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Note to Everyone:

'Clara in full My Little Crowley regalia'

All information on this page has been taken from publicly accessible sources (Youtube, Google, various forums), with some of the information (e.g. home address and subsequent verification of the authenticity of the photograph) provided by the subject of the page herself in her online rants.

Google is your friend here folks, all this stuff has been gathered via it.

Introducing ...

Randomlaughingman (aka DuffBeerDragon aka DracoverLordHaton aka MannySteinerBleeky aka AgentDeadPinata aka COLONELKiNGUMERCURiO aka size2andproud aka humansrscum aka Probably Many Others..)

'Oh sure, deny it if you like, but by being born and not being Clara, you're part of it..bet you didn't know that'

This motley collection of aliases is a denizen of mostly Youtube, though has been known to inhabit various other forums, and is well known amongst those who appreciate the rather insane form of ranting that she is truly master of.

IRL, this collection of aliases is known as Clara Luisa Massa, Ex-resident of unhappy Greenock,(current resident of sunny Maryhill, Glasgow) Scotland, avid supporter of the Greenock Golf Course, and the Clydeport Container terminal..

'Yes, this is what she looks like'

This rather interesting character, as has been found out by a number of poor unfortunates online, is a rather dangerously psychotic and foul-mouthed individual who has some interesting ideas as to how she thinks the universe operates. She is a firm believer in various Conspiracy Theories, the most common one ranted about on Youtube being that everyone who isn't Clara there who doesn't agree with Clara is somehow part of a giant conspiracy run by an evil mastermind, that they're all part of a human botnet, and, they all conspired to steal her 1943 penny, and because of this theft, reality is somehow the worse off.

Her insane ranting style and willingness to carry on doing so for hours at the slightest provocation has, for a number of years now (at least 5, but maybe even the full decade), made her the choice target for selective trolling on a number of subjects (e.g. The environment, power tools, noise, drugs), resulting in the varying degrees of Lulz documented on this page.

...and the Fraggles are the normal ones.

Clara's parallel time-bent Incarnation as the Fraggle called Mokey

Clara is a bit of a Fraggle, most definitely of the Internet kind, and, most probably of the IRL sort as well, in fact, she identifies so strongly with these creations that one wonders if she actually regards herself as some sort of parallel incarnation of a fraggle, (probably Mokey) See the following quote;

- sure you don't mean the fraggley delusion? The one that makes you turn into a Dozer.
You have seen Fraggle Rock right, so you get the reference - that a Dozer is one of those industrialist builder cunts, and the Fraggles are the normal ones.
DracOverLordHaton 3 months ago

Clara's thoughts on the discovery of this ED page

(this comment found 13 May, 2011)

I see that your encyclopediadramatica wing of your sad useless-eater conspiracy is at a Swiss extension of its original dumbcunt web address.
Call me old-fashioned but I thought Switzerland would have had more taste than to host shit like that.
Remember to kill yourself.
AgentDeadPinata 9 hours ago

Hello Clara, thank you for existing, and welcome aboard ...

Regarding her photo ..

'Just in case the page gets deleted'
'...and, while we're at it, maybe you want to have a look at GoogleEarth sometime before making stupid statements like this..'

Just in case anyone was wondering, the second link on the Non Youtube section pointing to material last updated in 2007 provides the following

'You better have a good explanation for how you got my private photo.
It was only online for a few hours,
many months ago,
and I only linked it to the Sacred Cow board.
Did you get it from sicko stalker lekinserray at wingmakers?
Or are you the sicko stalker that saved it?
You had my photo before I even heard of the Noise forum!
How did you know I was going to be at the Noise forum?
Where did you get my photo from?'

Hmm, she places it online, posts a link to it on a forum/board, then wonders where people got it from?

Quick note to her parents

'No, it isn't Clara who is responsible for uploading these pages..'

As someone has brought these pages to their attention, please let me clarify something here.

Clara isn't directly responsible for the content of these pages, well, let me rephrase that, she didn't place the content here (though she is responsible for her words/rants as documented).

And yes, she does need 'help'.


The Book of Massa

The Early Years

(That is, pre her current earthly incarnation..)

The Timebent Tesla Tango...

Part of the appeal in trolling this lolcow is some of the more rather bizzare things she believes about herself, the one most
notable for most beginners is the fact that she believes that she is/was/will be Nikola Tesla
Despite her ravings, Clara is actually old Oliver Haddo's biggest fan
MannySteinerBleeky(1 week ago)
Child-molester I know you're the same pedo that talked shit about me when I was Tesla etc as well. You're the same fat useless-eater obsessive of me in all the lives I've had in this reality, which you infected with your evil consciousness and caused to separate from heaven in the first place.
Kill yourself scum.
- no I saw through ZeroFLV - OBVIOUSLY only you could think you can twist the facts to seem otherwise. They got dropped and blocked for not listening to me when I told them that one of the many channels you made claiming to be me, was in fact not me.
You're the same crowleyanity fuckwit that ruined spacetime from 1923. You'red doing what Swerdlow did when the same mind-control project sent him to steal Jesus' blood etc. Cause you know I'm Tesla.
Kill yourself pedo scum.
MannySteinerBleeky 10 hours ago
On 14 May, 2011
- how the fuck do you think you can claim that someone who's known they're Tesla all their
life - that your whole 1000s of channels conspiracy against me revolves around, so much so that I had to inform people in FUCKING SCHOOL THAT I WAS HE IN A PAST LIFE BECAUSE YOU WERE ASTRALLY PUPPETING THEM FOR WHAT YOU ARE DOING HERE NOW - that they are actually Edison? You display your 'yank sense of humor' in all of your comments etc.
Not funny at all.
Kill yourself scum.
Interestingly, in a comment made on this youtube channel spotted 15 May 2011, a clue to a further past life appears.
MannySteinerBIeeky (1 day ago)
Where the fuck do you think you can say I'm Edison from? You know I'm san Nik T, you dumbass faggotcunt. Same way your
conspiracy thinks you can say I was Ed Kelley when you know I'm Dee.
Kill yourself you fucking nonce liar coward. I had to tell people in high school those were my past lives cause they
were in the mind-control cult you are controlling people with justnow also, that you projected back in time to when I
was in school. Kill yourself.
Now we Can Add

D'ye Ken John Dee ?

