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Tina and Haggar are going on a walk in the jungle. Tina, being a stupid cunt like all women, carelessly steps into some soft, watery mud along a riverbank. Haggar starts to sweat as Tina sinks to her hips into the muck. "Don't just stand there, help me get out of this mud!" The cries of Tina start to give Haggar an erection. He reaches down for a lump in his trousers, and starts to rub it gently. Tina works her way out of the mess, since it's actually impossible to drown in quicksand, and slaps Haggar in his panting face. Tina wonders why Haggar would rather rub his jollies than rescue a woman and get real pussy, but then she remembers that Haggar has a quicksand fetish.

A Quicksand Fetish is the bizarre arousal of sinking, or watching someone sink in a sticky, gooey, or dirty pit of quicksand from an old jungle movie, or other stuff. The 'fetish' is generally associated with people living in the Southern United States, Canadians, furries, and surprisingly a lot of "girls" on Deviantart. Their fetish is all over Deviantart, furfag communities, and they even have dozens of porn sites dedicated to sinking.


A long time ago, back before Deviantart, a woman was walking with her boyfriend along the coast. Caught, she was, sinking with the tide rising. The local news covered this story, with stories of the tragedy of the woman who lost her life due to being caught, and drowned, in quicksand. Such inspired leagues of fat, middle-aged men to look at their TVs and think "yes, I can masturbate to this tragedy." Like all fetishists with horrible, sick mutations, they ran immediately to upload crayon drawings of their childhood idols sinking to their doom to the one place that would pander to such obvious mental growth malfunctions, the internet.

One of the earliest quicksand fetish sites began in the mid-90s with a site dedicated to some German's quicksand fanfictions and some furfag's artwork. After that one of the earliest porn sites arrived made by future Deviantart user Deviantart-favicon.png Kaolumbia. Fast forward a decade later when DevianTART arrived, the fetish heavily expanded to deviantart users, furfags, and several porn sites and forums dedicated to this.

But they don't have to just be fapping to badly made drawings either. They also take their hobby IRL in real quicksand/mud pits!

Types of pits

It's not just quicksand that gets them off. They'll sink in almost anything be it mud/slime/chocolate/jizz and they'll cum faster then a furry in a PetSmart. Hell, it doesn't even have to be women sinking, per-say, it can be furries, bad photoshops of porn stars, Second Life zombie-esque posing (yes, these are people that fap to Second Life. Let that sink in), and et cetera. Below are a list of some of the other ways they take their fetish.


The most basic of their hard-ons. Jungles? Swamps? Deserts? It's an all you can fap sex shop!


Less then sexy. Only softcore sinkers do mud. They hardly even sink, they just roll around in it like the pigs they are.

Tar Pits

Fact: 100% of quicksand fetishists have been banned from the La Brea Tar Pits.

Dumbasses in Distress

Since most sinking fetishists will most likely not be able to find their one true jungle girl to sink with, they just resort to the next best thing: Damsels in distress! Whether it be your big boobed jungle explorer, your big assed supergirl, or your next door neighbor, trick them into sinking to their doom and rescue them in an off chance that they'll go out with you! If they say no, just throw them back in and whack one off while you watch them drown. This will be a fun story for the cops!

At the end of the day this proves that Feminist Frequency has a point about media tropes. There, I fucking said it, you sick fucks. You ruined it for everybody.

How to troll a Quicksand Fetishist

  • Remind them that you can't drown in real quicksand and will only die of exposure.
  • Remind them that the last big quicksand scene was from Indiana Jones: Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.
  • Remind them that if they jack off to women dying they literally want to die alone and virgins.
  • Insult their quicksand porn actresses who they worship as goddesses.
  • Raid the public forums. (They're paranoid as hell.)
  • Call them weird.

A quicksand 'story'

So lately i have been trying to stay in shape, mostly by being outside and running and biking a around our local trails. The closest one near my house was once an old defunct rail line that was turned into a bike trail. So me being curious i rode (10 mlies) to an end where, i saw on google maps, was near a main line. I got there, and my gut instinct told me to go left. Im glad i did.

