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Randy Stair
Nationality: Americunt  MiniflagUSA.png
Highscore Killed three, no injuries
Top 50? Far from it
Style Single player
An Hero? Yes

Randy Robert Stair (alias: Andrew Blaze) was an emo animefag Columbiner degenerate 24-year-old whose mental state caused him to devolve from a relatively normal handsome young lad into a man-child basement dweller constantly obsessing over Nickelodeon cartoon characters that he morphed into edgy school shooters called the Ember's Ghost Squad. His perverse and childish obsession with his fairy-tale world, coupled with his degenerative psychological condition eventually accumulated in him perpetrating a mediocre mass shooting at the grocery store he worked at, that resulted in a pitiful 3 murders before he an hero'd. He apparently believed that his imaginary friends were calling for him to kill himself so he could be with them forever. He was also a tranny and thought he was a girl in a man-child's body.

The sad fact about our favorite shotgun toting tranny is that Rando was as unoriginal in death as he was in life. In life, his whole life consisted of taking someone else's work (Butch Hartman's Danny Phantom, for those who are out of the loop), giving it a new color scheme, and calling it his own. Seeking consistency in at least one avenue of his life, Rando felt that his death should be as uninspired and as derivative as his life, and like so many times before, he could only copy others that came before him when he decided it was time to say goodbye. His completely unoriginal thought was to copy the Columbine Killers and much like most of his life, which he spent the entirety of learning how to hold his colon or piss standing up, he couldn't even do that right because he was so pathetic he didn't even have one friend he could ask to go a-killing with him. Clearly, this sick fuck had some goddamn issues.


In a generic suburban housing unit in Pennsylvania lived a once-promising young man by the name of Randy Robert Stair. Although he had a normal, privileged middle class life and showed relatively little signs of psychological disturbance, even possessing a following in the thousands online, this young man grew to become withdrawn like so many of the millennials he represents, most likely becoming disillusioned and disenfranchised when he realized that society had lied. He wasn't something interesting or special. There wasn't going to be a happy ending where all his dreams come true. He wasn't going to be famous with the world worshiping him and women desiring him as the television that was used to raise him had promised. Realizing that his job at a super market was as good as it was going to get, Randy became depressed and in his isolation, he degenerated physically and emotionally and decided to follow a path that he thought would grant him the control he wanted in his life, and would give him the fame he ever so desired after developing a disturbing interest in mass shootings and criminals, most notably the ones who went for a jolly time in high school, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold.

As time goes on and more of his family members and friends give more interviews, more details about his backstory will arrive. Stay tuned!

Online life

Like most Millenials, Randy had an active, persistent and long-lived life online. Although seemingly normal in his adolescence, for some reason he grew immature, awkward and mentally ill in his 20s, eventually fantasizing and believing himself to be connected to some lame Danny Phantom world he conjured.


Randy has been active on YouTube since as early as 2007, but has went through several accounts with only a handful known to currently exist. One of them had nearly 9,000 subscribers and another other one of importance, where he posted his cringy artwork and suicide manifesto possessing about 400 subscribers before he went Cho and had it shoot up in views from there until it got terminated a few days later. He was popular enough that several youtubers actually sent in fan footage to him. Other videos of his, by 2016 (when he was visibly fucked up in the head) include him talking about the paranormal.

Some of his channels:

  • YouTube Favicon.png WorthlessToaster - An alt of his that had 2,000 subs. Mainly focused on one of the fictional cyan haired girl "Ember" from that Danny Phantom cartoon.
  • YouTube Favicon.png PioneersProductions - His original channel from 2008 that had nearly 9,000 subs. Focused on his goofy videos from before he was completely fucked up in the head. Eventually got spammed by his autistic ghost cartoon shit
  • YouTube Favicon.png PioneersAnthology - Another alt of his that had only 160 subs. Focused on mirroring his videos.
  • ArchiveToday-favicon.pngEmber's Ghost Squad - A new channel made in early 2016 by him, where he kept all his edgy and autistic shit and his suicide tapes. This is where most of the trolls thrived until the channel was terminated on June 12th, 2017.
  • YouTube Favicon.png Andrew Blaze - another alt he made, used to upload three songs. Had only zero subs until it was discovered.

