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The original rainbow blinkies <3

Invented by Riboflavin and indigo'd and spread by Sheneequa after the Jacknstock incident, Rainbow blinkies have become a trademark of Encyclopedia Dramatica. Rainbow blinkies are completely straight and are also the black market currency of Neopets.

Indigo is used because it adds 17% more text, despite the fact it is a bullshit color that has no reason to be a part of the esteemed rainbow.

If you believe Indigo isn't a part of the Rainbow, you are a freedom hating commie who spells color with a u.


Prima is being a big noob with some LOL quotes and has threatened to sue ED, hack ED, etc. An internet savvy secunda then takes one of the funny quotes (eg I'm rich and I'm beautiful) and rainbow blinkifies it. Prima then calls it childish, refers to secunda as having no life, etc. A horde of triatas are then in IRC laughing somewhere.

Use on ED

This is the most valuable decoration for a userpage for those who won the Vox Dramatica prize

Just type {{Rainbow|YOURTEXT}} for instant rainbowblinkies on ED.

Variations include {{Rainbowsmall|YOURTEXT}}

, {{Rainbowtiny|YOURTEXT}}

, {{SmoothRainbow|YOURTEXT}}

and {{Rainbowpyramid|YOURTEXT}}


The best place to show your love for rainbow blinkies is at Wikipedia. It's most effective to edit your signature using this colorful technique so that people can find the most important opinions on talk pages and deletion reviews--YOURS. Click on "my preferences" on the top right side of the screen and insert the following into the signature field:

<big>[[User:Chubr0ck|<font style="text-decoration:blink"><font color="red" face="Kristen ITC"><b>LOLHI </b></font><font color="#FF00FF" face="Kristen ITC"><b> IM </b></font><font color="blue" face="Kristen ITC"><b> CHUBR)CK</b></font></font>]]</big>

Sign your name with ~~~~ to get this desired effect. Example :: LOLHI IM CHUBR()CK 14:11, 11 September 2001 (CDT)

The best part is that admins cannot directly change your signature. Their only options are to manually edit every page you sign your name or just block you, which makes them look bad if you aren't trolling. Because of character limitations it is not possible to do a complete rainbow and be sure to change the above example to invoke your username and not Chubr0ck.


This section is perfect. Don't fuck with it.

<center style="font-size: 99px; text-decoration: blink;">
<div style="color: red;">Your text here</div>
<div style="color: orange;">Your text here </div>
<div style="color: yellow;">Your text here</div>
<div style="color: green;">Your text here</div>
<div style="color: blue;">Your text here </div>
<div style="color: indigo;">Your text here </div>
<div style="color: purple;">Your text here</div>


Your text here
Your text here
Your text here
Your text here
Your text here
Your text here
Your text here

RIP Blink Element

As of Last Thursday, the blink element is not supported by any browsers except a few old pieces of garbage like Internet Explorer 6 and Opera. This marks the end of a legacy of seizure and lulz for the rainbow blinkies. Download them if you haven't already, or else you hate America.

The World Wide Web Consortium's Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 state that content authors should avoid causing the screen to flicker or blink, noting that such effects can cause problems for people with cognitive disabilities or photosensitive epilepsy.


W3C, Inducing seizures since 1994 RIP

CSS3 Animations

Rainbow blinkies are now possible again using CSS3 animations, but this requires modifications to the page's style sheet.

       .blink {
           -webkit-animation-duration: 1s;
           -webkit-animation-name: blink;
           -webkit-animation-iteration-count: infinite;
           -webkit-animation-timing-function: steps(2, start);
           animation-duration: 1s;
           animation-name: blink;
           animation-iteration-count: infinite;
           animation-timing-function: steps(2, start);
       @-webkit-keyframes blink {
           80% {
               visibility: hidden;
       blink {
           80% {
               visibility: hidden;
   <div style="position:relative; font-size: 99px;" class="blink">
       <div style="position: absolute; top: 0px; color: red;">Your text here</div>
       <div style="position: absolute; top: 30px; color: orange;">Your text here </div>
       <div style="position: absolute; top: 60px; color: yellow;">Your text here</div>
       <div style="position: absolute; top: 90px; color: green;">Your text here</div>
       <div style="position: absolute; top: 120px; color: blue;">Your text here </div>
       <div style="position: absolute; top: 150px; color: indigo;">Your text here </div>
       <div style="position: absolute; top: 180px; color: purple;">Your text here</div>
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