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Aspergerbenice.gif This person has Assburgers Syndrome,
so you can't say anything bad! :-(

Be aware of that, you insensitive fuck.
Would you fuck me? I'd fuck me
His most recent attempt on being a gigolo.

Prince Jeremy of Britannia aka Duke Otterland (Powerword: Jeremy Michael Gallen), is an autistic, psychotic furfag nerd who thinks he's a winged purple otter with antlers... No, really. He also published a novel last Thursday. It is anticipated that the number of copies sold may reach double digits by 2010 if furries choose to do their Christmas shopping on after consuming excessive amounts of eggnog.

His latest capers include trying to blank this article, on December 13, 2006. On December 27th, it was also revealed that Prince Jeremy is a welfare leech, like the hypocrite that he is.

17:47 <+DukeOtterland> No, I get Social Security.
17:48 <+DukeOtterland> Because I'm considered disabled.


Prince Jeremy's childhood and adolescence were marked by being an object of torment and ridicule, with other children being "disturbed by his graphic representations of cartoon animal sex." This necessitated the Prince attending at least 100 different schools during his formative years. It was during this time that Prince Jeremy first discovered yiffy porn and began the manuscript that would later become his futuristic furry opus. In other words, Jeremy's childhood is a mirror image of fellow hypocrite 'artist' fucktard Dave Hopkins.

The Prince appears to be partaking in an extended childhood as he still resides with his parents. One might even say he is regressing, given his admission of experimentation with diapering and infantilism.


The Prince claims to be very highly educated, with no less than 4 degrees:

I've also gotten four Computer Science Associate Degrees and Certifications from Central Texas College, and am working on a Bachelor's Degree in Software Engineering from Tarleton State University at Central Texas.

That's rather amazing for someone who graduated from Copperas Cove High School just 7 years ago in 2002. It is currently unknown if his 4 "Computer Science Associate Degrees and Certifications" are actually accredited by The Texas Board of Education or not.


Prince Jeremy's insightful commentary on Democrats

The Prince is a self-hating fur-fag and has embraced the ideology of his neocon oppressors, thanks to watching the propaganda super-patriot network Fox News. He espouses extreme neoconservative viewpoints and endorses the delusional and incompetent policies of the Bush administration and the Republican party in general. This is understandable since he is from Texas. Most troubling is that, as an openly bisexual furry in a subculture with a large number of gays, he has openly admitted to hating gays and opposing gay marriage. However, it should be known that, according to a study by the University of Georgia [1], the vast majority of homophobes are in the closet themselves, and the Prince is no exception.


In a characteristic display of hypocrisy, Otterland will leave angry and inflammatory comments on other user's LJs when he disagrees with their opinions on religion, politics, video games, and even grammar; however, it is verboten for people on his friends list to do the same.


The Prince states that no one should be allowed to disagree with him in any way because he is autistic and easily upset. He doesn't see his autism as a disability so much as a justification for poor impulse control and a carte-blanche excuse for a terminal case of foot-in-mouth disease.

The Furry Autistic Internet Livejournalers community has issued a blanket statement disavowing any association with Prince Jeremy and condemning his representation of furry autistics. AVOID AT ALL COSTS


Prince Jeremy is a case study in sexual deviance and living proof that prolonged virginity causes unnatural desires.

The Prince's ideal mate would be a sombrero wearing, cigar smoking, gay furry in diapers. No word yet on whether the Prince pitches or catches. (PROTIP: He's single, boys. Get 'im while it's hot.) THIS JUST IN: Prince admits to wishing to be a CATCHER!


Prince Jeremy's fursona is a purple otter with wings and antlers. In a world teeming with varicolored wolves, foxes, and an assortment of large cats, it is refreshing to see an otter. Oil slicks love otters. While the Prince currently makes do with commissioned art depicting his fursona, he is eagerly awaiting the completion and delivery of his first fursuit. This just in—the fursuit is now complete, & it's every bit as wonderful as people expected it to be!


Duke is an avid art whore, scouring any art site or lj community for any instance that an artist may be giving away free art, then jumps it, wanting to get more art of his hideously deformed character. Most people are too nice to say 'fuck off' and draw him, but others think differently.

fuck duke. He's permabanned from all my communities. Don't worry about him joining any time soon.