I came to what used to be a switch point, but was now an over grown sidding that went into the woods now cut off by the main line. Then i saw it. Just inbetween the two sets of tracks, was a patch of mud. I didnt think much of it. Hell i tested psrt of it out and it was really slippery. After almost falling on my face i went more in and discovered the mud was deeper. I couldnt help myself and took ALL MY CLOTHES OFF and jumped in. I sank up to my upper calves, and immedeatly remembered was going to need someplace to wash off. So i decacatly pulled my gym shorts over my mud colored legs and i hid my stuff across the tracks. I walked around a good 5 minutes up and down the tracks when i finally found a retention pond (with a thin layer of ooze on top). Right as i was starting to go back a CSX truck (the railroad company name) comes driving by on the tracks followed by a line of maintenance crews, all of whom were staring at me and my mud covered legs, and ghost white shirtless body :lol: (its no longer like that now). Feeling a bit embarrassed i walked back down to the lake to wait a few minutes, because if i were to have gotten caught on the tracks, i wouldnt be here now.

So i get back, and i dont hear anything at all. I began to get supper pumped up and exciting, my body was shaking and my right eye was twitching. I looked a little a head from where i sunk first and saw it went a little further in and after that was water. I ran and jumped into the spot that i had not sunk in and went straight to my waist (i forgot to take my shorts off oops :oops: ), although now i felt a more firm bottom. I began rubbing the cold mud all over me. Then i started roleplaying and bending my knees to go lower. I got to past my stomach and started masturbating and fingering myself, and just as i got to my shoulders i had an orgasm. I continued to go, and about 10 seconds after i submerged i orgasmed, which made me come up for air, and then again after submerging and comming back up. I was in my own little heaven and i was going to keep going until my body was drained. I was going for a forth one when i heard a train comming. I had already wiped the mud from my face, so i put a little more on and pushed my self up to my nose, as the first 2 trains went by and the freight started going i started going again, and i just started to lift my mouth up to release my moans of pleasure when two trains at the very back came and some one was on the last train. And again some how i got starred at.

It was right after the train passed and i let my built up energy go, the smell hit my nose Something was freaking dead. How i didnt notice it before i dont know. But i went for a 6th and final orgy and after that i couldnt take the smell anymore. I began to crawl out of the mud towards the thin layer of water. As i crawled into the water, i noticed it was a little cold at first, then as i went around a little bend blocked by a big tree i noticed it was a little warm. I was still roleplaying when i turned, looked and saw what used to be a (what i think was) armadillo, now nothing but a picked apart carcass, that was lying on an incline of dirt from the tree, to the water. Now i knew it had rained pretty good about a week ago, and probably there was more water in the pit, so i knew and blood and bodily fluids was in that water. Now grossed as fuck i heard a splash in the water next to me and saw ANOTHER armadillo walking onto what was aparently solid ground...


And thats when noticed shit every where. And that mud was in my mouth, up my butthole, under my finger and toenails, and all over my body.

So as i crawled back i heard trucks comming. And i panicked because i didnt wamt to get caught or go back in that shit hole again, so i made it look like i was extracting my self from the mud. I timmed it perfectly, but the lead truck still stopped to ask me what was up, i said i was hiking through the woods when fell in the mud the first time, i had then trecked, found the lake, and wss washing off my legs when i realized my phone was missing, so i went back and found it in the mud but fell into what i think was quicksand and had a bit of a struggle before i got out. I then asked for a ride to the lake, they said yes so i got in the back and they drove to the lake, and as i got out and they were driving away, i was getting odd, blank, and mixed looks by at least 30 guys. And just as i got in the lake i noticed i smelt like a ditch.

So as im ridding back home im wondering what to tell my mom what happened. Im ridding with no hands, going pretty fast, when a black racer snake slides across the road, i thought it was a bump so i hit it to see if i could keep control, i slid off my bike, fell on some ones gravel drive way, and rolled into a ditch full of water. Now my phone REALLY DIDNT WORK

So i get back home and my mom asks what happened to me,why i was so wet and nasty smelling, in told her i hit a snake and flew into a ditch

I had to shower outside :lol: Its ok though, now ill remember from now on: Bring a friend Bring a rope Bring a mind willing to survey the fucking area before they jumpin a cest pit!

Writing truly worthy of Shakespeare.

