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The Pro-Ana/Pro-Mia internet movement is a haven for young women and those of an emotional persuasion who have trouble distinguishing a diet from an eating disorder. Those who involve themselves in this movement have also been found to not know the difference between a lifestyle, a disease, and a religion. Characterised by constant butthurt, masses of flaming and trolls, being unable to move for moralfags and an unholy amount of 16 year old girls, the average pro-ana website takes everything bad about the internet and adds it to pretending to have a serious mental disorder. At least it's scant on memes.

Go ahead, pinch an inch
The thinner you are the more graceful you are

The Concept

Typical Pro-Ana mentality.

There are several concepts relevant to the pro-ana community, and several distinct factions. They are as follows:

The Lifestyle

People who believe that anorexia is a choice and is nothing more than an extreme diet. Often talk about drinking shitloads of green tea, because they think it'll help them lose those last 3 pounds. Usually scene girls, and usually hot despite their attention seeking, it is completely normal to simultaneously hate and fap to them. So don't worry.

The Victims

Believing they genuinely have anorexia, rather than get the professional help they need, choose to whine on messageboards, profiles and forums. Characterised by a tendency to slip between avid defense of the community, tantrums begging other people to get help, and blaming peers for their general failure at life. They genuinely believe that pro-ana websites are a valid support network and a means of dealing with their issues.

The Fangirl

Has a fairly normal diet with occasional attempts at losing a few pounds. Likes the attitude of the trashy scene ana girls and wishes she was like them, so tries to fit in even though her parents are monitoring her internets time.

The Fatgirl

As above, but replace "a fairly normal diet" with "masses of fatty food and zero exercise". Pretends to be both a lifestyle ana and a victim of the disorder. Wishes she was anorexic, but will always be a McDonalds botherer.

The Worst Kind

Believe that anorexia is a religion. Worship "Ana", supposed goddess of skinny folk. Have chants and wear red bracelets to signify that they are batshit. Love the shitty band Silverchair. Have poems and songs and all manner of pseudo spiritual validations of their lifestyle. Ridiculously easy to troll.

Celebrities and Anorexia

Cookie Monster used to routinely struggle with his weight.

Of course celebrities love a good eating disorder. Lots of publicity, plus one faction of adoring fans screeching that everyone should leave you alone because you have a naturally high metabolism, and the other screaming that THE MEDIA MADE YOU DO IT!!11!. Either way, the celebrity inevitably makes hundreds of thousands of dollars off of it, and you buy the long awaited no-holds-barred memoir.

Some celebrities with reported eating disorders:

  • Mary-Kate or Ashley - An enemy of PETA, Mary-Kate Olsen's eating disorder was widely reported throughout 2004.
  • Posh Spice - A follower of the "Skinny Bitch" diet, the former spice girl, full time talentless attention seeker and Kardashian wannabe has been dubbed Skeletal Spice by the media and reported as anorexic/bulimic for over 10 years. She has so little body fat that her fake chest looks like pure silicone implant, although she has had them removed and replaced about 5 times to go with extensive plastic surgery despite still looking like a minger chav.
  • Karen Carpenter - American musician who at one point was so thin that she could travel to gigs via fax. Died at 32 years old weighing less than 80lbs, worshipped by many anas.
  • Kate Beckinsale - That bitch from those shitty vampire movies, who trolled anas everywhere by saying that anorexics look like crackwhores, despite having been one herself.

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Related Terms

mmm sexy

Anas, like young people, have a language all their own nowadays...

Ana - Anorexia. Anarexia? Make that point during a trolling session and see what happens...

Mia - Bulimia, clever right? The names are supposedly so that Anas and Mias can speak in code. Like spies.

Pro (Ana/Mia) - Supposedly means proactive, but seriously, just means pro.

Thinspo/Thinspiration - Pictures of very skinny people, a portmanteau of thin and inspiration, geddit?

Reverse Thinspo/Thinspiration - Pictures of very fat people and food.

Trigger - Triggering images and conversations that can bring on a swift bout of anorexia. O rly

ED - Eating Disorder.

COE - Compulsive Over Eating Disorder

EDNOS - Eating Disorder Not Otherwise Specified. In medical terms, an ED that does not fit the parameters of either anorexia or bulimia. In reality, it's just a fake eating disorder.

Eskimos have over 100 words for snow, and anas have twice as many acronyms for various stages of weight loss.

HW - Highest Weight

CW - Current Weight

LW - Lowest Weight

GW - Goal Weight

STGW - Short Term Goal Weight

LTGW - Long Term Goal Weight

IP - In-Patient Treatment

SI - Self Injury

Quod me nutrit, me destruit.


—Latin for "what nourishes me, destroys me". Adds weight.

