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Rachele Rudd was a 16 year old girl from Spencerport, New York City who killed herself on November 12, 2004. She was the first to start a trend of MySpace suicides which means posting bulletins shortly before your death.

Rachele is rumored to have been very depressed about being raped by her father and wrote numerous blogs on her since deleted MySpace stating that he had only raeped her for the lulz. She was also almost raped by at least 100 other members of her family.

Series of Events

Because being a hardcore Eating Feces fan obviously meant that nobody fucking cared about her or her obviously shit taste in music, she then started attention whoring via the internets in a lame attempt to gain sympathy from other like minded faggots.

How could this happen to me?.

After her plan spectacularly backfired she looked in a dictionary to see what “failure” meant and was astonished to see a picture of herself which had been placed there by her parents some years previous, this in turn led to a catastrophic series of events which would see Rachele flip off a train driver and her parents finally glad to be free of her whining emoism.

The Train

After staying up all night crying and watching Snakes on a Plane she overslept on the morning of her permaban, this was of course no concern to her as the trains in New York always run late because they are usually driven by blacks.

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"I hope you rot in hell", lulz

After making her way to the rails there was further disappointment because despite the huge MySpace drama she created nobody turned up to watch because they all believed she was attention whoring although secretly they all hoped otherwise, and after waiting hours for someone to actually give a shit she jumped in front of a CSX freight train in true emo fashion becoming the first person to become An Heroine although Stephanie Browne has falsely obtained this prestigious title.


YTMND has spawned many a lulzy tribute page making fun of Rachele, although most of its users are too retarded to know her name and it simply falls into the category of “MySpace suicide”, “emo suicide”, or “train suicide”.

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