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Ragequitting is the act of giving up in a butthurt manner when you fail at the internet or life. Sometimes it is accompanied by a long-winded flounce. It is commonly the desired end-result of any particular troll, ragequitting is the internet equivalent to giving everyone the middle-finger before slamming the door and going off to drown your sorrows in alcohol.


Typical ragequitters

Your typical ragequitter is often either emo or a n00b. They feel that everyone is conspiring against them and spend over 9000 hours contemplating how to get back at everyone. They attempt to troll, but inevitably end up failing quite hard. Ragequitters will quickly shut the fuck up when they get the last word in. This never really happens, so it's hard to differentiate these people from attention whores. This fact is great ammunition for causing much butthurt and, subsequently, a cavalcade of lulz.

How to Ragequit


/quit rage


/quit emoquit


See delete fucking everything




Did you lose your job, your Girl and you fear your iPod will soon follow? Hey! Things could be worse! After all, downers are just a part of the ride. But if you want off early, make sure you remember to separate yourself from regular an heroes by applying splash damage first. Oh, and also make sure you have it down on record that you're doing it for the lulz so we'll know which way to bias your article.

Left 4 Dead

Any time you quit the game, you are forced to ragequit. No exceptions. The only possible way out of this would be to give up your personal life, job, or lover and actually finish the campaign, but after that you might not have anything left to go back to.


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