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The official RapGenius.com logo, which was made in paint.
Believe it or not, this isn't a photo-shoot of the latest Pitchfork-approved indie band, but rather a group of incompetent "web entrepreneurs".

RapGenius.comTwitter-favicon.png rapgenius, formerly known as RapExegesis.com is the result after Wikipedia' s and Post-it-mark's heated unprotected lovemaking session. This unholy bastardization would grow into Rap Geniusfounded in 2009 by a group of Yale trustfunders during the height of an Adderall binge. Rap Genius presents itself as a self-declared guide to "the meaning of rap, R&B, and soul lyrics" which allows anyone to provide their explanations of popular hip-hop song lyrics. In addition to hip-hop and rap, Rap Genius later created sections dedicated to deciphering rock and poetry from at least 100 years ago. The sites worst enemy is the userbase itself which exclusively consists of furries. They have merely filled their lives with BDSM jiffing so it is only expected that they overanalyze or completely misinterpret what successful artists have to say.

Rap Genius also has a large collection of Lil B lyrics, most of which are ruined by tumblr users peppering the annotations with meme images and Based God gifs. RapGenius.com is owned by the very obnoxious, useless, Iranian Jew Mahbod Moghadam, the shitty Ruby coder Tom Lehman and the Malcolm X loving wigger Ilan Zechory, who all met at Yale University.

How it works

After registration, users (referred to as "scholars") go about submitting lyrics (with no verification process) and/or annotations. All of this goes towards building up their "Rap IQ™" which, once elevated after thousands of explanations of "teaching bitches how to swim" are submitted, will grant users editor access, or if they've done a very good job, they receive moderator access.

What you can learn at Rap Genius

Rap Genius is 2deep4u

Some argue that Rap Genius is inherently racist in that it assigns to a demographic predominantly composed of anonymous overeducated white pussies the task of deciphering rap lyrics written by African-Americans or white performers appropriating African-American colloquialisms. However, some Rap Genius "scholars" go further than merely translating niggerspeak to intelligible English, demonstrating a sincere appreciation for the poetic devices employed by performers of hip hop music by waxing philosophical and reading into rap lyrics "deep meanings" that probably weren't actually fucking intended to begin with.

For examples of such pretentious navel-gazing annotations, check out the annotations for "Yonkers" by Tyler, the Creator, which expound upon the linguistic devices and cultural references at play in Odd Future's "Golf Wang" slogan and how every fucking line of the song is a "paradox" simply because Tyler referenced paradoxes in the song once. How fucking deep can a song with lyrics like "making crack rocks out of pussy nigga fishbones" really be, you fucks? Wait, don't answer that.


Since Tyler always wears dockers khaki shorts, this line could also mean pair of docks (like pair of pants) instead of paradox.

Tyler says that he is talking to his alter ego Wolf Haley. Wolf is the one claiming to be a walking paradox, Tyler is resisting.

A paradox is a contradicting but true statement, he claims to be a walking paradox, then he contradicts that statement, because he is not literally a walking paradox.

One of the face-value meanings is referring directly to Tyler’s personality, which is notoriously paradoxical. For example, some aspects of Tyler’s persona as alluded to in his lyrics play to gratuitous black stereotypes, so much so that ultra-P.C. journalists have pegged him with accusations of minstrelsy (it’s worth noting that most of these critics are white).

On the other hand, Tyler’s personality radically defies black stereotypes in many ways; for example, Tyler loves bands like Joy Division, Sonic Youth, Liar and other non-black music.

Also, contrasting his misanthropy, sadism, existential angst and ambiguous mental illness is the carefree, even optimistic attitude revealed in songs like Parade as well as his outspoken love of kitty cats, unicorns and Cartoon Network.

Further, he portrays himself as a venomous, homicidal misogynist, yet his romantic confessions revealed in songs like Her portray him as tender-hearted and loveshy, only putting up a hyper-masculine front to shield his vulnerability.

On another note, it’s interesting to note the philosophical implications of Tyler’s affinity for paradoxes, especially in light of Christian existentialist philosopher Soren Kierkegaard who asserted that only through realization of the essential paradox of human existence (that human rationality alone is not sufficient to apprehend the full scope of transcendental truth) can human beings live authentically.

Interestingly enough, in his work Philosophical Fragments he elaborated that the human subject becomes a paradox upon realizing that his/her inherent nature is in direct opposition to that of God, but does not (or hasn’t yet) made the Christian leap of faith by which religious transcendence may be attained.

As described in his prominent work Fear and Trembling, Kierkegaard’s religiously transformed man (or knight of faith) is still essentially paradoxical, but has overcome the state of literally being a paradox through the process of teleological suspension.

Because Tyler is an atheist and vehemently rejects (disses) Jesus but is painstakingly awarene of his own human frailty (sort of affirming noted atheist/nihilist Friedrich Nietzsche’s suspicion that human existence is cosmically superfluous in the wake of God’s death), Tyler is a fucking walking paradox both in a literal and Kierkegaardian sense…

I’m a fuck
Wall King
Pair of dice
—No, I’m “Not”

“I am less than what I am”
Apparently, this fact endows Tyler with the opportunity to be best, i.e. at your lowest, the idea of the king is immediate Wall King I guess is an encapsulation of the crux of the idea of in/out. Specifically, an ideogrammatic exemplification of the dialogue “Phaedrus,” where the speakers (a young and old man) leaf the city. They are beyond the wall (and hilariously try to top one another to be top dog). In time, “Phaedrus” became a sorta of prophecy for Plato’s student Aristotle, a perrypatetic (someone who walks around and thinks). Paradox can be broken down; “Pair o' dox,” which sounds like shoes (back to pt. 3), but its damn close to ‘pair of dice.’ The pair can be a number of historical writers in conversation (like Plato and Aristotle above mentioned). Perhaps it is Nietzsche and Kierkegaard. Who knows when it comes to Tyler. Even more, it can be a reference to Pavement’s “Summer Babe” (phonetiquettly, ‘Some Mer-babe’) by ‘ice.’ The above mentioned points are then commentated upon by Tyler in a classic paradoxical manner of Shakespeare. In this case, he call himself “Not” in the fashion of “Twelfth Night,” wherein the reader can, at their own discretion, cut up the dialogue to sound as if little notes are being sent to you. So at times, the reader can learn something about the base structure of the writer’s thought (i.e. ‘what is the logical grammar of one writer thinking for multiple characters?’). Should pt. 4 indeed be referring to Nietzsche, this gets even stranger, as he himself had taken advantage of this Shakespearian trope from “Twelfth Night.”

There’s a lot of stuff in his head, and he’s not talking about himself so much as the things he mistakes himself for. No gang-signs where none intended.



—Rap Genius' explanation for one fucking line from a rap song.

Owned By Google

On 25th December 2013, Google owned RapGenius.com by punishing them for ugly and blackhat SEO. The mastermind Mahbod Moghadam who does nothing than harm to the site decides he wanted to train his Jewish skill to level 99, and started to offer Twitter shoutouts on the official Rap Genius twitter in exchange for blog links which is one of the oldest SEO tricks in the book. RapGenius.com thought that their Jewish connection to Google would help them, but the search giant showed no mercy and punished their shitty Ruby coded site and unleashed the wrath of a thousand angry Nazi's. They went on to cry like this was another shoah and got removed from the blacklist after a few days.

Attempting to level his Jewish skill to 99 but failing horribly.

Rap Genius Founder Maboo Claps Back @ NYTimes

Maboo The Don

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