Ray William Johnson

Nuvola apps xmag.png Moar info: Ray William Johnson.

Notable jewtube Vlogger, Ray William Johnson, promoted the shooter in one of his videos from Summer 2011, bringing lots of attention to Randy.


DING DING DING!! No fucking SHIT this edgelord had a fucking DA account. This spoiled little fucking dipshit infested an already retarded ass site with his nonsense and tried to recruit several artists to voice act and draw his fantasy world school shooting shit but obviously triggered them all. He paid some ditsy fat chicks to voice act for other flashes that didn't immediately make any sane person go to tips.fbi.gov, Name field: Randy Robert Stair, Description: TL;DR and fucking click submit on that shit.

Following his death, even DeviantArt losers bullied him and felt the need to distance themselves from him because like most of the world's grazing herds like Islam, the Democratic Party and becoming a faithful Christian boy, so you can marry off your 12-year-old daughter that you knocked up. When somebody finally goes through with and does what they all talk about wanting to do there's an immediate desire to make everyone feel safe again by airing out all the sins of that one person and saying it was just them, they're psycho, don't get the real message of the group or that that person isn't a true example of who they really are so that people will stop looking into the rest of their pasts and discover that they are capable of the same damn thing some time, down the road.


Like most millenials and z-tards, this guy was on Instagram where he posted a combination of his cringy artwork and fantasy girlfriend along with some selfies. We have a big screencap of most of his tweets here.


Randy flooded his accounts with his shitty artwork and several messages suggesting he was going to commit mass murder in the future. Again, the NSA is shit at its job and anyone who works for them sucks 37 dicks. In a row.

Facebook Columbiner group

Randy was apparently a part of a sizeable fanclub group on Kikebook (Columbine Picture Archive and Discussion) full of disturbed thot attention whores and thirsty feminist beta males dedicated to the pieces of shit who perpetrated the infamous Columbine shooting a generation ago. Some of the thot-ass, mentally ill, cocksucking, degenerate columbiner cunts there were butthurt over the shooter's death as they communicated to him frequently, crying about how their dear friend was gone when they likely rejected any and all romantic advances he made while sucking the twat juice off their Chad boyfriends' giant cocks and keeping Randy as an omega pet.

Super Columbine Massacre RPG Forums

Super Columbine Massacre RPG was a mediocre RPG Maker game released in 2005, that was directly based off of the Columbine Massacre, placing the player in the roles of the shooters. The game developer, Danny Ledonne, made a forum for the game for members to discuss every single detail pertaining to Columbine, along with any other school shootings and mass shootings in general. Obviously, there would be a few school shooters to lurk or contribute to the forums, such as the Sandy Hook shooter or Kimveer Gill. After the creator realized the Pandora's box that he opened by creating his community, he shut the forums down in 2013 in the aftermath of Sandy Hook. However, the general community scene was revitalized when another person made a new forum, which contains a dedicated and relatively active community to this day. Randy was part of this, with his account (registered on December 16th, 2016) being used to make 63 ArchiveToday-favicon.pngposts. Unlike Adam Lanza though, he wasn't nearly as much of a warning sign and thus several of the NSA Agents stalking the forum didn't spot him in time.

//Please censor the names in those [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]images for privacy concerns.


Despite the forum being specifically designed to discuss and collect information on some very macabre subject matter, many users were relatively surprised to hear the news over Randy. A few threads have popped up over the news, with some trolls popping up to further insult the image of the murderer.

Ember's Ghost Squad

Take Neil Gaiman's Cute little death girl.
Put her in Chris Chan's hug box and smash her together with Gene Simmons
And like Butch Hartman, you get Ember McLame

It's not shocking or really surprising that Rando would name his fantasy site chronicling all his wet dreams after the most Emo character in Danny Phantom who is a Chris-chan style mash up of Neil Gaiman's cute little death chick from Sandman and Gene Simmons who gets a pity-fuck from a guy she has a crush on and then kills herself when she realizes that she can't emotionally blackmail more out of her crush. More so, with 20/20 hindsight, it is clear that he is advertising his intentions in this name by choosing a character who claims that everyone will know who she is and her crush will suffer extreme guilt for not loving her AFTER she becomes an heroine.