From the above comment, Clara also thinks she is a reincarnation of the noted Elizabethan english cuckold John Dee

And, Lo! she discovers the internet..

Sacred Cow forums and ezboard, JWC and Napier. All to be filled in. (Delay here is in getting access to the material promised)

..and I shall call myself, Randomlaughingman.

At some point in history, Clara discovered Youtube, set up an account called randomlaughingman, and the rest, as they say, is history.
Sadly, it really is history, as Youtube, finally sick of her antics pulled the plug on the account and a lot of lulzworthy material was lost, still some survives.
The following can be found at here, the backstory being thet YT had just pulled one of her accounts, so she piles on the charm to the YT admin to get it back..
Give me my fucking channel back
Level 5
YouTube have been letting a total lowlife stalker make hundreds of channels, all of them used just to post abuse, about me and others.
So I made a channel based on what that cunt does - and I called it tardedchannelcopier, because the person making all the channels is:
a) retarded
& b) copies channels
& because the scumbag is also always posting lies, claiming climate change isn't real, and other stupid evil shit like that - I made a profile based on his being a shill for evil corporations and nature-rapers and other lowlifes like that. Plus I also added loads of the scumfucks evil channels to my profile, pretenidng they were mine, and I subscribed to lots of their stupid evil channels too, to highlight how many they had.
But - instead of taking any action against the cunt with the multiple channels, they banned my channel instead - http://www.youtube.com/user/TARDEDCHANNELCOPIER
the one I made to highlight just how they take no action against known abusers and scumfucks. I even told them so, many times. They ignored those facts too.
Just Found, a link to randomlaughingman's hobbies
And I quote
killing noise-polluting scum, and killing scum that reduce &/or pollute &/or abuse nature. generating interest in the previous
via ancient ones worship, and sacrificing the people to blame. driving them mad so they're locked away & - unable to operate
machinery. & encouraging their brutal abduction by aliens & harassment by other paranormal forces

Enter the (beer)Dragon

'Clara as the greatest practicioner of the oriental art of Aiieeawataefuckyapedo'
Having lost her RLM account, she switched to using DuffBeerDragon, again, spouting the same sort of abusive nonsense, again, Youtube locked her out of that one as well. These lockouts led to some particularly amusing outbursts directed towards Youtube on their complaints boards.

Massa Wars, Episode 65, The Empirepedojewscumfuck clone useless-eater stalkers strike back..

Currently, thanks to her insane ravings, Clara's various accounts have attracted a loyal following of both avid readers and eager trolls. Clara doesn't handle being trolled too well, and eventually opens up other accounts to try and throw these trolls 'off the scent'. Sadly, thanks to her total lack of self control, any time she does open up a new account, she usually then gives the game away by resorting to one of her usual set of stock phrases in a rant.
For reference, these include;
kill yourself
ahrimanic machinery
pedo scum (though she seems to have dropped that one)
Black Iron Prison-causing subhuman
The point here is, no matter how careful she tries to be, old habits die hard, she soon flags her new account's existence.

Lost a Coin

Starring Clara as that well known space cadet Penny Robbedbyscum
As far as we can tell, at some point she owned a 1943 penny.
This was not any ordinary penny, mark you, but one which somehow was an important factor in maintaining the balance of the world, or something.
Anyway, it was lost/stolen somewhere like half a decade ago, and she still moans about it, accusing all and sundry (including her parents) as being part of a global and time travelling conspiracy to deprive her of it.
* The quotes (coming as soon as I collate them)

Lost a Coin, the Musical..

'OST: Lost a coin - The musical'
(Some previous (non-Youtube) victims of Clara's rantings have a page dedicated to her (Ze Prof) dating from 2009).

Neighbours, everybody needs good neighbours...

Clara gets on well with her neighbours, and is very complimentary about both their professions
and their horticultural skills, she so loves them, she has to tell the whole world about how
special they are;

There's no lights on the christmas tree mater...

'Gone, but not forgotten..'
Some kindhearted Troll decided to contact Clara's parents about her online antics. Probably as a result of saner heads intervening, as of sometime on the 31st May 2011 she has apparently started pulling all her channel comments, maybe in an attempt to cover her tracks (with the impending court case coming up). It's either that, or Youtube have pulled them.
This would leave this page as the only record of the following comments, and just in case it is implied that somehow they were 'made up' Google's cache comes to the rescue once again
(Moral of the Story: Screendump rather than cut'n'paste text)
Update: Mother dear did you hear how they're teaching me to do the goose step..
'What's that Skippy?, Google cache?'
As of the last visit this evening (01 June 2011), her pages are back, but, interestingly, subtly different. Gone are the more extreme rants about her parents.
Bravo Giovanni and Maria!.
Baby steps though, maybe they can persuade her to remove all the posts about the rest of their neighbours.
Update: The Sound of Silence
As of the last visit this evening (11 July 2011), her YouTube pages are again blank, bereft of all the comments made about her neighbours etc etc. One can only assume that this, coupled with some clues contained within her comments is somehow in preparation for her next stage appearance, where she'll be playing the poor victim of a global internet conspiracy..
'Dammit Skip, more of this stuff?'

