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Well they used to allow chimps into space . . .
It's not racist if it's true.
Truer words have never been spoken.
A young nigger comments on a typical ED page. Those darkies, always complaining about something.

Unlike bigots, Racists know that each of humanity's different subspecies possess unique traits and skill sets, just like in Dungeons and Dragons. Most of the time, the word "racist" is actually misapplied, and is used in situations where treatment or attitude toward one person is found to be less favorable than toward another. For example, the statement "That's racist towards women" is in fact is "Sexism", not racism, because women are not a unique race. (However, they are dumber than men and would be better off in the kitchen making a sandwich.) The statement "That's racist towards gays" is also a misapplication of the term racism, as homosexuality is not a race, but rather a type of alien.

There are generally two different types of racists: AWESOME racists who dress in elaborate costumes, gets tattoos, and flaunt their racism e.g. Nazis, The Black Panthers, KKK, and Skinheads. Then there are PUSSY racists who hide their racism when in public i.e. cops, suburban eye-talian families and Christfags.

Racism is very socially acceptable even though never stated in the rules. Racism is best used to its full potential if one is a White person (ice nigger), Asian (rice nigger) or Jew (gold nigger) keeping down Blacks (niggers), Indians (curry niggers), Arabs (sand niggers), Chechens (hill niggers?), Native Americans (prairie/timber niggers) and other non-Whites. Although white racism is often in reply to the intolerant demands of certain other cultures, including Jews, and others named above, or those that claim to represent them. Combined with a high concentration of rhetoric, logic and facts, racism against these groups equates to a figurative atomic lulz bomb or better. Even though the victim of racism generally does not appreciate it, racism in fact promotes cultural awareness. That is to say, it makes everyone else aware about how stupid, shitty and undeveloped their culture is while making yourself look like God by comparison.

Using so-called "racist language", such as nigger, cracker, chink, porch monkey, zipper-head, spear-chucker, jigaboo, wetback, gook, paki, abbo, cash-mongering hook-nosed greasy Yid, vicious child-licking gold-sniffing Hebe freak, soap-fearing bean-sucking lazy rape-happy Mexicant, chimptastic welfare-absorbing piss-brained rubber-lipped chicken-stinking ass-lusting Coon, to name but a few, on the internets can induce lulz not just for the offense it causes, but for all the butthurt faggots (note: "faggot" isn't racist either! yes is it. Fags are a race all their own, faggot Wrong. A nigger who likes it in the butt (What? What?) is still a nigger, albeit a gaynigger.) who write long tirades about how the "whole racist thing is getting old" and that you're being "more irritating than offensive." This is, of course, bullshit; if they really weren't offended by your sudden dropping of the word "nigger", they wouldn't have bothered to type a reply in the first place. Pointing this out, as well as the way that many people take racism on the internets as EXTREMELY SERIOUS BUSINESS, is a prime source of lulz. Unless, of course, you're a faggot, or a nigger, or an Arab Indian Muslim native mexicunt, or a mexicunt nigger native, or any of those combinations, understand? (I know, however, that you don't because you're an uneducated nigger.)

Some argue that Encyclopedia Dramatica is racist. This is bullshit. Here at Encyclopedia Dramatica, we hate everyone equally. Whether you're a Nigger, Kraut, Wop, Spic, Ice Nigger, Sand Nigger, dragon, or anything in between, we're here to acknowledge how much you, your family, your dog, everyone you've ever met, and especially the faggots who wrote this article, suck. In this - and many other - regard(s), ED is indisputably the most unbiased site on the internets.

Racism between the races

According to popular consensus on Tumblr, racism is a lot like a fire in that it requires three elements to exist. In fire's case, it needs a source to fuel it, air to burn and a spark to light it. In the case of racism, however, Tumblr argues that the magic Triforce requires are the three Ps: power, privilege and prejudice, and without all three of them it is impossible to be a racist. Therefore, according to Tumblr, because black people have no power or privilege they cannot be racist.

However, some argue that this a load of horseshit put in place so that butthurt niggers don't have to worry about being considered hypocritical in their racist views of those damn crackers that are apparently always oppressing them and that, in point of fact, holding negative beliefs about a group of people based solely on the color of their skin or their ethnic background does in fact make you a racist, regardless of how much supposed 'power' or 'privilege' that you may or may not have.