The song as sung on the series. Not bad if you're 12 and deaf. Lyrics are below



—Ember McLame

Yeah! Oh!

It was, it was September Winds blow, the dead leaves fall To you, I did surrender Two weeks, you didn't call

Your life goes on without me My life, a losing game But you should, you should not doubt me You will remember my name

Oh, Ember, you will remember Ember, one thing remains Oh, Ember, so warm and tender You will remember my name

Your heart, your heart has rendered Your loss, now bear the shame. Like dead trees, in cold December Nothing but ashes remain

Oh, Ember, you will remember Ember, one thing remains Ember, so warm and tender You will remember my name

Oh, woah, woah!

Ember, you will remember Ember, one thing remains Ember, so warm and tender You will remember my name Yeah! You will remember my name


—"You will Remember" Lyrics sung by Ember in Danny Phantom

Randy's wettest dream

Randy's psychological profile degenerated to the point that he broke away from reality and chose to create a better one of his own design populated by what could be best described as a grotesque mutilation of existing Danny Phantom characters that were created with no other purpose than to worship him like he were a god and answer his every whim or demand asked asked of them.
Like so many that have come before him, Randy decided to document his decent into the crazy as a proof of his existance that would survive him and so created wikia to document his nonsensical fantasies by creating page after page on his wikia consisting of fantasy school shootings and other emo nonsense by copypasting, from wikipedia, articles on columbine.
In this personal, fantasy word of his own creation, the entirety of the population consists of big breasted ghost girls that are all ten FUCKING feet tall. In the aftermath of OP's gay little shooting spree and pathetic cry for attention, trolls targeted his wiki and spammed it with gay porn and gore. Wikia, following its well established method of operation, did nothing for an unknown number of weeks, its moderators acting like the 14-year-olds they are, addressed the situation like all jobs they don't want to do with contempt and counted on someone else taking care of it if they ignored it long enough.

Closure of EGS Wikia

Several weeks after the massacre, numerous trolls flooded the wiki with enough gay porn, gore, and shitposting to warrant the attention of the administration of Wikia who quickly pwn'd the EGS wiki.

Mental illness / trannyism

Randy Manifesto WTF HOLY SHIT.jpg

The perpetrator unironically believed he was a little girl trapped in a grown ass man's body, because like so many olid, bitchass little faggots from this sub-species that actively choose to document their life on youtube, he became convinced that if he were born a girl his life would be so much easier, entirely unaware of how viciously passive-aggressive and catty girls are to each other or how many social norms of beauty like being thin, well dressed in the latest trends, made up etc are placed on them especially, ironically, chastity because so many virgins with rage gravitate to the idea that it would be so much easier to get laid if they were a girl because the femi-centric world being taught now teaches how men are pigs and will fuck anything. What people like Rando don't get is that a girl is forever walking a line of either being a whore if they're too loose or a cold fish if they completely shy away because they are more turned on by the idea of imagining themselves as the opposite sex and focus only on fantasy than actually wanting to live a life as that sex and accept the grim reality of it.
Randy was likely a victim of the ZOG brainwashing agenda targeting young western men with subliminal messages covertly placed in popular cartoons like My Little Pony, Disney's Star vs the Forces of Evil and Teen Titans Go designed to confuse boys by telling them that the life of a girl is better than the one they have now and isn't just laying on her back or happily making sammiches in the kitchen. His obsession over being reincarnated as a Mary Sue loli was one of many of the mental issues he had. He spent all of his free time making Disney-like cartoons only little kids and furries would enjoy while constantly whining on the Internet how no-one understood the creativity and talent needed in creating a recolored Mary Sue version of someone else's original work.

Possible origin for Randy's tranny insanny

Danny Phantom is rife for exploitation. A favorite is the vagina haunting ghost by the name of The Box Ghost and then, confusing the soft in the heads like Randy, by treating ghosts like people and letting them have kids, decide that one day while he was rattling chains up some girl's hole, The Box Ghost felt the need to rub a couple out and ended up having his oral sex loving daughter, Box Lunch.

Randy's alter ego, on the other hand, most likely sprang from the oh so original plot where Danny Phantom's nemesis decides to clone him for a little of the man/boy shipping fun but forgets to put the stem on the Apple and gets himself a girl that he didn't really want, but since he's stuck with her, he ever so creatively named her Danielle, or Dani Phantom.

