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RAGE is the leading cause of INTERNET HATE, steroidal hacking and rAIDS. As we all know, THE INTERNET IS SERIOUS BUSINESS and evokes all manner of e-motion. None, however, crosses the blood/brain barrier as quickly as pure, unadulterated RAGE of the *chan variety. Be it shady attention whores, Internet fluff guys or faggotry of the highest order, when Anon's hackles are rankled, there's no knowing what will happen. But before it does, the emotion is frequently expressed thusly:



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FFFUUUUUUU is an overused meme, whose very overuse rivals that of Milhouse found on most chan boards. The exploitable template is a four panel comic that is made up of three white squares and one square that contains a person raging over some trauma (usually involving jacking off, somebody cheating, or getting his penis slammed in a door) to his life.


Originally an Eddie Murphy joke, see [1] 5:30.

Many of us have experienced the discomfort of having our bums washed in the vile liquid regurgitated by the porcelain throne. A while back, a creative /b/tard powered up MS Paint and decided it was time to do something about his now-drenched anus. What he created was a four scene comic showing all the typical steps of using the loo, of course he spared no gory details. As his problem was described, stagnant water is always reflected back at one's buttocks while taking a healthy poo. He wanted to know how many others are similarly afflicted, and if there was anything that could be done to remedy this condition.

The Solution


Thus it was that another /b/tard was nice enough to share an old family secret as to how this travesty may be avoided. A simple layer of toilet paper, resting on the surface of the water can almost entirely reduce the risk of unwanted feedback from your aquatic audience. It must be noted that while this method keeps water from splashing on the backs of your legs, your ass, and your butthole, it also suspends most of your poop above the water's level, causing noxious fumes...and further RAGE. A more adequate solution recommended by several top Anonymous researchers is to kill yourself.

The Play

This conversation proved lulz - worthy enough that in the true fashion of /b/, it had the first three frames shopped out. /b/tards then went ca-razier than usual narrating the most frustrating part of their lives into a form that struck a chord with the rest of the /b/ collective. Many of these were centered around other annoying bathroom occurrences, but it eventually spread into every corner of a /b/tard's life. Fapping, sex, forced memes and common copypasta have been targeted as well. Among the more notable features of this meme, are the fact that anyone can participate, not just those with extraordinary Photoshop skills. This same fact may very well be part of its downfall, as every unfunny newfag is allowed the opportunity to create some piece of utter disaster.

How To Be Part Of The Phenomenon

Save or copy the template below. You can also find it on /b/ about every five minutes Once you have the template, you open it in your favorite image editing software and you start thinking about what you are going to add to it for it to be funny.

Template to use

Here are some examples of what you could put in the FFFUUUUUUU cartoon:

  • A cat waking you up by peeing on your blanket
  • A girl commenting on how small your penis is
  • Your brother walking in while you have sex with his 9-year old daughter
  • Too much crack
  • You lose at Street Fighter II
  • Somebody shutting off the power to your computer while you are editing an ED article
  • Being groggy in the morning after a night of drinking and discovering that you shit all over the kitchen
  • Waking up in a bathroom stall in a train station with a very sore ass
  • Sniffing your sister's panties and then discovering a skid mark in the crotch
  • Not enough crack
  • Going OCD crazy over the disorder of your mp3 files
  • Someone poops in the pool
  • Farting in bed, with a girl, just as you are about to lose your virginity
  • Finding out that your mom has chlamydia
  • Realizing that you are a sick fuck
  • While you are jacking off, you watch a spider crawl across the computer table in front of you
  • Any situation even remotely involving The Janus Brothers
  • Wasting 8 dollars on a movie remake which you think is good, only to realize that it's 8 dollars and the time spent watching the movie until the end of the credits have been wasted and you'll never get them back (good example: Nightmare on Elm Street's 2010 remake).

As you can see the topics of this sort of cartoon range far and wide. If you insist upon making a FFFUUUUUUU cartoon, you are going to have to match wits with the best faggotry the internet has to offer. Be sure you are jocular, whimsical, and above all, make sure you are ironic. It also helps if you have a topic that most people can relate to and share your rage. Nobody thinks some private joke you have is funny and with only three panes of comic to edit, you aren't going to be able to explain your shitty anecdote sufficiently to anybody. Furthermore, check to see if somebody has already thought up your idea, because since this meme has been around for a while, it has probably already been done, and done better by somebody else.

A Smorgasbord of Frustration

Here is a very small group of Rage comic examples. It must be stressed that there are literally thousands of these comics on the internet, and all of them suck.

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Because nobody is ever satisfied with an original, many people have tried to force this meme into other formats. These new ways of showing the comic are usually not close to being as funny, nor are they very well thought out. The biggest example of an alternate is the "EVERYTHING TURNED OUT BETTER THAN EXPECTED" comics that are a dramatic and positive reversal of the rage found in the "FFFUUUUUUU" comics.

How Newfags are ruining the Meme (Copypasta)



Sometime last Thursday, in an act of blatant memetheft, a newfag decided it would be a good idea to make a blog dedicated to the comic at epicrage.org in the style of I can has cheezburger. The said newfag then decided it would be a good idea to spam his stinking wad of fail in the external links section of this article. Please visit irc.chatnets.net #epicrage to aid in the fight against this faggotry.



Last Thursday some wetback faggot came up with the idea of making it possible for anyone out there to create his own rage online to share it with the world.

Opposed to ragethread.com and epicrage.org however, this attempt can easily be trolled:

  1. Go to www.ragetiem.com
  2. Vote for the picture in the top right corner and make sure it keeps having the most votes.
  3. While you're there, why not trolling the page by painting meaningless shit or adding some nazi symbolism for the lulz?

Epic Frustration Comic

Sometime in the recent past, a 15-part FFFFFFUUUUUU-inspired comic appeared on 4chan to the delight of many channers. The comic starred the character of /v/ in his epic struggle to combat the unrelenting forces of /b/. Although it ripped off a bunch of other stories, the comic was surprisingly well-done, and also surprisingly true. Thus, it has become very popular on both /v/ and /co/. However, as expected, within a few days, the majority of /v/ turned back to bitching at each other and raging on the comic, denouncing it as /b/ shit, effectively missing the point completely and displaying their ironic faggotry. The comic in question:

The comic artist also have uploaded a link with all his work, which is dumped at 4chanhouse

The comic is available for online viewing directly here: Rage vs Cancer (that gallery also has more from the author)

/f/ has created a animated flash version of the comic: V-rage.swf

The original artist of the comic did not make V-rage.swf but did however make a sequel to it that was supposed to represent what happened after the comic: [v] of rage conclusion.swf.

The sequel was however not at all as popular as the first one, as can be noted by the most popular filename used for it ("Bullshit_ending_to_V_vs_AR_by_3_Angled_Blue.swf"). Perhaps this has something to do with the lack of music for the most of it, and the small matter of the artist getting tired and just throwing together an ending. It also does not tie together the story very nicely with the first flash.

V-rage.swf represents the first three pages of the "Rage vs Cancer" comic and a little bit of the fourth. To continue the story after the flash simply read from page four onwards.

And now someone Had too much time on their hands and made this:

(Actually it's just a video version of the flash "V-rage.swf" linked to above the gallery.)

RAGE At Its Best

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