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Qing Empire

Flag of Qing ED

Qing was a nation that consisted of all the Chinese people you can imagine. This page is for CHINA PEEPOL ONLY WESTENAR FUCK OFF!!!!!!

Chinese as sometimes people call them are a type of Azn that are very diverse. From Kpop to dog eating, this race is one of the weirdest in the world.

Most of them have very small eyes. Some Azns from the gutter are brown and eat curry so not to be confused by the rest of Asia. These folk are the most nationalist and racist people imaginable and we thought white people were bad enough.

After some knockoff Chinese called Weeaboos attacked our great nation, we immigrated abroad. Most of us going to Malaysia and becoming niggers and some going to Jewmerica to build railroads and become your local takeout that sells nothing but play-dough in sweet and sour sauce.

We are a race that likes eating the fin of the shark and the proceeding to dump the whole carcass like that's not a waste. We are also horny bastards thats why we have over 1.13 billion cunts in our nation.


Here are different types of Chinese People:

Tibetans - Not really Chinese but we oppress them and when they want to leave we kill them

Uyghurs - Chinese People brainwashed and mixed with ISIS terrorists and now seek independence from us but like Serbia we remove kebab

Manchu - Gay

Southerners - Perhaps the best of our race for white people to fuck and they also enjoy a diet of dog and chicken feet

Vietnamese - RiceGum

Koreans - The plastic kind of our race where they have lolis singing as entertainment


Singaporeans - Pseudo-Swiss with tons of gold, share gold if economic crisis comes.

Macanese - They listen to daddy so it ok-ok

Hongkongers - Dogs

Mongols - 1322 NEVRE FORGETTT

Chakars - They had a prince called "Demchongdongrub" What type of fucking name is that?!

Enemies of the Almighty Qing Empire

  • White Devils - Our biggest enemy. Together with our kike allies, we will mix them with sandy niggers (Arabs and Indonesians) till they are extinct. Then CHINA PEEPOL RULE DA WORLD!
  • Arabs - We steal their oil and kill the Kebab.
  • Indonesians - Some of our elites have came there to con these shoreniggers. We have got millions, but they are violent and hate Communism.
  • Niggers - We drain Africa of its resources, but they are usually too stupid to stop us. They are very strong and can easily kill us.


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