Besides serving the purpose of being created by Butch Hartman for filler plots and the ever popular Rule 63 multiplied by Rule 34 staging where a male character gets a female copy of themselves for no other reason than rabid fantards can't settle on who should be fucking him so they settle on letting him do the job himself with a clone of the opposite sex.

For someone like Randy who saw the male character of Danny being bogged down and held in place by rules, responsibilities and expectations, he saw the female copy of Dani as being free and not being held down by anything because at the end of every episode she is in, when the job is done - Dani leaves to train for her favorite Olympic track and field event, the 100 man cock hurdles.

If Randy were someone like Dani Phantom he wouldn't be stuck in a piece of shit town in PA living in his parent's basement. He wouldn't have a shit job stocking shelves at minimum wage for a grocery store because his parents said he had to keep a job. He wanted to be a 12-year-old girl from a cartoon that didn't need to ask to borrow the car and could just get up a leave for parts unknown whenever she was struck by the mood. Like everyone who ever made up a Mary Sue. Randy created himself a mythology that would include him in his favorite story and, at the same time, make him its most perfect being but most importantly, as I have described, it was the reset Randy wanted. A reset that let Randy be like the loli Dani Phantom and be free to do whatever the fuck he wanted.

Going ghostal

Goodbye humans…I’ll miss you….


—Randy's last tweet

Randy worked at a Weis Market store on night shift. He rushed to upload his manifesto and suicide tapes, then headed to his workplace with his shitty shotguns, locked some of the doors, and racked up a pathetic three frags before becoming an hero. This retard thought he could pull a Cho with the deficient weapons he brought. Thankfully for society at large, Randy was as much a failure at the high score as he was at life, and his image has been torn to faggy shreds. It is of note that he recorded a video tour of his workplace in the days preceding his attack. One of his co-workers was spared as when Randy spotted her, he was too beta gamma omega to even point his shotgun at her, instead choosing to do what he always did when he was caught in a situation where he might have to talk to a girl and ran away in fear and embarrassment.

Among the deceased are:

  1. Terry Sterling, 63
  2. Victoria Brong, 26
  3. Brian Hayes, 47


Class Setup
Item Accessories/Bonus
  • Primary: Mossberg 500 Cruiser
  • A pump action shotgun that's common, cheap and extremely powerful. Also has pistol grip so it's shorter. 65~155 Damage.
  • Secondary: Mossberg 500 Persuader
  • Another pump action shotgun with a pistol grip that's common, cheap and extremely powerful. 65~155 Damage.
  • Perk 1: Stopping Power
ESM Stopping Power.png
  • 00 Buckshot makes it easy for people to fall to the ground quicker and harder.
  • Perk 2: Autism
  • Ass-burgers syndrome allows for the sufferer to get out of any trouble by explaining their mental health issue.

Police investigation

Randy bitched out and became an hero before level 2 began and the cops spawned on the cs_markets map, so some knucklehead roidmonkey cop sadly couldn't take this punk out and boast about it later. Upon arriving at his house, police collected several pieces of evidence; seven boxes full of 12ga ammo, shooting equipment, shotgun parts and manuals, notebooks, a lot of cringeworthy drawings, external hard drives, flash drives, his computer, a camera, and several discs that stored his youtube projects. Police were likely shocked more by the weird ass shit they found on his drives than when they have to take a case regarding a deceased and rotting individual.

Tara Strong takes responsibility for Rando


In a post on twatter to shill for immigration, Tara Strong claimed that if it wasn't for her, none of us would have a child hood. If what she says is true, she is even responsible for the fucked up childhoods like Rando's, especially because she voiced his favorite character that also served as his masturbation fodder of Ember McLame.
Since Tara is the reason behind this fucktard's childhood, she should give an apology to the whole state of Pennsylvania and the families that were destroyed because she ruined this person's childhood and didn't do a better job at giving Rando a happy childhood from which he wouldn't grow up to become that psycho piece of shit that becomes angry At society for not noticing their genius and chooses to punish the people they know for this sin against them.
To use her words against her, she's the reason why some kid's childhood is now the cause of some people needing therapy in their adulthood because a plethora of the characters she did convinced a generation that everyone is capable and deserving of finding love and being respected.
Rando was a lot like every other unloved assbertard that posted on Tara Strong's Twitter page in that he made posts hoping for Our Great God Emperor and Leader Making America Great Again for Men's death or assassination thinking that it would earn him some notice from Tara Strong because of how opposed she is to Our Powerful Leader Equal to the Mighty Thor's presidency.
We are starting to move past coincidence and head towards something more of substance that a D-List celebrity who is known for the challanged fanfucks that come to her twitter page to threaten The Great One may be the cause of one of these idiots involvement in a mass murder.