Love yourself to the bone


—What is this I don't even...

Nothing tastes as good as thin feels.


—Cake does.

Starvation is control, control is tough. Bones are beautiful, when skinny just isn't enough.


— Nice use of rhyming.

Fat butterflies don't fly


— I would like some proof of this please.

When you look strong and healthy; you are weak. when you look weak and ready to break, that's when your the strongest of all.


— I think you have gotten this the wrong way around.

DON'T trust food!


— DON'T trust pro-anas!

I'm not starving to death I'm starving to beauty


—No, it's definitely death.

Thin has a taste all its own


— That would be vomit.

Food hinders your progress


—Progress, deathwish, it's all the same really.

Better dead than fed


— Yeah, Fred.

Anorexia is not a disease. Anorexia is not a game.

Anorexia is a skill, perfected only by a few. The chosen, the pure, the flawless.


— Some people would consider having no tits a flaw

Am I the only one who sees how beautiful this is?


—Nope, there are thousands of other girls, just as fucked up as you are.

The Silliness Continues

If this guy can beat it, so can you

Those who are pro-ana believe that anorexia is not harmful and is a lot like getting a tattoo. They are only correct in this assumption if the tattoo needle is infected with AIDS from the last customer, the tattooist is a giant bear named Moe, and the tattoo is of the phrase "Holy fucking idiocy!" tattooed across their very visible rib cages.

Indisputable proof that anorexia is a disease is easily found in the title: "pro-ana." The lack of nutrients flowing to their brains obviously keeps them from realizing that it's anorexia and not anarexia. Or something. Actually, that's no good. Forget the title. Indisputable proof that anorexia is a disease is easily found in common sense and unanimous medical opinion. The lack of nutrients flowing to their brains obviously keeps them from realizing that they are retarded.

When these pro-ana girls find out meds such as Adderall can suppress hunger they immediately schedule appointments with their pediatricians. Suddenly every self-conscious girl "needs help focusing", or is "bouncing off the walls hyper". If there are at least 5 or more functioning braincells left in the pro-anas' head they skip the doctor and do the most logical thing possible: they hold a pharmacist hostage until they are supplied with Adderall, or another hunger suppressor. Of course, the pharmacist would have to be either a legal midget or an armless degenerate if they are incapable of defending themselves against an 80 pound skank.

However, there is still a silver lining to this disease, at least for those of us who don't have it. An anorexic girl will stop having her period, since her body is so starved for any form of nourishment it will withhold any form of biomass it can (except for shitting, on the rare occasions they have enough food in their system after purging), and this includes ovulation/menstrual blood. Basically, for however long they are stupid enough to be actively anorexic, pro-ana girls are sterile. Not that it matters, since if a pro-ana girl got pregnant, either the baby would die from malnutrition or she'd get an abortion because God forbid she gain 10 pounds. Either way, natural selection wins, and these girls can not breed. Also, if you happen to be a pedophile but don't feel like going to jail, dating a pro-ana girl would be a good idea. You can have a girlfriend with the body of a loli, with her zero tits/curves but still be dating someone over the age of 18. It's win win!

LiveJournal and Anas

And some other communities too... But mostly LJ.

There are pro-ana websites all across the Internets; they are easily found by searching for "pro-ana" or "no1 undrstandz me :'(" or "purging tips pls 911!!!" The LiveJournal community of the same name, Lj-favicon.png pro_ana, is one of the most prolific.Livejournal is the home of Anas everywhere, who can talk shit with no fear of retribution and compare weights with middle aged paedophiles pretending to be 16 year old girls.

The weight all pro-anas aspire to.
  • something-fishy—Run by nazis. This board is for recovering only, and is unfunny. Numbers are replaced with asterisks because knowing someone else's weight might make a fishy suicide. Making a thread to exchange hug emoticons is also against the rules, because it might make a fishy feel left out and make a meaningful contribution to society. Any post has a 79% chance of causing suicide. Dr. Phil recommends it.
  • TF—Filled with drama, but insanely repetitive. Most of the posters there are old now, and don't post about vomiting or starving much anymore. There is a forum specifically for flames, and that's the only real reason why anyone goes there. TFers are almost always vegans, liberal, and stupid.
  • P.A.S.S.—stands for Pro-Ana Suicide Society. Full of 16 year old girls who get raped by the entire football team, their doctor, a teacher, their principal, and your mom. Anyone questioning stories of surprise sex is banned.
  • Lj-favicon.png Purgatorium—A LiveJournal community that once kicked out a tranny troll for being overly supportive for far too long. Now at Lj-favicon.png the_purg ( lol the account has been purged )— because purg_chic deleted the original.
  • Lj-favicon.png 24_7_posting —A LiveJournal community under the same umbrella as ProAnorexia. It's mostly filled with wannarexics and college kids who think they are the shit, when really they're all mocked on communities they didn't know existed.
  • Life Beyond EDs—A LiveJournal recovery community run by the scrawniest, gayest, eating-disorderiest transvestite on the net, Johnnysboysriot. Johnny frequently uses kittens, rainbow brite, and sparkles in his saccharine-sweet motivationals.