Newton Street Blues

NOTE: All the following extracts are quoted verbatim from her various Youtube accounts
MannySteinerBleeky (1 Day ago)
58 Newton Street, Greenock = noise-polluting power-tool wanker ruins the tranquility of outside
by sanding his fucking door with some grinding aether-raper ahrimanic tech. Scumbag needs his
head ground with that tool, indoors so there's no disturbances caused.
DracOverLordHaton (1 day ago)
T905 JNT white Ford transit = noise-polluting nature-rapist socially-irresponsibe scumfucks who should
have been aborted and killed along with all the scum that think it's somehow acceptable for anti-god
anti-nature parasites like those meatmuncher cunts to exist.
Hired by scumbags like McCahons at 60 Newton Street Greenock.
DracOverLordHaton (9 hours ago)
61 Newton Street Greenock = noise-polluting anti-social scumfuck ruining what's left of nature.
One of those split-houses there has a fat ugly meat-market ex-copper living in it, who's definitely a noise-polluting PIGGIE scumfuck. Uphold the law? If you force them to uphold god's law, otherwise no they fucking do not. Much like any other scum down here - they need dictators telling them how it is or they go around using machines etc to fuck up the planet & my peace and quiet.
DracOverLordHaton (1 Day ago)
62 Newton Street Greenock-another flower-murdering plant-killer.
How can someone claim to be a fucking minister when they can't hear gods most basic blatant instructions - stop wasting fuel and noise-polluting just to fall into line with evil mentally- ill scumfucks that invented mowing grass and murdering animals habitats you dumb fucking useless-eater Fallen schizo parasites, kill yourselves.
Of course, the closer they are, the more she loves them..
DracOverLordHaton (2 weeks ago)
Caroline Mitchell = noise-polluting fake that also has large full trees grotesquesly lopped so they then look like she is inside & outside. Claims to be an aromatherapist - as if it's at all possible to be a healer who is comfortanble with aether-raping noises and who is able to lopp trees branches to stumps.
Idiot phoney lives at 63 Newton St. in the shameful area of unhealth that is Inverclyde.
DracOverLordHaton (1 Day ago)
Blincow's at 67 upper Newton Street = noise-polluting scumbags.
Gaia-raping strimmer-using alien-hybrid-inferior fagscum lowlifes, the bitch of them making the noise this time.
Has some dumbfuck business like Regency Joinery or some such. One of those usual types of fake trades you get these days, that does no proper woodworking at all. Anyone with a workbench & spirit level could do it themselves.
And finally, Thursday 28th April..
glass houses and all that...
MannySteinerBleeky (9 hours ago)
Giovanni Massa, 65 Newton Street, Greenock, 727330, (works at L'Arlecchino restaurant as a chef, West Blackhall Street) = noise-polluting mowing strimming scumbag Ahrimanic satan-worshipping flower-murdering aether-destroying pedo - same scum as the multi-channels conspiracy that uses my name & photo online, and abuses me with their many AGW-denying astroturfer channels.
Marialaura Massa also the same scum as it that uses lies to back up their sickening use of noise-polluting auric-abusive machinery. Their car is a silver VW, registration plate AJ06 ZXU.
Funny how satanic-ritual scum are always all exactly alike in mind: worst type of abusers that claim others are the abusers. No scum, we're merely reacting honestly to your satanic DOR (dead orgone)-raising abuse.
There you have it, she Dox'd her own parents (and into the bargain, gave the Internet her own address and telephone number - It makes you wonder what exactly they do teach at the University of the West of Scotland on their BSc Computer Networking course apropos security..this was a tyro's mistake )

Forsyth Street Fandango

Clara Now turns her attention to another road (All dates/times within brackets are relative to 12 May 2011)
'Where all this ahrimanic gaia abusing action is taking place'
DracOverLordHaton (1 Week ago)
73 Forsyth Street Greenock = noise-polluting non-shinto gaia-abusing chavscum pieces of shit lowlifes. As soon as scum like that move in anywhere, that's when everyone else who was previously at least a bit sane all start to rape the ecosystem too. It's always the scum that shop in the cheapo stores and rely on 3rd-world-exploitation who move in and start to bring previously green abundant areas down. Not that those useles-eater jewlizards are the only scum around these parts who broadcast those kinds of cunt energies of evil & stupid.
DracOverLordHaton (16 hours ago)
73 Forsyth Street, Greenock = noise-polluting nature-raping aura-abusing scum useless-eaters that need their scum heads kicked right in, the chav lowlife non-pagan twats that they are.
These were spotted on 22 May 2011, dates/times relative to then
DracOverLordHaton (1 Week ago)
73 Forsyth Street, Greenock = noise-polluting nature-raping aura-abusing scum useless-eaters that need their scum heads kicked right in, the chav lowlife non-pagan twats that they are.
'..white haired old cunts, white haired old cunts everywhere...'
Same old cunt causing it that was meant to be dead fucking months ago cause he was noisy - white-haried scum, old man parasite usless-eater grail-abuser ahrimanic subhuman scum.
DracOverLordHaton (5 Days ago)
Micheal Deveney = noise-polluting scumfuck ahrimanic useless-eater sub-human Grail-abuser Black Iron Prison causing, nature-habitat-destroying pedo-cult lowlife. Cunt knocks seagulls nests off his roof, a house he shouldn't fucking have in the first place, just like all other scum like him shouldn't have any property etc.
Scums address = 71 Forsyth Street, Greenock
phone: 01475 803630
Older-looking cunt with white hair

Clara and Computers

Clara is a bit of a computer whizz apparently, having worked at both IBM and Mimtec in Greenock, as well as having a couple of degrees in Computing, however, being a bit of an eco-warrior means she obviously wants to not only work with the latest technology, but also to rescue those poor unfortunate computers that are destined for the scrapyard.