As we shall see, racism is not a problem unique to one particular ethnic group. A white person can be racist towards blacks. A Pakistani can be racist towards Indians. Chinese can be racist towards whites. Arabs can be anti-Semitic as fuck. The Japanese hate everybody.

Don nigger 2.jpg

Here we have an example of an Azn calling a Hispanic Azn a nigger because his white girlfriend is "part black."

Of course, the above is only the dictionary definition of racism and, according to some people because the dictionary was written by white people, it doesn't count. But that's racist.

Racism or Realism?

Bigotry should not be misconstrued as ignorance.
The single most revealing result about racism on the internet.

Some argue that racism has been justified throughout history. Look at Germany for example: before Hitler killed the Jews, Germany was overrun by overinflation, political turmoil, and economic depression. After Hitler killed the jews, West Germany became one of the strongest economies in the world (of course, it TOTALLY wasn't because of the Marshall Plan or anything like that...).

The same can be said about South Africa and Zimbabwe all of Africa. When European colonists ran it, there was no war, famine, or AIDS. As soon as they left...well, you can see for yourself. This, of course, just proves what we already know; niggers shouldn't run countries.

Theoretical basis

Experts say that there is only a 1-2% difference between the human and chimp genomes; this implies that even tiny differences between human genomes could be important---a half-percent difference between your genome and some African savage's would mean that he'd be 25-50% closer to being a chimp than you, or (and more likely) vice versa.


She still love you long time

Apparently, if you're racist towards a black person, you'll most likely lose your job and get involved in a lawsuit.

HOWEVER, if a nigger is racist towards a whitey, you can complain about it under the guise of not complaining about it by using the age old phrase "Hey it's racist when I do it, but when you do it, it's not racist?" It's the perfect way to blatantly call out a nigger's racism without directly stating that its racist, therefore saving you from looking like the hypocrite that you really are. But if you DO decide to, everyone will just say "Who gives a fuck?". Because no one really cares.


Conversation between a Logical Realist and an R-tard

"Racist" (also b/tard): I believe that negroes are a burden to some societies such as the US or parts of Europe. They lower the standards of education, and have shown so in the US since the 1950's, and as you've seen the US has fallen in educational standards. They also take up a large part of the welfare, and have incredibly high amounts of abortion. Ever since the negroes started being accepted in the US its standards for education, its GDP and such has fallen. I've made my research and can conclude that negroes are a downfall for societies.

Liberal/Democrat/R-tard/Nigger: DATZ RACISTT!!!!!!!!!11!!!!!!!

"Racist": I'm just telling it like it is.


Even the baby is smart enough to hate niggers.

Scientific Basis

Racism defined.
One of the world's most eminent scientists was embroiled in an extraordinary row last night after he claimed that black people were less intelligent than white people and the idea that "equal powers of reason" were shared across racial groups was a delusion. James Watson, a Nobel Prize winner for his part in the unraveling of DNA who now runs one of America's leading scientific research institutions, drew widespread condemnation for comments he made ahead of his arrival in Britain today for a speaking tour at venues including the Science Museum in London. The 79-year-old geneticist reopened the explosive debate about race and science in a newspaper interview in which he said Western policies towards African countries were wrongly based on an assumption that black people were as clever as their white counterparts when "testing" suggested the contrary... Dr Watson told The Sunday Times that he was "inherently gloomy about the prospect of Africa" because "all our social policies are based on the fact that their intelligence is the same as ours – whereas all the testing says not really". He said there was a natural desire that all human beings should be equal but "people who have to deal with black employees find this not true.


The UK Independent

“I have given my life to alleviate the sufferings of Africa. There is something that all White men who have lived here like I have must learn and know: these individuals are a sub-race.

They have neither the mental or emotional abilities to equate or share equally with White men in any functions of our civilization. I have given my life to try to bring them unto them the advantages which our civilization must offer, but I have become well aware that we must retain this status: White the superior, and they the inferior.

For whenever a White man seeks to live among them as their equals, they will destroy and devour him, and they will destroy all his work. And so for any existing relationship or any benefit to this people, let White men, from anywhere in the world, who would come to help Africa, remember that you must maintain this status: you the master and they the inferior, like children whom you would help or teach.

Never fraternize with them as equals. Never accept them as your social equals or they will devour you. They will destroy you.”