Horror Movies

That boy is (not) getting laid tonight
Not even commercials are safe...
Soap operas too?!
Do struggle! It'll make you Sink faster look sexier!
Kids in the theater for Wreck It Ralph wondered why the man's pants next to them suddenly became wet.
Japanese game shows are in on the sinking fun too!
An example of a knockoff Supergirl struggling for your pleasure!

A much more lulzy version of the previous video.

The 'Documentary'

In early 2015, it was announced on VICE that they were going to make a documentary on their freak fetish. Upon hearing the news, the little piglets all collectively creamed into their quicksand pits at once and stopped having jacking themselves off enough to jack off to a documentary on their freak selves. Below is the documentary itself.

Watch at your own risk.

Sinking to Rock Bottom

After years boiling in their giant muddy orgy, one literal nobody named Deviantart-favicon.png JangoFlay was enjoying a nice slow sink to death when suddenly he realized something was wrong. He looked around and saw all the pandering to the producers and decided that this must be stopped. But he was a literal nobody so he needed to take drastic measures. In order to warn of the Jewish menace, he went to their biggest congregation, Deviantart-favicon.png Quicksand-Group.

However, sinkers were too deep in their masturbation pits to listen, and b&'d his ass. However, like cancer he came back with vengeance under a new account pretending to be Hackers on Steroids.

We are the Collective...resistance is futile.

by Romulanmudd, 4 hours, 22 minutes ago

To all QS lovers,

Recently, a discussion began where people voiced their opinion that Mud P Visuals videos have seriously declined in quality and yet they continue to go up in price. They charge extra for high def, which is horribly outmoded and unfair.

An attempt was made to bring this to Mud P Visuals attention. Not only was it ignored, but Mud P Visuals started to spread out right lies to discredit anyone speaking against them. That is fowl. Extremely fowl.

If it wasn't a place where you spend your hard earned money, I'd shrug it off. But producers make the most money out of all producers. Your money. For them to treat customers like this is unforgivable. It's a direct smack in the face.

Therefore I call for an immediate boycott of all things Mud P Visuals, including any producer who is under their umbrella. Cancel your club membership and don't buy their product on other sites either.

It's the only way to bring about change. Ignore this and they grow stronger. Prices go up, and the abuse continues. The fact that they have to lie and sow seeds of discord should say it all.

You don't have to do this, but how else is it going to end? How else will there be change? It doesn't require you to speak up, to make yourself known, just refrain from buying their product. When income drops, I promise you they'll change their tune or face going out of business. You have the power.

We must try. We must attempt to take this community back.

We are The Collective, find us, join us. Resistance is futile.

Viva La Quicksand!


The reactions were as followed.

After banned again, he began to cry muddy tears and created another account posting his tl;dr manifesto on the group.

You all know who this is. I make no pretense that I'm someone else. I was forced to create another account because I was banned and when I attempted to speak to people via PM, I was accused of "Controlling" things. So here I am.

I'm going hard in this letter. You want truth, then truth you shall get. I've been around this community a long long time. Back when people like Donna, Kaol, Walter Muddy, Der Mud Gecko, Ol'boggy, Messy Chris, Wayne Coulter, and others were sharing their love all things QS. Many of you are of a different generation; you didn't know the community then. All you have of back then is a shell of it on the internet archive. As a result of this, you don't know any better, you don't know what you’re missing. You belong to the era of the Pducers.

You want me to list the problems, tell you why I'm upset? Well hold on, cause you’re getting it ALL. This is gonna be a long one.

Let me tell you a story.

Once upon a time there was a man who loved QS. He found the QS community, which at the time was on the old USEnet. He met people like Dunkin Edwards and Chuck Lang and he realized he could make money selling QS scenes, so he tutored under Chuck and Dunkin. Eventually he createdMuck Pucky vittles. That man was D Lodowski. At firstMuck Pucky vittles was just another aspect of the Quicksand community. Others sold videos. Chuck had been selling clips and photo's for a while, Kaol sold videos, Wave video production sold videos and there were people like Pamela Rose who sold little indie clips. Everyone was happy, the Pducersgot along fine with the community because they were only one aspect of it. Art and literature was able to flourish and people weren't afraid to share ideas.

One day, Deep Sinking opened its doors and for a time it was great! The community had come together even more so and could have a forum to talk and share work and idea's. The Pducerswere still around, but they didn't really have special treatment. D was a mod on DS, but not the owner, so he couldn't have his way completely. Pducersshared their work like everyone else. Log in and post.