Won't somebody think of the (Morris) Minors ?...

Taken from http://www.youtube.com/all_comments?v=X4QKiYar9pI

- lucky you, more people where you are know the universe is interconnected?
Of course synchronicity is real. Every little thing is significant. The other day at work I refused
to take apart working old Olivetti's as I explained them someone would use that to do something evil
elsewhere like scrap a Morris Minor. Then I bought them to avoid being used by the evil that uses
coincidences to make everything go wrong, which it can do because not enough people understand this reality.
MannySteinerBleeky 1 month ago


Recently, it has come to our attention that Clara is now setting herself up in business.
"Established in 2011, Luxco is a Network Security and Computer Repairs specialist based in Greenock.
Services available include Pen Testing, Security Audits, Network Monitoring, Network Installations, and Network Administration and Technical Support.
Also available are Home Networking services, and all aspects of computer and laptop repairs, upgrades, and custom builds.
Virus and malware health checks and removals, data recovery, and backups.
Primarily based in the West of Scotland area, though some services can be performed remotely.
Luxco can advise on Green IT, and offers discounted services to sustainable businesses and enterprises.
Luxco is a freelancer educated to Honours degree level in Computer Networking, with experience of customer-facing repairs and technical support.
65 Newton Street
West End (Greenock)
PA16 8SE
Computer Repairs
Computer & laptop repairs, upgrades, data recovery, malware removal, network & security services.
[email protected]
Update: 25 July, 2011
From: http://www.youtube.com/user/MannySteinerBIeeky
MannySteinerBIeeky (2 days ago) Spam
Lies: 'we searched your name & business, and found the dramatica page that way'.
truth: it is one of many pages that comes up, only the persons who wrote it would have found it of interest -
if they hadn't written it, then they'd have contacted me about it first. They wouldn't spy behind my back with my fake-family about it, and use it as further basis of abusing me even more than they already were.
Any normal person would be outraged at what the page said - the fake parents are not at all. 100% used it to further abuse me with - proves they are the same conspiracy of Trance Formation of America fake-illuminati NWO type scum who wrote it etc in the first place.
Well, it is always a very sensible thing to do, Google anyone who you might want to do business with, that is. Besides, apart from the snide comments like this, most of the words that seem to bother people on this page are all yours, dear Clara.

The Rupert Scarf of Doom(tm)

(aka Clara and Sartorial Elegance )

'we'll leave the screendump here, just in case'

Discovered lurking within the comments at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2T4UF_Rmlio. 24 July 2011, was this gem.

- it's something weird to do with how Maxwell the daily mirror guy died years ago, they used to have a rivalry going for news control, something like that.
always remember it cause my mum....had this mind-control thing going (one of many) forcing me to me wear rupert-the-bear scarfs, then that guy drowned in a very suspicious way the next day or week.
MannySteinerBIeeky 1 day ago

Forget the powers of the Montauk chair (just Google it) Clara is the deadly wielder of the Rupert Scarf of Doom(tm).

Clara the Golfer

'Clara pictured near the 4th at Greenock Golf Course wearing not only the Rupert Scarf Of Doom(tm), but also the Trousers of Terror(tm)'
Clara golf.jpg

Clarzilla vs TheClydePort

'Knew I had a copy of a Clydeport rant somewhere..'
Clara doesn't like noise, Clydeport container terminal makes a fair amount, this saddens Clara, Clara has to tell the world
The following is her 'stock' container terminal outburst. May 9, 2011 23:39.
'Clarzilla about to smite the 'fucking cunts' '
DracOverLordHaton (21 hours ago)
Clydeport in Greenock = noise-polluting useless-eaters.
Hiring untrained idiots to operate extremely heavy machinery, or they'd be trained to use it properly
- and wouldn't drop fucking shipping crates / tanks many feet from the air. Violators of so many health
and safety laws - one that are actually useful, since they prevent ignorant noise-polluting scumbags being
able to act up cause they don't want to work the shifts they shouldn't have in the first place.
Not that the Clydeport should exist at all, since it's supposed to be a beach, and an SSSI at the least.
Reception cunts: 01475 726171
Port Control cunts: 01475 726221
Navigational AIDS cunts: 01475 724042
Those fucking cunts need to be shut right down and bombed the fuck out of existence by any means possible.
Goods should be loaded manually by hand, no crates, and no machines to do the work - so no artificial concrete ports etc required either, old piers at most would be needed.

