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Pussies Fighting.gif Qwyrxian is in an internet sissy fight with hipcrime.
Please dig up lulz on them both.
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The rare occurrence of an Autist outside of its natural habitat.

Qwyrxian, powerword Aaron Hahn, is a TOW admin residing in Japan (despite being American born and raised) who leads the secret homophobia cabal, aiming to remove Wikipedia of all things he feels too fruity for his encyclopedia. Ironically, he is scared shitless of the GNAA, which resulted in him surrendering to their forces and ultimately going into e-exile.

His admin status was most likely gained after his persistent edit warring and claims of ownership of pages whose content he knows nothing about. One such page being that of ED's very own deity Lil B, where he actively discriminates against BASEDGOD (likely due to his “I'm Gay” album) by denying the existence of Based music, despite several sources describing the genre, and confirming its existence.

Any dictionary, our WP article genre, etc. A genre, by definition, is something done by a group of people. Not by one person. And some random other non-notable person don't count...and you still haven't produced a single source that even implies that "based" is a genre. This discussion is, in all honesty, a waste of time. Come back in 5 or 10 years if there has become this big, widely recognized style of music called Based. Qwyrxian (talk) 03:54, 31 March 2012 (UTC)


—Qwyrxian, Within two weeks, the New Yorker confirmed the existence of based music

Dramafest 2012

Apparently, this is a blockable offense.
Based off appearances, it's likely GiantSnowman is a closeted homosexual himself.

After months of careful plotting as to how he would rid himself of his biggest threat, openly gay editor badmachine, a new revision of badmachine's userpage gave him what he felt was grounds for blocking. That being the story of how badmachine was molested and filmed in the act at a young age. Despite Alison's confirmation that everything badmachine had said was fact, Qwyrxian insisted that even userpages had to be “sourced” and thus indefinitely blocked badmachine from editing.

At this point Aaron began deploying his special unit of homophobic editors, working round the clock to assure no homos corrupted their pages, the first being “Boing! said Zebedee” who stated:

The issue isn't whether you can prove it - it is that you *did not* prove it, and we absolutely cannot host any criminal accusations against others on any Wikipedia pages. That is just Wikipedia policy, and it can not be evaded. Here's a suggestion - why not write a shortened bio outlining the key events of your life, but without naming names? After all, a Wikipedia user page is really supposed to be for hosting information that helps towards your Wikipedia contributions - it's not a free webhosting service - and a lengthy and detailed bio might still be seen by some as being inappropriate. There are many other routes to getting your full and detailed autobiography out there. Anyway, that's just a thought, which would hopefully lead to an uncontroversial unblock. (And yes, that's a nice picture!) -- Boing! said Zebedee (talk) 09:59, 22 May 2012 (UTC)

And PS, the word "allegation" does not imply falsehood, so even a true allegation is still an allegation. -- Boing! said Zebedee (talk) 09:59, 22 May 2012 (UTC)


Countless other meatpuppets soon joined in, one more prominent one being “GiantSnowman” (Nigel Philip Copley) who made sure to serve no other purpose than stroke Qwyrxian's cock and reassure that “this queer doesn't deserve to edit Wikipedia”.

The rescue

After being brutally exposed for the faggot he was, Qwyrxian's real life, or lack thereof, finally caught up with his e-activities, and he was rightfully molished by GNAA agents, with no goal in mind but to avenge badmachine at all costs in the name of gayniggers everywhere. The heat of having his name and little boy face known to the internet drove Qwyrxian to actually unblock the account, and subsequently leave a tl;dr “apology” behind in hopes that the troll ZOG machine would forget his atrocities.

