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Rapefinder-General Jessica Valenti knows that having no evidence is the best form of evidence

Rape is happening everywhere, and all women are under threat at all times from all heterosexual, bisexual and pansexual men, although homosexual and asexual men take part in this threat by acquiescence because they don't care about women at all, which means they are just as bad. Still, what do you expect from men?

However, no-one dares speak out about this rape culture, because women are shamed into denying that it exists in case they get laughed at, raped or raped and then laughed at. Except for feminists of course, who presume to speak for every other woman in the world and somehow get away with it.

One in four women has been raped and the reason that this alarming statistic is 100 per cent impossible to prove is because they refuse to tell anyone about it.

The villains who do the laughing at women are also those who do the raping of women, i.e. men, so as you can see there is absolutely no escape for women, who have no agency whatsoever and no-one to turn to because the entire planet is run by men.

Public advice issued by police to beware of rapists is "victim blaming", just the same as advising homeowners to fit burglar alarms is victim blaming.

Britain, the USA and Australia are all rape cultures except they are in denial and refuse to admit that what feminists are claiming is the truth because to do so would be to admit that society is profoundly biased against women from top to bottom due to male self-interest, in which men only listen to other men and therefore automatically disbelieve women.

Remember: If you deny that Rape Culture exists, you are perpetuating Rape Culture.

Hold on. Really?


The entire idea originated with dirty smelly lesbian hippies in the 1970s, who stated that their "ultimate goal is to eliminate rape and that goal cannot be achieved without a revolutionary transformation of our society."

Father Christmas is as real as rape culture too

In order to effect this "revolutionary change" they had to label the society that they felt they were living in now, in order to make it clear that it was a bad thing and therefore worth overthrowing.

So they called it "Rape Culture". After all, how could anyone want to live in such a nasty-sounding situation?

And then they set about looking for the evidence to back up their proposition. And they struck lucky when a survey on rape turned up the shocking statistic that "one in four women has been raped."


The "one in four" figure comes solely from a 1984 study by a hippy oldfag Arkansas Professor called Mary P Koss.

Her research was never submitted for any form of peer review, which is probably just as well for her. Because ironically enough, nearly "three in four" -- that is 73 per cent -- of those categorised as rape victims in the original 1984 survey disagreed with Koss's proposition that they had been raped.

So, who knows better -- Professor Koss and her clipboard, or the women who, you know, actually had the experience themselves with their own vaginas and whatnot?

In short, the whole thing is a fantasy, cooked up by single-issue cranks, who rely on questionable data and emotional blackmail in order to cudgel critics into silence. And the funny thing is: it worked.

And where has all this led us?

Into a situation in which the self-appointed spokespeople who are meant to be empowering women have in fact led them into a needlessly-exaggerated dark and fearful world in which something as innocuous as eye-contact with a stranger can be perceived as a threat of sexual violence, and in which those very same self-appointed spokespeople claim to be the only ones with the solution. Nice work if you can get it.

Still, you can't make an omelette without breaking a few million eggs every day for decades. Just don't expect the omelette to arrive any time soon.

In the last few years, there has been an unfortunate trend towards blaming “rape culture” for the extensive problem of sexual violence on campuses. While it is helpful to point out the systemic barriers to addressing the problem, it is important to not lose sight of a simple fact: Rape is caused not by cultural factors but by the conscious decisions, of a small percentage of the community, to commit a violent crime.


2014 letter to White House anti-rape taskforce from the Rape Abuse and Incest National Network

Rape culture in the USA

The Center for Disease Control's 2010 sexual violence survey (PDF) is often cited as giving a figure of "one in five" for female rape.

Shocking!!! ... until you consider the following:

The survey's definition of "rape" includes:

  • attempted rape (so, er, that'll be not rape, then)
  • penetration by finger (or object) (which is, er, also not rape)
  • attempted penetration by finger (or object) (come on, you shitting me?)
  • and occasions when the woman was just drunk or stoned and later regretted their poor choice (by which standard most people have been raped too often to count).

Also consider that the survey's earliest boundary is the age of the oldest respondent (which is not stated but bear in mind that the average American woman lives to 81 and that the oldest living American woman in 2015 was alive at the same time as Queen Victoria, having been born in fucking 1898).

So actually, the best we can get from the CDCs data is that on average (~320,000,000 (approx. USA population)/2 (gender)/5 (alleged frequency)/80 years (av lifespan) = ) an average absolute maximum of 40,000 US women (i.e., fewer than one in 8,000) has been the self-declared victim of one sexual offence, which might or might not be rape, in each of the last 80 years.

But even that figure's unreliable, because

  • CDC got themselves a fantastic (!) and completely unbiased 80 per cent response rate to their survey by paying respondents $50 to take part (effectively making this a self-selecting sample) so their shitty stats were also >20 per cent adrift to start with
  • They made no attempt to verify any of the claims, which, OK, might not even be possible but (given the fallibility of even traumatic memories) makes the results inherently unsafe to some unknowable degree
  • They weighted the sample along opinion polling lines (which isn't a sound way to distribute crime statistics) to get an estimate with a margin of error of 30 fucking per cent
  • They didn't give any indication of historical distribution (meaning that the final figures include (possibly unreliable) memories of non-rapes that happened in the unenlightened 1940s, when sexual offending was probably far, far higher)
  • And they completely omitted the gender of the perpetrator (because lesbians don't commit any sexual offences at all, duh!).

Yeah, so, like we were saying: One in five US women has been raped.


Rape culture in the UK

In 2014 rapes recorded by British police rose by 31 per cent... to one out of every 1,185 British women.

Still some way to go before we hit that magic "one in four" figure, must try harder chaps!

Critics will -- quite rightly -- point out that this is just one year's figures.

OK, then, if 1/1,185 women gets raped in one year - and of necessity assuming that each victim was a separate woman, that the 2014 figure accurately represents the scale of the problem (i.e., each recorded rape was a real rape and not, e.g., some drunken snog you picked up in a nightclub trying and failing to finger your cooch), and that the population of the UK consisted of exactly the same individuals throughout (which is obviously impossible, but a necessary premise) - how long would it take for the 1/4 figure to be reached?

Just south of 300 years, that's how long.

Rape culture in Virtual Reality

For Belamire, the virtual groping was comparable to being groped in real life – something that had happened to her twice before.

The psychological trauma was about equal,” she told the Guardian. “The shock I felt from real life groping versus that first virtual groping was about the same. You wonder what kind of person thinks it’s OK to do that and are disgusted that it happened to you.


Yes, it is now possible to be raped by someone without them ever physically touching you.

Clearly, Gamergate is to blame for such atrocities.

Nuvola apps xmag.png Moar info: Cyberrape.

In summary


Victims of Rape Culture

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