Screenshot of his manifesto

Like most shooters, Randy barfed up a faggoty little manifesto on MediaFire before he went apeshit. However, this jackass included nearly 50gb of videos on there when he could've easily cut it down to a single GB if he compressed that shit. The video tapes serve as an autist's Basement Tapes, as he cries about his privileged life, shows off and tests out his guns and makes one last cringy 17-hour-long manifesto video where it slowly descends into his transgenderism and fantasies about his cartoon 14-year-old girlfriend. One video of his shows his mommy filming him while he wears a "NATURAL SELECTION" shirt (the type that the Columbine fags wore) an immediate red flag that his parents were too fucking retarded to get. With his writings, he wrote a journal where he tried way too hard to be like Eric Harris, and regarding the pictures on his manifesto, were just his lame artwork and poses of him with his shotguns.




Within a few days of the shooting spree, Randy made a tweet hinting at what was to come. However, another user by the name of SapphireMae13 made a sly hint regarding it. Internet trolls and spergs were able to track down who she was and interrogated her over the connection and cooperation with the shooter, making the thot DELETE FUCKING EVERYTHING wiping out her Twatter, DA, YouTube, and other accounts. Her name was Rachel Hodge, and she was referenced by the shooter in his suicide tapes as a friend, drew some autistic fanart for him, most likely knew about the shooting (and wanted to see it come to fruition), and liked Kingdom Hearts, Pokémon, MLP shit, etc.

Sauces: 1 ArchiveToday-favicon.png1a ArchiveToday-favicon.png2


America and the world in general have seen literally hundreds of deranged gunmen trying to make a name for themselves. At this point, unless you're a white teenager and you rack up an impressive kill count, society won't give a flying fuck about your story. Sure, the shooter was a white kid, so the media would be more likely to report on him for their agenda. However, his high score is at best abysmal, and the only thing that makes him stand out is his autism via his DeviantArt and YouTube accounts. Thus, the pitiful body count, and the fact that America has like five fucking mass shootings a minute at this damned point, diminished the shockwave to the local area where the shooting spree occurred. However, in the online world, there was a lot of trolls having a field day over the fact of how pathetic and cringe-worthy this homicidal little donkey twat was. As expected, underage attention whores from places like kikebook and tumblr are already starting to pop up fantasizing about this tranny, claiming all he needed was help (obviously not from them). Where's the fun if we actually stop spergy betas from going for the high score instead of letting them stir up chaos and tearing them a new asshole for what they did? Apparently, a chick who went to school with him told her stories to someone but whether its true or not is up for interpretation. Read what she had to say here!

Rest In Peace to all the people that were involved. Even the shooter himself. What he did was incredibly awful, but he did post his feelings openly and no one stopped him. No one helped him when he was crying for help. That's why i wish i could suck his beta dick


—Courtney Bell, Facebook attention whore

In a healthy society faggots like him would be hanged from a crane


—Morituri te Salutant, Youtube User

Randy was the result of radical Danny Phantom Ideology being promoted by atheists and commies who refuse to accept the concept of an afterlife. He does not represent the true fans of Danny Phantom


—@EthicalNazi Twitter user.

Both the Brony and tranny communities are deeply sadened by the loss of one of their own. It is society's refusal to accept anything differant that caused this event to happen.


—@EmilyEldritch Twitter Dumbass who changed her quote after she realized Rando didn't just become an hero

Wow!! I think I can taste the back of my head


—Rando after getting a mouthful of Rachel, his shotgun


Believe it or not, this AIDSy asshole actually had plenty of friends. One of them from Florida wrote a tl;dr message about the incident that reveals a lot of ArchiveToday-favicon.pnggood details. Other friends were likely unsurprised the sperg did what he did, but will pretend like they dindu nuffin so they don't have FBI salad-tossing faggots breathing down their neck waiting to entrap them for several years, simply for knowing Randy.