That's the sound of the men working on the chain(saw) gang

(aka Clara and the Laws..)
From youtube (Visited 14 May 2011)
The real terrorists are the ones destroying the natural habitat and exploiting the planet and
life in general.
Never let being anti-defense and CND and all that make you forget it already is fucking war when
they think they can enforce their abuse of the environment and un-natural policies. Guerilla warfare
against these fucks, and make sure you don't get caught unless you have plans to fuck them up from
inside a prison or from a courtcase.
randomlaughingman 5 months ago
Currently, Clara is in dispute with the laws, not of Physics, Reality or common sense, but good old Scots Law.
Full details are not available at present (but see this bit ), watch this space though for further details come July.
Trolling your prosecutors on youtube is not a good idea.
'hello Greenock Golfcourse? you're alla-gaia-rapa-ahrimanic-pedo-scumma-fucker-useless-eater-cunts, kill yourselves, It's an injustice, it is.
These entries are in chronological order, from various of her Youtube Accounts, and the period in brackets was valid on 27 April 2011
DracOverLordHaton (2 weeks ago)
Useless-eater twat scumbags =
Procurator Fiscal Greenock
DC Martin
PC Fallon
Greenock Golf course employees - their secretary and greenkeepers
Closely followed by this post, referring to the above one.
DracOverLordHaton (2 weeks ago)
The scum mentioned in the previous comment all should have been murdered way before crossing my path, as should anyone who
agrees with them even slightly.
DracOverLordHaton (1 week ago)
Justin Farrell & Kevin Doherty at Proc Fiscal offices etc in Greenock = idiots that don't even check their own faxes etc -
the Not Guilty was sent you in on in time by my lawyers you dumb evil disobeying-god cunts.
DracOverLordHaton (9 hours ago)
Greenock Procurator Fiscals Office still claiming they never got my lawyers fax, and are giving out potentially false
information: put it this way, what they say and what the lawyer says don't match up at all.
Things possibly aren't going well, this update spotted 14 May 2011
DracOverLordHaton (16 hours ago)
That apprentice lawyer they gave me doesn't seem to know fuck-all about anything, and he doesn't remember
what he told me - that is never a good sign, when people don't remember things they said or did.
And - he said that things like sentences and outcomes 'depend on what side of the bed the judge got out of'
- which is basically the same as that not being a justice system at all at any stretch of the imagination.
How the fuck can one person legally change it to suit their moods. I knew it was corrupt, but fucking hell
- that's like openly saying exactly how blatantly corrupt it is.

Clara Tidies her room.

What we assume happened here is that her parents told her to tidy her/a room in her house, which led to this outburst on Youtube
DracOverLordHaton (1 month ago)
Because I have so routinely trounced the child-molester satanist conspiracy here at Jew Pube coments, it's reverted
to its usual method of abusing me - by puppeting the Giovanni pedo and the Marialaura pedo - who are pf course just
empty evil puppets of the same satan-scum useless-eater as the astroturfers and related scumfucks.
Yet again the wost evilest most fucked up conspiracy known to ever exist tries to stop me from exposing it and
destroying it entirely, when it knows it has no right to exist on my planet, in my reality.
Kill yourselves scumfucks, you will never be forgiven for your many transgressions, and you're never getting into heaven.
followed by
DracOverLordHaton (1 month ago)
Well I'll tell you, I look forward to the day when those fucking morons actually realise that they put their unchecked mental
illnesses 'concerns' - having furniture that nobody uses for anything at all remaining unused for anything at all - above normal
human things such as - using furniture etc and having a lived-in house instead of one that is some psychotics notion that
Ideal Home magazine will turn up at any minute and want to take photos, and if it looks lived in then they'll publish a damning
article all about how piles of books and papers were all over some peoples extra spare rooms.
I hope that after I die some arrangement of books and papers and electronics positions itself into a shape that reminds them why they'll never see me ever again.
Possibly the lulziest Normal Reaction of any 30 odd year old woman to a request to tidy up on record.

Angel face. You've got the cutest angel face.

This gem appeared in http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gsqJdm2bXqM, spotted 29 May, 2011
'Aw,shesaweeangelarite'! (Aye,afuckin'hellsangel..)
- another comment that shows just how evil your sick little world is, to let someone like you even think those kinds of defiled sex-offender sicknesses.
Don't ever even consider fantasising about me scumbag. I'm a real angel and we exist to ensure scum like you are completely wiped out and that you pay many times over for the sick energy you produce from your thoughts and words.
That goes for all your channels personas, the lot.
MannySteinerBIeeky 1 hour ago

Clara the bigot

Clara has, in the middle of her rants, has thrown in the occasional bigoted comments. Apart from the numerous anti-Jewish ones, there have been a number regarding those in Scotland who are of the Protestant faith.
Now, this is a very dangerous game to play in the West of Scotland, rife with the sort of sectarian violence that makes Northern Ireland the fun sort of place it is to live in, and all centred around the friendly rivalry of the two main Glasgow football teams, one mostly supported by Catholics, the other by Protestants.
It is especially not wise to engage in these sort of activities online if you've been crazy enough to put your home address out into the wilds of the Internet, as there are too many idiots out there who take these things seriously, besides, bigotry is a wee bit of a criminal offence in Scotland.
The first sample is from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gsqJdm2bXqM,
- god obviously isn't around or you and your little jewprod-schoolchild-puppets and all the scum
abusing the environment wouldn't exist in the first place. You killed god ages ago, hence why you
are on Earth FALLEN cast out and ruining things here. Kill yourself.
MannySteinerBleeky 2 weeks ago

..it's quite lush and green and has more Muslims..

She does, however, and quite paradoxically, like Muslims..
- know where else is nice enough in Glasgow - the south side, cause it's quite lush and green and has more Muslims
so the energy is saner and more in tune with reality.
AgentDeadPinata 17 hours ago
Now, she is in very dangerous territory here, see this link as to why.
These aren't the only examples where she shows a marked anti-Protestant streak, and, as can be seen from the Lexicon section, she uses the term 'Jew' in a derogatory manner (so why she has never discovered/used ED as a platform, oy, we cant tell!)

You 'aint from around here, are ya boy?

'...well, some of us obviously aren't, we're not all 'space cadets', eh?'