—A fan

guess im evil I wont do art of his charater for $$ and certainly not for free x.x


—Another fan

I both dislike and laugh at how Duke went through the troubles of changing his livejournal (and identity, sort of) yet he appears at the same places when he gets the smell of free drawings. Then people whine how wrong it is for people to post links to Duke's new journal, because he's avoiding people. Yeah, right. >_>


—A third fan

he pestered me for gift art when he was on my fl. He un friended me because I said I would only draw a winged purple gay pedo otter for 150 dollars, and that would be the cost for a sketch. colored would be 300 dollars. He snags free art because not many people have the balls to say fuck you. That and not many people are keen on taking commissions from him after what he did to harli.


Lj-favicon.png lougaraswifthrt

The only way I would ever work for him in a commission is for $300+ for a sketch, and upwards of that for anything else. I've read the stories about how he is with commissions...


—More fan

amen to that. i'd fucking send him anthrax in the damn mail instead of a sketch.


—Reply to previous, from Lj-favicon.png lougaraswifthrt


The Prince has incorporated diapering into his fur fetish. His initial excuse, and the one he provides to his parents, is that he is experimenting for practical reasons as his fursuit will make bathroom visits tedious and complicated affairs. Later he grudgingly acknowledged that babyfur play arouses him.

Other Deviances

Not content with just being a diapered fursuiter, Prince Jeremy has opted to also be a cross-dressing bisexual zoophile with a penchant for funny hats and carcinogenic addictions.

It is not known whether he gets the necessary foundation garments for his homespun otter-drag from Chris-Chan or his mother.

He posts on RPGamer under the clever pen name of "Otterland"[2] and acts like he has been around for at least 100 years and tries to suck off the admin. When he gets flamed he cries to and threatens a mod that he'll post evidence of them having gay sex and get the person banned.

A Lulzy Anecdote

A few years ago, Prince Jeremy made friends with a certain non-furry who was sad and depressed because of her poor marriage -- that is to say, he befriended her on his LJ, and commented on everything she ever posted.

To cheer her up, he e-mailed her a hideous picture of a naked ferret with tits fingering herself. What made this so remarkable was that he had actually drawn it himself. This image greatly disturbed the young woman, but she didn't know how to approach him about it.

After all, what would you do if something like that happened?

Well, a friend of this poor woman took it upon himself to tell him to "fucking cut it out, you fucking sicko." He responded by posting on his LJ about how everything he ever tries to do to help people only makes him unliked, eventually turning into a rant about how his mommy hated him as a child.

This, he explains, is the precise reason he became the diaper-wearing furvert he is today.

Princely quotes

People like you are the cancer of the earth and should be thrown into concentration camps. I voted for W and the ban on gay marriage here in Texas. Fuck all the assholes who hate him.


Dislikes: -Politics ... -Hypocrites ... -Unconstructive, uncivil debate"


—Funny how he seems to be quite involved with each of those on a daily basis.

Anyway, there are two rules for me Friending you, Friending me, and commenting in my LJ: -ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY NO FLAMING! Being autistic, I am far more sensitive than most others, and thus have a fairly broad definition of flaming. Flaming, to me, includes things such as destructive criticism, uncivil debate, slander, vicious attacks against certain people and groups, insults against people I admire, games and other things I like, my beliefs, and my accomplishments (which includes my reviews and other writing). So *be civil*.


No one can make me feel inferior without my consent, and I'll do you the same.



I'm pretty much set in my beliefs (being autistic makes it very, very difficult for me to keep an open mind to uncivil opinion, by the way), so please don't poke me the wrong way, okay?


—(Yeah, right.)

When I do muse about politics in my LJ, I will disable comments because I believe I'm entitled to my opinion and that you're entitled to yours.


You can't even stand up to the fucking extremists on the Left. Even Albus Dumbledore said, 'It takes a great deal of courage to stand up to your enemies, and a great deal more to stand up to your friends.' You're nothing more than an elitist left-wing dick, and I never, ever, ever want to speak with you again.


—- Wait, wasn't Dumbledore gay?



—(Of course!)

Trolling the "Prince"

Here is how an argument with Prince Jeremy proceeds:

  • Responds to your comment
  • Posts a comment in your journal
  • Deletes your original comment, his replies and his posts in your journal.
  • Bans you from his journal.
  • Claims E-Victory

Then he will insult your art after he has commissioned you for some and requests a refund. In this situation, it's best to just deny him the art and the refund, but oddly enough, sometimes a few minutes later he claims the art is fine and he wants it again. Again, denial is the best way to deal with this.