—Albert Schweitzer

As perceived by negroids

In recent years, various nigger professors have peddled the idea that "Racism = prejudice + power". Since their entire worldview is that blacks are oppressed by whitey, this means that black people can't be racist. This is acceptable to their sub-standard niggerish mentality, since it allows them to decide that words mean whatever they want them to mean and this excuses them from speaking proper English. They think that black so-called "people" are victims and whites are the eternal wrongdoers. (C.f., "White Supremacy," another example of this negritudinal fantasy).

Comforting though this bullshit might be to them, it is in fact bullshit. You won't find their so-called meaning in either the Oxford English Dictionary, or Merriam Webster which are no doubt therefore regarded as part of the white conspiracy, or would be if niggers could read. Niggers that have been trained to use keyboards (like the infinite number of monkeys that eventually duplicate Shakespeare) sometimes refer to this nonsense and their white guilt-ridden editors allow it to appear in print. Needless to say, it is particularly prevalent in the pages of bleeding-heart britfag "newspaper" The Guardian, which prints any old niggerbabble because it knows niggers are easily satisfied with inferior-quality products.

Racism is the systematic oppression of communities based on their colour and can thrive even when open prejudice has declined.


—Kehinde Matthews, The Guardian December 8 2015

Racism is a system of oppression.


—Gary Younge, The Guardian, May 4 2016]

If you hear a nigger quoting this rubbish, or referring to the "power + prejudice" bullshit, the recommended course of action is to set fire to its hair and run away. Do not attempt to reason with it, as this will distract it from the fact that its hair is on fire and it may attack.


I am a Baby Aryan

Not Jewish or Sectarian

I have no plans to marry an

Ape or Rastafarian.


— -- David Irving, IRL trollmaster supreme

Racism Is Lulz

Racism can serve as a great basis
for a song-and-dance number.

IRL Races

Black is beautiful; Tan is grand; but White is still the color of the Big Boss Man.


—Traditional Texas wisdom.

A useful guide to the hierarchy of inferior non-white (so that, unfourtunently, excludes Juggalos form the list) scum.
Take this handy checklist to remind you of who to hate.
Wimmin are all alike
  • Caucasoids (cock-ae-soyds): Caucasoids aka ice niggers hail from the temperate lands of Europe, western Asia and North Africa. They're the most awesome of the races, capable of shitting all over tropical and sub-Arctic territories. They are the premiere winners of civilization and are responsible for single-handedly locking humanity into goat-fucking savagery, contrary to what the white-loving Jews and weeping vagina LIBRULS will try to tell you. They learn SELF-DESTRUCT at level 10 due to comfort-induced stupidity and complacency otherwise known as Liberalism. Recommended character class: Cleric, as white people love to fuck children. They are also said to be addicted to starbucks.

Downside: They are the source of emos, wiggers, rednecks, hipsters, gingers, Sand Niggers (which are also considered to be Caucasian despite being non-whites), homosexuality and contemporary jazz. Also a chance of Irish Upside: +10 point genocide bonus. When provoked, Whites will unleash serious raep and lulzworthy mass-murder on unsuspecting Jews (actually, no, cause it is known that the Jews did all the holocausts). Killed and raped a lot of Niggers and used them as slaves for two centuries. Bombed a lot of chinks and sand niggers.