Then DS started showing its ass. Mods began bullying people, particularly Jiminy Thicket. Banning people at the drop of a hat for silly reasons. They even went so far as to publically humiliate people before they banned them. Anyone that said anything about it...BANNED! There was a brave man who saw what was happening and wasn't happy. He'd been around since the USEnet days, but had remained in the background. The community he loved was going down a dark road. He decided to speak up for the first time. He called Jiminy out on his BS, called DS out. He was banned of course, but he kept fighting. Admittedly he was young and given to rash words and immature behavior, of which he freely admits, but his heart was in the right place. Also, jiminy made a point, as he did with everyone he banned, to humiliate him publically. So his anger was in part justified. So he fought back. Still Jiminy and his minions along with many people who were afraid to rock the boat, mocked him, berated and insulted him. Told him he was crazy and that the community was fine, that he was some lone gunman, a hero of no cause. Just a troll looking for attention.

He even tried to create a forum as an alternative. Some came over and thanked him, others steered clear as DS made it clear that they would be banned if they joined that forum.

A combination of that and life issues caused this man to throw his hands up and walk away. They won.

A few years later, having not been on the community AT ALL, he sees that DS is all but dead and a new Forum, Qsforum is up. He investigates.

He learns that DS up and decided to go PG. Well, that pill didn't go down well. Now it was time to stand up. The Pducerslead the charge. Suddenly, the behavior Jiminy and DS had been displaying was being talked about. All the dirt was being brought out into the open, and why not? No one had anything to lose. EVERYTHING the man had tried to tell the people about, all the stuff he called Jiminy and DS out on, ya know, the stuff he was crazy for mentioning? Suddenly it was relevant.

You can read the communities reaction to DS changing to PG and how they "suddenly" realized things weren't right, here: deepsinking.org/bb/viewtopic.p…

I give you that link because I'm often accused of not backing my statements up. I'll be happy to share other conversations I had with Jiminy and DS at the time. Foster Blake and even D.

Anyway, feeling vindicated, the man heads over to Qsforum, excited there is a new forum for the community. Upon arriving the first thing he notices is that the top of the forum is entirely dedicated to pducers. the remaining part of the forum is less noble. Yes there are sections for writing and pics, but it appeared unkempt in some way, like it was given little thought. They were just kinda there. Big change from the prominent sections DS featured for sharing.

This gave the man a bad feeling in his gut, but he decided to withhold judgment. He spent time there and it wasn't long before he learned that D, the owner ofMuck Pucky vittles, owned the forum with support from other pducers. The man saw this as a conflict of interest, but hey, long as they're fair to the community, that's all that matters.

Then he started to see people getting censored, even banned. Oh, Qsforum claims they don't ban people. I can give you 5 people off the top of my head, not including myself that have been banned. In some cases they deserved it, in others, not so much. In fact, one person was banned, not for something he did on the forum, but what he did ELSEWHERE, which was the fact he was someplace they didn't want him to be. Never mind he didn't do anything wrong, he was just there and that didn't sit well with the leadership at Qsforum. Well, the man decided to question all this and was quickly attacked by the minions and people who once again, didn't want the boat rocked. He knew he wasn't wrong, because people messaged him privately and lent their support. A few brave souls attempted to defend him in posts.

He didn't want a rehash of DS, they weren't quite that bad, and so he let it go. One day, someone posts a question. Asking what people would do if they found a tape with a female sinking to her death for real. The poster was publically attacked...ridiculed, called a sicko, etc. The man thought that was bit much. It was just a question. He politely defended him in a little post. Telling everyone to calm down, that it's not right to attack him and that if it's such a problem, the mods should lock the thread or delete it. The thread was left open but the man's post was removed. His polite, defense of the OP. All the name calling, angry posts were left, but his was gone.

Rightfully so, the man was upset and wrote the admin and asked why. No response. He wrote again, no response. He wrote Viredan...no response. He posted in the thread asking for a response. It was deleted. So he started another thread asking for a response. He was banned for two weeks.

Now the man had been working on a story archive, which admittedly D contributed much to. He had been getting along with everyone. So he was confused where all this came from. He wrote D and asked what was up and got no response.