The following is a message that I had intended to leave you, but could not, because I cannot edit during work hours (only breaks): I have unblocked your account. Please note, I did not block your account because you posted an autobiography, nor was I attempting to silence your expression of your past pain. I blocked it for two reasons: first, it was an unambiguous WP:BLP violation, and I felt that your past experiences with people’s response to your userpage had made our policies on this matter clear. Alison’s solution (the revised user page) at least solves that problem, so it is no longer a relevant reason to block. Second, because that version of your userpage, when combined with a variety of past activities, strongly indicated to me that your primary purpose on Wikipedia is not to improve the encyclopedia, but to amuse yourself or others. A number of editors, here and at ANI, have begun to express possible unblocking. Personally, I’m still on the fence—I can accept that it was possible that you had only good intentions in your most recent user page, but I can also see a larger pattern of questionable behavior. But you know what? This morning, I got a “warning shot” off-wiki from people who are clearly GNAA members or sympathizers. And I don’t need that kind of hassle in my life. I’m not saying that you, or Alison, or anyone else intentionally mobilized this group; some of them, though, have clearly attempted to come to your aid in their own way. I am asking, kindly, if either of you do have any sort of clout with them, to please ask them to call off any sort of more aggressive campaign. I’m removing your user page from my watchlist, and will only interact with you as needed on articles should you happen to edit in places where I already do (i.e., I’ll not be looking through your contributions and trying to follow you around WP). I would like to leave one final request/pleading, though…please, some of us actually do care about Wikipedia, and take it seriously. Yes, I do Wikipedia because I enjoy it, but I also do it because I think it really matters—what Wikipedia says, the very fact that it exists, makes a positive difference in the world. There are a million places on the internet where you can just “have fun”. If you want to improve the ‘pedia, please, do so. Please don’t use this as just one more place for trolling (which you admit you believe is an important activity). You may, as others have mentioned, benefit from mentorship. Please, this is not just me covering my tracks, I sincerely intended to unblock, and sincerely hope that you will do what you can to ensure that the implied threats do not morph into something worse. Qwyrxian (talk) 02:30, 24 May 2012 (UTC)

GiantSnowman also got his fair share of rape.

Comment - I've just been sent death threats via Twitter (no idea how they got my Twitter a/c details but whatever), the message read "Unblock User:Badmachine or I and @Gary_Niger will have to take our own measures. By that I mean killing your family." Badmachine, can you explain this please? GiantSnowman 18:21, 23 May 2012 (UTC)


Known Meatpuppets

  • Boing! said Zebedee - Believes editing Wikipedia is above sleep.
  • AGK - An abusive check-user operator and member of ArbCom whose thirst for power has resulted in numerous accusations of him being former WMF failure Essjay.
  • GiantSnowman - A brown-nosing faggot who believes that authoring one blog qualifies him as a “Huffington Post writer". His dating profile.
  • Tide rolls - A bot designed to protect certain Wikipedia pages from being altered by those who “do not deserve to edit”. It is hosted on a virtual machine in Troy, Alabama, a town whose main export is methamphetamine.


I am a huge faggot please rape my face.

Aaron Hahn of Fukuoka, Japan can only be described as an over-all failure at life. Forced to find work over seas after evading his child pornography charges within the US, he turned to the small economically-challenged island nation of Japan. He chose to take up work as an under-qualified teacher of the English language at Fukuoka High School, so that he could absorb himself around small children during his work hours. To better sooth his crippling addiction to child pornography, he chose to purchase a mail-order bride from the even lesser Asian country of South Korea.

Dramafest 2013

In late 2013, Hahn decided to open a Twitter account, and tweeted a bunch of racist, furry, and other undesirable shit. So bad was the blowback that he placed the following disclaimer on his userpage:

Please note: I do not operate a Twitter account under the same name as my Wikipedia account. While I do not know who those pictures are, I am fairly certain that the person operating the account is an ex-Wikipedian whom I dealt with administratively who is apparently still harboring a grudge.


—Qwyrxian, lying

The account continues to tweet terrible, troll-like things, all of them the products of Hahn's diseased mind, and all denied by Hahn on his userpage. Hahn, as racists tend to do, blamed the "fake" account on gay niggers, but nobody believes him.

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