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Jipsi: Man Genius
Jipsi's strategy
That's not how cybering works!

Producing101 was supposed to be a contest hosted by Jipsi Kinnear, in which YouTube and Stickam users learned how to produce independent films, and after the end of a period of learning, they'd all make their own individual films and submit them for a prize. But the contest was delayed for months, and never happened, and probably will never happen. Some say it was a scam, but it's more likely that it's just some old stoner who got a burst of inspiration one day (to devise the 'contest') but was too busy getting high to get off his ass and actually do it. In all likelihood, if a decent film was ever produced from the contest, Producing101 would probably try to retain the rights to it and make money off of it. It may have been a scam had it ever reached fruition, but as it stands it was just a flop.

The Drama Doesn't End

Despite the super believable name, Jipsi Kinnear is not a real person. Jipsi claimed to be a member of the Canadian film board, and refused to provide verification, challenging people to look it up themselves. Some people finally looked it up, and found out that he hasn't been a member for over a decade. To help build up some sort of credibility, Jipsi had MGM write a Wikipedia article on him, which did not cite any real sources, except for a decade-old online news article that briefly mentioned someone named Jeremy Stuart--which is a mangled version of Jipsi's alleged "real name", Jeremy Stuart Kinnear. It cited him as working on a bunch of movies, but none of the movies had any record of any of the variations of his names anywhere in any kind of documentation. He also claimed that he deleted his own imdb page. Jipsi was probably a legitimate producer, or legitimately involved in the film industry at some time, but there is no evidence available (nor is he willing to provide any) that he has even existed for the past ten years.


Jipsi's first e-friend, MGM, helped him gain instant access to the The Kewl Kids Association , which allowed him to work behind the scenes with bobs4kim and As One. While he didn't really do anything sinister in any of these events, he was thrusted headlong into the YouTube community, and was responsible for a lot of stupid shit. Like this. Jipsi tried to use his producing powers and "industry connections" to turn the whole As One gathering into a reality TV show, where popular YouTube users roadtripped around America with a film crew and eventually reached New York City where they got to a rock concert in a stadium full of screaming YouTube fans or something. This is not a joke. He tried to do this. He asked all of the popular YouTube users involved to sign NDAs and contracts, which prompted the more intelligent users to start to do some research into his dubious background.


Jipsi Kinnear Movie Mogul

When people found out Jipsi didn't have any real documented credentials, he pretty much became a lolcow and everyone stopped talking to him. The more crazy he became, the more people laughed at him, and the more people laughed at him, the crazier he became. He eventually got all pissed off and got TonyStockert and MysteryGuitarMan banned from Stickam by claiming they were involved in pedo pr0n. As a result, MGM was actually banned. Again. Different website this time.

Rejected @ Stickam

Jipsi doesn't know Stickam is owned by a porn company

Jipsi still continues to use the Stickam website, but during a recent interview with anonymous, Jipsi stated that he was "too scared" to enter anyone else's Live or Chat Room. The result, as one might expect, is that Jipsi sits in his own Live room and only allows people on his Friends List to join the chat. This list is about 1000 users strong, indicating that only about 1000 people on the internets actually give a fuck. But because Producing 101 was a failed scam, there's not much for people to do in Jipsi's Live. People get on cam and talk about how far they can stick their heads up Jipsi's ass before he giggles. Jipsi never shows tits, and never gets the fuck off. Preliminary studies suggest that if hackers continue to crash his Live, Jipsi may in fact kill himself - hopefully on cam.

SA Goon Drama

do not fuck with jipsi

The Producers 101 show was on the front page of Stickam (which was apparently a big deal) and was viewed by anyone who went to at that time. Stickam sponsors this show and it was potentially viewed by millions of unwary users when the following incident occured.

Apparently the hosts 10 year old daughter had become the subject of some slanderous talk. Some retard in the chatroom had threatened to surprise sex her. This spelled trouble.

The Goons were alerted to a situation and arrived on the scene for shits and giggles, at which time the host was already flipping out; making threats, cursing, clearly about to explode. After some coercing from the Producer 101 regulars, he seemed to begin to settle down.

Then one of the Goons typed:


The moment the host read this, his eyes burst into flames and his brain snapped in half. Screaming and cursing, he threw a glass against the wall smashing it. Howling like a man possessed, he then proceeded to pick up his office chair and hurl it full force at the computer. A loud crash; more glass breaking; more screaming; and the camera feed went dark. Still could be heard the screaming.

But then, the camera moved and the hosts face was visible. Still spouting obscenities, he tried to pick up the pieces of his shattered sanity. But to no avail. Minutes later, he was going insane once more, telling everyone to go fuck themselves and such. He was flipping the bird, blaming Stickam for letting child predators do this to him, generally playing victim. At no point did he ever think about what he had done. In fact he demanded Stickam apologize to him.

Video of the incident:

01.08.07 * The Jipsilution: Jipsi unveils his plot to take down google, youtube, emmalina, thewinekone and anyone else that his frazzled little mind can remember.

Current status

Of course after being b& from jewtube, jipsi tried to make a comeback, but BigJoeSmith continues to drop the banhammer on him, even after his rant videos were featured on Utubedrama.

This leaves him to waste many nights on stickam, drinking himself to death, getting stoned and constantly talking about raping penguins.

Also some fag has saved his videos on MySpacetv, a site 1000x worse than LiveVideo

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