Of course those deranged churls on /pol/ would stir up drama and chimp out over this guy. Check out ArchiveToday-favicon.pngthis thread for some good info.

One of his co-workers actually showed up on ArchiveToday-favicon.pnga /pol/ thread.

Kiwi Farms

The sperglord autists over at Kiwi Farms circlejerked over the drama and collected some good evidence on the case. Check their thread out for some good details.

Fan base

Believe it or not, this walking punchline of a human being actually has people who admire him and like his autistic creations. The most notable of these people is Naze Warbled, who has taken it upon themselves to continue Randy's shitty animations and has made several videos about EGS. Here they are in all their retarded glory:

There's even a Discord server dedicated to suck this tranny's cocks.

New invite to the official EGS Discord 12.1.2018 https://discord.gg/gGxGzBn


Randy Stair Discord White Knight.PNG


Info non-talk.png We have a mirror of his 40gb+ of autistic videos available here and here

However, it'll probably get banned anyways. Archive what you can, while you can.

For those too lazy to watch anything, his videos consist of him shooting like shit with his guns and rambling about how useless he is and his meaningless little existence.

Something of a missed clue, from March 2016

Some of his recordings

The Offical Anthem of Randy Stair

An Analysis and Explanation of Randy's insanity

An animated reenactment

A Tour of the game Map

Him Shooting Like Shit

Him Explaining His Life

Him Shooting In Front Of His Mom

"Better fucking have that voiceover by Monday, Laura, or you're fucking dead!"


Shooter / trolling

[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

Shotgun poses

As seen in his manifesto;

Manifesto pics About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

Cringy artwork

Here's just some of the artwork that goofball made. Some may be made by other people though.

Cringe collection About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]


Randy had a few twitter accounts. Here are some of his posts and that of his fans or friends that correlate to him.

Twitter posts About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]


Rule 34

Within hours of the "tragedy" several trolls and weirdos made some rule 34 out of his characters. Take a look ;)

What The Next Mass Shooter Jacks Off To.jpg
What the next mass shooter will jack off to


Graded score
Kill count: 3/20
Accuracy: 15/20 No one left behind, actually someone was
Style: 15/20 Barricaded the doors like Cho
Butthurt: 6/20 Some triggered people commented on his YouTube vids and some /pol/ articles were made
Bonus: 3/20 He managed to kill people with sawed-off shotguns
Total score: 40/100 (F)
Fuck off retarded faggot
See full ranking

Wanted Level:




Mall Cop


  • Randy 'Welcome to Target; You are one now' Stair
  • Andrew 'Blaze 'em if you got 'em' Blaze
  • Randy 'Dead as Fred Astaire' Stair
  • Randy 'You want some dairy, I have a license to carry' Stair
  • Randy '*teleports behind u*' Stair
  • Randy '/me reaches into my backpack' Stair
  • Randy 'xXxDarkLord666xXx' Stair
  • Randy 'Tranny Phantom' Stair
  • Randy Stair (Level 24 Corpse - Lootable)
  • Randy '3 for the price of 1' Stair

Theme song

Yo, Randy Stair He Was Just 23

When his parents bought a very strange machine

Designed to view a world unclean

(He's gonna shoot em all cause he's Tranny Phantom)

When his brain didn't work, his folks they just quit

then Ember took a look inside of it

there was a great big snap

every thing just changed

his ego and id got all rearranged

(Phantom Phantom),

When he first woke up he realized he had dark black hair

and glowin' blue eyes

he could walk through walls, disappear, and fly

he was much more ~unique~ than the other guys

It was then Andrew knew what he had to do

he had to join all the ghosts who were coming through

he's here to fight

against me and you

(He's gonna kill em all cause he's Tranny Phantom

gonna kill em all cause he's Tranny Phantom

gonna kill em all cause he's TRANNY PHANTOM

So cash

Randy So Cash.jpg

Hey Humans,

My name is Andrew, and I hate every single one of you. All of you are fat, retarded, real life who spend every second of their day working at stupid ass jobs. You are everything bad in the world. Honestly, have any of you ever tried to understand me? I mean, I guess it’s fun making fun of people because of your own insecurities, but you all take to a whole new level. This is even worse than calling a woman trapped in a mans body gay. (I'm not)

Don’t be a stranger. Just get hit with my best shot. I’m pretty much perfect. I was a popular Youtube celebrity, and starter on my EGS team. What sports do you play, other than "Earn money and raise a family"? I also get straight sex, and have a banging hot girlfriend (She just transitioned me; Shit was SO premorphic). You are all faggots who should just ghost yourselves. Thanks for listening.

