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That's right, come here little boy.
Puberty101 owner! What a charming guy! is a site erected for the sole purpose of providing luscious fap fuel for the hungry pedos lurking the internet while astutely disguising itself as a place for misguided teenagers to receive the relief they long for. Operated by professional kiddie-fiddler J. Geoff Malta, it is composed of a handful of questions sent in by dedicated "readers". Malta's lack of effort is made transparent by the fact that said questions usually consist of a 13-17 year old asking what a penis is, when it is an accepted fact that any teenage boy will be proficient in the art of dongery by age 11. Much to the disgust of many interneters, Malta also felt that it was absolutely necessary to upload a series of drawings made in MSPaint depicting the male and female anatomies from a questionable angle.

The content

Question: Brian (12-14) asks… When I was 7, my friends and I [tried oral sex]. At the time we all enjoyed it but now I want to do it again. Am I gay?

Answer: I’m a little concerned about how a bunch of 7-year-olds decided to perform oral sex on each other. I don’t really consider that “normal” for that age group — and it’s border-line normal for teens. If you tend to think about and prefer boys over girls, then it’s possible that you may be gay. But only you can know that for sure. Either way, I think you’re too young to be sexually active.



Question: Emily (15-17) asks about masturbation: This sounds really BAD but I found one of my mom’s vibrators, and tried it out, (it felt really good) is this wrong? am i too young?

Answer: If you’ve read the “Guys Page” on masturbation, you’ll realize that it’s not necessarily “bad” or “wrong” to masturbate. If it’s not an obsession (that is, you don’t do it constantly), then it’s basically harmless as long as you feel okay about it in your head. It’s not something to feel guilty about, although some people are. Many girls your age have experimented with it, and some even together. Now, about using your mom’s vibrator, I don’t think it’s a great idea. I know it’s your mom and everything, but it’s still possible to spread disease that way. And besides, what would your mom say to you if she found out?



Question: Mark (12-14) asks… One time my brother and I had oral sex. Does this make me a weirdo?

Answer: In most civilized societies, incest, whether with the same or opposite sex, is considered wrong and unlawful. Depending on the age of your brother, it could also be illegal. I wholeheartedly do not recommend it, and suggest that it doesn’t happen again. Perhaps you should think about why this happened.



Proof that he is writing these himself

Question: Mike (15-17) asks… I have started rubbing my penis when I would get an erection a while ago. Is this normal?

Answer: Masturbation (“playing with yourself”) is absolutely normal. The old saying goes: “95% of people masturbate — the other 5% lie about it.” While it’s probably not really 100% of all people, most people do. Now, this is not something you would do in public, but it is a perfectly normal, natural sexual activity that is usually done alone in private. Many boys experiment with this activity together, which is also a normal phase that some boys go through, and it has nothing to do with sexual preference. Masturbation is not something to feel guilty or “dirty” about, so enjoy it in moderation. Many people masturbate once or twice each day, and that’s normal as well.



—And what 15 year old has never had a wank before?

His lovely art!

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