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Psystra is a channel on the "quickfox" IRC network ( in which a weeaboo aspie named Juliamon, a non-weeaboo aspie named Kalinka, and a non-aspie weeaboo named Evo hang out. They are often joined by Julia's friend bitch, Gutsy, ultratails99 who is the fucking END BOSS FURRY OF THE INTERNET, and ash-fox, an IRCOP for who is convinced furries are infiltrating all the Jew of the world.

Nihil - The General disgrace of trolls?

Don't hate him because he's beautiful.

Nihilanthic is an ex-user of the channel/EDiot who tried to troll for the lulz but failed miserably. A Friend of Dorothy, he spammed the channel constantly bitching about his half-breed mother and the man who jizzed down her crack. Nihil also talks about the day he tried to fly to Canada to raep Evo. He failed miserably on his quest for poon, but took home the knowledge that Evo is a source of raw lullage unlike any other. You can avenge his butthurt by spamming the channel with

Nihilanth has a HUEG FOREHEAD and an ugly flaccid penis the size of Montana to match. He is reputed to have jew-powers associated with such a massive un-haired expanse of skull and nigra-powers associated with his diseased groin tuber. It's a pity nobody carries Lysol to a casual sex session, otherwise Nihil would cease being a virgin.

However, being that we here at ED enjoy full disclosure, you may read an entirely TL;DR chatlog here.

Juliamon the Yankee

JEW-liamon, woah baby!

Juliamon hates being called ass-pie, is a Red Sox fanatic, hates her art being insulted (especially her hyena with a pseudopenis becuase she saw someone talking about it on animal planet) and probably doesn't like her sis D being hit on. Trolling Kalinka makes her bitch to Juliamon, which also pisses her off. Calling her "Yankee" is a good way to piss her off, because she loves the Sox so much she can't figure out the difference between living in the Northeast US and liking a shitty baseball team. Curiously, she can't orgasm if she thinks about sex, so she will often masturbate while thinking of Sudoku, for instance.

And, like most aspies, she is very particular about certain specific facts about random shit, so keep it in mind when she goes on and on about it - and tell her to shut the fuck up with shit nobody cares about.


Bipolar with a smile! Note the crazy-ass "I'ma eat your children" stare.

Anna-chan is quite possibly the easiest troll target in the channel. She is a real-life freak with two sets of genitals, also known as a hermaphrodite. A YTMNDork and Communist sympathizer, she constantly bitches and moans anytime you mention the jar of balls she has on a shelf at home but question where they came from. Rumors claim that it really is just a lantern-jawed shemale but most people are sure it is just a faggot. Ask Gutsy, because he had sex with it. She/it/whatever also claims to be a real-life haxx0r, for serious.

Anna-chan is most often spotted moaning about how she has no friends and wants to become an hero. Unlike most emo kids, however, she actually tried and failed. This makes her not an hero, but instead a mere bipolar queen. She'll occasionally post a picture or two of her huge zit-covered boobs, which block out the sun with their saggy glory. Then she'll rebound with more happiness than a monkey on Xanax and talk about guns and Johnstown, Pennsylvania for twenty minutes. Also an EDiot, she utilizes her powers for fail and aids with precision. She brought about the beginning of the end when she invited Nihil back to the room after he was butthurt at least 100 years ago.

Anna-chan also talks about:

  • 4chan's Moot and why he's such a gaylord.
  • Jars of balls
  • Communism
  • Clit Bang
  • Why she wants to have face-sex with Nihil's dirty weasel


Kalinka hates this picture of her character being spanked that Juliamon drew, so be sure to stop looking at it

Obsessed with her character "Day" who was put in a torture prison/school and made into a cyborg with NANOMACHINES, she pretends to be a short loli who is of adult age but looks loli with no pubes (she HATES pubes) and really, really wants to be spanked and spied on masturbating in her bedroom. She spends her time devising very, very very, VERY detailed elaborate setups with incestuous live-in "parents" and voyeurism and creepy infantilism. Somehow, though, she is also prudish and uptight about anything sexual except penis in vagina, spanking, and rectal thermometry. Incest is fine, but oral and anal are "disgusting".

She flips out over Linux, slashdot, and OS-tans, even going to lengths of making threads on iichan about how OS-tans should be and making the anonymous wee-a-boos there rage at her, making her an unintentional troll.


Evo in the middle, black person to the left and Lain to the right

Evo isn't quite as trollable, but Cidsa often called her "monster" (projecting much, BPD bitch?) She's extremely wee-a-boo and gay for tons of anime characters, has spent well over 9000 dollars on anime shit, because Canada thinks SHE is aspie too and gives her money to not go outside and annoy normal people.

She once had a real job at Toys R Us (not to be a pedo, amazingly enough!) but left because the manager was a perv, or some shit. She's also the girlfriend of a man who calls himself Lain online, making her even that much more wee-a-boo dykey.

Evo is also Nihilanth's ex e-gf, 'nuff said.


<Gutsy> look at my fatass eating a Waffle+maple syrup sammich. <Anna-chan> At first, I thought that was a taco.

Gutsy is sensitive about Juliamon, and he wants to stick it in her pooper, but he won't do it because it would be "wrong." He is wasting his time and should be reminded of this so that he will threaten to beat you up IRL.


Tails is the ideal furry, as he's never around and never speaks, he can't spread his diaperfurfaggotry and AIDS. Thank him for doing so!

Ash-fox is a immigrant to Poland from parts unknown and claims to be a master hacker, so you best not mess with him unless you are a master-level troll with proper safeguards in place (proxies, secure tunnels, sock puppets, and a big bucket of lulz).

Rounding out the cast of failure is Sebbe, the gender-confused gaiafag. Legend has it that Sebbe enjoys being submissive and has a fetish for men who treat him like a lady.

The average day in Psystra

Juliamon sets the tone of the channel by posting her shitty art, talking about her insane overdramatic jew family,and ranting about baseball. Kalinka will pop in to talk about spankings, linux, OS-tans, slashdot, or compiling Second Life to work on Linux so she can get e-spanked. D, the only non ass-pie person in there, might appear in for a second at most. She is made of ham and will eat-attack you if you're not careful. Then Evo will post pictures of slutty anime characters and pretend nobody knows she's a lesbian.

Gallery of Juliamon and her shitty art

Gallery of Insert Name About missing Pics
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Kalinka's gay website about Day on iichan


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