  • Mongoloids: Mongoloids aka Rice Niggers come from the exotic lands of east Asia. Their society simultaneously contains depressing unemployment with dog/baby consumption and requires them to emigrate to all corners of the world (or Vancouver, Canada), thus giving them a bonus to infiltration, spying, despotism and lack of foresight from small eyes. They also gain a dexterity bonus from playing Starcraft and sewing knock-off footwear. Their overcrowded cities have given them a smaller, effeminate stature, earning them penalties to strength and charisma (unless they're girls, 'cause Asian chicks are hot). Recommended character class: Laborer, as those Asians are always making Air Jordans. Downside: Males are surly, effete and bad-smelling; ant-like conformity makes them more or less biological robots. Upside: Women are docile and childlike, with sweet faces and teenage-looking bodies.
  • Negroids: aka Niggers hail from the arid lands of sub-Saharan Africa. They are the missing evolutionary link between humans and the great ape lineage, but are still an expressive (child rape) and free-spirited (explosive AIDS epidemic, lol) race. Their primitive living conditions and harsh climate resulted in a increase in their physical strength (not to be confused with well-fed North American nigger imports). Their culture of hunting and gathering has also given them a bonus to stamina, which is mostly used during riots, running (with stolen chikinz and/or a whore) or when raping the young White wimmenz. They gain a penalty to intelligence, however, from "the man" always keeping them down. UK Niggers are the biggest filth out of all Niggers. Recommended character class: Drow, 'cause niggas be magic on de dance flo'. Downside: AIDS, retarded and worse of all... They are niggers. Upside: Good cannon fodder and field labor; males are entertaining and good-natured when kept "in their place" (cotton field). PROTIP: Negroid women contain only 49% human DNA; do not approach. TRUTH. SMHSMHSMHSMHSMHSMHSMHSMH lol minorities can't do anything right. It can be seen as a little inaccurate to call them "african americans" though american, I can be white and from Africa... so in this way, "african americans" can be a misnomer.
  • Semites: aka Kikes Hailing from the Holy Land, Jews have kinky hair like niggers but are not niggers, have yellowish skin like Azns but are not Azn, and occasionally might look White but are not White. Semites usually occupy themselves by counting shekels or performing primitive religious rituals such as praying to a black meteorite or sucking infant cocks. When they are not doing those two activities they are creating new religions such as Christianity and killing fags who worship rocks. When that fails they are complaining about the past having a lot to complain about such as the Holohoax and anti-Semitism. In reality there are not many Semites left; however, Jews still use the word as something exclusive and the word anti-Semitism has become a crime for other Semites such as Arabs and Ferengi. The Jew are by far the most bigoted and racist of the races, having developed a very exclusive and xenophobic culture and language to deliberately demean all non-jews. The recommended class for a Semite is Thief. Downside: God's chosen people, yet God insists on killing them off, WTF? Upside: Most manipulative race; diabolical cleverness has enabled them to survive, infiltrate their host civlization and dominate showbiz with shamless self-promotion. Good at math, hiding wealth, playing string instruments on rooftops. Also doing WTC. Preferred Class: Thief. Women: Just like sand niggers, Jews are not sexually dimorphic, meaning their females are identical to male specimens. Sabras and Jews from outside the Northeastern U.S. may be approached with caution; curly-haired Noo Yoak/Lawn Guyland subspecies should be avoided at all costs, also chance of Polish. WARNING The Jewess becomes an unstoppable sex machine when under the thrall of a Gentile man.
  • noofnoobits the closest eleventy generations can get to a racial mixture of 1/5 white, 1/5 black, 1/5 native american, 1/5 asian, and 1/5 pacific islander...1/5 is not a power of 2, so it must be approximated.

Examples of Racists

Encino Man: The Serious Beak

In Encino Man, Pauly Shore's character is a racist jew who says the "serious beak" is but one reason his blonde and blue-eyed friend will never win back his former girlfriend from the guy who she is with after last summer. While the faith of Michael DeLuise is unknown, suffice to say Pauly likes the bump in his nose.. Additionally, the movie portrays cro-magnon man as looking essentially identical to anglo-saxons in California, where he is discovered buried in ice.

I am not racist, racism is a crime and crime is for black people.


—The only real racists are self-hating blacks.

I'm not racist, I've got a color TV.


—What's wrong with black AND white?

What? I'm not racist! I love black people! I think everyone should own one!


—Perfectly fair and balanced individual.

  1. Inbred hillbillies who compensate for low self-esteem by placing undue value on skin pigmentation, be it through supremacism or wigger-ism.
  2. Short and bald, with malformed genitals.
  3. Someone who likes to create cheap drama in forums and blogs through bigoted observations and derogatory anecdotal evidence.
  4. Teenage boys who think that by posting their retarded hate they're involved in "DEEP POLITICAL SHIT, YO."
  5. Hitler and his Nazi posse. Sieg heil.
  6. George Bush doesn't care about black people.
  7. A typical Encyclopedia Dramatica user.
  8. A typical member of the KKK (but not all - some are open-minded and accepting.)
  9. Someone who would claim that losing a referendum is "like being raped by a thousand Arabs".
  10. People who are afraid of the dark.
  11. Robbie Pierson, lol.
  12. Every Alabama politician ever
  13. Mel Gibson
  14. Erika Winchester
  15. Carlos Mencia thinking he's funny when all he's saying for 30 minutes is "Black people, white people" over and over again.
  16. Conservatives, by definition
  17. You.
  18. Your Granddad.
  19. Paula Deen
  20. Glenn Beck
  21. NKO
  22. your mom

Racism Against Other Human Beings

Also known as H8ters, these folk can be found expressing their attempts at thought on the internets, because people cannot kick the shit out of you there as in IRL.

