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Pretty much.

Proposition 8 is the California initiative that protects homosexuals from marriage. The initiative was started by Mormons to protect misguided fags from making the same mistake they made.

On the last Wednesday in 2008, the bill made it onto the California ballot. This legislation caused a great divide between those of differing ideologies, and some argued it would beckon the coming of Tacgnol. This legislation was known as Proposition 8; which ultimately ended up passing, causing California to be dangerously close to converting over to Dumbfuckistan.

What The Proposition Entailed

Until your shitty show gets cancelled, of course.

Before the arrival of the Proposition, homosexuals were allowed to marry in California. The Proposition was designed to do the world a service and rid them of this "right". Every fag, dyke, transvestite, and fag enabler got extremely butthurt at the notion of this legislation. Since gays are every liberal's favorite new minority (sorry, niggers), every fagnostic and hippie tried to rally people against the extreme win the Proposition brought.

However, their plans to ride the coattails of black butthurt for the past 100 years to victory failed, since blax (who are mostly FLAMING Christfags) and teh rest of society understands that, regardless of how much socialist propaganda the liberals shove down their throats, God still hates fags. Extra lulz since this includes Elton John, a washed-up cockrocker who may be best known today for spewing AIDS-saturated anal barf all over Princess Diana's funeral - with his stirring rendition of "Candle In the Ass."

Overall, the bill was about taking away the legal marriages in California that had already taken place beforehand, but effective trolling by fag-haters used such sales pitches as it being about kids being adopted by a mommy and daddy, even though no one wants to adopt nigger babies from Ethiopia anyway--God gave them AIDS for a reason, people. Anyway, even though the bill had nothing to do with adoption and more so with taking away other people's rights to marry, because it is a obvious fact that when you take away the ability for fags to get married, they automatically become straight, and white.

Those For

Typical Proposition 8 ad.

The ones that said yes to Prop 8 were concerned mothers, black people, Mexicans, and closet cases nervous that seeing teh fagz getting married would make it harder to conceal their homosexual lust. As everyone knows, no one cares about marrying and living the American dream more than rapidly breeding for welfare and bling; niggers and spics. It's common knowledge that niggers h8 faggots, and will team up with the man every blue moon to fag drag them, thereby creating small amounts of world peace.

Plus, mouth breathing conservatives love seeing words like "Yes" and pretty pastel colors with pictures of families on their signs, instead of nasty blue and angry "No" ones.

Additionally, Knuckle-draggers reasoned that them querrs gettin' married would affect their right to get drunk and ride around in their pickups, shooting at brown people, and also came up strong for the proposition.

An inspiration to us all...

tl;dr? Socially-backwards fucktards.

Those Against

If you are against prop 8,you are a socialist,a communist,an america hater,and a faggot.

Fucking butt plugging faggots, carpet munching dykes, and transvestites. Except trannys are the opposite sex so technically doesn't that count as being straight? It's also common knowledge that gays hate niggers, and many were butthurt (for obvious reasons, amirite?) when one became president--wtf nigras?? In MY White House?!?! (It's more likely than you think!) And I still can't rim my luver while our two year old adopted son watches and beats off?! So the news, being the clever fuckers they are, decided to get statements from some faggots who wanted a piece of the spotlight. Did they get it from Tom, the nice gay guy who lives next door? Steve, the PFLAG activist who works at the community college? No, they got their waaaaambulance statements from racist transvestites.

Looks like Lucy from Bram Stoker's Dracula...However, I would still probably hit it.

tl;dr? sexual deviants.


Once their proposition had passed, conservitards and christfags gave one another non-homoerotic slaps on the ass for demonstrating their heterosexual pride and love of the lord.

Lefties were enraged at the overwhelming support that blacks displayed for prop 8, and took the opportunity to show how caring and tolerant they were by lashing out at nigras (with liberal use of racial slurs), whether said nigras had supported it or not. Even more rage was directed at the Mormon Church, with calls for a boycott. Nothing says "diversity" like economic warfare!

The Passage Of Proposition 8

Proposition 8 was passed, and conservatives around the world rejoiced as the liberals could no longer tarnish marriage. However, the drama was only just beginning. The Mormon church had given bullshit amounts of money (don't worry, starving children, spending all that money on keeping gays out of matrimony was well worth it!) and told its members to vote in favor of passing the Proposition (OR ELSE GOD WILL SMITE YOU THE FUCK UP). Liberals, butthurt that the Proposition passed, tried to file lolsuits against the church to revoke its tax-exempt status. However, they were pwned since nobody gives a shit about gays (money talks, bullshit walks) anyway.

Huge update! As of August 4, 2010, proposition 8 has been overturned. Is no anus safe?

Web 2.0 "Activis"m

No one knows what they're trying to say. Probably something along the lines of "finger me NOW". This march was organized via Facebook.

Most activism against prop 8 hasn't gone past Facebook. If you actually have friends, it is highly likely that at least one of them has joined a group for BAWWWing about the Proposition's victory. Over 9000 such groups have been created so far, and what most people don't realize is, immediately after joining any of these groups, everyone will think you are gay.

IRL Activism

Marriage is love, IRL. Of course, those rug munchers are quite butthurt about the Proposition.

Since leftards can't settle for fagging up web 2.0, they decided to take their Failbook groups to the streets and organize massive marches and protests to show the world how butthurt they are. The gallery below should explain more than you ever wanted or needed to know. Most of the images are taken from the San Francisco, Nawlins, Seattle, and Los Angeles protests.

[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

Awww Yeeeaaahhh Niggers

This nigger showed up at Seattle's march and gave an epic speech with a huge butt plug.


They went and ignored all the good reasons? IMPOSSIBLE!

On August 4, 2010, in the case of Perry v. Schwarzenegger, Judge Vaughn Walker overturned Proposition 8 on the grounds that it violated some amendments or something lol. Faggot sympathizer Vaughn Walker went on to say,



—Judge Vaughn Walker, known homosexual

In the case, they cited the 14th amendment which grants equal protection under the law. Suspiciously enough they never brought up whether fags were human, in which case they would not be covered. The trial was fishy all around. The defense team was lacking in witnesses and evidence and there was a gay judge. Just another example of the federal government bullying the states on state issues. But what can we do to fix this abomination?

But Encyclopedia Dramatica, does this mean the faggots have won?

No young reader. This case will be appealed and it may end up going to the Supreme court. Pray to our loving God and we may succeed,

Does this mean I have to marry a gay?


Tom Complex


A Certain Jew Was Butthurt For The Second Time

If proposition 8 is overturned my $223 I donated to prop 8 would have gone to waste! Stupid fucking liberals! It feels like someone just took money out of my pocket!


—Some butthurt prop 8 donor on youtube. Who doesn't feed the homeless.

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Niggers and spics FUNFACT: Neither of these two groups give two shits about children or marriage.

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