From http://www.jigsaw-genealogy.com/merovingian-genealogy-ascention-and-the-leap-from-the-lions-mouth/, visited 13 July 2011

DracOverLordHaton says:
July 6, 2011 at 5:27 pm
@SKERLOK – there’s no indigenous white people from this planet. To believe that there are, you have to accept all kinds of things that academic or usual history says are not real or has issues dealing with – like The Cloud People, Inner Earth inhabitants, Arktos and Hyperborean Aryans etc etc.
And if you are one of them, then you wouldn’t be racist against the darker coloured peoples here would you. That isn’t a question – you wouldn’t be.

someone call the Leakeys..

The Clara Lexicon

There is a great need to consult this Lexicon when trying to interpret the true meaning of any of Clara's rants, as
it has been pointed out there are a lot of misunderstandings because of the arcane and colourful phraseology she tends
to use, all the following text in Bold italic has been taken from various rants on Youtube, hopefully the translation is accurate.
Marialaura Massa child-molester-cult : Mater
Marialaura pedo : Mater (again)
Giovanni pedo : Pater
.. the whore and her man,.. : Mater & Pater
Child-molester : Dear Friend
Gaia-raping strimmer-using alien-hybrid-inferior fagscum lowlifes : My bestest friends
Kill Yourself : Goodbye
Kill yourself snuff-film-prop. : Goodbye, but see you later..
Kill yourself jewfagpedo. : Goodbye, you really must be going..
Kill yourself, your Clone Jesus Project failed ages ago, child-molester satanist. : I really don't like you pointing out I'm wrong.
Kill yourself you satanic child-molester-cult scumbag. : Please leave me alone.
Kill yourself you useless-eater crowleyanity faggotzionistpedo. : I'm hungry, buy me a pizza.
Kill yourself oily fag. : I'm undecided, do I want a ciggie or work on my car?
Kill yourself pedo AGW-denier astrotufrer fag. : Yes I'd like my grass cut, thank you.
kill yourself homo jewbag half-repto spaz. : Yes, yes I do like Goyzilla.
Kill yourself 1943-cent theif : Excuse me, I think you've short-changed me..
Kill yourself Smeggy. : Oh!, How I wish I was four years old again.
Kill yourself faggotjew cunt. : Maybe we can go out for a coffee?
Kill yourself subhuman BIP-causer grail-abuser. : Why yes, I'd love for you to buy me a Cornetto
Kill yourself you subhuman grail-defiling fucking evil schizo BIP-causer. : Dinner and a movie, why yes I'd be delighted.
Kill yourself you BIP fuckwit. : Oh dear, I've just farted.
Kill yourself grail-defiling subhuman useless-eater BIP-causer cunt. : Hmm, tricky, but give me a spirit level and a workbench and I'll see what I can do.
kill yourself, you car-vandalising conspiracy of ahrimanic-tech-using peado eggers. : Excuse me, I'm rather lost, which way is it to Ravenscraig Hospital?
Kill yourself you Monkey Seat scumfuck. : Yes, I do know computers.
Kill yourself Joe-clone, you jeepers-creepers fuckwit gay-cowboy.: Brokeback Mountain?, a fine film.
Kill yourself, stalker actual-dwarf mental-midget Grail-defiler scum.: No, you can't have me Lucky Charms..
Kill yourself, subhuman faggot stalker Grail-defiler sex-offender.: Oh, you're from the West End too?
Kill yourself faggot scum stalker alien-parasite.: ET go home.
Kill yourself, bunny-boiling psychotic stalker fagjew: I watch way too much Film4
Kill yourself you sub-human jewbag-obeyer paedo.: Yes, I buy bottled water at Tesco.
Kill yourself masonic pervert scumfuck.: Are you on the level?, true and square? etc.
Kill yourself homofaggot perverted.: Stephen Fry?, I'm his number one fan..
useless-eaters : daddy's customers
car-vandalising faggot egger nedscum ahrimanic polluter jewbaggage.: Certainly I'd like for you to clean my windscreen
shutup you crowley kubrick-clone lala-land jewfag. Kill yourself. : Please be quiet, I can haz a Headache
go lick out your arse with your forked jew-tounge pedo: I'm very interested in what you have to say, please do continue
Not really part of the lexicon, but currently won't fit elsewhere
..plus anyway fagjew-zionst twat, when I was fucking 14 in physics class.. : Eww Clara, taking on 14 at one time?, I didn't know ND was like that..RE classes maybe but surely not physics..

Don't put your Daughter on the Stage, Mrs pedo-scum...

Now, having sharpened her skillz on the Internet, Clara tries trolling IRL, problem with that is that it usually means that someone, somewhere isn't going to like it. While it might be good fun to be a (relatively) anonymous Internet Troll, IRL Trolls, especially if they use a landline telephone as their instrument of choice (pesky caller ID, exchange logs etc.) tend to occasionally have to make public appearances, at her Brittanic Majesty's request, so to speak.
'Clara's first booked stage appearance at a local house of entertainment'

The Greenock Telegraph, Friday, 6 May, 2011

'Clara's second booked stage appearance at a local house of entertainment, sadly, she didn't appear, but roll on July...'
'Abusive Messages'
Members of Greenock Golf Club were allegedly left abusive and offensive telephone messages by a woman.
Clara Massa, 34, is charged with sending messages to staff and club members that were grossly offensive in nature between 26 November and 2 December.
Massa, of Newton Street, Greenock, pleaded not guilty to the charge by letter at Greenock Sheriff Court on Thursday.
Sheriff John Herald continued the case until July, when Massa is expected to personally appear.

Update: 22 July 2011 - She's back on stage again...