A YouTube comment.
Sadly this ducking is rejected because of the colour of his feathers. He's also about to die.

Though white people are famous for producing notable racists, all cultures contain their share of H8ters:

Racism Against Furries/Otherkin

Separate from the Human race lie the Furries and Otherkin, freakish demi-humans made of fur and gayness. These bizarre individuals have denounced their human origins, asserting they are a beautiful and unique mixture of human and animal (or dragon). To Furries and Otherkin, being oppressed for their beliefs is "fursecution"; to everyone else, it's lulz. It should be noted that since furries and otherkin are only different in mental capacity/state, while retaining all the normal skin colour of a human, it is not racist to do things to furries, although your neighbors might complain about the smell of a burning furry.

How To Not Be Racist

Let me just say first of all that I appreciate the opportunity to address the readers of ED. You see, for too long now, the American people have been shackled by WHITEY! KILL WHITEY! KILL THA MUTHUFUCKUH! KILL EDIOTS AND ALL THEY MO'FO' CRACKER-ASS FAMILIES! the old ways of using the internet, and the old ways of thinking about race. Quite frankly, as ED's popularity shows, the American people are sick and tired of the politics of division, and they’re looking for change, for hope, for a way TO KILL WHITEY! TAKE ALL HIS MUTHUFUCKIN SHIT, STEAL HIS MUTHUFUCKIN SATURN, AND SELL IT ALL ON THE SIDE, MAN! to address real-world issues, such as how to cross the artificial divides imposed by the society, how to come together in harmony, and how to KILL WHITEY! On behalf of our great nation, I say to all who will read this, YO' DAY IS COMIN' FOO'!


— President Obama shares his message of hope

Typical anti-racists. Once again they put black people above everybody else.
Having a black friend automatically makes you not a racist, even if your black friend obviously hates you.
Having a shirt that admits you're racist makes you immune to being racist
  • Have a black friend/parent/business associate.
  • Say, "I don't mean to be racist, but..." before saying the most stupendously racist comment imaginable. This automatically makes it not racist, i.e.: "I don't mean to be racist, but we don't serve niggers."
  • Say you voted for Obama and you wish McCain would drop his meds in his portable toilet.
  • When someone accuses you of saying or doing something racist, tell them you are "celebrating our differences." This retroactively makes your actions, and therefore you, not racist.
  • Be black. For instance: "All modern music is stolen from black musicians by untalented White scum." "Good point, sir, and well said."
  • Associate your situation with that of a persecuted minority. For example, be white, middle class and emo, as not getting that car you wanted for Christmas is the same as seeing your parents executed in front of you in a concentration camp.
  • Pretend to be homosexual, or become one. No stronger bonds can be forged than standing up for a nigger on the grounds that being black and being gay are, you know, essentially the same.
  • Say "It has been proven that (race)...................."
  • Not being white.
  • Get away with it. If no one sees or cares of your racism, it's the same as not actually being racist.
  • Be in Obama's cabinet. Openly declare hostility towards White people, and doesn't afraid of anything.
  • Cut out a large segment out of your brain.
  • Stop visiting this web site and go back to using your computer for porn.
  • Fap over interracial porn. It's hard to hate the black man when you're masturbating to him. Uh, her.
  • Do what Germany did and DELETE FUCKING EVERYTHING.
  • Speak in ebonics. (Word. Spit it like a brotha)
  • make long speeches
  • Wear multi-colored robes at KKK meetings.
  • Being aborted in the womb (miscarriage works just as well).
  • Be in the tea party

