired results, in the observed mice. Not wanting to produce a race of immortal mice, his program had a built in fail-safe, which he activated, killing all the mice, and all the robots used in the test. It is assumed, that there was a similar fail-safe built into the ones used for humans, but he was torn apart by the mob, before he had a chance to activate it. The nano-bots were self-protecting to an amazing degree. If examined with penetrating, radiation, they self-destructed into a completely unrecognizable mess, so it was almost impossible to examine them. At the time of the story, scientists had just been able to freeze some with liquid helium, and make some cursory examinations. Previously, because of the technological breakdown, no such studies had been possible.

It wasn't until about a month after the first release, when he announced his invention to the world, that the horrible results of an otherwise minor bug in his invention's program became apparent. His testing had ALL been with laboratory rats, which for research purposes, are inbred to a degree unheard of, in the real world. The bug didn't show up at first, until people who had just gotten married, started dying, in a most horrible manner. People who were already married, seemed to be immune. About six months later, unmarried women started dying also. At this point, it looked as though the human race was finished, as only married couples were surviving, and there were no successful new marriages.

When that news came out, was when the mob tore through the prison gates, took the inventor out, and ripped him limb from limb. They then proceeded to his house, and killed all of his relatives, saying that if they weren't going to have any children, none of his would survive. This became a worldwide witch-hunt. Even after one hundred years, the suggestion that someone might be distantly related to "Bad Jahmain," was enough to start people to unthinkingly and uncaringly kill and destroy any male relative of the accused person. People no longer killed the female relatives, preferring them to suffer, "as they deserved," by dying by the "plague" as it was now called.

It was only after the population of the world had been reduced by almost 2/3, by either the plague, suspicion of the plague, riots, malnutrition, wars, and other calamities, that a curious pattern of survivors was observed. People (such as some families in Arkansas) who came from highly inbred relationships, weren't dying at the same rate, as everyone else. In fact, the closer the relationship, the better the chance of surviving marriage. Suddenly, the world went on a wild orgy of incest.

Surprisingly, it actually worked. The nano-bots program had a flaw, that made them reject DNA too far out of "spec" with their hosts, and treated it as a case of rape, or adultery. Only a male with at least a 27% match of DNA would be acceptable to them. Any others, would be fatal to both partners. Thankfully for the biodiversity of the human race, there was a second bug, that only became apparent after almost 30 years. There was a hole in the program, which counted female births. Once a woman had her four daughters, and actually had a male baby, for some reason, the "chastity" program no longer worked on her. For this reason, women who managed to have a male baby were highly prized, and could almost name their rewards, and who they would accept as partners. Eventually, to counteract the worlds outrage, when several men were found to be holding 7 "male-bearers" as concubines, against their will, laws were enacted to ensure evener distribution. Such women were FORBIDDEN from carrying more than 1 baby for any one man, and any man who was found to have impregnated a woman NOT his immediate relative more than once, had his male organ scratched, while covered with vaginal secretions from another man's woman. The death, was NOT nice.

After about 80 years, an unusual side-effect, of having the 'bots monitoring appeared. Because of inbreeding people who started having sex early, as a precaution, the average age of first menstruation, and first successful pregnancy began to drop. Normally, this would have been self-correcting, but the nano-'bots repair facility actually made it possible for incredibly young girls to not only menstruate, but to actually get pregnant, and successfully carry their babies to term. In fact, it was EXTREMELY rare for a pregnancy to NOT go to term, and unheard of, for the mother to not survive, no matter how young, as the nano-'bots continually monitored the whole process, and made sure, not only of the health of the mother, but that the DNA pattern was properly followed, and the baby developed normally. For some reason, there were NEVER any twin or other multiple births, any more. At the time of the story, it was not completely unheard-of for a child as young as 4 to have a baby, and the current world- record, was a girl who had her first baby two months shy of her third birthday. Both baby and mother were doing fine; and at the time of the story, the young woman was on her fourth MALE baby, and was hoping to compete for the world record of 5. Her daughter (the first of 20) was already on her second male child, at the ripe old age of 15.