Now prior to all this, the man had spoken to D, Fred, and a few others about creating another forum. The man said he would create it and run it and it could be for the creative side of things. Qsforum could be for production. The man could tell they didn't like that idea. They said it was pointless and Qsforum was fine, however, he could do what he wanted, but it would most likely fail. He didn't agree but he let it drop.

Faced with a two week ban, no response from ANYONE as to why, and fed up with the video centric environment Qsforum was, along with all the censoring. He decided it was time to create a new forum. Theolsinkinghole.com was born. Qsforum found out about it before he even had a chance to launch it and he learned that the two week ban had become lifetime.

Of course he was upset. So he tried to speak to D again. Once again, no response. He reached out to others and either got no response or a rude response. So he went to the ONLY place he could to vent and not worry about being censored...RUSSIAN SITE. Yes, it's a pirate haven, but he NEVER participated. He even offered to give D his credit card information so D could see that he has been a loyal customer for years. Of course D ignored that. Funny how I'm always accused of lacking evidence when I'm CONSTANTLY offering it!

No, he, like many people on RUSSIAN SITE, frequented it because it was the only place you could speak freely. Of course, that could get you banned from Qsforum still, as many will attest to you.

Anyway, the man vented, but then felt bad. He didn't want to divide the community; he wanted to get along with D and Qsforum. So when he opened the forum, he apologized there AND on RUSSIAN SITE. He didn't hold back, he told everyone who he was, Blindrift from DS, he admitted his wrongs but pointed out he was right all along, just handled it wrong. He went to great lengths to mend fences. Even put a link to Qsforum in his forum, and tried to keep the peace. He reached out to D and co, but never got a response.

One day, in an effort to make amends and build better relations, he offered to help combat piracy. He spoke to Dunkin Edwards, who at first was all for it. He got people talking on RUSSIAN SITE, peacefully, politely. They were offering ideas and ways to stop pirating. People who pirated were offering to buy products if D would hear them out. The man asked Dunkin to have D swing by and talk to them, but D never came by. People began to feel a certain way, but the man tried to keep things civil, reassuring them D was listening. Suddenly Dunkin begins acting different to the man, mocking his ideas and belittling the progress he made. He began to belittle the people who were sharing ideas, basically attacking them. (This can all be seen here RUSSIAN SITE.com/qsand in the discussion section and in the posts.)

The man asked why Dunkin was acting so arrogant; this is the response he got:

Dunkin You caught me at a weak moment I guess so I'm going to let you in on something. You know why I can be so arrogant and so certain about things? Take just a moment and do a little math with me. Does it not strike you as unusual that the main pirate group suddenly became wide-open after all of the videos had been removed fromMuck Pucky vittles? Let me explain why. Rather than catch all of the Pirates D simply bought the pirate King. Everybody in that group can do whatever they want but it goes directly to D. Think about it the group is now wide-open but no MP videos. Makes sense now? 29.08.15 That guy got what he wanted and screwed everyone else. So when you talk about community and all of the Pirates being so unified it rings a little hollow

Tim I'm well aware of that. What you’re not getting is the reason now videos are being uploaded to the group is because their being uploaded to individual accounts and shared that way. 29.08.15 Someone figured out that when RUSSIAN SITE blocks a video, they only block it from public view. If you have said video in your PRIVATE folder, it can still be watched and downloaded with add-ons, because it's private. Now, you can invite anyone into your private folder by tinkering with the permissions.

Dunkin OK that's no different than everybody keeping it on their local hard drive. That kind of thing is going to happen. At least it's not on a public billboard for the whole world to be part of. That's about as much as any producer can hope for. 29.08.15

Tim Uploading is NOT illegal; no one has EVER been prosecuted for uploading. Downloading is illegal because it's duplicating a copyrighted file. RUSSIAN SITE isn't responsible for people downloading illegal content if they aren't allowing it to be public. That’s the catch. 29.08.15

Dunkin And honestly you don't know as much as you think you do about that 29.08.15

Tim About copyright? I believe it's the other way around. 29.08.15

Dunkin It doesn't matter if I get found RUSSIAN SITE will remove them 29.08.15

Tim You’re still missing it. It may as well be out in the open. If I have 100 videos in my private folder and invite people to have access, that's a lot of files being shared. Everything just got driven underground. 29.08.15

