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The ingredients!
Sweet, delicious Pruno.
Fine dining and Pruno; a winning combination.

Pruno is the drug of choice used by /b/tards after they are locked up for sticking it in the pooper of a lolita. The average /b/tard lacks any way of getting off in jail, except of course rampant anal sex. But when it comes to getting high, these people must stoop as low as they can mixing anything they can find. Enter Pruno, a sick, vile concoction of household items that would kill anyone who smelled it, and their dog.

How to make Pruno

First, take a cobble of oranges and some cocktail, and throw it all in a Ziploc bag. Pound it like you just found out your son's a filthy fascist furry fuck, and throw it into a tub of steaming hot water. Let it sit there for 15 minutes, and then wrap it up in a towel like the newborn abomination that it is. Leave it to sit in a safe place for 48 hours, and make sure nobody finds it, since the discovery of it would probably lead some of your friends to disown you.

After 2 days, go raid your local Burger King for ketchup packets, and pick up a box of sugar cubes on the way home. When you get back to your pad, toss these items into the bag, and then shake it like a salt shaker. Put your baby Pruno under the faucet for another 30 minutes. While doing this, feel free to masturbate to the putrid stench emitting from your bathtub, and mix your semen into the Pruno, for a little extra kick. Afterwards, wrap it up in the towel again, and do this once a day for three days. On day four, remove your baby Pruno from it's safe enclosure, and scoop out all the mushy crap floating around in it's existence. Once that's been dealt with, pour the remains of your fresh, festering concoction into a bowl. And voila, you've made Pruno!

Things to be Aware of

Now that you've made it, there are some things you must be aware of.

  1. This shit will take effect really fast. ED recommends having a Pruno party, and sharing your batch with your MySpace. It's recommended these friends be people you otherwise don't like.
  2. When drinking it, pretend that the Pruno is just orange juice. This could either lead to a unbridled hate for OJ, or a Pruno experience that's slightly less painful on your taste buds.
  3. Attempt to pick out the mold floating around in it before drinking. ED recommends using your fingers, because the tweezers still have so much to live for. If you don't pick out the mold, you'll probably get AIDS and die.

All in all, Pruno is a wonderful way to give yourself food poisoning and become An Hero. It's recommended that all emo kids go out and make some Pruno of their own immediately. In fact, everyone is encouraged to drink Pruno. Because there are just too many goddamn people on this planet. For great justice.

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