  • Lj-favicon.png pro_ana is mostly populated by impressionable girls between the ages of 13 and 18, with the occasional "ana boi" prancing in to show off his femi-hipbones (there used to be an older crowd, but they are now in graves).
More typical thinspiration.

After repeated trolling, including the notorious and yet-unsolved Sansgras incident, the community and its many spinoffs have become pretty much closed to new members. Often new members must post applications, like in rating communities. New members may be rejected on the basis of too high a BMI, fauxlimia, or having a "cliché" thinspiration such as Mary-Kate Olsen. Much like rating communities, an "accepted" or "rejected" image macro is then bestowed upon the applicant.

"Rejection" image macro from a pro-ana community.

Some argue that anorexia and bulimia are the results of a fear of fat people. However, LiveJournal and California both have large populations of both fatasses and anas. Anas are as much to be avoided IRL as BBWs, since both give off pungent stenches of sweat and vomit, both grow hair on their backs, and both are likely to have massive heart failure and die on you at any time. When not vomiting, asking for purging tips or being catatonic, anas like to spend their time trolling celebrity blogs like that of well-known fatty Perez Hilton as they are butthurt by their own inability to eat.


Billions of trolling sites exist, one of the best being LiveJournal's fabled Ana 4 avril. There are also sites dedicated to bash these ANAAZ, such as Lj-favicon.png lol_anaz but they're really just Pro Anas in denial and fail just as hard if not harder than the ANAAAAAAAAZ.

  • Lj-favicon.png proanorexia was a popular Ana paradise. It's history with maintainers is quite tragic. It was occasionally moderated by a laxative bulimic and crack addict with a criminal record for beating the shit out of her own mother until mid-to-late 2006, when it was transferred to Kristi4, who then committed suicide on January 27th, 2007 after finding herself unable to deal with the sheer volume of nitwits. The moderator of the bulimia acceptance community then accused Kristi4 of making the whole thing up without bothering to do any checking that would require her to actually get out of a chair to dial anyone on the phone, resulting in great drama. LJ passed on teh boss hat to Kristi's good friend, Josie, who tried to moderate but resulted in fail. It was then when DYLAN begged to take over. Dylan was named the new maintainer and all anAz worshipped him. He created his own community Lj-favicon.png dylans_corner to tell anaZ how to better kill themselves. He then quit his job in order to help the poor unfortunate aNaZ, opened a suicide hotline, and become teh AnAz God. He then began charging money for membership to PA under his "Help a Girl Get Better" scheme (major failz!). All at the blooming age of 59! Creepy? Lj-favicon.png dylandetective thought so too. They worked to get info on the pedophile. After his handy double agent moderator Lj-favicon.png justtryingtofly told him they were on to him, he continued moderating under a new account, Lj-favicon.png sarjmarteen, and refusing to answer any questions as to where Dylan went, who this new maintainer was, and the fate of their poor AnAz LJ lives. In April 2009, Lj-favicon.png dylandetective trolled both ProAnorexia and 24_7_posting, and finally interrogated "Lauren" (500+ comments AND they got a nose, an ear and a lip ;)). That was the last we heard of Lauren, Sarjmarteen, or our dear Dylan. Enough information gathered, the authorities were notified and Dylan was imprisoned. The community is currently being moderated by superwoman (Lj-favicon.png fighting2win) who is trying to tend for those who's posts are not eaten by unicorns or those who create cotton candy bracelets as a means to connect to the sites colours.

Skinny People Documentary


Even 18 months at Fat Camp couldn't help these losers

There are many ways to troll pro-anas. The best ones are to tell them they are fat. Even though any rational person can tell that they are far from fat, these girls will take it to heart because of their disorder.

  • "Have you put on weight? You look good!" (they won't think so)
  • "You only ate a crouton all day? Hm...are you sure you even needed the crouton?"
  • You can also attack their other physical features that might be lacking because of their disease. For example, anorexics have bad skin, are balding, and their skin is yellow.
  • Tell them they have no boobs, therefor, are not a valued member of society
  • Tell them no reasonable person would find them attractive
  • Tell them that a lot of people would prefer to fuck a whale than a skeleton. At least whales have warmer pussies.
  • Tie them down and force feed them lard.
  • Tell them about Jesus. All religious people despise other religions.


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