Dunkin That’s the whole intention is to drive it underground as far as possible 29.08.15

Tim RUSSIAN SITE HAS removed them. But they won't stop people from keeping private files, they can't, that level of monitoring is insane. 29.08.15

Dunkin It's actually very easy when the pirate King is reporting on everyone 29.08.15

Tim Yes, underground, except in this instance, it's not that deep under. Essentially a network is being formed, and it's pretty easy. If you get access to someone’s private folder, you can't report them...it's PRIVATE. All you can do is try to learn who's downloading from said folder....which as you can imagine is extremely hard. They themselves have to get caught talking about it. 29.08.15

Dunkin Okay great. Why do you keep telling me this? What do you want? 29.08.15 You want D to bribe you too?

Tim Smh...your so off the mark. I don't want a bribe, i don't want free videos. I just wanted to help. Rather than let me do that, you've treated me like dirt every step of the way. 29.08.15 You think bribing me or the king pirate matters? It solved the problem temporarily. D gonna pay everyone that comes along?

Dunkin So far your "help" has consisted of nothing. You have suggested nothing. YOu have no way to change things and all you've done is support the pirates and make up stuff about "helping" the pducers. Nobody needs your kind of help. Yes, Dunkin tried to bribe him. When that didn't work, Dunkin changed tactics and sought to discredit him. He actually began telling people that the man TRIED TO GET D TO BRIBE HIM!

If you read the above conversation, you will see it's the opposite. But hey, Dunkin doesn't lie, I do, right? I'm only doing this because I'm pissed the pirated videos got taken down even though I refused a bribe for free videos and even offered my credit card info as proof I purchase many many clips and videos.

Dunkin said it, so it must be true. The same man who rather than have a discussion, attacks my spelling and tries to discredit me through bold face lies.

Why bribe me? Why did he and D want me to go away so bad they were willing to give me free videos? I was helpingMuck Pucky vittles, people were talking. Go on RUSSIAN SITE and look at the discussions. It was working. Why would they turn on me? Could it be that having people talk in a place they can’t control can't censor, scared them? People may start asking the wrong questions? That's some 1984, big brother stuff right there. I don't know if that's the case, but what else could it be, I mean really. Dunkin won't say.

Anyway, having had enough, the man gathered together a group of people who felt as he did and organized them. Thus the C was born.

Obviously I'm the man in the story. No I'm not perfect, I have my moments, but one thing you better damn well know about me is that i care VERY much about this community and I won't stand by why people like D, Dunkin, and the rest shit all over it. Yeah, i can be theatrical, but that is just a means to get people talking, and it seems to be working. As some pointed out, unless someone shakes things up, no one even pays attention.

Now, you want to know what my issue withMuck Pucky vittles the business is? How about the fact that they lie to their customers. Claiming they have to charge more for Hi-D. There have been Pducerswho told Dunkin himself, that in 2015, that is just so not true. You can shoot digital quality work with an Iphone!

Dunkin and others tell people, "Hey, it's only a dollar difference." Then why are some videos that are SD 9.99 and others 13.99? I'm no genius, but I sure can add. But hey, as was pointed out, it's D's company, he can set the prices however he wants....but he CANNOT lie to his customers when they ask why. Saying you HAVE to sell Hi-D higher because it cost more is a LIE!

Then there is the issue of having to pay 20 dollars just to access the videos you want to buy. When asked about this a few years ago, D told everyone it would cost 30,000 thousand dollars to do away with it and install a new system. If you believe that, come to my town, I have a bridge I'd love to sell ya.

My girlfriend, prior to her stroke and MS, was a free-lance web designer and IT tech before that. Now hiring a web designer to over haul a page ain't cheap, that’s a fact, but it ain't no damn 30,000 dollars! Not unless the system you are over hauling is for Wal-Mart! At max, and this is at absolute max, he'd pay 5 grand. Not cheap, but considering he's had several years to do it, he could have.

No, instead he lies to his customers and has people like Dunkin lie as well. That's if he doesn't have them silenced by mob attacks or banning.

So yes, that bothers me; actually it down right pisses me off. It’s bad, deceitful business and I have EVERY right to call them out on it, as does anyone else. D charges the entry fee because he makes more money that way. You want the goods, ya gotta pay. Then come in and pay some more. Now he has other Pducersbehind the wall. It's a no brainer; the entrance fee makes him dough. That's fine, he has every right...but again, don't LIE!