Art By the Prince Himself

Prince Jeremy's art is largely craptastic and uninspired, reflecting an inner sexual deviance that he unsuccessfully tries to repress.

Org's Odyssey

The Prince has written a book, published by some godawful internets vanity press, about his fursona's adventure in a mystical land. Or some furry shit. In fact, almost noone actually knows what happens in this book minus God and the Prince because almost noone is willing to shell out 18 dollars 5 dollars for some furry book. One only hopes that /b/ can valiantly obtain a copy and post it so that much lulz can be enjoyed by teh internets. However, it is rumored that the book contains monochromic anthropomorphs, multiple instances of nudity, several references to pedophilia, monotonous re-occurring dinner scenes, and the most undramatic rushed fight scene endings ever.


Sample chapter: Homo rape

harbldog: *raises sword*

harbldog: *presses his swordtip to your throat* But your eyes... they are so deep... and your fur... it is such a lovely shade of purple...
dukeotterland124: *knocks your sword out of your hand and begins hugging and kissing you, his sheath getting hard*
harbldog: *blushes brightly, his golden fur standing on end* Mmfh!
dukeotterland124: *rolls you around and presses his sheath to your anus, shoving it in and beginning to move it back and forth, still clutching you*
harbldog: *gasps and throws back his head* D-Duke! The King would not approve! Nnnh! *closes his eyes as you stretch his tailhole*
dukeotterland124: Eh, screw the King. *continues to shove his sheath back and forth in your rear, feeling the cum gradually arrive*
harbldog: S-Screw the King? So... *pants and buckles forward as his own sheath reluctantly bulges* not only a practitioner of buggery, but a traitor also!
dukeotterland124: *begins rubbing your sheath while feeling the cum ejaculate from his sheath into your rear*
harbldog: *moans and shudders* UNCLEAN! YOU HAVE MADE ME UNCLEAN, AND YOU SHALT DIE BY MY PAW, YOU HORRID DUKE! *tries to escape as you rub his throbbing cock*
dukeotterland124: *clutches more tightly and continues rubbing your sheath*
harbldog: Ahh-ahh! Unhand me, fiend! *his pre begins to leak out onto your paw*
dukeotterland124: *rubs harder, feeling the cum come through your sheath*
harbldog: I shall see to it that all of your family is exiled from Otterland for this... nnhh! *grunts as he begins to cum*
dukeotterland124: *releases your sheath, watching the cum flow*
harbldog: *stretches out as much as he can, trying to reach for his sword* Nnh...
dukeotterland124: *removes his sheath from your rear and takes the sword for himself, escaping*

harbldog: *shakes his fist and calls out after you* YOUR KIND WILL NEVER BE SAFE IN OTTERLAND, YOU HEAR?



"Og, you’d best hide your naked self. Lord knows how the clergy will take to the bare likes of you."

"Fake passports? Tell us more, sir. Are they authentic?"


Prince Jeremy fails at finding buyers for his book.
Entertaining but for all the wrong reasons: Org is some sort of Legendary Hero, and his world Anglia (England as the "Ancient race" knew it) is slowly being consumed by Evil and Darkness. Seven bat-winged Satans (symbolising the seven deadly sins) are at large and against them must stand... Seven bird-winged seraphim, to be lead by the pure white otter, Org, with his deer antlers, dolphin tail and gills. Follow Org's adventures as he travels Anglia, seeking the other heirs and paying more attention to how much things cost and eating nothing but fish rather then facing any real threats...



THE WORST: This is pretty much the worst book I have ever read. It makes no sense and rambles on about things like how furries and humans get into these thunderdome type wrestling matches and then the humans eat the furrie/antro creatures. They roast them over some kind of spit. I find this absolutely SHAMEFUL! No one should eat furries or antropods of any kind. The way this book is so insensitive to the trial of the furries is an abomination!!! I won't stand for it.



Bafflingly Inappropriate: This astonishing book raised a few questions with me, to say the least. These concerns can however be focussed mainly into asking why the author felt the need to cram sex scenes into every available orifice (no pun intended). I mean, surely five pages of the winged dolphin otter sodomising a chameleon was extraneous? There was no mention of any type of sexual relationship between the two either before or after this scene, and it had no bearing on the rest of the story. To say it was tacked-on is an understatement.

I would also like to say that I calculated that there is on average a reference to inter-species sex (primarily sodomy or coprophilia) once every four pages throughout the novel. In fact, I would estimate that these actstake up a good third of the books in total. I must ask; how is this even remotely appropriate?