OL Racists: Individual Crazies

Steps to Overcoming Your Racism

  1. Self-assess. Think: Why should I not be racist? Why would I want to quit? If you can't answer these questions, you rock.
  2. Find the cause of your racism. The cause of racism can be anything, but it's usually living around niggers. The only people who don't hate niggers have never been around them.
  3. Research the topic. Do research on racism, find articles and evidence that can support the vast and obvious differences between race.
  4. Realize what race is. Race is a biological concept that has been blurred by sociology, race exists in genetics. Ask yourself this: "Are there different breeds of dog with varying physical and mental capacity? Yes? Then why not humans?"
  5. Use different racial slurs. Instead of saying, "Hey, I saw some filthy nigger at the store", say "Hey, I saw some disgusting nigger/jigger-boo/baboon at the store." Instead of identifying someone based on their race, use another description: color, clothing, drug habits, etc.
  6. Think about how it feels to be put down by a racist. If you are brown, you are a protected minority and can not be criticized by Whites, even if you commit a crime, EXPLOIT THIS!
  7. Get into it. Spend time with people of different races. Make friends with them and try to understand how they feel about racism and how they view other races themselves, or people of their own race, it's just like the movies! If you think about something enough, you will eventually get sick of it and not care about race anymore, unless the race in question is niggers, in which case you will never be able to accept the idea that they're human.
  8. If you are scared of another race, you're not alone. Search around for people of that race talking about things you believe in, like the cunning and savage nature of the Jew, find a common ground with non-Whites as we all have a common enemy. You can also start a chat with someone of another race, and that may decrease your anxiety. But remember, the only racist people on Earth are White and there is nothing any brown person can say that will ever be considered racist, ever. If you find yourself thinking "only a _____ person could do that" statistically speaking, you're probably right.

Still not sure? Here's an anti-racist verision of Hitler:

How To Tell If You're a Racist

YOU MAY BE IS A RACISS! Find out now if you is one!
Some racists are oblivious to the fact that they are racist.
You edit Wikipedia
  • You have ever made a racial assumption about the perpetrator of any crime. LOL SERIOUS
  • You are White.
  • You drive a Volvo.
  • You sold your nigger to put a downpayment on a Volvo.
  • You voted for Barack Hussein Obama.
  • You did not vote for Barack Hussein Obama.
  • You disagree with one or more of Barack Hussein Obama's policies.
  • You do not find Chris Rock funny.
  • You do find Chris Rock funny.
  • You are Danish
  • You know that blacks commit 35% of all rapes, but make up only 12% of the population. Srsly.
  • You never watched Chappelle's Show because you can't understand the way "those people" speak.
  • You cant understand ebonics
  • You think lip plates are unattractive
  • The sudden realization that your girlfriend is Black has caused you great consternation.
  • You think Hitler was "cool".
  • You find darkies a source of lulz.
  • You liked Hitler before it was mainstream.
  • You read this list and question your own morality afterward.
  • Your genitalia only react to White women.
  • You are able to pass some form of standardized test.
  • You think the slogan "[insert your skin color] Power!" sounds pretty good.
  • You are still reading this, when you were distinctly told to go back to porn.
  • You are White, and currently drawing breath.
  • You hate weeaboos.
  • You're against Chinese policies
  • you hate ______ people because they are _______
  • U have said the n-word in any context
  • You write a negative article about Blacks or any other minority claiming they call everyone else racist while you in the act are being racist because you are generalizing. This is true though, fuckwits. At least at ED people admit they hate Jews. Hiding shit on UrbannDicktionary
  • You think Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and other racial hustlers are, well, racial hustlers.
  • You have ever disagreed with one Black person ON ANYTHING.
  • You sexually prefer one race over the other
  • You assume that a nondescribed book character is white
  • You assume an african man is black
  • You assume that a nondescribed book character is not white
  • You assume that a japanese man looks asian
  • The first image of a human that comes into your head when you think of the word "human" is of a white man
  • You assume all Germans are blond.
  • You appreciate it that you are white: in the exact same way that someone with another skin color would be proud of their own skin color
  • You think that a white man with african facial contours is impossible
  • You are an anime girl supremacist
  • You chose a white man over a black man, even if the decision really had nothing to do with race.
  • You think race is just an illusion and that we are all white, just different shades of it (Do albinos count as having a level of black?)
  • You think race is just an illusion and that we are all black, just different shades of it: proof u are racist against albinos
  • You think the difference between black and white should be considered in a way no different than the difference between blond and brown.
  • You have been racist before.

Jurisdiction on racism and other political institutions

Who let Carlos Mencia in?
Cry me a river of black Islamic fundamentalism, Farrakhan.

Since racism usually results in lulz, online court will usually open a case against the whiner for spreading anti-lulz.

In RL;however, things are different. Most courts in RL practice a form of racism that involves denial of said racism and then prosecuting other racists. Typically these are the standards for judging cases involving interracial crime:

  • If the suspect is Black any form of depravity, violence, dismemberment and general sick shit is considered as a "random crime" or the victim being "at the wrong place at the wrong time".
  • If the suspect is White the crime is by default a hate crime, the court merely needs to find "evidence" of this. Evidence can be anything from laughing at a negro to not being friendly enough to a Paki cashier. If that doesn't work they will get a Jewish psychoanalyst and mindfuck a confession out of you according to the methods used in 1984.
  • If the suspect is Jewish there shall be no court.
  • If the victim is Jewish the suspect is executed on the spot.