But that's not even the biggest issue; the biggest problem is the fact that D has the community in a stranglehold.Its video centric, nothing is ever done to promote creativity elsewhere. I and others offered suggestions and were mocked for it.

The forum is horribly censored, and being that it's the biggest and really only place to go to enjoy your fetish, everyone is afraid to say anything. It's like living in a community where the only place to have fun is the local rec center. You get banned from there your screwed.

Yes, there is my forum, but people are afraid to come there or use their real names because they don't want to piss off the brass over at Qsforum, as this post clearly shows:

Well hello! On the other hand though, is it entirely a good idea for those of us on QSforums too to introduce ourselves? Just saying, something to at least think about maybe.

Sorry, I've had trouble with the moderator side of QSforums in the past. I have also been harassed by some of the same who have pursued their vendetta on other forums. Some people invest a lot of emotionality in their forum identities and I can see where having their QSforums identity linked to this forum could cause them grief on QSforums later and, once the identities are linked, the damage is done.

It's DS tactics all over again! Just one of many people expressing their concern of being found out on another forum. I mean we've seen how they ban people for being on RUSSIAN SITE. I also know for a fact they don't care for THIS group, calling it pointless and barely relevant. Oh yes, owner of this group, your good pal Viredan was one of the people saying that. Remember that the next time you allow him to influence your decisions.

So much back biting, dishonesty and petty agenda's. All this because one pducer owns the community along with a few others. People like Dunkin, Fred, and others who feel they have the right to look down on others and treat them like crapbecause they've been in the community for a long time and they pduce videos and have a neat little forum. This is what the new generation of sinkers is being lead to believe is the community. Well it's not. What we have here is a community lead by a lying, greedy shark that has power because he sells the most product and happens to own the biggest community site. This allows him to police other sites and ban anyone he doesn't like.

What needs to happen is Qsforum needs to either be handed off to a neutral party or become a forum for pduction of videos only and let another forum exist for creativity. Not saying mine, hell, I'll take down my forum or give it to someone if anyone wants it. So long as there is a place where the community can be free of commercial prejudice and censorship.

Mucky pucky vittles needs to stop lying also. Either change your system or tell the truth. One or the other. You can mark up your crap all you want, be honest about it.

As for the community, Qsforum is an extension ofMuck Pucky vittles, D won't push anything that won't make him money, which on the surface is not wrong, but when you are trying to run an open community and inspire creativity and fun, business and pleasure don't mix. Once again, conflict of interest. But hey, why should D care, as long as he has a hold on the community, he makes the rules, and the golden rule is...sell more pducts so D can make money and enjoy making his favorite scenes. Oh yeah, don't think it's all about money, D openly stated in the documentary recently done that he mainly makes videos to satisfy his own lust.

What's wrong with that you ask? Nothing, absolutely nothing. I'd do the same. Except I wouldn't lie to people and say I listen to their requests and input. If that were the case we wouldn't be getting 10 of the EXACT same scenes, just with different models. (Don't forget, you can own them in Hi-D too kids!)

I know for a fact there are a ton of things that can be done and cheap. People have been suggesting things on RUSSIAN SITE and Qsforum as well as my forum. Tons of AWESOME idea's that would sell in a heartbeat. Yet, we get....candle is curious, Amy is curious, Kim is curious...over and over and over. But we're supposed to believe D is "Racking" his brains out to come up with ideas.

Again, if that's what he wants to do, fine. Don't lie and tell people you don't have fresh ideas or the scenes aren't feasible. You make the scenes you want to make, end of story. Actually not the end of story come to think of it. Let’s talk about the homaphobic environment Qsforum nurtures. I'm not gay, but if I was, I wouldn't feel welcome there. Oh, they pretend to embrace the gay sinkers, but they don't stop people from saying rude things to them and making them feel unwelcome.

The community has a decent sized gay following, how come D doesn't make videos for them? Hell, don't women want to see guys sink too? I know it doesn't make a lo0t of money compared to female sinks, but if he cares about his customers so much, why not have a small gay scene selection? Hmmmm?