It didn't make me blind, but I wish it had: This book, while off to a promising start when it discusses deviant sexual behavior in all caps between furry-type creatures, ultimately disappoints. Its typeface is too small, and I don't appreciate the tacit promotion of homosexual marriage presented in the subtext of one of the plot's many branches. The author's agenda is all too obvious, if you're willing to read between the lines. And the asterisks.



Why? Honestly, I try not to review things that I don't finish-- but this book was awful. His style lacks anything even remotely close to maturity. I got about forty pages in before being flat out disgusted by his poor editing and boorish storytelling abilities. I wish I could give less than one star.


—Ruby Chiarito

Oh good god why: I thought that this was a joke. My sister of 14 years old came home with this trash. So after seeing this page, I thought "hey who knows, maybe this was a little too harsh on the book. I'll read it." But I was wrong. DEAD WRONG. So I couldn't even get past 50 pages. I reported the book to the school. and they let me keep the book. I did the best thing that I could do, and burned it.
Humanity became a joke after this book.



—Neil Burns (Verbose_neil- Meep277)

Oh, and this is probably a troll but it's fucking hilarious.

Prince Jeremy's newest opus

The press can't get enough of this charmer!

Prince Jeremy recently came out with another installment of his book, also available on Lulu.

Judge of Stellasolum, the title of this gem of literary effort will undoubtedly fail upon release, but then again Prince Jeremy isn't the most sensible of people.

Prince Jeremy in the flesh

Prince Jeremy Fanart by ED Users

Loev 4 Jeremy <3 About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]


This speaks for itself.


And it led inevitably to...


On December 15, 2006, Sunday's Mail lured Prince Jeremy onto IRC, which led to an arbchat. The entire lol-tastic lol may be read here, highlights included the following:

19:49 <@Zionistacat> DukeOtterland: what, exactly, do you want?
19:49 < DukeOtterland> I do have objections to the article showing up so high in Google.
19:49 < TiCL> DukeOtterland: that's your fault
19:49 < DukeOtterland> For my article to be at least removed from Google searches.
19:49 < DukeOtterland> How so?
19:49 <@weev> DukeOtterland: what do you expect? ED has huge pagerank because millions of people read it.
19:49 <@Zionistacat> DukeOtterland: we have no way of adjusting google's search rank
19:49 <@weev> your websites are crap that noone cares about
19:49 <@weev> therefore, ED is higher up on google
19:49 < TiCL> you couldn't make your own page good enough to be at the top
19:49 < Jewkemia> lern SEO furfag!
19:49 < TiCL> I suggest you copy the article and put it in your website
19:49 < DukeOtterland> By the way, that video doesn't work.
19:49 <@Zionistacat> DukeOtterland: contrary to popular opinion, ED has no affiliation with Google, despite both having a secret cat cabal

He now claims to have quit being a furry

The complete email, which Duke filed a fraudulent DMCA claim against.

Selected quotes from an email January 8, 2009, where Prince Jeremy said...

our friendship has become very, very strained, as a result of your contribution to Encyclopedia Dramatica ... and truth is no defense for invasion of privacy, of which Encyclopedia Dramatica is nothing short of guilty. Encyclopedia Dramatica, as you may know, is a viscerally anti-furry site, so by allying with them, you have basically made a deal with the devil, and have basically hung yourself, being the head of a prominent furry fetish community.

ED's anti-furry? But ED let a furry who donated to WikiFur become a sysop.

as far as I'm concerned, diaper-soiling and the furry fandom go together as well as a fish and a bicycle. In an episode of "King of the Hill," Hank Hill tells a Christian rocker, "Can't you see you're not making Christianity better? You're making rock and roll worse!" Thus, I believe that you are not making the furry fandom or babyfurs look better, but that you are making adult babies and other fetishists look worse, not to mention the furry community itself.

True, mixing adult babies with furries does make adult babies look worse. However, he's wrong about "diaper-soiling and the furry fandom" not going together and the image below is proof:


Also know that I am not a furry anymore. It was because of my negative experiences in the fandom, and because of folks such as yourself, that made me retire all my fursonas and withdraw from the community entirely. I still really love anthro art, and occasionally do anthro art and writing, but liking anthro art doesn't make me a furry anymore

Really loving anthro art and writing makes one a furry. Denying it also makes one a closet furry.