The nano-'bots seemed to have a learning-program of some kind, because they seemed to get better at taking care of people, as the years passed. They also got harder to fool.

There was a trouble with the youth-progression though.

First, the younger the child was, when they had their first period, the sooner they needed to be "serviced," or "raped" by a male relative. And it really was "Rape". Children that young, are going to be HURT, when a male, old enough to ejaculate, forces his penis into such a small hole. Also, the injury-repair program that was originally intended to be activated by the breaking of a woman's hymen, seemed to need unusual measures to be activated in children younger than 6 years old. The child's immune-system, already bolstered by her own female-system 'bots, actively rejected the male-system bot's that normally would re- program hers to do their repair-work Only by giving both sets of plague-'bots a MAJOR repair job, right at the sight of their joining, could they be overcome. If the activation was not done the first time, the job became progressively harder, as the female-system bots learned to repulse the male ones until, if the subject didn't get activated by the third time, they never would. There was some debate, in the medical community at the time, whether the benefits of being protected, and almost immortality thereby, were worth the almost 15% death-rate, of those who tried for the third time.

In case the reader is wondering about a runaway birthrate, the population at the time of the story was just barely approaching 50 million again, in the United States, and there were signs of a vastly slowing fertility rate. Some secondary program in the nano-'bots, seemed to be kicking in. Since the original inventor had been a rabid environmentalist, as well as a devout Muslim, this was no surprise.

Oh yes, one final thing: "Surprise-surprise:" The effect of the 'plague' on religion was exactly the opposite of what the originator intended. There were now NO Moslems left in the world. Those who survived the original pogroms, and riots either switched religions (for health reasons), were killed in later riots, when they were discovered, or went completely underground. Any remnants, now embraced a religion that was far removed from what Mohammed had originally set up, as Mecca no longer existed, having been leveled by a 50 megaton warhead, and the required public prayers and posturings would have gotten the poor worshiper mobbed the moment he started. There were only 5 official copies of the Koran in the world. One in Moscow, 2 in the Vatican, One under heavy guard in the library of congress, and one in the Louvre in France. Anywhere else in the world, it was a capitol offense, punished by instant on-the-spot stoning to death, to posses a copy. Probably, all your male relatives would be killed too, and your female relatives left to die from the plague.

This last, actually happened, just outside the story. The "Haas" riots, referred to, had been a case of mistaken identity. The man, one Ira Hass, Had been a student studying the early years of the interregnum. At that time, a Charismatic preacher had written a vitriolic attack on Mohammed, entitled "The fallacies of the Koran," which the young man had been reading. A neighbor, who had just lost his 6-year old daughter to the plague, noticed him reading a black book, with the word "Koran" on it, and had gone insane. He had gathered up a posse of neighbors, and had practically torn the young man limb from limb, never giving him a chance to explain. They had then proceeded to stone his son and younger brother to death, and killed his father, when he returned from work, rejoicing in their "cleansing" of their town. The only male survivor of the family, was a cousin, who died of head-injuries about 8 months later. It was only AFTER they had finished their "dirty work," that someone noticed the REAL title of the book, just before they were going to burn it.

At first, the town tried to hush the whole thing up, but the 7 remaining women, having no reason to keep quiet, yelled the whole story to the press. There was nothing that anyone could do for them now, of course, and all except one committed suicide. That one, was pregnant, and had narrowly missed being killed too. If the mob had realized she was carrying a MALE child, she would have been also. As it was, the only remaining member of the family would have to wait until he was 15 or so, and hope to attract some of the few "male-bearers" to continue his family line. Since the whole world felt guilty about this, his chances were probably pretty good. Certainly he would have no financial worries.

Oh, one final thing, hinted at in the story: Once a "termination" sequence had been activated, The 'bots attacked any live flesh available, not just their hosts, until the host-flesh had been completely used up for energy. Only the original host would feed the dying 'bots, but a person could lose an arm or leg, past the ability of plague-'bot repair, if he handled the deceased body of someone who had recently died of the "plague."

You generally wouldn't die; just almost wish you had.

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