Oh and Viredan, Mr. i love Art and literature, why is it you feel you must critique everyone who posts stories on Qsforum? You've hounded one particular member whose name consists of all numbers since the poor guy started posting. In fact, many of you picked on the poor guy. He writes a story where the girl messes herself while sinking. You ripped the guy apart for it. Why, because P ain't your bag? You publically humiliated this guy because you don't like P? Neither do I, but I wouldn't censor the guy. It was a sinking story and he had the girl Mess herself. Not my thing, but maybe others dig it. How do you inspire creativity when you attack people and dictate what they can and can't right? No wonder no one submits stories, they don't want you to embarrass them Viredan. Not everyone is a master writer. Some people just want to share a story, even if they can't right. Good for them, who the hell are you to tell them they suck or their ideas, are bad?

Oh but you love art and literature. Take your works from here Viredan, I'll fill the teeny tiny void you leave behind with classic tales no one has read yet from old time’s writers. So take your threats elsewhere.


Am I getting through yet? Do you not see the dishonesty? The lies, the hypocrisy? How this community is being ruined? The beans your being sold and told that their magic?

I'm not pissed because of a lack of contributions, or because I want freebies. I'm not pissed atMuck Pucky vittles because I don't like the quality or the pricing; I'm pissed because they lie about pricing and many other things. If I don't have the right to speak up on that, then man, we're in trouble.

Like I said,Muck Pucky vittles needs to back off the community and go back to being just an aspect of it, not the whole damn thing. Until that happens, this will continue. The C will continue to exist, and despite what Dunkin, Tap, and others have said, we're growing quite nicely.

What are we? A brain trust. A group of likeminded people who want the community to mean something again. We share ideas, talk about our experiences, and combat bullying and censorship. That so bad? You listen to Dunkin and Viredan, we're a bunch of lowlife trouble makers. Judge us when you actually know us.

I'm going to end this with a quick metaphor from Plato. Many of you see me as a trouble maker, a nutjob, a liar, a thief, an attention whore, a dramatic idiot, and the list goes on.

That doesn't bother me. Anyone who speaks out always ends up getting raked over the coals. Point in case.

Plato once told a story about a community of people who lived in a cave. They never left the cave...ever. Outside the cave was a little wall, so if they looked out, they'd only see the wall. They believed the cave was the whole world. Now they'd sit around a fire and watch shadows go back and forth. The shadows were people walking along the wall outside, but the cave people, never having left the cave, didn't know that. They thought the shadows were gods.

One day, a member of the community, a man, decides to go outside the cave. Something seems wrong. So he goes out and looks over the wall and sees an ENTIRE world and people! Excited, he runs back to the community and tells them the good news. That the cave isn't the whole world, that there is something bigger and better out there and they should go see.

Do you know what the community did? They immediately killed the man.

You see, the man threatened the comfort they had; he rocked the boat, so they had to destroy him. Doesn't matter if he's right, they don't want change, change means giving up comfort for a time. They rather look at the shadows all day and be lulled into believing this is all there is, because it's safe and comfortable.

That's what many of you are doing. Watching shadows, happy with your tiny little worlds, not realizing how much bigger and better it could be. You listen to people like D, Dunkin, Viredan, Fred, and the rest of the gang who tell you "It's ok community, go back to bed, everything is fine. We love you and will protect you. Just watch the nice shadows and we'll do everything else."

Well I'm here, as are the rest of the C to force you to look outside the cave. This time I won't be throwing my hands up in resignation. I'm here to fight because at the end of the day, for the past 20 years, this community has been one of very, very few pleasures I've had in my life. I've met great people, shared works, enjoyed works and got away from the evil world we live in, if even for a few minutes. That's worth fighting for.

I have a fulltime job and I'm a special care giver for my girlfriend/fiancée. I have bills on top of bills, and enough stress to kill a horse, but places like this give me some joy and I will fight for it.

Call me insane, call me dramatic. Whatever. I am whatever you say i am. What I'm not is going away. None of us are and you better damn well believe there are plenty of us.


who gives a fuck. Brotherhood? You need to find some real friends ASAP before you go on a killing spree

We're here to wank to women in quicksand. I'm not sitting next to you whilst you do it. Sick fuck/


7chan likes this sick shit and irony!

What 'Sinkers' think of ED


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