'Clara's latest booking, this time, she makes a personal appearance..'
The latest step in Clara's stage career at a local house of entertainment takes place on the 26 July, 2011. Rumour has it that she has developed new material based on, of all things, her ED page!, and will delight the crowds by reciting it 'dramatica'ly (one hopes).

Update: 08 August 2011 - back again, final performance?...

'Possibly her final appearance on the alleged Phone Call thing..
Yet again, a public appearance booked, hopefully with an appreciative audience.

Update: 14 September 2011 - By popular demand, yet another appearance

'She must be good, they've had her back again..'

Update: 9 November 2011 - Again, yet another appearance

Wednesday the 12th October..
'Oh, please end this..'

Update: 17 November 2011 - Again, yet another appearance

Tuesday the 15th November..

Again, in court...

'Oh, not again....'

Update: 23 November 2011 - She chooses death......................By Poontah!

'A wild Jury trial appears....'

Now, as per the esteemed Greenock Telegraph, dated 23 November 2011

Woman denies leaving abusive phone messages
A GREENOCK woman is to stand trial accused of leaving abusive voicemail messages at Greenock Golf Club.
Clara Massa, 35, of Newton Street, is alleged to have committed the offence between 26 November and 2 December last year. Massa is alleged to have sent voicemail messages to staff and members of the Forsyth Street club that were grossly offensive or of an indecent, abusive or menacing character in that she repeatedly made abusive and offensive remarks.
Massa, represented by solicitor Eddie Sweeney, pleaded not guilty to the charge at Greenock Sheriff Court last week.
Sheriff Vincent Canavan ordered her to return to court to stand trial in December.
'I hates the Tilly...'

Speaking of which, as this was reported in the Greenock Telegraph, this appeared on her humansrscum YouTube page

humansRscum (7 hours ago)
Greenock Telegraph newspaper = useless-eater child-molester hack satanist scumfucks, tabloid paparazzi scumfuck paedo's.
Their paper is a fucking joke, it has 'trash rag' tree-murdering waste-of-paper written all over it, even just the font & layout type the paedo's use proves that.
Not that anyone real or sane reads or buys that trash, or any type of trash tabloid crap, i only see it cause one of their braindead mind controlled fuckwit schizo's thinks that the media counts for anything at all, wastes money on it and leaves the trash lying around.

Ah, the 'tilly only reports the news, it doesn't generate the content...

Update: 21 January 2014 New Venue, but the song remains the same....

'The dog, the dog she's at it again...'

Clara is back in court, no doubt neighbour related, anyone in Glasgow on the 23rd can see her IRL if they care to visit the theatre that is the sheriff court..

More Questions than answers ..

There are tantalizing hints from some of the links above that there are more stories out there which, at one point, Clara was obliging enough to post details about online. Sadly we now only have hints...

The Oak Mall Mystery

This exchange (amongst other classic RLM ravings) can be found at http://www.youtube.com/all_comments?v=cv-1i7Sx8L8&page=3

Hi Clara, I heard about your problem with the Oak Mall Security. Latest inside information, OMS stole your shoes
How be those probes working out for you?
Beamshiphouseboy 1 year ago
- i have explained in my channel comments why your cult likes to call me a boy, your son, etc.
the bit about the Oak Mall security guard, telling lies about me saying his boss Claire was a bloke.
when i never did such a thing, and if i had i'd have apologised since i know how evil it feels to
experience that - due to your peado cults stalking and abuse of me. kill yourself.
randomlaughingman 1 year ago
What did the security guard say?
What's the deal with the stolen shoes?
Why was she involved with Oak Mall Security anyway? (is she a secret Mall Rat?)
Input, need input...

1995 (or was it 1996?)

Now, this one is very intriguing, found at http://www.youtube.com/all_comments?v=gsqJdm2bXqM&page=3 (page is dynamic, you might have to hunt for the quotes in the older pages)

- you mean your conspiracies 1995 (or was it '96, it was so long ago & I'm no diary keeper)
'kangaroo court' case against me, the event that lead to it also being set up by you (I think
you expected it to severly maim or kill me - ha ha ha you failed there), much the same as the
latest one you caused and have been posting about recently.
Kill yourself Graal-defiler subhuman BIP-causer.
- so what even if I did, your conspiracy tried to kill me in 1995 via a ritualistic setup that
you are doing still to this day with all your clone channels and online stalking of me, using my
photo etc.
And instead of all that evil against me you could have at least tried to evolve yourself instead.
But you missed that boat when you decided to take the Grail-defiler path anyway.
Kill yourself Graal-defiler subhuman useless-eater BIP-causer scum.
- must bother your conspiracy how you didn't get your 4D emo-drama to milk dry when I didn't
die / get cabbaged* in that car crash you made happen.
You probably had all the tragedy pre-scripted, all the false laments about the senseless loss.
Kill yourself Graal-defiler subhuman BIP-causer.
  • no offense to actual brassicas, they're far greater company than any sick stalker scum

Okay, so there's a car crash involved...

- yes, your stuntman that you used in your 1995 set-up trying to kill me did indeed just do
it for the insurance claims - an Insidious type of scumbag, just like you are in all you do.
Kill yourself, Grail-defiler useless-eater BIP-causer subhuman scum.
- no, you made that whole setup happen, cause you needed to try to kill me before I got online
etc and did some other things to destroy your whole sicko Grail-defiler BIP-causer conspiracy.
And the court didn't back you up, Herald even said he believed me, it was obvious you controlled
a drunkard to run into me on purpose. He just couldn't ignore the speeding part.
Kill yourself, Grail-defiler useless-eater BIP-causer subhuman scum.