If you are White and taken to court over racism it is best to pull out your Ak-47 and use your years of Counter-strike experience to land a multitude of headshots and completely pwn the whole court. The important details are that you kill everyone and then surrender to the police or fly away in a helicopter to Canada. Should you be unable to escape America claim that you did it for the lulz and say that you hate everyone equally. It's better to be charged for mass murder than a hate crime against a negro by not addressing him as "sir" and letting him into your house.

Other political institutions also practice a form of racism, for example, colleges typically have an Affirmative Action program that rewards non-Whites for being non-White. This typically causes fewer places to be available in college and the end result is the sacrifice of valuable graduates . People who are qualified and skilled are left without a degree for the sake of divershittyfying already shitty college campuses.



OL Racists: Organized Craziness

YOU too can slap a Jap!

They Don't Make Cartoons Like This Anymore

Oh, that wascally wacist.
Bugs Bunny cartoons from the 1930s-40s. Please read all the YouTube comments crying over how racist it is:
Devolving from a rabbit into an ape.

Racist Gallery

Sorry, it's from older times..

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Training young racists via a traditional 'reaction/reward' schedule (1942)

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Races to Holocaust

Races to Lynch

Races to keep out of your neighborhood
ArabsEnglish ScumWetbacksIndiansInjunsIraniansTurksIrish

Races that need your love
ChineseGooksJapaneseThaiWhite Trash

Race Representatives
Al SharptonApplemilk1988BoratDuane ChapmanEugene TerreblancheHal TurnerHitlerJesse JacksonKim Jong-ilMartin Luther KingMichael AregaMikemikevNigger (Dog)Nkem OwohObamaOsama bin LadenSuey ParkW

Race oriented groups
419AznBlack Lives MatterEnglish Defence LeagueFurNationGangsKKKMossadMujahideenReconquistaStormfrontMetapediaNobel Prize Committee

Racial ideologies
The Fourteen WordsAfrocentrismWhite supremacy

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Racism is part of a series of topics related to Black People
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AfricaAntigua and BarbudaAtlantaDead Nigger StorageDetroitE.S. Nigger Brown StandEgyptGambia ♠ The GhettoHabbo HotelKenyaLiberiaMediatakeoutMontenegroMozambiqueNawlinsPrisonSierra LeoneSomaliaSouth AfricaSoulja Boy Tellem ChatSudanTanzaniaWashington, DCZimbabwe


AboriginalBlackineseBoko HaramChavCripsGothNativeNiggerNegressNigraOFWGKTATransniggerWiggerYounger Woolwich Boyz