Pic Related: It's me and my soulmate

Friendly reminder

Committing a mass shooting is not going to solve your problems and no one will remember you for it, you autistic sociopathic piece of shit. So unless you're highly trained and dedicated to your genocidal crusade, do the world a favor and just kill yourself if you're homicidal, faggot.

Encyclopedia Dramatica reserves the right to make fun of you if you're dumb enough to try to massacre random civilians. Nobody will think you're intimidating, and most people won't even remember you for more than a few days. However, you will be made fun of a thousand times more than you were in your life. So instead of going on a murder spree, why don't you check yourself into a ward or pay for a quality prostitute (about the amount of a new shotgun) instead?

[00:53] xXx_GhostEmoTranny_xXx has slain Victoria Brong for a double kill!

[01:21] xXx_GhostEmoTranny_xXx has slain Brian Hayes for a triple kill!

[06:16] Pennsylvania_State_Police has ended xXx_GhostEmoTranny_xXx's killing spree! (Bounty: 500G)

See also

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Social media accounts

The shooter made a big list of all the accounts he could remember.




News articles

MediaFire manfeisto


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[Stop shooting!Pull the trigger]
Randy Robert Stair is part of a series on Gun Control
Locus in quo:

Abilene Alleyway Shooting 🔫 Capital Gazette Shooting 🔫 Chris Dorner 🔫 Christchurch mosque attacks 🔫 Colorado Theatre Shooting 🔫 David Long 🔫 Dayton shooting 🔫 El Paso Walmart Shooting 🔫 Elliot Rodger 🔫 Gilroy Garlic Festival Shooting 🔫 Jacksonville Shooting 🔫 Marjory Stoneman Douglas School Shooting 🔫 Pulse Nightclub Massacre 🔫 Randy Stair 🔫 San Bernardino shooting 🔫 Sandniggers in Paris 🔫 Sandy Hook Elementary Massacre 🔫 Santa Fe High School Shooting 🔫 Shoahdown at the Synagogue of Doom 🔫 Las Vegas shooting 🔫 Texas church shooting 🔫 Umpqua Community College Shooting 🔫 Virginia Beach Shooting 🔫 Youtube shooting 🔫


Barack Obama 🔫 Christians 🔫 Concerned Mothers 🔫 Democrats 🔫 Dianne Feinstein 🔫 Government 🔫 The Kennedys 🔫 Kurt Eichenwald 🔫 Faggots 🔫 Liberals 🔫 Michael Bloomberg 🔫 Jews 🔫 SJWs 🔫 Sensitive people 🔫 Tara Strong 🔫 Trayvon Martin 🔫 Quinton Reviews

Main ideas:

Assault Rifle 🔫 Gun 🔫 Gun Control 🔫 Murder 🔫 Arson 🔫 Bombs 🔫 Mass Shooting 🔫 School Shooting 🔫

Haters gonna hate:

Daisy Hogg 🔫 Killers 🔫 Republicans

Acts of revenge:

Boston Marathon Bombing 🔫 Sandniggers in Paris 🔫 Ariana Grande Massacre 🔫 London Bridge Attack 2017 🔫 Capital Gazette Shooting


Charlton Heston 🔫 James Holmes 🔫 NRA 🔫 Osama Bin Laden 🔫 Republicans 🔫 People planning a massacre 🔫

Pre-2012 Gun Massacres

Columbine 🔫 École Polytechnique 🔫 Dawson College 🔫 Virginia Tech Massacre 🔫 Austin, Texas 🔫 NIU Valentine's Day Massacre 🔫 Hungerford Massacre 🔫 Anders Breivik

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