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Did You Know?:

Hot Topic Hates Black People
The black person community shows their concern on the Lil Wayne message boards
It is rumored that the Race Guy shirts have nearly reached a Che Guevara level of popularity with teenage boys.

Race Guy is currently a racist Illuminati mascot being used by Hot Topic to further their new world order agenda. Once upon a time, Race Guy was nothing but a mere lulzy racist meme created by the white devils of eBaumsworld.com to make fun of black people. When the corporate slut store Hot Topic realized that white suburban tweens who were hung like Vienna sausages would pay precious jew gold for their favorite racist internet meme on t-shirts, they began to produce them and sell them in their stores and on their website. Race Guy has now opened the door to widespread racism in teen culture. Hot Topic has come under scrutiny for selling these shirts, yet continue to sell them anyways. Some concerned parent on facebook has launched a combat campaign to provide mass awareness of the clear and present racism presented by Hot Topic.

Outrage & Activism

A printable flier which can posted in malls, schools, bus stops, the windows of Hot Topic, public restrooms, churches, and anywhere else where concerned activists can see and heed its noble call to action.

Though Hot Topic had been selling their Rage Guy T-Shirts for awhile once word finally started getting around people become extremely angry that such a large corporate entity would be so blatant in their hatred of the black man. Maybe Hot Topics owners had lost one too many TV's to the urban demographic and no longer gave a fuck or perhaps their lily white girlfriends had been stretched beyond limits by the thrusting manhood of the dark skinned ape. Regardless of the reasons behind their hatred of African Americans soon people online took up arms against the large retailer the only way they knew how; by posting about it on the internet.

Within hours of being started the Facebook group: End Hot Topic Racism had gathered a large number of followers. Soon their wall was ablaze with the same kind of rage that Hot Topic had tried to mimic on their shitty Taiwan made T-Shirts. This new groundswell of anti-racist momentum shocked the higher ups at the retail giant as they began to fall back and plan out how they were going to cover up the fact that they were trying to sell hatred to mainstream America's children.

While it's clear now that they were trying desperately to ignore the fact that their family friendly store was just a few steps away from setting up a wall rack with lynching posters the head brass at HT still downplayed what was happening. The internet however, would have none of it. What followed was a massive campaign to bring attention to the fact that racism is bad and that the world should be a place of rainbows and hot gay elf sex. Many belonging to the Facebook group that was fighting HT's racist eugenics backed product line began to reach out to the media in an effort to aid their cause.

With the spotlight growing on Hot Topic the company finally had to make a statement; Two actually.

As Bipolar As Their Customer Base

Race Guy 2.0
Race Guy - Response.png

Hot Topics 1st Response: OMG RACISM = BAD

"Rage Guy is the character Hot Topic sells, see the original post from 1 year ago. The character focuses on interesting situations, check out the image gallery.

Race Guy is the newest iteration posted this afternoon, today (the character everyone is talking about).

Who created Race Guy? We don't know. Who created Rage Guy? We don't know. We sold the shirt because it is pop culture and the series was funny. Why not let our customers express they're interest in meme's? So now what? Well, Hot Topic is the last company to support racism. Hell, we support diversity and wear it proudly. Now that the character represents racism because of these unknown creators - we will no longer be selling it.

After tonight (11/17), it will be removed from our website. Next week, it will be removed from our stores."

- From Hot Topic's Facebook page

Race Guy - FB - 02.jpg

Hot Topics 2nd Response: Once The Lithium Wore Off

"A little meme update for you all. The whole “race guy” was a hoax. Period. People need to get a life.

Check out this article by geekosystem.com: http://www.geekosystem.com/hot-topic-ends-fffuuuuuuu-shirts/

We refuse to cave to bad people doing bad things. Any other negative comments on our fans’ posts will be deleted."

- From Hot Topic's Facebook page

Jemma At The Hot Topic Corporate Offices
File:Plantation nation tshirt.png
In an effort to keep upset customers happy Hot Topic is sending all people who've emailed them a free t-shirt

Hot Topics Standard Response

Anyone with the balls to post that Hot Topic hates black people on their Facebook group, gets this encouraging message:


Thank you for taking time to email us!

We researched this and it’s a hoax. It's not a racist character - it's just part of a campaign to manipulate us into taking the shirt down from our website. You can learn more about it here: http://www.geekosystem.com/hot-topic-ends-fffuuuuuuu-shirts/

Please let us know if you need any assistance in the future.

Have a wonderful day!

JEMMA HT Customer Service Representative 800-8928674"


Jemma HT Rep

Mr. Robert Quigley

Hot Topic, after just a handful of hours and numerous complaints on facebook and elsewhere, had finally made the decision to pull their newest meme inspired product, "Rage guy" T-Shirts, from their stores across the country yet at the last moment one man stepped in and helped to change their minds. Robert Quigley, writer for the website Geekosystem and Yale graduate, was one of the first to rush out and "report" on the current happenings surrounding Hot Topic and its blatant copyright infringing usage of the internet comic strip character Rage Guy, a character to which they held no rights or claims. Hot Topic themselves thanked Mr. Quigley for kindly explaining to them what a hoax was as well as wiping their asses after they took a rather large poo.

Robert, who is an openly gay man living with his elderly boyfriend of 10 years, has made a living reporting on the activities of 13 year old boys on the internet ever since starting work at Geekosystem a few years ago. It's suspected that the reason he is so fond of his job is that it allows him access to children which is something that, given his lifestyle choices, he would be interested in. Mr. Quigley takes great pride in the fact that he was the first to get Hot Topics attention and to expose what he claims to be a hoax on the part of a certain internet group. One must wonder if he is also the type who takes great pride in ruining surprise parties and drowning kittens. I'm sure he'll write up a story on that as well and shoot off a copy to Hot Topic so they may ponder his answers.

Round 2

Oh Look, Another "Operation". How Original.

While Geekosystem was credited by Hot Topic as the first to enlighten them about Race Guy another site was also mentioned on their facebook wall, one which has recently gained the ire of the internet hate machine: KnowYourMeme. It seems that Hot Topic isn't the only group around which has been profiting off of internet created characters and cartoons over the last few years. KnowYourMeme which is owned by RocketBoom, a shitty hipster site, has been making money off of merchandising and advertisements with profits that run up into the 7 figure range. Quite impressive really when you consider that all they do is take what isn't theirs and find ways to sell it like it is.

In fact aside from YouTube and DeviantArt you'd be hard pressed to find a more clear cut example of outright thievery on the internet. Truly the God of the Jews smiles down upon Rocketboom and their gold hoarding ways. With Hot Topics decision to say fuck you to the internet and start printing Rage Guy t-shirts again the masses of outraged 13 year olds that were so pissed off at them are left with no choice but to lash out at another target. Enter KnowYourMeme.

Call it serendipitous but Rocketbooms past behaviors as well as their involvement with Hot Topic's recent bullshit has ended up drawing a large bullseye on their backs one, which as it turns out, attracts the hatred of many a teenage rebel. It remains unknown at this time whether or not anything will come of the recent change in targets but what is known is that regardless of the effectiveness of going after KnowYourMeme the people at RocketBoom will probably be too busy rubbing gold doubloons on their balls to care.


About a week or so after Hot Topic posted that the race guy was a hoax, Anonymous stopped caring. The newfags decided that it wasn't worth defending their holy rage guy. And as usual, another failed operation gets thrown in the Recycle Bin.


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