But he can't even do that right

So he joins the Furry Fandom's cesspool of drugged-out newfag trolls to settle a vendetta with a former "friend" of his by TRYING to troll a furry community that he was once a part of. He later notices a post that contains the ENTIRE e-mail he sent out to many people explaining that he's flouncing again. He threatens to sue everyone on the board because he thinks that posting an e-mail is copyright infringement.

Prince Jeremy the Wicked

Our friend Jeremy thinks that he's the tough guy and contacts the Lolfurries webhost to file a DMCA claim. He has the website successfully taken down until the "issue" is resolved and the offending post removed. GoDaddy explained that there wasn't any legal precedent for a DMCA claim towards E-mails and other direct forms of communication, but that they were just going with the flow and following the DMCA rules regarding claims.

Anon was able to obtain Jeremy's home phone number to try and contact him to resolve the issue.

But just saying you did it don't mean shit if you can't show proof

New Account and 'Galleries'

Apparently The Prince is trying to start anew- or get the trolls off his gay purple back- with a new account and equally gay new fursona, a harecat- half cat half hare- still purple, still gay, and still whoring for free art. His attempts at thwarting the EDiots and /b/tards can be found here:

Facebook lolz

It seems as though the Prince is still alive and well.

Moar IRC

[21:16] <@dlb> shene: one of the users actually bought the dukes faggy book he self published because he thought he was going to get 
 some prize if he did
[21:16] <@dlb> from lulzcon
[21:16] <@dlb> and then everyone forgot
[21:16] <@dlb> and they were stuck with this fucking book
[23:46] <&Sheneequa> duke otterland is one of my two favorite articles
[23:47] <@CATS> even small things set him off on a raeg fest
[23:48] <@CATS> Like the time I drew a duck bill on his stupid furry self portrait and called it "Duck Otterland"
[23:48] <&Sheneequa> HAHAHAHAHAHA
[23:48] <&Sheneequa> FAMOUS BRITISH HUMOR

Duke Knows The Law

You think he'd have learned by now, but he's now sending out legal threats via years-old LJ comments. To wit:

       Jerry Gallen
       2401 Veterans Ave.
       Copperas Cove, TX 76522
       Dear Andrew,
       Re: Your Repeated Harassment
       It has come to my attention that you have attempted repeated communication with me despite my constant admonishments
       not to do so, and have acted as a double agent for Encyclopedia Dramatica, libeling me on the site in violation of 
       cyberstalking laws Tx. Penal Code § 42.07 and New York Penal Law § 240.30.
       You have ten days to CEASE AND DESIST your repeated harassment of me.
       Failing this, I will apply for an injunction, and will seek to recover damages (plus interest) for 
       your tortious acts and conduct.
       This is my final communication to you on this matter, and I look forward to hearing from you as a matter of urgency.
       Yours faithfully,
       Jerry Gallen

I am not making this up, he really wrote this. He has a thing for trying to communicate with people by means to which they cannot reply, such as private messages on FurAffinity when he has pre-emptively blocked the user (you'd think that FA would not allow users to send PMs to those on their blocklist to prevent exactly this kind of behavior, but apparently Dragoneer is a better programmer than we thought), and he replies to LJ comments and then deletes them, preventing any replies. Oh, and by the way, he (under his new account Furaffinity-favicon.png kingodin) cuntpasted this same text into a FurAffinity PM, showing that while the Duke may come up with over 9000 new aliases every year, a faggot doesn't change their stripes that easily.


Duke otterland banned small.jpg

Did you know that Prince Jeremy:

  • Still lives with his parents
  • Claims to be autistic
    • At least his voice sounds like an autistic
  • Is disabled, and under federal aid
  • Is a staunch Republican
  • Is a virgin
  • Is homophobic
    • Yet ironically enough, has homosexual fantasies/encounters on the internet. Also admits in website profiles to being bisexual.
  • Sold only 14 copies of his book, netting $50.00.
    • Too bad he had to spend at least $499 to get it published.
  • Has been to ED IRC for Arbchat 3 times. (Moar)
  • Is a moderator of Lj-favicon.png smokingfurs
  • Has had a real, purple fursuit made for him
  • Uses LiveJournal, and is Friends Only
  • Signs his legal threats to ED as "The Duke of Otterland"

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Note: this is an article about an Encyclopedia Dramatica vandal. For more information, please see the appropriate user page. To flame this user, please visit User_talk:Dukeotterland.

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