2Pac345rv5Aaron AlexisAbner LouimaAdria RichardsAfro-chanAfro NinjaAfroduckAinsley HarriottAl SharptonAlison FloydAlvin GreeneAmanda KijeraAmericanDad86Antoine DodsonBags of MoneyBANGSBarry BondsBernie MacBeyoncé KnowlesBill ClintonBlack DiligentBarack Hussein ObamaBLACK_MANBlack PantherBLACKB0NDBLACKbusterCriticBlackwashingBlue-SixBomani ArmahBrandon PhillipsBrenda WilliamsBryce WilliamsC-NOTECanibusCandyJunkieCardi BCarltonCasey BrezikCaster SemenyaCharles RamseyCharlie Check'mCheyenne CherryChina GuyChris BrownChris DornerClay ClaymoreCobanermani456ComedyShortsGamerCondoleezza RiceCosmo SetepenraCRoadwarriorCulexorCynthia McKinneyCyntoia BrownDaBaby DangermanDave ChappelleDavid Wu-KapauwDcigsDeborrah CooperDemcadDeWayne CraddockDJBPlaythroughsDr. Laura SchlessniggerDramasetterEDP445EtikaFat Larry's BandFCU777Frank JamesFresh PrinceFreddie GrayFuture the rapperG-ZayGary ColemanGazi KodzoGeneral Butt NakedGeorge FloydH2OHappy NegroHerman CainIsaac HayesIsmaaiyl BrinsleyJadaJaden SmithJames WatsonJay BundyJena SixJeremiah TrueJesse JacksonJinuSenpaiJkidJoseph KonyJussie SmollettKanye WestKerney ThomasKingMasterReviewKobe BryantKorryn GainesLatarian MiltonLee RigbyLil BLinda CartyLoud NigraLowti3rgodM0M0koMadThad0890MajelaZeZeDiamondMalcolm XMarcellus WilliamsMark EssexMartin Luther King, Jr.Marvin Morvan and Alex TeniolaMary Alice AltorferMaurice ClemmonsMaxine WatersMeek MillMicah DawsonMicah JohnsonMichael AregaMichael JacksonMike TysonMintahMiss LandmineMonica FosterMr.A.T.AndreiThomasMr PregnantMr. TMuteba KidiabaMychal BellNawlinWikiNelson MandelaNicki MinajNigger PigNocturnus LibertusNtokozo QwabeRick RossOFWGKTAOG LocOJ SimpsonOld Spice GuyOliver HartOmarosaOprah WinfreyP DiddyProfessor KuhtoonsPurple AkiQueen KongR. KellyRachel DolezalRaven WilliamsReverend XRick JamesRobert Butler Jr.Rocky LockridgeRon MexicoRosa ParksRoyce da 5'9"RucasRudy EugeneSandro L JeanSapphyDracasesSenator Barack Hussein ObamaShaun KingSheneequaSonicfoxSonicStrifeSoulja BoyStarlaglamSteve Hodder-WattSteve StephensSubToDavidlandSweet BrownT-PainTacgnolTarisai VusheTariq NasheedTawana BrawleyTay ZondayTedius ZanarukandoThatKidDouglasThe Black SentinelThe Booty WarriorThe Central Park FiveThe CrackheadThe Online GamerThe TrashmanTheAdviseShowTherese Patricia OkoumouTheSuperRobotSoujaOGTiger WoodsTommy SotomayorTony EvereadyTony48219Tookie WilliamsTrayvon MartinTrevor NoahTyler LumarTyra BanksTyra PattersonUnMaskingTheTruthValisHDViperWaluigis-girlWill SmithWilliam UnekWrong Location NiggerXiao-Feng-FuryXXXTentacionZwarte Piet


Are You Serious?BECAUSE MY CAPS LOCK KEY IS LOUDBix NoodBrraa pap pap papBOOYA!Dat AssDINDUNUFFINEbonicsENGLISH MOTHERFUCKER DO YOU SPEAK ITFirst World ProblemsFlea Market MontgomeryFuck The PoliceGeorge Bush doesn't care about black peopleHack is Wack!Happy NegroI Go Chop Your DollarImma Let You Finish IM PRESSIN CHARGESNiggers tongue my anusNot racistRead a BookScrub Me Mama With A Boogie BeatSittin On Tha ToiletSmell yo dickThanks ObamaThe BoondocksThese CuffsWHOOYou'll Cowards Don't Even Smoke Crack


365Black.com419 Nigerian Email ScamsBasketballBlackbirdBooty ShakingChikinsChimpoutConspiracy theoriesDogo Nahawa MassacreDolemiteFUBUGrand Theft Auto: San AndreasHypebeastJenkemKFC Double DownKool-AidLinux for NiggersNigga Know TechnologyPolice AbolitionPool's ClosedRacismRapRapeRiotsSoulja Boy Tellem ChatSwagThe Black SentinelThe Great Black Dick Hoax (see also Niggerdick and Niggercock)TwitterUbuntuVoodooVuvuzelaWatermelonzWill Smith slaps Chris RockWorldstar Hiphop


BLACK FACE contempoLynchingNO NIGGERSSlavery (see also Nigger Manual)Vintage Black Americana


ADOSAIDSAll The Niggers Are DeadBlack People Love Us!Chocolate RainComputer Science IIICulexorGay Nigger Association of AmericaISWAPKwanzaaNAACPP.A. PalaceSheeeitThere are no niggers on the InternetUnemployment ♠ and Welfare


A. Wyatt MannAznBuck BreakersCopsChimpmaniaDon ImusDylann Storm RoofEbola virusEmploymentEpic Beard ManGraykatIlluminatiJames WatsonJohnny RebelJustine SaccoKu Klux KlanKramerMoonmanPopobawaPermit PattyRacismRay TensingShitskin PlantationSpicsStormfrontThe BLM KillerWWhite people

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