Okaay, so she was speeding (and she's been up in front of Herald before? (oh dear, oh dear, oh dear...)

O Rly?

From the comments on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gsqJdm2bXqM , visited 30 June, 2011

- ha ha child-molester jew-lizard, you're wrong again as usual cause your little conspiracy to get me sectioned backfired too. If you didn't spend all your time stalking me obsessively like the pedo loser you so are and thinking you're superior to me & also in 1874 you might notice what goes on in actual reality.
Kill yourself faggotscum loser.
MannySteinerBIeeky 2 days ago
- child-molester, you and thelaughingarborist are the same child-molester, from the exact same child-molester black-magic cults.
Nobody is in love with any of your sickfuck personas, you know that. I'm the last person who would be interested in someone like you, you jewlizard faggot stalker pedo.
I told you pedo, your conspiracy with the looney bin backfired on you, obviously.
Kill yourself.
MannySteinerBIeeky 2 days ago
'This could be fun...'

From http://www.youtube.com/user/dufbeerdragon, visited 11 July, 2011

AgentDeadPinata (1 day ago)
Haven't you heard child-molester-cult scumfuck? Your conspiracy along with my parents and their spies to have me blamed for your 1000s of abuser channels about me & your dramatica website backfired, I was easily proven sane. They asked me about you - all your webspages about me are being presented as evidence of conspiracy against me at the trial you display here.
Kill yourself scumfuck.

Interesting, very interesting...


From http://www.youtube.com/user/MannySteinerBIeeky, Visited 25 July, 2011

MannySteinerBIeeky (5 days ago) Spam
the marialaura whore still thinks that her stalker-paedo-cult conspiracy against me using those she had section me is working - even though i'm on no pills and they had to discharge me as their 'evidence' all came from the fake bitches online conspiracy against me. even though she has known that to be the case and was there - still she denies it and thinks she was able to have me proven insane like she so obviously is. it's not insane to fight against your totalitarian non-holistic rape of my soul you evil twisted bint.
when 9-11 happened she sided with the terrists - now she fucking bad-mouths islam as part of her delusional xtianity trip....claims she is against tree-felling & noise, yet has had multiple mature trees murdered over the last few years in her own fucking garden...

For anyone not familiar with the term 'section' see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Involuntary_commitment#United_Kingdom

The Maryhill adventure

As of sometime after the events above (the court case, the sectioning) Clara left the veritable paradise on earth that is Greenock, and moved to Maryhill, Glasgow, We won't speculate as to her choice of location, but this has meant she's making all sorts of new friends...

The Tallyvan Taliban

Despite her ethnic origin, she doesn't have many kind words for these vans.. RLM-Tallyvan.jpg

One wonders why, as they're known to be harmlesspurveyors of fine quality health food and ciggies to the populace of Glasgow, and the sweet sound of their chimes as they announce their presence on the streets must surely be the music the gods of Olympus themselves listen to...



Let Us Haste to Kelvindale (sic?)

Having thouroughly pissed off her neighbours et al in Maryhill, Clara has moved again to another part of fair Glesga, Kelvindale. Now, not content with getting the piss taken out of herself on YouTube, she has also started posting on AnonNews.

Some Links

Search for Kelvinside in the article

Links, Links everywhere


Youtube Account 0: RandomLaughingMan (Removed by YT)
Youtube Account 1: DuffBeerDragon
Youtube Account 2: DracOverlordHaton
Youtube Account 3: MannySteinerBleeky
Youtube Account 5 (possibly): lilibud12
(possibly, have a read and decide for yourself)
Youtube Account 6: AgentDeadPinata
YouTube account 8: size2andproud
(Set up for the purpose of whining about a dramatic reading of her insane ramblings).
Youtube account 9: humansrscum
(Her current 'I hate my neighbours rant' incarnation..)
Youtube account 10: JustSomePerson888
(recently uncloaked)
Youtube account 11: humansrscum
Youtube account 12: NW0arescum
Youtube account 13: gigolojoerodrigez
Youtube account 14: TheTruthHurtsEvil
Youtube account 15: DeeTrickElkhart
Youtube account 16: CAL9000hausoffer
Youtube account 17: 1utubemod5Rp3dos1
(wow, youtube mods are pedos eh?, wonder why she thinks that?, now Banned)
Youtube account 18: 1utubemod5Rp3dos12
Youtube account 19: 1utubemod5Rp3dos3
(As her other account was banned)
These are links to various video comments where you can find her rants
There's a whole lot o' trollin' goin' on...
Contains some classic DracOverlordHaton on Astrology
Contains a mix of stuff from accounts 2, 3 and 6
Mostly account 2
Accounts 2 and 3
Accounts 3 and 6
Mostly Randomlaughingman
Accounts 1 and 2
Find a hidden Massa, win a prize..
60 comments per day. Who has a lot of time on their hands?


anonnews: Starts off about Scientology..
anonnews: Personal Army request fail..
anonnews: Neighbours redux..The Kelvindale edition
anonnews: Free Energy
anonnews: Minecraft
anonnews: Vagina Waffles
anonnews: Peta
anonnews: A thread dedicated to her
anonnews: Clara Massa Hassa Fatassa (aka Tin Foil Hats)
anonnews: trouble with Paranoid Schizophrenia?
anonnews: oh god, it's clara again.
anonnews: kill all ice-cream-selling scum
anonnews: My struggle with autism
anonnews: you're just like my faggot father...
anonnews: lying to the meadow about why i left lambhill.


Ze Prof page on the Noise Wiki
Another couple of Noise blog pages about her
Find a hidden Massa, win some lulz..
Sacred Cow?
Gissa Job
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